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Trip, The

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/19/08

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Tiffany Taylor and Courtney Simpson in bed.  (click for trailer)

The Trip

Vivid Entertainment

Roxy Deville and Christian in scene two.

Genre: Feature

Director: Bryan Xin

Tiffany's breasts from scene three.

Cast: Tiffany Taylor, Courtney Simpson, Roxy Deville, Christian, Nick Manning, Sasha Knox, Marco Banderas, Jerry, Derrick Pierce

Length: 87:43 minutes

Sascha Knox with Marco and Jerry.

Date of Production: 8/4/2006

Extra's: The best unique extra was the 11:51 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage by Sun Chen (essentially beginning with Tiffany claiming this was her first scene for Vivid and included her first anal). Most of it consisted of interviews (some nudity included) and Roxy stole the show as far as I was concerned, but as limited as it was, I enjoyed it (even though the audio was far below the rest of the DVD). There was also 82:00 minutes worth of additional sex scenes from previous releases, the five scenes I described below including Heat Wave, Naked Housewives, Hide and Seek, Tiffany's Lingerie Lesson, and Rawhide; trailers to movies like Brand New Faces, Pop Star, Jenna's Gallery Blue, and Love Life; a photogallery, a biography for Tiffany Taylor; and some spam (the commercials at the beginning of the DVD could be skipped easily thankfully enough).

Tiffany's thighs and cookie from the final scene.

Condoms: None in the movie itself

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Audio/Video Quality: The Trip was presented in the original 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Bryan Xin for Vivid Entertainment. Shot in high definition and down converted for this standard definition release, the movie seemed to continue Bryan's experiments with lighting and camera angles; sometimes working better than others depending on the set up and related technical aspects of the scenes. The lighting contributed to this issue and the editing was almost as choppy as his last effort; not a good thing when liberal amounts of slow motion are used in a movie but understandable as both titles were credited with the same date of production. The bitrate hovered in the lower 3 Mbps area and while I saw few compression artifacts, there was some aliasing present for those that care but I'd expect more from a movie "captured on DVC-Pro HD" and "edited on Final Cut Pro". The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 192 Kbps bitrate, with the score varying in terms of quality, usually sounding generic and intrusive, though a few bits were not bad. The vocals were minimal, serving to weaken the effort for me more than a little bit, but I have noticed a trend by some directors to go this route and while it rarely works; I can't say that they are all failed efforts.

Body of Review: Bryan Xin was one of the many directors at Vivid Entertainment given a chance to see if he would work out with the rest of the company; his gonzo roots never too deeply buried. The relationship didn't work out for various reasons and he sought out other opportunities better suited for his skills; a few of his movies for the company well received by a select audience. One that I found severely lacking awhile back was Tiffany's Lingerie Lesson, a showcase flick using then-new contract starlet Tiffany Taylor; a beautiful lady with marginal skills poised to become a force but never quite working out either. Well, on the same production day as that one was made, so to was The Trip; largely using the same cast in a very light relationship feature centering on drug use and sex. The cover said it like this: "It started as a journey, and ended in a trip. A mind mangle of drugs, danger, deceit and depravity. Exotic Vivid beauty Tiffany Taylor takes you on a whirlwind tour of a freaky nether-world that only master director Brian Xin could imagine. Shot in HD. The Trip...book now." If that sounds good to you, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting the very short movie used no condoms:

Scene One: Roommates: Tiffany Taylor, the beautiful young lady showcased on the front cover, and former Wildcats cheerleader Courtney Simpson, were up first in an erotic bedroom scene where the two enhanced the moment by using drugs. As a general rule, I don't advocate "better living through modern chemistry" like this since there's really no need for it when you're healthy. In any case, the two embraced with a kiss, to some funky music (like it came out of a 70's porno) and they rubbed each other while undressing. This led to the usual lesbian antics including going down on each other and while it was short, they did appear to be having a good time with some chemistry. The overly saturated colors and many fade edits were a nuisance (as was the camera work in general) but while it had little replay value for me, it did show the basics well enough. For those who care, there were no toys used but this did not particularly hinder the quality of the scene like the technical matters did.

Scene Two: Experimentation: Roxy Deville, a personal favorite of mine with flowing black hair, was up next with muscular Christian after he fed her a pill (presumably ecstasy) in bed. She actively slobbed his knob and he spanked her; Roxy's lust for the guy readily apparent as she worked his shaft into her mouth. That led to a relatively passive series of vaginal positions for her but the intermittent oral she gave was swell and she did get better as the scene progressed. The scene finished up with him jerking out the population pudding to her face, Roxy providing some post coital sucking before they cuddled with some dialogue.

Scene Three: Hunger: Tiffany Taylor, wearing a sexy little dress, was up next with pill popping Nick Manning on bed but the lack of build up or tease greatly impacted their scene together. This was billed as her first anal scene and despite what she said in the BTS, it wasn't much to brag about. He did most of the work, even going down on her initially, and her blowjob was okay but the penetrative sex showed how passive she could be. For me, that ruined it and while some fans are big on "firsts", I'd rather directors focus their efforts on shooting "bests" as in whatever the gal can do while looking like she's getting off. It ended with him rubbing out the load to her crotch and some minimal discussion about his personality.

Scene Four: Lexi's Party: Sasha Knox, a cute enough little blond, was then shown in bed with absolutely nothing to suggest why, readily servicing studly Marco Banderas and Jerry; alternating between their meat pipes as she sucked and jerked them off. She was the most sexually active gal of the bunch this time, taking one cock in her mouth while the other would do her pussy or ass; the men swapping out a number of times with the taste testing evidently turning her on before the ending facials. Had the rest of the movie been like this, it might have scored higher with me but this was nowhere near as good as she had done elsewhere.

Scene Five: Almost Charming: Tiffany Taylor, looking good but still feeling the need for seed, finished up the movie by taking on Derrick Pierce on a bed. He spent considerable time going down on her but she simply laid back and showed little responsiveness. She once again turned up the heat a bit with her blowjob skills, relying on them too heavily though I had hopes when I saw her on top of him that this would change. Sadly, the hotty remained relatively passive during the vaginal portion of the scene, her lovely ass cheeks rippling but with little effort by her to make it a better scene. The scene ended with a generic, and small, facial, with some limited withdrawal symptoms shown in the closing part of the movie.

Bonus Scene: Heat Wave: Tiffany Taylor, out by the pool in the daylight once more, was getting a dark tan on the float as the stalker-cam followed her into the house for some water cleaning action on the bidet that led to some masturbation action in the bathtub with a small pocket vibrator. As lovely looking as she was here, the noise wakened the mighty Evan Stone on the bed (she moved to the bedroom) and he lightly caressed her as she continued masturbating. Evan is one of the top tier talents in porn so she responded even better then before, with him gravitating towards her crotch to eat her out like a champion before she showed her full set of oral skills during the cocksucking portion of the scene (which came after he coated his cock with her own juices during some vaginal play). She still wasn't as active a fuck as the other ladies in the movie but it was a better scene on many levels and helped the movie maintain a decent level of heat, ending with a chest pop.

Bonus Scene: Naked Housewives: Courtney Simpson, everyone's favorite Wildcat cheerleader, was up next as Christian stalked her and they ended up naked in the pool together, kissing each other before she started slobbing his knob as well as any of his male friends could do, savoring the taste as she polished him off deeper and deeper. He avoided eating her in favor of plowing her from behind, drilling her pussy as best he could while she passively sat back to let him do so. As the scene wore on, she did some PTM and became more active at riding him but never to the best of her ability, weakening the scene for me in the process. He finished by rubbing out a load to her mouth by the pool, the gal sitting like a lump but not swallowing.

Bonus Scene: Hide and Seek: In this next scene we have Jay Huntington more interested in finding Tiffany Taylor than playing the game. He tracks her down to a near by stream, beneath a bridge to find a waiting and ready Tiffany spread out on a blanket. It's not long before Jay is snacking on Tiffany. She eagerly returns the favor. Jay doesn't hesitate too long before sliding himself between her legs filling her puss with his shaft. Monique crosses the bridge spotting them, kicking them both out of the game. The two are still oblivious to her presence. Tiffany finishes Jay off by riding him RCG. Jay removes his condom unloading onto Tiffany's breasts. (synopsis by Ravyn)

Bonus Scene: Tiffany's Lingerie Lesson: Roxy DeVille, a hotty with a lot of great attitude towards sex, lean Riley Shy, and crossover meat puppet Christian, all finished up the movie. Initially, the ladies modeled sexy outfits but that was far too brief and after they rubbed each other with some kissing, they turned to working with the ambidextrous guy on bed. They double teamed him orally and he then poked their pussies a little, never really allowing the trio to get fully into the action before he popped his wad on their faces.

Summary: The Trip by director Bryan Xin for Vivid Entertainment was another case where the limitations of the movie made it worth a rating of Rent It at best. I like the cast well enough but the extras were largely generic, the showcased performer, Tiffany Taylor, was too passive, and the technical matters dragged it down even more than the heavy morality play ending. In short, The Trip was anything but one, and it will be best suited for fans of the physically appealing Tiffany Taylor more than anyone else.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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