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Balls Deep

Studio: VCA » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/16/08

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Production Date:

July 2007

Directed By:

Alex DeLarge

The Movie:

"Hot Latin men suckin’ cock & pounding ass!"


Rafael Silveira, Junior Silveira, Dennis Kurt, Diego La Torre, Felipe Castro, Junior Pavanelo, Wellington Bakko, Christian Torquato, Johnny Orano, Bruno Stygmata.

Run Time:

1 Hour and 46 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Balls Deep” offers up ten appealing Brazilian guys with a mix of muscle-bound, muscular, toned, and slender body types; black and dark brown hair mostly cut short; hairy and smooth chests; trimmed pubes and all but one cock is uncut.

Scene One:

Construction worker Felipe Castro (handsome with black hair, cool sideburns, and toned/hairy body) wields a sledgehammer busting up old concrete when cute fem Junior Pavanelo (black hair, tall/slender/smooth body) saunters in seducing his pal to take a break. The dudes shimmy outta their clothing and soon trimmed dark pubes and uncut cocks are exposed for suckin’. Junior slides his mouth up ‘n down Felipe’s stiff fat dick giving good head and receiving a nice face fucking in the process. Junior has other plans and begins licking Felipe’s foot and slowing tonguing up his pal’s hairy leg eventually sucking some plump nuts.

Junior rolls a rubber on Felipe’s cock and rides it, baby! He goes wild playing the ol’ sink/bounce filling his tight love chute as his plump cock sways back ‘n forth. Felipe fucks his pal from behind with long smooth strokes that become steadily faster until he’s pounding that butt with nice penetration shots. After some traditional missionary style where he quickly humps his buddy, Felipe shoots a large thick load on Junior’s chest splatting hot cum everywhere. Not to be outdone, Junior squirts a wet load on his stomach. Tasty cum-filled foreskin.

Scene Two:

Diego LaTorre (good-looking with short black hair, muscle-bound/smooth body with tattoos) hauls an ugly green chair up to Dennis Kurt’s (very cute with curly brown hair, toned/smooth body) apartment. In lieu of cash, Dennis has other payment options on his horny mind as he begins rubbing the bulge in Diego’s tight blue jeans. Dennis yanks Diego’s hard uncut cock out and starts working his wet mouth up ‘n down, licking, stroking, and giving okay head. The dudes take a quick break from the oral pleasure to kiss with deep tongues and feel each other up. Diego chows down on Dennis’ stiff clipped cock jacking the shaft giving a tasty blowjob. The dudes slide into a side sixty-nine with both sucking and Dennis giving much better head. Still, he needs a few lessons.

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Diego munches down on Dennis’s asshole with no close-ups leading Dennis to sink down on that rigid pole and slide his tight bunghole up ‘n down. Diego wildly humps upward to fuck his new pal fast ‘n hard while Dennis pulls his hard pork with nice penetration shots. Dennis mugs for the camera making all sorts of faces as the dudes move into a side/missionary where Diego continues to drill that hole. Fucking fast ‘n smooth from behind, there are more penetration shots and one of Diego’s tight shaved hole. Diego squirts a large wet load on Dennis’ chest. Hot! Dennis cuts loose with thick jizz on his fist and shortly trimmed pubes.

Scene Three:

Bruno Stygmata (nice-looking with short dark curly hair and muscular/smooth body) and Johnny Morano (cute with short dark brown hair, tall/slender/smooth body, braces on teeth) enjoy a private photo session in their kitchen. Bruno strips down showing off his hot body, dark closely trimmed pubes, and uncut cock. He lies on the table looking sexy while Johnny snaps away. Johnny chows down on that dong working up ‘n down and licking ‘n sucking those balls. The guys engage in some hot soul kissin’ leading Bruno to suck Johnny’s unclipped pork ‘n plump balls and licking his tight shaved bunghole (no close-ups of the ass eating).

Bruno enters his buddy in the missionary position on the kitchen table fucking fast ‘n smooth with nice penetration shots. Johnny fucking digs it when Bruno picks up the pace and pounds his asshole fast ‘n hard filling the room with heavy breathing and loud moans. Johnny is soon in the mood for a game of the ol’ sink/bounce and rides that hard tool while Bruno thrusts his hips upward to drill like a well-oiled machine. A “decorative” accent of champagne bottle and two glasses hanging on the wall would most likely make Martha Stewart shudder. Bruno winds up shooting a thick load of man-cream on Johnny’s chest and stomach while Johnny dumps thick love juice on his stomach. Both dudes cum at the same time.

Scene Four:

Rafael Silveira (cute with cool black 1970s hair, toned/hairy body) is looking at saucy photos of Junior Silveira (no relation to Rafael, very cute with short black hair, toned/smooth body). Rafael is soon deep in fantasy and the dudes are naked showing off their dark trimmed pubes and uncut cocks licking ‘n sucking each other’s chests and hard nipples. Junior blows Rafael sliding his hungry gob up ‘n down the hard shaft cramming it down his throat, jacking, licking, and giving an overall good jaw job making plenty of loud sucking ‘n popping noises. Although the dudes are cute, they seem detached from the scene and simply going though the motions.

Rafael crams his fat hog up Junior’s tight shaved butt hole from behind sliding in ‘n out fast ‘n hard making Junior moan and make some hilarious yodeling type sounds as he stares blankly into space. Switching up, Rafael continues to work that bunghole quick ‘n smooth with nice penetration shots from behind where we get a peek at Rafael’s tight hairy bunghole. Rafael shoots a large load all over Johnny’s chest that starts out wet and becomes thick. Hot! Johnny lets go with thick goo on his stomach. The videographer (Director DeLarge) drops the ball here missing the actual cum shot!

Scene Five:

Wellington Bakko (cute with dark hair, glasses, toned/hairy body) gets home after a hard day at the office, grabs his boyfriend Christian Torquato (cute with black hair, sideburns, toned/smooth body), gets him into bed, and licks ‘n sucks those hard nipples. The dudes are soon kissing up a storm with lots of wet tongue action and end up pulling their clothes off. Christian grabs Wellington’s fat unclipped dong and crams it down his gullet working the shaft with his busy fist and really getting into sucking cock. Christian strokes his own hard uncut dick while servicing his boyfriend leading Wellington to grab onto Christian’s hair and fuck his mouth.

Wellington licks Christian’s tight shaved bunghole with a descent camera shot but no close-ups leading to some fast ‘n hard fucking in the side/missionary position humping against Christian with some descent penetration shots. Christian rides that hard pole as Wellington madly humps upward to fuck fast ‘n hard. Wellington’s legs are spread nice ‘n wide so we get to see his hairy gooch and balls. Nice penetration shots here as Wellington reaches forward and jacks Christian’s hard cock while he fucks away. Wellington shoots a thick load on Christian’s chest. Hot cum-filled foreskin! Christian shoots a thick load on his stomach but once again the cum shot is missed by Videographer/Director DeLarge.



“Balls Deep” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by director Alex DeLarge is a mixed bag. There’s full coverage of the action with plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and some nice penetration shots during the butt sex. However, there are no close-ups of the ass eating and two cum shots are missed due to the camera lingering too long on the model’s face. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The disc includes ultra bit encoding and is playable worldwide.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to experience the same 1990s sounding gay-bar techno tune over and over to the point of distraction.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a nice slideshow of high quality publicity photographs of each dude and action shots (six minutes and 10 seconds), and trailers for: “L.A. Tool & Die”, “Hard Up”, “El Paso Wrecking Corp”, and Kansas City Trucking Co.”.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

Hmm. “Balls Deep” sure isn’t what I’ve come to expect from a HIS release. So I won’t seem like a dick, I’ll start with what I liked. I love me some Brazilian dudes and the ones here are appealing. My favorites are cover dudes Rafael Silveira (on the left) and Junior Silveira (on the right) along with the very hot Felipe Castro and Wellington Bakko. For the most part the dudes look to be into the action and each other while there are times when blank ‘n bored looks give the fantasy away. My problems are with the lack of close-ups during the ass eating and two missed cum shots because the camera missed ‘em. The overall production simply does not have the high quality of the numerous HIS releases I’ve reviewed. I’m going for a Rent It for fans of Brazilian guys with uncut cocks.

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