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Sopornos Boxed Set #2

Studio: VCA » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/27/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Katie Morgan and Brooke Lane

The following is a review of The Sopornos Boxed Set #2 that essentially took the second four previous releases and offered them up unchanged in a box set (just as Sopornos Boxed Set #1 did for the first four). Having already reviewed them at various websites online years ago, revisiting them now that porn parodies are making a comeback (largely thanks to Jeff Mullen & Scott David from All Play Media), I have far less desire to give a blow by blow description of each scene as I normally would, opting this time to give a general overview with a picture from each scene of the four flicks. Wit Maverick was one of my favorite directors back when these were made and his chemistry working with non-sex actor Rob Spallone was pretty good; the pair a couple of characters to say the least. The that have audio commentaries between the two are well worth a listen and you can get more detail on half of these by checking them out at Sopornos 6 and Sopornos 5.

Becca Bratt

The Sopornos Boxed Set #2



Sunset Thomas and Cynara Fox

Genre: Parody

Lady Victoria Spencer

Director: Wit Maverick

Sunset Thomas

Cast: #5: Katie Morgan, Brooke Lane, Scott Styles, Alec Metro, Becca Bratt, Scott Styles, Joelean, Dana Vespoli, Rick Patrick/Roberts, Sunset Thomas, Cynara Fox, Lady Victoria Spencer, Steve Hatcher, Kurt Lockwood
Non sex roles: Windy Nites, Rob Spallone, Missy Burnette, Bill Margold, Dick Smothers Jr., Dino Bravo, Henri Pachard, Robert Martin, Sir Beacon, Miago, BC, Bobko, J. Satyr, Sly, Guido Scoletti, Phil, Slack Dan

Lady Victoria Spencer

Cast: #6: Lady Victoria Spencer, Dirty Harry, Jay Crew, Aria, Felecia, Violet Blue, Dick Smothers Jr., Sunset Thomas, Tony Tedeschi, Stevie, Sergio
Non sex roles: Windy Nite, Rob Spallone, Edward Electric, Missy Burnette

Aria and Felecia

Cast: #7: Ariana Jollee, Talon, Dick Tracy, Crissy Taylor, Rick Taylor, Boo Dilicious, Alesha Bizart, Steve Hatcher, Tommy X, Serena South, Herschel Savage, Samantha Slater, Gina Ryder
Non sex roles: Windy Nite, Rob Spallone, Missy Burnette, Bill Margold

Violet Blue

Cast: #8: Alexis Taylor, Victoria Givens, Rick Patrick, Jessica James, Holly Stevens, Samantha Slater, Alesha Bizart, Herschel Savage, Fallon Summers, Talon, Cailey Taylor, Steve Hatcher, Brian Heston, Lee Stone
Non sex roles: Windy Nites, Rob Spallone, Missy Burnette, Bill Margold, Dino Bravo, Toby Dammit

Sunset Thomas

Length: #5: 97:11 minutes (full version); 75:30 (wall to wall sex only)
Length: #6: 97:40 minutes (full version); 80:49 (wall to wall sex only)
Length: #7: 101:27 minutes (complete version); 83:02 minutes (wall to wall version)
Length: #8: 113:17 minutes (complete version); 90:20 minutes (wall to wall version)


Date of Production: #5: 7/21/2003
Date of Production: #6: 7/21/2003
Date of Production: #7: 12/22/2003
Date of Production: #8: 12/22/2003


Extras: The fifth volume of the series had a photogallery, cast list, some star bios, eight trailers, a 12:55 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Henri Pachard that was cute. The audio commentary starring Katie Morgan, Rob Spallone, and Wit Maverick was better in terms of anecdotes about the cast, crew, and movie itself though with Katie always appearing to play the dumb blond role (unsuccessfully given how intelligent she was). Volume six had a 13:55 minute long deleted scene between Violet Blue and Kurt Lockwood in bed, nothing special but still additional sex. The other extras were the same in terms of photogallery, trailers, biographies, cast list, and the like; also an audio commentary by Rob Spallone, Wit Maverick, Samantha Slater, and Boo D. Licious (the ladies preparing for their roles in volumes #7 and 8). Rob was the dominant personality of the audio commentary but Wit jumped in a lot, the ladies interjecting very little as Rob started to piss them off. The seventh volume also had an audio commentary by Boo, Wit Maverick, Rob Spallone, and Samantha Slater; the gals much more active vocally here as they refused to put up with Rob's shit; Wit not nearly as active this time. There were nine trailers, a cast list, photogallery, and the best Behind the Scenes feature of the series with Henri Pachard handling it for the entire 28:21 minutes for the last two volumes in the series (under the new rule by LFP/Hustler). In the eighth volume, the BTS was the same one as in #7, there were trailers, a photogallery, no commentary, but five additional lesbian scenes from the Sopornos series to make up for it (a fair trade off as far as I was concerned).

Ariana Jollee

Condoms: Lots

Crissy Taylor

Audio/Video Quality: The Sopornos Boxed Set #2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot years ago by talented director Wit Maverick for VCA Pictures in this MPEG-2 mastered standard definition release. The series actually looked better each year despite increasingly small budgets, Wit and his producer pal (as well as lead non-sex actor) Rob Spallone fought to make the series one of the better parodies that still had solid sex scenes by making two volumes at a time to save money (and insure more consistency in casting that a yearly production simply cannot have in porn). The lighting varied depending on the location, scenes shot in the back of moving limousines were not as solid as those shot on static sets poured with light, but the composition of the camera angles always seemed to favor the ladies to the best of Wit's abilities (his crew well versed in what he wanted done and how). The fleshtones were accurate, the grain minimal in all but the weakest lit settings, and I saw few compression artifacts as the bitrate hovered around the 5 Mbps range most of the time. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English stereo using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate, with little separation or dynamic range and few missed background noises (each volume seemed to have some missed camera shots or audio slips; making it part of the appeal to a few of us reviewers that always looked for them). The vocals were clear on all the movies though and the music appropriate so the audio was actually a step up in terms of most porn made when these were originally released.

Alesha Bizart and Boo Dilicious

Body of Review: Wit Maverick was long considered one of the best directors at VCA Pictures back when the budget cuts at the company started causing issues with numerous creative staffers (like Jim Holliday). The company was eventually sold to Hustler and became less of a force in the industry but during the golden days of DVD, few companies could compete against them in terms of sheer quality of product. Wit himself took an active role in that dynamic so I was pleased to see one of his best series re-released by combining four full movies with all the trimmings in the value priced The Sopornos Boxed Set #2, the second half of the entire series started with Sopornos Boxed Set #1. The series was a parody of the HBO series The Sopranos with Rob Spallone serving as the lead mobster, adding some edge and humor missing in far too many titles these days. The recent return of parody porn or light comedies based on mainstream efforts have been undergoing a renaissance of sorts due to their popularity so it makes sense that VCA released this back catalog set, the story of a mobster dealing with all his headaches the old fashioned way; using a gun. Of note was HBO bullying VCA into ceasing production of the show years back but in terms of heated sex and often hilarious humor, this was one of my favorites since some of my early favorites back in the early 1980's. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Serena South

Samantha Slater and Boo Dilicious

The Sopornos #5:
Scene One: Katie Morgan, Brooke Lane, Alec Metro, Scott Styles
Scene Two: Becca Bratt, Alec Metro
Scene Three: Joelean, Dana Vespoli, Rick Patrick/Roberts
Scene Four: Sunset Thomas, Cynara Fox
Scene Five: Lady Victoria Spencer, Steve Hatcher
Scene Six: Sunset Thomas, Kurt Lockwood

Gina Ryder and Herschel Savage

Alexis Taylor and Victoria Givens

The Sopornos #6:
Scene One: Lady Victoria Spencer, Dirty Harry, Jay Crew
Scene Two: Aria, Felecia
Scene Three: Violet Blue, Dick Smothers Jr.
Scene Four: Sunset Thomas, Tony Tedeschi
Scene Five: Stevie, Sergio
Scene Six: Stevie, Tony Tedeschi

Jessica James, Holly Stevens, and Samantha Slater

Alesha Bizart and Herschel Savage

The Sopornos #7:
Scene One: Ariana Jollee, Talon, Dick Tracy
Scene Two: Crissy Taylor, Rick Taylor
Scene Three: Boo Dilicious, Alesha Bizart, Steve Hatcher, Tommy X
Scene Four: Serena South, Herschel Savage
Scene Five: Samantha Slater, Boo Dilicious
Scene Six: Gina Ryder, Herschel Savage

Fallon Summers and Talon

Cailey Taylor

The Sopornos #8:
Scene One: Alexis Taylor, Victoria Givens, Rick Patrick,
Scene Two: Jessica James, Holly Stevens, Samantha Slater,
Scene Three: Alesha Bizart, Herschel Savage
Scene Four: Fallon Summers, Talon
Scene Five: Cailey Taylor, Steve Hatcher, Brian Heston
Scene Six: Victoria Givens, Lee Stone

Victoria Givens

Summary: The Sopornos Boxed Set #2 by talented director Wit Maverick for VCA Pictures offered up a slice of gangster life in the funny way porn seems able to convey a balance between sex and entertainment. I know many people fast forward through the dialogue parts of features but if you do so, you'll be missing out on some funny material, even the commentaries provided worthy of listening to as far as I'm concerned. I even listened to them all over again (it's been years) and it reminded me that porn doesn't have to be just about sex, though any feature not covering the action very well will almost ultimately fail for most consumers. I rated the set as Recommended due to the value as much as how well the series held up, the four flicks including a lot of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value for me (not quite as good as the initial set). There were mostly blowjobs and vaginal plowing but some well known anal lovers will recall a few of the better scenes having ladies taking it in the ass too. In short, The Sopornos Boxed Set #2 was a tremendous value, often found online for barely over $20 at better retailers and if you like the HBO series, mobster themed porn, and comedies, you can't lose here.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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