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Fair Catch

Studio: High Octane » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/12/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date:

September 2007

Directed By:

Herve Bodilis

The Movie:

"Award winning director Herve Bodilis presents a team of sexual champions who play rough. A day in the life of hard hitting sweaty men who love to score on and off the field."

Run Time:

1 Hour and 36 Minutes

The Cast:

Fred Fele, Devil, Rob Stevens, Randy Jones, Flavio Valentino, Steve Hunt, Enrico Belaggio, Zoltan Padlas, Peter Shadow, Lucio Maverick, Sebastian Bonco, Renato Belaggio.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Fair Play” offers up thirteen hunky dudes with a nice mix of shaved, buzzed, shortly cut, and longish hair; muscular and toned bodies; ultra hairy, lightly hairy, and smooth chests; trimmed and closely trimmed pubes; and big uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Devil (good-looking with shaved head, husky/muscular/smooth body with loads of cool tattoos) is injured on the field so his teammates Rod Stevens (sexy with short dark brown hair, muscular/hairy body), and Randy Jones (good-looking with very short dark hair, husky/muscular body) help him into the locker room for some “therapeutic attention”. The dudes massage Devil’s hot meaty thigh leading Rod to plant a big ol’ wet kiss with tongue on him while rubbing that crotch. Rod yanks Devil’s shorts down revealing brown pubes and a hard unclipped tool, which he immediately slides down his throat giving excellent head. Rod pulls his own stiff uncut cock from the confines of his shorts and begins stroking off while Devil and Rod get down to more soul kissing.

Rod jacks Randy’s fat dong working that hot foreskin and chows down sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down switching back ‘n forth between those two delicious tube steaks and sucks both knobs at the same time. Rod hauls his own hard unclipped equipment from his shorts. Randy tongues Rod’s tight and very hairy bunghole with hot close-ups really munching down land eading to some tasty finger-fucking action. Randy enters Rod’s tight bum from behind using fast ‘n smooth strokes with very nice close-ups of the penetration while Rod pulls his pork and sucks Devil’s weenie. Moans, heavy breathing, and groans will the room as these butch soccer players get down with each other.

Rod plays a game of the ol’ sink/bounce riding Randy’s pole fast ‘n hard. Devil gets in on the butt sex by chowing down on Rod’s cock concentrating on the knob and then fucks him doggy-style using long, smooth, ‘n quick strokes with excellent penetration close-ups. There are some mouth-watering close-ups of Rod’s ultra-hairy ‘n pulsing pucker and it’s practically the star of this scene. To zoom around the corner of self fulfillment, the dudes beat off with Rod shooting a thick load of jizz on his fist and pubes, Randy busting a thick nut on Rod’s hairy leg and arm, and Devil cutting loose with a very large ‘n thick load of spooge on Rod’s hairy thigh. Amazing load!

Scene Two:

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Zoltan Padlas (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body with tattoos) and Sebastian Bronco (sexy with brown buzz cut, muscular/smooth body) are in the locker room’s massage area looking through magazines when horny Zoltan begins feeling Sebastian’s beautiful body. The dudes are soon getting down to some wet ‘n heavy tongue sucking and rubbing bulging crotches. Both dudes strip down revealing hard uncut cocks and continue kissing while jacking those tools and working tasty foreskins. Ernico Belaggio (handsome with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) barges in and gets right down to business in a hot three-way soul kiss. Enrico is soon stroking his own rigid unclipped member and then takes Zoltan’s wang playing nice and sharing the tasty organ with teammate Sebastian. Licking, slurping, and making all sorts of wonderfully hot noises, those two dudes are totally into sucking that cock!

Zoltan fucks Sebastian’s tight hairy touchhole fast ‘n hard from behind with plenty of hot penetration shots while Sebastian pulls his pork sliding that foreskin back ‘n forth as Enrico fucks Sebastian’s mouth. Switching to the side/missionary position, Zoltan continues to drill his teammate’s manhole fast, smooth, and hard and then allows Enrico to take over on the butt sex duties pounding Sebastian in the missionary position quick ‘n smooth cramming that dong in ‘n out while Sebastian pleasures Zoltan orally. Sebastian dumps a thick load of cock snot on his stomach and shortly trimmed pubes. Hot foreskin! Enrico blasts a large thick load of jizz juice on Sebastian’s chest, and Zoltan squirts large ‘n thick on Sebastian’s chest. Hot dudes!

Scene Three:

Coach Flavio Valentiono (handsome with longish dark hair, muscular/lightly hairy body) and player Steve Hunt (very cute with short buzz cut, beard stubble, and muscular/hairy body) discuss strategies for the upcoming game but soon these plans fly out the window as the dudes get down to what’s really on their horny minds. Steve licks ‘n sucks Flavio’s chest and hard nipples then yanks his coach’s pants down and strokes his hard uncut cock while kissing with plenty of wet tongue. Steve quickly has his own stiff unclipped member out and begins stroking both cocks together working those hot foreskins.

Steve sucks Flavio’s cock sliding his mouth up ‘n down deep throating all the way to those dark trimmed pubes giving an excellent jaw job while Flavio pinches his own hard nipples. There is some nice foreskin sucking here. Hot! Flavio is soon down on his knees sucking Steve’s large dong cramming his mouth to the absolute max, wrapping his hand around the shaft, and yanking giving some very good head leading Steve to fuck his coach’s mouth. There are some hot close-ups here of Flavio sucking Steve’s foreskin and tongue swirling around the knob.

Switching up the action, Steve munches down on Flavio’s tight lightly hairy pink bunghole with excellent close-ups as he licks that beautiful bung, spits on it, teases it, and giving it his all. Steve’s tight hairy asshole pulses invitingly and Flavio slides in using the side/missionary position with plenty of tasty penetration shots as he fucks long, full, and smooth. The dudes are definitely into the action filling the room with ragged heavy breathing and moans. After drilling from behind and Steve playing an energetic game of the old sink/bounce, the dudes are ready to cum. Flavio shoots a thick load of spunk on Steve’s shoulder while Steve squirts large ‘n thick on his fist and hairy stomach.

Scene Four:

Shower time! Peter Shadow (good-looking with shaved head, muscular/lightly hairy body) washes his beautiful body lovingly soaping his biceps, pecs, and big uncut cock bunching the foreskin at the tip when Renato Belaggio (sexy with short dark hair, beard stubble, muscular/hairy body, tattoos) enters the communal shower and immediately begins soaping up his teammate’s back. The dudes kiss with heavy tongue leading Rentao to sink to his knees and cram Peter’s stiff cock down his throat while jacking the stalk, swirling his tongue around the knob, and sucking that tasty foreskin in hot close-up. Peter gets down on his haunches to blow Renta’s hard uncut dick working his mouth up ‘n down and receiving a hot face fucking. Renato munches down on Peter’s tight shaved starfish really eating that ass in nice close-up while Peter has one foot planted on the tiled floor and one hiked up on the wall.

Peter slides his hard prick into Renato’s tight hairy hole doggy-style using long, full strokes with plenty of excellent penetration shots. Fred Fele (hot with shaved head, muscular/hairy body) wonders in, drops his towel, and gets down to wanking his big fat unclipped dick working the foreskin back ‘n forth over the large knob. Renato wastes no time grabbing that thang and crams it down his gullet giving excellent head leading Fred to shoot a small thick load and leave. Renato rides the heck outta Peter’s pole humping up ‘n down while his moans bounce off the tiled walls. He jerks that meat shooting a thick load of jiz on his hairy stomach. Nice cum-filled foreskin. Peter pulls pork, gasps with pleasure, and shoots a thick load of man-goo on Renato’s chest.

Scene Five:

Steve Hunt (scene three) and Lucio Maverick (handsome with longish dark hair, muscular/smooth body) are hanging out in the locker room dressed out in their blue tee shirts, white shorts, red knee socks, and black shoes. Lucio slyly begins feeling Steve’s thigh, which leads to heavy soul kissing with wet tongues and full-on crotch rubbing. Steve grabs Lucio’s stiff unclipped cock and chows down sliding his mouth up ‘n down, twisting the shaft, and pulling the foreskin with his mouth in nice close-ups. Hot! To return the oral pleasure, Lucio sucks Steve’s rigid uncut tool stroking quickly, sucking hard, and giving a very groovy blowjob making Steve’s plump balls bounce.

Steve sinks his tight hairy bunghole down on Lucio’s stiff beef leading Lucio to wildly hump upward to fuck the hell outta that ass. There are some very nice close-ups of the penetration here. Switching to doggy-style, Lucio fucks fast, smooth, ‘n hard drilling like a madman while the loud noises of man-sex fill the room. Continuing in an energetic missionary position, the dudes give it their all with Lucio pulling all the way out leaving Steve’s bung literally gasping for man meat and then slamming back in. Lucio dumps a large thick load of man pudding on Steve’s shoulder and hairy chest. Steve squirts thick on his hairy stomach. Hot!



“Fair Catch” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography by Director Herve Bodilis is excellent providing plenty of close-ups, extreme close-ups, and full coverage of all the hot sweaty man sex. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the hear these European hunks talk (no subtitles provided) as well as fill the locker room and communal shower with heavy breathing, sighs, muffled cries, and groans of pure lust. The instrumental tunes by Rock Hard are cool too.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a thirty-nine minute Behind-the-Scenes featurette showing photo sessions and the models milling around the rugby field. The featurette would have been much better if it contained some interviews with the guys. Also included in a nice slideshow of high quality publicity photographs of each individual dude as well as some group shots.

Final Thoughts:

High Octane Productions and Director Herve Bodilis have created another deliciously hot suck ‘n fuck fest with “Fair Catch”. If you are into butch muscular rough ‘n tumble rugby dudes then this is definitely the movie you’ve been waiting for. Many of the dudes have a real hot “bruiser” look to ‘em with shaved heads and muscular/tattooed bodies. These guys are fucking awesome. The direction, videography, editing (Body Prod), and music are all excellent creating five smokin’ scenes that do not disappoint! The dudes are definitely into the action and each other giving no-holds barred and energetic performances. My favorites here are: Rod Stevens, Zoltan Padlas, Steve Hunt, Fred Fele, and Devil. I Highly Recommend.

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