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Raw Delivery

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 1/5/08

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Gay Adult Movie
Rufus Ffolkes
1 Hour 13 Minutes
CAST: Will Forbes, David Heydon, Rico Nunez, Carl Johnson, Danny Michaels, Jon Janes, Sean Mckenzie, Kyle Martin, Joshua Cartier, Alex Russian

The Good Stuff

The pizza delivery man delivers more than just pizza in Raw Delivery.


Scene 1
Will Forbes & David Heydon are snuggling in bed when they decide to order some pizza. What shall they do while waiting the 40 minutes it takes to get delivered. Why they will do each other of course. Both will and David are smooth, pale and slim with nice sized cocks, Will is cut and David uncut. They kiss and take turns blowing each other before 69ing for a bit. Will tells David at one point to slow down cuz he is already close to shooting his wad. They stick their tongues up each others buttholes before Will goes for a cowboy ride then has his pink hole pounded in various positions. These two are into each other and its not long before Will who is being pounded in missionary and jacking nuts on his abs and then David follows close behind with his own batch of goo.

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Scene 2 It's lunch time for Rico Nunez & Carl Johnson. Rico has a Latin look to him, slim, tan and smooth with a cute little bubble butt and fat cut tool. And Carl is pale, slim and slightly toned with an average uncut rod. They of course decide on pizza and Rico goes out to get it. While Carl is alone he decides to rub one out poking his cock through his jeans and stroking it. Rico comes back mid jack and decides he wants a little meat with his pizza and starts slurping on Carls cock. They take turns sucking and kissing each other and stripping out of their clothes. Carl sits in the computer chair to get serviced and after sucking him off for a while Rico climbs on for a ride. Carl fucks him doggie over the desk then in various other positions around the room before jacking his load out on Carls neck and chest and Carl shooting his tiny wad in his dark pubes.

Scene 3
Jon Janes & Sean McKenzie are busy installing some doors and ordered some pizza delivered for lunch. Danny Michaels is the lucky delivery guy who when he gets there finds out that Sean and Jon have no money, but he accepts payment of any kind. Jon and Sean are both lean, pale and toned with long uncut dongs and Danny is muscular, smooth, tan and packs a fat uncut hog in his pants. They all take turns sucking each other off making a suck triangle and then a rim train. Sean ends up being lucky pierre with his cock in Jon and Dannys slamming up his ass. Jon rides Danny while being sucked off by Sean before Danny busts his nut over Jon and Danny and then Jon wads on Sean and Sean adds his own spunk to the spooge pool.

Scene 4
Kyle Martin & Joshua Cartier ordered some pizza to be delivered a while ago when the pizza man Kyle Martin shows upwith cold pizza Joshua decides he wants what is inbetween Kyles legs more than cold pizza. Josh has an almost Latin look to him being, tall, tan and toned with a giant rod swinging between his legs. Kyle is a total twink being anorexically slim and pale with spiky hair and a decent uncut tool. After getting a gander and Joshuas log Kyle looks a little scared but gets right to sucking. They take turns blowing each other and 69ing before Josh gets his pucker rimmed. In surprise twist Josh gets his tight little bung slammed in spoon and missionary before jacking out a white creamy load while Kyle is slamming away. Kyle adds his own creamy goodness to mix and they end with a kiss and Kyle wondering what happens if he brings a hot pizza next time.

Scene 5
Alex Russian & Sean McKenzie is showering his lean toned body and large cock and heavy balls wondering where his friend is. After lathering up his tool his friend Alex Russian finally makes it back with the pizza he picked up on the way home. After Sean points out his rock hard cock the pizza is soon forgotten as Alex strips to his undies showing off his pale twinky body and decent cut cock and joins Sean in the shower. They suck each other off and 69 before Alex gets his hole rimmed and then cock ridden by Sean. Alex takes control and fucks Sean in spoon and missionary before nutting on Sean and then Sean spooging on himself.



The full frame transfer was clear with good color and good lighting. The different camera angles were blended perfectly and all shots were steady. The Dolby 2.0 digital audio was okay and everything could be heard. Some of the scant dialog was a little hard to hear but lets be real as long as the fucking is clear who cares.


Not a single extra. The only thing that might possibly in an alternate universe even be considered an extra is the safe sex PSA done by two scary queens. I'll list the menu items here.

Scene Selection: Self explanatory.

Oral Sex: About 21 minutes of the young lads knob gobblin.

Fucking: 33 minutes of cocks in ass taken from the flick.

Cum Shots: 7 minutes of semen spewing salami.

Previews: Trailers for Raw Lust 2, Bareback Secrets, Bareback All Over

Visit Us Online: Brief advertisement for studios website.

Safe Sex: Almost two minutes of scary warrior drag queens yelling about safe sex and trying to put a condom on a dildo. It certainly encourages me to have safe sex....after seeing these two the furthest thing from my mind is sex.

At the End of the Night

In Raw Delivery the pizza isn't delivered raw but the cocks are. Ten young British lads combine pizza and bareback boning in this tasty fuck flick. For the most part the sex was okay, I wasn't all that turned on by this pack of guys. Some of the dialog was cutesy and don't get me wrong the young fellas were all cute in that pale European way, but for me there was a little big of hotness missing. Several scenes were surprising in that the bigger dicked stud ended up being bottom and that is certainly a change of pace from your every day porn where if you are packing a big gun you are immediately the top. Also there were no extras at all...not even the obligatory gallery of stills that almost every porn company throws in. For fans of young twinks and bareback fucking I would give this film a “Recommended” rating. I like my lads a little older and more seasoned so if your tastes follow my own “Rent It”.

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