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California College Student Bodies #55

Studio: Home Grown Video » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 1/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Amateur
Director: n/a

Cast: Melody, Laila, Candace, Aubrey, & Fushia

Length: 1hr 30 mins
Production Date: Homegrown Video, 2007


Extras: Chapter Access: With Act Access
Bonus Scene:
Hardcore action with Claudine, a soft-bodied brunette that sucks and fucks. About 5 mins, not too magical. The same bonus scene as given to us on my last Homegrown review: Deep Throat Virgins 24Bloopers: 13 kickass minutes of pussy farts, slips, falls, bad acting, the works. (Same as seen in Deep Throat Virgins 24)Web Info:

     The Audio of the film is stereo 2.0 as expected. The sound is clear with much of the flick shot POV style so the cameraman's voice looms larger than one would like. But on an amateur level, things work very well. The Video is Full Frame Color with all the signs of homegrown filming. Surprisingly, the camera is steady and professional, but repetitive and lengthy.

Body of Review:
     Geez, are they up to #55 already? I've got some serious homework to do. Homegrown Select Videos brings yet another ( I must have been in my post-whacking daze) installment of California College Student Bodies. Whew, that's a mouthful, and so are the five young honeys lined up on this amateur company's latest disc. This company typically pleases, hopefully the California sweethearts can uphold their image.

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Scene 1: Melody
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Condoms: Yes
     Homely honey Melody relaxes on a bed in a non-descript bedroom somewhere in your neighborhood. Barefoot in jeans and a silky camisole, Melody looks like any other average gal. She has long brown hair, an equally long face, and a body that is amateur firm but unextraordinary. A guy that resembles Tom Sizemore--complete with sleeveless tee--enters the room and chomps on her manicured rug. He jacks her pussy with his hand and sends Melody's body into gyrations. Her little apple-sized tits spill from her Sears catalog bra and her nipples are perfect pink pennies. Melody offers his cock a sweet but super short blowjob, then he enters her from behind. Standard positions are cut short because the guy wants to taste or lube up Melody's cooch, so there is no solid action until she climbs into cowgirl. Her tight frame is awesome and her fresh, amateur pussy lips pucker around his cock as she glides up and down. A red rubber gets mangled and soaked in pussy piss and the amateur look of the scene really comes through. It's simple, clean fucking, but messy, red and wet. 25 minutes in and one can only imagine how long they've really been at it. A little lube helps, but their parts are raw and sweaty. A pop to her red face seals the deal.

Scene 2: Candace & Aubrey
Acts Included: Oral, Vag?, Facial
Condoms: No
     Candace and Aubrey look like a pair of Holmes county, chicken-coop sisters. A cute pair that you'd more likely see on the beach in a bikini and next to a keg of Natty Light or barefoot in a 7-11 down by the bend in the road, the girls get it on on a car hood. Some dopey guy comes in to offer some help and some dopey dialogue as the girls undress and go down on each other. Being outside against a car is limiting and awkward, but the girls make the best of their setting. He bangs one gal in standing dog as she eats out her friend's shaved puss. Strangely we never really see their uglies bump. The camera keeps back and we get one quick flash closeup of pussy and cock--which makes me curious if they actually do bone in this scene. The girls quickly move back to oral and tag team his shank. The camera does a shit job of catching the goods, so a pop in one of the girl's mouth gets lost and so does the cum kissing. The scene started out promising, with the simpletons in bikinis, but the action was so unexciting and poorly captured, this pair of cute tits were easy to ignore.

Scene 3: Leila
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Condoms: No
     Leila is a cool, average gal that has a wicked Tim Burton-character's grin and thin, strawberry blond hair. She takes a water hose to her shaved pussy, letting the water dribble against her coochie. Leila is paper thin, her legs are delicate, her ass like a soup bowl and her tits nothing more than a few square inches of fatty tissue. In slow, dull amateur fashion, Leila makes the best of a boring blowjob, mainly with the use of her petite frame and crazy smile. Leila is as silent as a nun, mostly holding her legs in the air while her short slit is pumped. She takes the lead in a number of positions and it's nice to see her working his cock for the camera. Even after a cheeky facial, Leila is smiling and laughing with cum on her face. Seeing Leila take on much of the action gave a soft and controlled ease to the boning. This scene felt more from her angle than the guy's.

Scene 4: Fushia
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Condoms: No
     Wild child Fushia has pink, or is it fushia?, hair. Every inch of her long hair is dyed and tied in a bun on her head. She poses for a few shots wearing a garter and ripped hose. An altish gal, Fuschia barely looks 18 and straight from the 2:30 high school bell. A cute gal with rail thin body, Fuschia has more nipple that tit, but her looks will definitely please Suicide Girl fans. After a slow and rather unerotic photo shoot, Fuschia enjoys having her bald pussy eaten by the photographer. She moans like a squeaky door, directing his head against her mound with her hand. A nice chunk of time is spent on Fushia's below the waist pleasure, but the first minute is the same as the next 10. As they move into boning, Fushia takes most of the lead, slamming softly in cowgirl and later submitting to a nice doggy that puts her bony ass in a venerable position. A withdrawal and facial is nearly missed by the cameraman, but it wouldn't matter as it wasn't very climatic. Fushia jumps in a tub to wash away her sins and the rest of this bummer disc. 

Concluding Words:

     HGS's CCSB #55 is about as smooth to say as it is to watch. A four scene flick, three amateur gals take on amateur cock, while two darlings get it on together on a car. HGS has greatly piqued my interest lately by offering decent, sometimes surprisingly hot, amateur cuties that will fuck for the camera with no obvious intention of getting noticed. These gals simply just want to fuck; they're not really looking to be 'found' by the industry. Sadly, despite the descriptive and titillating title, this disc is slower than detox. The talent is fair, good for amateurs, but the action grows stale in minutes. Since these gals aren't stunning or 'wild' fuckers, there really should be something to compensate this. Stronger direction, more attention to getting good shots, an unexpected position or act or two. Otherwise, everything just melds and becomes uninteresting. For like the seventh time, Homegrown Select offers the same "Bonus Scene" and "Blooper Reel" that is featured on all the other discs I've reviewed. How about something fresh guys? Rent It.


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