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Fucked On Sight 3: Special Extended Set

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/20/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Renae "J-Ho" Cruz ready to pounce on Manuel.  (click for trailer)

Fucked On Sight 3: Special Extended Set

Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Riley Evans liked some rough stuff.

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Savanah Gold and Emma Cummings were good together.

Cast: Renae “J-Ho” Cruz, Manuel Ferrara, Riley Evans, Savanah Gold, Emma Cummings, Jenny Hendrix, Aurora Jolie
Non-sex role by Jason Sinclair

Length: 181:30 minutes

Jenny Hendrix had a great ass!

Date of Production: 9/15/2007

Extra's: The first disc of the double disc set had an informative cast list and list of the second disc contents (with a few websites listed) but that was it; reserving most of the space on the disc for the movie itself. The second disc had a lot more going for it, led primarily by the 54:35 minute long Behind the Scenes feature too as it had the ladies giving anecdotes, extra nudity, and some photoshoot footage. There was also a photogallery, a cumshot recap, and some limited filmographies along with 9 trailers for movies like Slutty & Sluttier 4, Fucked On Sight 2, Slutty & Sluttier 3, Anal Expedition 11, Evilution 1, Evilution 2, New Whores on the Block 2, New Whores on the Block 1, Evil Anal, Evil Anal 2, Evil Anal 3.

Aurora "Nicara" Jolie was a butt lover's dream girl.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Fucked On Sight 3 was presented in 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot for DVD by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel. I’ve fussed loudly enough about his past works that this fact alone enhances the movie for me (the BTS was similarly shot) since it provides more information to my HD television set, with the point of view (POV) nature of the flick making it even easier for Manuel to “get right”. I’ve noticed that a lot of Manuel’s work for the company simply hasn’t been as crystal clear as some of his work elsewhere but he has promised me that he is taking steps to improve (admittedly, after I encouraged Stoya to jump on him at the recent AEE show). The colors were overly saturated in most cases and the fleshtones reflected this issue, but the lighting was not the best this time; again making the picture look decent but not nearly as good as some of his previous works. Lighting varied by the scenes and was spottier than previous efforts but still seemed to convey the sense of raw energy fairly well, most scenes taking on a saturated or yellow tinted look that could probably be easily fixed in post production with the right crew. The amount of grain and video noise were low to moderate as a result so while it wasn't the best I've seen from Manuel (not even close in fact), it was better than some gonzo productions by weaker directors in the field; certainly in terms of personal chemistry and energy between the performers Manuel worked with in the scenes. There were a few compression artifacts noticed during the scenes but the strength of the visuals was how the composition of the shots almost always enhanced the looks or perceived passion of the scenes; usually hovering in the lower 2 Mbps range. One of the down sides to providing so much footage on a single disc (the extras were located largely on the second disc), is that the picture tends to suffer somewhat; a fact of life as long as fans want longer movies. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps) with minimal separation between the channels and a standard dynamic range, making it nothing special in this sense but not bad either.

Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara was the talk of the ladies recently when I went to the yearly show in Las Vegas, the man surpassing even Erik, Evan, and other popular male performers in terms of who the ladies told me they adored. Manuel blushed at the comment when I told him but you could see it in the eyes of the ladies as he walked by them too so they weren’t just hosing me. While he performs for a variety of companies, the movies he directs are all distributed by industry heavyweight Evil Angel, recent years showing the studly director that fans want “more” and his double disc sets giving it to them. His latest release to make it into my paws was Fucked On Sight 3: Special Extended Set, the double disc sequel to Fucked on Sight 2 that so many of you enjoyed. The idea is to provide a set of five lengthy point of view scenes on the first disc and a lot of extras on the second disc, ensuring that fans get their money’s worth as Manuel himself took to pleasing the ladies in POV fashion. Unlike most of his peers, Manuel’s advantage in such movies is that all the women really, really, like working with him so the end result is almost always a bunch of chemistry filled, enthusiastic performances by the passionate women in the scenes. If that sounds like something you could appreciate, here’s a quick glimpse into those scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Renae “J-Ho” Cruz, a sexy little Latina waiting for her breakthrough parody hit to be released, was up first as she teased studly Manuel Ferrara on the staircase inside the house wearing only her pink panty hose. She liked the naughty direction he gave her and went outside where the lighting looked substantially better on her as she continued to play with him. The tease alone was heated and she really knew how to work it as she went in and around the pool; her dirty talk elevating the dynamic of the scene even before she started slobbing on his knob. Renae was a champion cocksucker and coaxed Manuel inside the house to really get going on it. The oral was secondary to her vaginal and anal antics though; Renae actively riding it in a number of positions that showed how much she liked the guy (and lusted for his cock). She did a fair amount of taste testing (PTM, ATM) too, with some titty fucking towards the end of the scene but it was her outgoing personality that really made her stand out in my mind as being something special. Some of you might even enjoy the parts where she begged him for his penis inside of her but in the end, it was the manner in which she took the population pudding to her mouth but she did not swallow much of it as it fell to her pantyhose instead.

Scene Two: Riley Evans, a curvy blond cutie in a silvery bikini, was up next in the living room as she teased Manuel Ferrara by rubbing herself. She also showed an affinity for some rough stuff by the way she pinched her nipples and encouraged him to smack her around a little bit but the tease was once again a delight to enjoy to watch. Manuel choked her a little (at her request from the looks of it) and she encouraged him to get even rougher though he stopped far short of what fellow director Jake Malone would have provided. Claiming to be a “good little whore”, she enjoyed receiving Manuel’s attention almost as much as giving him some deserved head; Riley savoring the taste of his cock as she aggressively slobbed his knob so well. The couple proceeded to vaginally fuck with Riley actively impaling herself on his rod, some minor choking applied to her here as well. The repetitive dirty talk wasn’t as inspired as Renae’s but it still added to the fun of the scene as she began to grind her hips into his crotch; driving his cock deeper inside of her. I expected a lot of anal fucking that never took place but she drained him dry all the same with the scene ending as she blew him during the facial (with a funny nod to Jason Sinclair as a non sex performer at the end of the scene).

Scene Three: Savanah Gold, a busty blond that looks a lot like a curvier version of mainstream actress Brittney Murphy, fetchingly plump brunette Emma Cummings, and Manuel Ferrara were up next. Savanah, an English tart, was up with him first as she climbed out of the pool in her tiny bikini that barely held her assets from falling out. She started masturbating in front of him and using dirty talk to get him excited, leading to a warm hummer before the couple went inside the house. Emma had on a great pair of jeans that had the ass cheeks cut out of them (shades of the mainstream movie So Fine!) and her booty shaking impressed Manuel to the point that he had to have some of that ass for himself. The tease that took place from there on in between both ladies was heated; Savanah eating Emma out while Emma blew Manuel; both gals sharing his cock within seconds. The titty fucking and dick sucking action was decent if uninspired, but both gals were enthusiastic about riding his cock. Savanah was the first to ride and the vaginal sex went to anal in short order with a lot of taste testing but neither gal proved to be a better rider than the other; each instead showing some appeal all their own. The repeated nods to lesbian action and minor roughness aside, Savanah took the facial and spat it on Emma’s ass crack; the playfulness never stopping until the scene faded out.

Scene Four: Jenny Hendrix, the hotty on the front DVD cover, was up next and she was looking especially good in the movie as she frolicked in the pool wearing the same piece of string she wore on the cover. Her ample sample of an ass was larger than life (at the show last week, it looked a lot less impressive as she had lost a lot of weight) and fans of the wet look will undoubtedly appreciate just how good the lady was at teasing Manuel Ferrara. He used finger and toy on her ass (with ATM) before moving the scene inside to the couch where she started slobbing his knob. While not exactly a world class cocksucker, Jenny was no stranger to a penis in her mouth, trying to maintain eye contact as she worked him over using her mouth and hands. The pair fucked vaginally at first with Jenny proving to be moderately active even at first, and then getting better with time as she moved from slowly inserting his cock to increasing the tempo as she rocked his world so effectively. She slowed down a whole lot during the anal as she gasped to fit his dick inside of her ass as deeply as both of them wanted it to go but while I would have liked her pumping like crazy vaginally; the look on her face was classic. She did taste testing there too but mostly stuck with riding him internally; the facial popping into her eye and mouth before they went for a second round of sex. It was short but sweet this time, the anal leading to a smaller facial that she took full force before the credits rolled; shaking her fleshy ass at the camera before some semen play closed things up.

Scene Five: Aurora Jolie, a curvy and light skinned black gal known for her love of anal sex, was up last as she teased on a windy day in the pool. She was happy and talkative, giggling as she showed off all her curves to full effect. Manuel Ferrara could not get enough of her as she continued to work him into a frenzy; eventually moving into the house where the camera settings seemed improper but she was still in heat. The oral led to a powerful bout of anal, Aurora showing she had not lost her skills with either orifice since I last caught one of her performances. It was an active hummer and aggressive anal screw; her appreciation for Manuel causing her to crank up the heat more than a little bit as the sweaty couple tore into one another. But for the technical matters here, this would have been the perfect scene to close out the movie on but it was still well worth dumping several loads of seed given her demeanor and attitude that elevated the chemistry between them. She took the facial and lucky Manuel showed his ability yet again to make the fans happy even if she didn’t swallow the load in question.

Summary: Fucked On Sight 3 by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel again lacked some of the technical polish I like to see in my gonzo porn but I could simply not deny the levels of fuck for the buck generated by him and the ladies; elevating the replay value, chemistry, and value of the movie’s double discs for me so I rated the set as Highly Recommended. I know a lot of people think that the male performers in porn as useless or disposable but Fucked On Sight 3: Special Extended Set, like Fucked on Sight 2 before it, proved that some of the guys are good enough to elicit the best performances out of the women, thereby making themselves indispensable to the better offerings. Manuel Ferrara is one such guy that the ladies adore so like it or not, he seems to supercharge their performances to the benefit of all. Good work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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