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Teagan's Juice HD (HD DVD)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/21/08

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Note: The following is a review for the HD DVD version of Teagan's Juice, a spin off series by Celeste for Digital Playground that was released in standard definition DVD over a year ago. The content of the movie was the same and the extras barely modified to include HD DVD trailers that show off the higher resolution of the titles that are either out or about to come out in the popular new format. The quick version of the review is that the show looks better (has better resolution) but it always looked a little soft to me thanks to the various special effects employed so it's value as a double dip will depend on your wallet and personal tastes. I suggest you check out this Teagan's Juice to get a better idea of what it looks like in this new form.  Enjoy!

Teagan's Juice HD

Digital Playground

Genre: Erotica

Director: Celeste

Cast: Teagan Presley, Jerry, Sophia Santi, Erik Everhard, Charlie Laine, Celeste Star, Michelle Maylene, Scott Nails, Codi Milo, Naomi, Marco Duato/Banderas

Length: 112:27 minutes

Date of Production: 3/25/2006

Extras: The best extra was the inclusion of a 5:53 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It had a lot of the humorous pop up video styled comments added in as well as Robby and the crew mugging for the camera but I wish there was more (my common refrain; "since it adds value"). The standardized extras were a photogallery, biographies for Teagan Presley and Sophia Santi, and trailers to movies like Pirates II, Island Fever 4 HD, Deeper 1 HD, Babysitters HD, Pirates HD, Jack’s Playground 27 HD, Contract Star HD, Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak HD, Jack's Teen America 3 HD, Island Fever 3 HD, Hush HD, Jack's POV HD, and Cockasian HD.

Condoms: Two

Audio/Video Quality: Teagan's Juice HD was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color it was shot in by director Celeste for Digital Playground using a full 1080p resolution (technically, unconverted from the 720p it was shot in) and the AVC/MPEG-4 codec to provide a modestly improved picture from the SD version that came out previously. Digital had the foresight to shoot using the latest technology and their back catalog is only now being released in HD-DVD (more of them in Blu-Ray starting next month) so expect a lot of improvements as the company becomes more handy with the new formats and continually upgrades their equipment. The grain of the original and compression artifacts were minimized and the resolution was decent enough to bring forth previously unseen details though in some cases, they were not favorable to the ladies or men performing. Kurt Tortcher was the editor and if you truly like Celeste's heavily stylized earlier works, you will appreciate all he did to maintain that look throughout the show here. The BTS looked weak by comparison but in the feature, the fleshtones and the blacks were almost as solid as some of Celeste’s latest works; albeit with the usual artistic leaning. The audio was presented with the upgraded 5.1 Dolby Digital + and the improvements were slighter here with little separation between the speakers in most cases and the oft-complained about lack of vocals marring the otherwise decent effort.

Body of Review: Celeste is the director at Digital Playground that seems to draw the most fire these days for the style of artistic erotica she has her pal Robby Dallas shoot for her. Designed to be female and couple friendly, most raincoaters and jaded porn hounds like myself tend to avoid her work except on a very rare occasion since a little of it goes a long way for us. Those favoring gonzo and hardcore antics know that Robby does such a fine job in those areas that he sublimates his own style to provide something decidedly different when working on these shoots; often making fans of the ladies wince at the footage provided us. That said, Celeste's latest movie to come out later this month will be Teagan's Juice HD; another stylish series of erotic vignettes that will satisfy her fans and cause the rest of us to grumble at the missed opportunities. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that Teagan did have two of the men use condoms for some reason in her scenes:

Scene One: Teagan Presley, the hotty on the front DVD cover, was up first with Jerry as she slowly sipped her drink and licked the glass. Her stripped outfit was cute and the scene playful, coming across more as a warm up than anything else for me. The couple played with a small metal anal plug, taking forever to get to business as he kicked her in slow motion to the conga beat music. Once again, the lack of vocals really hurt the levels of heat for me and as fine as her tight ass was, all the playfulness and rimming couldn't restore it for me. Heck, the way she winced when the tiny plug was inserted struck me as odd considering what else she's had up there over the years but I'm good at suspending disbelief in order to see if a scene will get better. The slow motion aside, she looked fantastic (or is that fant-ASS-tic?) and her loving lips wrapped around his cock proved to be fun to watch despite the limitations. This led to him wrapping that rascal and tapping her pussy as she rocked back and forth on it, her doing some ATM with the plug a few times during the scene before he jerked off a small load to her chest.

Scene Two: Sophia Santi, one of the finest looking ladies in porn, was up next in a solo scene that had her eyeing a bunch of bananas much like I eye porn stars at the AEE Show; with a wild look of hunger or at least like a kid with no money in a huge candy store. She slowly sucked on a banana, tonguing it as if it were a cock and masturbating with her hand. This led to her taking another of the yellow fruits and jamming it inside her pussy, watching the thing glisten with her juices. The slow motion was again a pain in the nads but at least this time there was a reason for it; to flesh out a solo scene. The music was not as good as usual here; a combination of modern and special effects but at least the short scene gave her a chance to shine.

Scene Three: Teagan Presley, in the kitchen wearing an orange bikini and yellow shorts, was up next as she ate oranges with studly Erik Everhard. The music seemed a continuation of the previous scene and she seemed to revel in his oral attentions on her backside; sucking her crack like most of her fans would love to do. The use of the oranges was interesting (she squeezed the juice onto her ass as he ate her out) but the oral by both of them was too short. The up side was how he started pounding her ass without a condom and her riding it actively once on top in reverse cowgirl. I can only imagine how hot it must've been at regular speed though she seemed to go crazy with passion (thwarted by the motion problems) as the two pumped away at one another. Her ass cheeks rippled as she impaled herself on his cock anally, leading to the modest (for Erik at least) pop shot on her abdomen).

Scene Four: Charlie Laine, Celeste Star, and Teagan Presley, were then up in a lesbian tryst with Charlie as the subordinate who served as a foot table for her two pals as they fed her a confectionary delight in the shape of a reviewer sized penis. It was playful and all three of them looked good enough to eat, with the visuals providing an almost surreal landscape as they worked each other over. Like the solo scene discussed above, the effects seemed most at home here for some reason or other, though I wish it lasted longer and had them doing more to (or with) one another).

Scene Five: Michelle Maylene, a petite and exotic little gal, was up next as she ate ice cream beside a sleepyhead Scott Nails who looked like he was crashed out from boning too many ladies. She dripped the treat on him and licked it off, waking him up in a playful mood as he tasted the ice cream but eyed her body as though he had something else in mind. He rubbed it on her breasts and licked them clean, a trick she then applied to his cock rather well. Once hard, he used the erection to hammer away at her pussy with her getting into the swing of things as soon as she was on top of him. It ended with a facial that gobbed all over her face but she didn't swallow as it dripped down her chest and she eyed the camera.

Scene Six: Codi Milo, a very lean hotty made to look much like scene partner Teagan Presley, was up next as the two seductively kissed in the bathtub while wearing their tiny yellow bathing suits. The scene was originally supposed to have taken place in the pool but the weather was uncooperative so they used a sponge to wash each other thoroughly in between feeling each other up and more kissing. Teagan was the sexual aggressor here, nibbling at Codi's ear and jamming fingers inside her friend but each did some oral to the other and both looked exceptionally hot.

Scene Seven: Naomi, the bubble butted vixen that came out of nowhere this year, was up next with Scott Nails as he rubbed a piece of fruit against her body by the kitchen table. I've found her track record of late to be mixed but when she's hot; watch out! The slow, methodical manner in which he tasted and teased her led to her doing some fine fanny wiggling where the ripples of her fleshy ass showcased why she has been in such demand. Her oral skills were decent but he wouldn't just let her have the cock right away; no, he had to taunt her a bit first so that she'd appreciate the meaty member and do right by it. I thought the scene would have benefited by more initial tease of her in her white two piece outfit but her oral was well handled here and she knew it. The penetrative sex was highlighted by her active anal when she rode on top of his lap, causing him to drop a load on her ass cheeks in no time at all.

Scene Eight: Teagan Presley, now dressed in a form fitting red two piece outfit, played on the counter by a mirror in the bathroom in such a manner that drew my attention and held it firm (of course, that wasn't the only thing that was firm at this point). She pulled out a glass dildo and started warming up with it in a solo scene but that was all that happened before the scene ended.

Scene Nine: Teagan Presley, now in a white dress with a red target made of lipstick painted on her ass cheeks (pointing to where she needed a cock), was up last in a scene with Marco Duato/Banderas in the same bathroom from the prior scene. He used a couple of squirtguns to wet her down and the two were bumping uglies in no time, her pumping back to meet his condom clad thrusts one for one with the vaginal action seeming to fulfill her needs. The music was the same (I guess it would be called "Teagan's Theme) as some of the previous scenes or at least derivative of it and she ended up blowing him to completion as the final scene faded away.

Summary: Teagan's Juice HD was very much like a lower budget showcase of the lovely Teagan Presley by Celeste. If you're a big fan of either lady, you'll know what to expect and can act accordingly. My personal tolerance for such material varies according to a number of factors and while this was about what I expected when I saw the director's name on the credits (the cover didn't come with my advance screener), I can't say that it worked for me in many cases. For me then, the levels of fuck for the buck and stylish antics were only worth a Rent It (and I really like Teagan personally) but if you're into the slow motion, no vocals, and stylish effects, I'll be the first to admit that it's a must have title for your collection. In short, Teagan's Juice HD will fit the bill for couples and ladies wanting something less graphic to warm up to, providing enough Teagan Presley erotica to keep you busy for a lot of passionate sessions.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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