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Black Gag 2

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 1/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Oral

Director: Diana Devoe
Cast: Alishia Zee, Gianna, Sierra Sin, Tabitha James, Victoria Raven, Ashley Gracie, Meadow, Staci Thorn, Victoria Lan, & Michelle Avanti

Length: 2hrs 45 min
Production Date: Exquisite, 2007

Chapter Selection: With Act Access
Behind the Scenes:
8 minutes with some fairly entertaining footage.
Bonus Scenes: 3 Scenes, but You Have to Register Online to Get a Code So You Can Watch---What a Gip.

The Audio of the film is a consistent stereo 2.0. Since the scenes are extreme close-ups and only oral in nature, there is no reason for sound to be an issue. And thankfully it is not; every smack, gag, drool and spit is as close as the perverted stranger in the chair behind you. The Video is Full Frame Color and mostly speaking just barely below standard porn. For ten scenes, shots vary and not much attention was placed in setup (you talk a starlet into this and see how much time you have to feng shui your set). Most shots are extreme closeups and can have some heavy contrasts. But there are a number of angles and positions, so any single problems doesn't last too long.

Body of Review:
If you're a big bonehead like me and missed Exquisite's debut of their Black Gag series, have no fear because volume 2 is here. A simple glance at the cover will tell any prospective pornee what the film holds and if not, how about the painfully emblazoned "Hardcore Throat Fucking"? Not exactly conversation terms for grandma's tea party, is it? The disc is the personification of extreme, 10 gals in over 2 hours; this is not--hope, hope, hope--for the weary.

Scene 1: Gianna
Acts Included: Oral, Gags, Titfucking, Facial

Somewhere in Compton, our mackdaddy pimp playa wastes no time with Gianna. An attractive brunette with unextraordinary features, Gianna makes up for her lack of looks with oral skills that would scare any fluffler out of her job. Against a pool table, she services her man's long, thick black snake, prodding her throat until spit hangs from her chin like tinsel. Gianna is not terribly exciting to watch, but she's all over the place; licking, spitting, deep throating, the works. She grows sweaty and her makeup starts to smear, saliva drips down between her mega fun bags. Gianna deals with a painful looking tonsil thrust, taking a breather occasionally. And though it looks like some hard work, she never lets up.

Scene 2: Sierra Sin
Acts Included: Oral, Gagging, Facial

Sierra is a flat-chested, stunning, rail thin cutie with a superb bod. Despite an A-cup chest, her figure is tight and sexy. She has short-cut brown hair streaked with highlights and eyeliner that brings out her lusty eyes. On her bony knees, Sierra works at her serving of dark meat; her long legs behind her, her tiny feet in, what else?, clear heels. She does her best with a limp dick for the first half of the scene, smacking its flaccid state against her cheeks and chubbing it like a pickle. As cute as Sierra is, and although she leaves nasty, thick, white cords of spit everywhere her tongue touches, the soft cock really throws the scene. She can only do so much. With her head off the side of a stool, Sierra gets face fucked, splattering her face with spit and lube. She doesn't think twice about scooping it and eating. A super bad chick that is way too hot for this kind of action; but the steam doesn't last and you're left wanting more.

Scene 3: Michelle
Acts Included: Oral, Gag, Facial

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Michella Avanti is a Hispanic looking babe with nice, chunky real tits. She works a strip pole for her only client, jiggling a thick, wide ass that would make J-lo bow her head. Holy moly, her client whips out a foot long wiener and stuffs her mouth. Michelle's eyes go red, and her eyeliner bleeds. With thick meat in her mouth, she sticks out her tongue to touch his balls and her mouth juices spill all over her tits. Michelle does an impressive job of tackling this 12 inch monster, and she offers enough sloppy sucking to merit her own movie. Unfortunately, her runny and caked makeup makes her look like a clown in a hailstorm and so it can be a turn off. She must have just had a glass of Hawaiian Punch, because she gags out a red runny train of thick mucous that runs into her eyes. Although she's no Sierra Sin, Michelle is the nastiest gal so far, drooling buckets of love. A phantom cumshot closes the scene.

Scene 4: Ashley Gracie
Acts Included: Oral, Foul Gagging, Facial

Ashley Gracie is about as Sweet Home Alabama as one can get. She prolly just stepped off the Greyhound onto Sunset and turned into the first door that said 'seeking talent.' Her black partner busts into her room and 'makes' her suck his dick, producing ridiculous amounts of thick, corded drool. A wiry haired strawberry blonde, Ashley is pale and freckled. She has nice, white, plump legs and breasts. She delivers the goods and blows her breakfast onto his cock. With a deep thrust to the back of her throat, she chokes and spews out what looks like curry-colored chuck. It's yellow. It's foul, and it comes by the glass. Although you might stop the disc here, nothing's stopping Ashley, she just sucks away and jacks his rabbit as though nothing ever happened. I guess if you were looking for some serious gagging, this is it. Nasty ass orange juice-looking stuff. After that, it's pretty hard to watch much else. But I guess I should give mad props to her skills. Ashley is given a ridiculous chunk of time, obviously because she takes the extra step.

Scene 5: Meadow
Acts Included: Oral, Gagging, Facial

Sexy, natural and spunky Meadow primps in the bathroom mirror. Her fake blonde hair is shoulder length, her boobs god-given and she is equipped with the rear end of a mac truck. A little pasty and country girl looking Meadow is an all American woman. She sucks her partner's dick in the bathroom, slobbing his dark stick and gobbling it down. Another foot long, this guy plunges her tiny mouth, getting maybe about half his dick inside her. Meadow doesn't venture much from a kneeling position and though she spits a few foamy bubbles, her scene falls short in comparison. She is one of the few so far to completely bare her body. And except for a pair of purple pumps, her figure is spotless and clean. He pops into her mouth and Meadow plays with his cum, spitting and sucking it back in like a kid at the mall.

Scene 6: Victoria Raven
Acts Included: Oral, Gagging, Facial

Delightfully cute Victoria stalks her brother lover while he's grilling on the back deck. A well rounded woman with long brown hair and a deflated chest, Victoria's rabbit teeth don't look very inviting for oral. But she's too cute to resist and so butt naked except for a pair of Ugg-like boots, she kneels at the kitchen sink and checks the brown pipe. Victoria does nicely, handling the huge cock in her mouth. Though she isn't as messy as most, she give an average amount of wet spunk. Her head is shoved and held at the base of his cock, and try as she might, Victoria can't get free until he releases her. Not much stands out here, other than Vic's noisy gasps for air between throats. In a nice scene, she lies on the kitchen counter with her mouth at the edge and he fucks her while he stands at the sink. She even twiddles with her wet, shaved snatch.

Scene 7: Tabitha James
Acts Included: Oral, Gagging, Facial

Chilling in the sun on a back patio somewhere in California, Tabitha sports a sexy pink lace set rather than the expected bikini or daisy dukes. A nice gal with an ass that hangs like a wet towel and tits that would fit in well at the sophomore gym showers, Tabitha gets her corn-fed body to the grindstone. Somewhat sexy, in a country bumpkin kind of way, Tabitha sports a nose stud and blondish red hair that passes her shoulders. Her great talent is keeping her nose at the guy's belly and his dick far, far in her mouth. She does this for long periods of time, and even if it doesn't kick up a ton of lip lube, it leave Tabitha struggling for air. They take it to the stairs, where it's dark. But the mouth mist that collects around her chin and pierced tities, glistens in what little light there is. She gets a quick splat in the face and doesn't seem to like that at all. She clams up. It's hard to tell what's spooge and what's spit because her face is soggy. This scene is below the others, and Tabitha is sweet, but doesn't ever get into things.

Scene 8: Alisia Zee
Acts Included: Oral, Gagging, Facial

Alisia Zee finds a black man with his dick hanging out his pants, hiding under her bead. Outfitted in a skimpy blue and orange frilly bikini, Alisia's soft body lightly folds around the edges. Red nails and a sweet face, give this blond the everyday girl look that has been consistent through the disc. Lying on her stomach, with her sexy ass and bare feet to the air, Alisia sucks his dark meat drumstick, cramming its ridiculous girth between her honkey, thin lips. Alisia has an ass like a Sista, and her partner immediately takes to rubbing and smacking it like a step-child, and then, hey for a first this disc, he actually fucks her. Well, no, it's really just Mr. peter meeting the ship's captain, but its a nice, if brief, change. Alisia's scene is a dud by comparison. As hot as she is, it sucks that she doesn't keep up with the energy of the other gals. She gets off even easier with a little sprinkle of man love on her right cheek. Those small, sexy tities never saw the light of day either...

Scene 9: Victoria Lan
Acts Included: Oral, Gagging, Facial

Latina-esqe in looks and features, Victoria gets on her brown knees, whips out a pair of plump, brown knockers, and wraps her brown lips around his dark meat. Stunningly sexy and attractive, Victoria does look like most Latina starlets these days. Her almond eyes, thin eyebrows, waterfall of black, curly hair--the only thing missing is a sombrero or a cheap painting of the last supper. Too bad Latina gals haven't quite caught up with their northern sisters; American white gals simple outshine everyone else and so Victoria's suckathon plays slowly and with as much interest as a whale hunt. She gives a few hearty, slobby smacks and jacks her wet, shaved tamale, but her gagging is amazingly subdued, if that can be said. A nice pop finds its way into her mouth and then finds its way right back out.

Scene 10: Staci Thorn
Acts Included: Oral, Gaggin, Facial

Wow, Staci is a voluptuous gal with bodacious tatas and a swell ass. Cute to the max in white fishnet stockings and a crazy ass green and white bra, Staci is all soft curves at the places where fabric meets her skin. She bends at the waist, takes her fella's cock from his pants and give him a standing deep throat. With her knockers hanging out and her face in the camera, Staci slides his dick along her tongue, past any reflex she can control and to the back of her brain. Staci's deep throats are simple, but long, steady and deep. She tosses her body on the couch and flips her golden hair to the floor. Her head hangs off the side and as he pumps his black snake down her wet mouth, she struggles to breath, occasionally spitting to the hard wood floor. Staci is cute and hot to watch--super sexy in her nets, the perfect chest and a splattering of random tattoos--but with all the energy she puts into her scene, the acts never raise above standard face fucking. At the end, she waits patiently like a slave for her dose of man pudding.

Concluding Words:

Black Gag 2 is not going to please everyone. And the cover of the DVD should weed out about 70% of the audience. The other 30% of us, will be mildly interested or just plain out putting the movie on layaway. So I'm preaching to that 30% margin; the rest of you are on your own, fucking lame turds.

The act of gagging has evolved from the accidental slip of a penis that went half an inch too far, to the blatant and intentional prodding of female (and male in other genres, I assume) throats with the intention of either gagging, vomiting, or wasting a 3.52$ tube of Rite-aid mascara. Which ever of these three you prefer, Black Gag 2, provides a sampling of each. Although the action is mostly repetitive, and after 10 scenes it's easily noticeable, the gals range the spectrum. Some are super, ridiculous hot (Sierra Sin) while others are chicken-coop casual cute. I like the range of talent and the range that each gal will take the act, but there is nothing new here for the most. The best scenes would have made a strong single disc, but still nothing phenomenal. Ashley Gracie's scene is by far the foulest; this country gal really delivers, blowing her groceries (though it's hard to tell what exactly she ate) on more than one occasion. In a way, I suppose this is what we were waiting for, that one moment when the 500 mph car leaps the track and spirals into the crowd. Wildly enough, Ashley and her partner go on as though it's no big deal, so the act is not really played up. Odd, because I feel that the gag act will soon be heading that direction. I completely recommend this for those into seeing gals drool like leaky faucets. While it is not a stellar disc, 10 scenes is obviously making up for something ( and the extras are laaaaame-o, see above), there is enough of the wet stuff to start pulling out the plastic. Recommended.


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