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Jack's Teen America Mission 5 HD (HD DVD)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/21/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Note: The following is a review for the HD DVD version of XXX, a flagship spin off title for Digital Playground that was released in standard definition DVD over a year ago to heaps of praise, garnering various award nominations and showing the world that the company listened to the consumers wanting more fleshy backsides at play. The content of the movie was the same and the extras barely modified to include HD DVD trailers that show off the higher resolution of the titles that are either out or about to come out in the popular new format. The quick version of the review is that the show looks somewhat better than the original but it always looked pretty good so it's value as a double dip will depend on how big your wallet is and how much disposable cash you have. I suggest you check out this Trailer for Teen America: Mission 5 HD to get a better idea of what it looks like in this new form.  Enjoy!

Jack's Teen America: Mission 5 HD

Digital Playground

Genre: Comedy, Gonzo

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Teagan Presley, Christian XXX, Devon, Lee Stone, Sondra Shine, Keri Sable, Dasha, Tommy Gunn, Jayna Oso, Jean Val Jean

Length: 146:40 minutes

Date of Production: 11/4/2004 (box), 11/24/2004 (credits)

Extra's: The only extras were a photogallery, and trailers to shows like Pirates II, Island Fever 4 HD, Deeper 1 HD, Babysitters HD, Pirates HD, Jack’s Playground 27 HD, Contract Star HD, Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak HD, Jack's Teen America 3 HD, Island Fever 3 HD, Hush HD, Jack's POV HD, and Cockasian HD.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Jack's Teen America: Mission 5 HD was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color it was shot in by director Robby D. for Digital Playground using a full 1080p resolution and the AVC/MPEG-4 codec to provide a substantially improved picture from the SD version that came out long ago. Digital had the foresight to shoot using the latest technology and their back catalog is only now being released in HD-DVD (more of them in Blu-Ray starting next month) so expect a lot of improvements as the company becomes more handy with the new formats. Keep in mind that even the editing of Joey Pulgadas did not save this one completely; the rougher edges brought to light even more in the scenes that were shot in 720p (to be up converted later for this version). The grain of the original and compression artifacts were minimized and the resolution was enough that I could see all sorts of little details previously unobserved (like the individual hairs on the legs, razor burn, and hordes of other things. Also of note was that the scene starring Dasha was grainier than I remembered it being, some added issues with the colors being too saturated appearing as well. Lastly, not to nitpick but the use of a standardized amount of chapters (18) led to Jayna's scene being stuck behind Dasha's scene, leaving it without any means of direct access. While a relatively minor complaint, it cheapened the release for me somewhat and provided evidence of the company cutting corners to make their time lines for these HD titles rather than wait for another batch to come out. The audio was presented with the upgraded 5.1 Dolby Digital + and the improvements were slighter here with little separation between the speakers in most cases, but some added clarity of the vocals all the same. As time marches on, porn audio tracks have not marched along as much as their mainstream counterparts, an area that I note with increasing frequency, but some of the hiss I got when I turned up the SD version to high levels was not as obvious so the dynamic range was enhanced as well as the thump of the bass; most of which I believe were added in post production.

Body of Review: As one of the few reviewers online to openly discuss value and cost, I sometimes rail about releases that have under 90 minutes of material, even if they come from some of my favorite production companies like Digital Playground. The latest release by the company is Jack's Teen America: Mission 5 HD, a show that has routinely provided tremendous fuck for the buck; giving consumers over two hours of material in a gonzo fashion. Much like Teen America 4, the show had some great women on display but this time, it featured Teagan and Devon. Had Jesse Jane been in a scene, I'd figure it was shooting for a bunch of awards since the heavy guns only seem to come out on special occasions in the two series directed by "Jack". That said, there was some amusing comedic bits but the sex was easily the focal point of the show so here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that a lot more anal than usual took place and no condoms were used in the scenes:

Scene One: She's Back!: Teagan Presley, the hot contract performer displayed on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, has been the topic of much discussion lately but regardless of what is said about her, she's extremely desirable. Displaying her brand new implants (I'm not a fan of implants but at least these are not overdone), she coaxed Christian XXX to have a scene for her in this return visit to the series. Beginning with a paddle on her sweet ass, he made the most of her school girl outfit and bent her over to lightly tap this so-called "ass of legend" in preparation for her scene with him. She began the true fun with a combination blowjob/handjob, moving into a 69 pretty quickly. He then inserted a glass anal plug to stretch her out and went into a technical DP mode as she slowly rode him on top. Moving onto the anal itself, she did some ATM and used anal beads while getting some more vaginal hammering, showing her energy levels as being fairly high. Her playful manner and chemistry with him also enhanced the scene, and it ended with a nice facial to her tongue that she swallowed. Whew!

Scene Two: Chinese Take Out: Devon, playing a Chinese food delivery gal rather than a contestant (she's in the middle of the front DVD cover), arrived at a location wearing only a black silk kimono and stripper shoes but wanted to audition anyway with the massive Lee Stone. Her eyes were still as pretty as ever and her ass was to die for (I still don't favor those implants though) so Lee got her into some bondage gear to play with for a while. Once he saw that she couldn't wear it and blow him, off it came and she then slobbed his knob handily from a kneeling position. He snacked on her crack a bit too but barely enough to get her wet for the vaginal slamming she took at the err…hands of his dick and while he was too large for her to aggressively bounce on, she did a respectable job of it on the couch. Her throaty moans accentuated the action as they did it in various positions and he blew his load on her tender ass at the end of the scene.

Scene Three: Chinese Take Out Part 2: Sondra Shine, wearing a neon green tube top and torn jeans with leggings (they looked hot!), had a tall, lean body and long brown hair that Devon immediately wanted to check out. Her large, natural breasts and accent made her exotic enough that "Jack" went ahead and did the interview using Devon for the partner as Lee had left the building. The majority of the action was licking and caressing but towards the end, a glass dildo was used too, with Devon putting her through her paces in this somewhat short scene. I hope she gets more air time in other releases by the company as this served more like a warm up than anything else.

Scene Four: Afterschool Delight: Keri Sable, the hot blonde on the right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next as she teased with her school girl/sailor outfit on her lean, all natural body outside her school. Claiming to be 18, she came back into play at her place to have a scene with the massive Lee Stone who pulled out another paddle to tap her ass with. Keri's been in a lot of movies this past year (now signed to a contract with Wicked Pictures) and it's easy to see why; she's young, lean and willing to do anything like a seasoned professional. Lee seemed infatuated with her body, savoring it as though it was his last chance to get any of it for a long time, and he sniffed, licked, and rubbed her all over in a heated fashion before offering her some tube steak. While her oral skills are not her strong point, she did give him a pretty solid blowjob before he tore into that fine pussy of hers. She then came alive, riding him as though on fire in several positions before he blew his load onto a glass table. Fans will like that she licked his ejaculate off the table as though it were a tasty treat and the scene finished up as she swallowed it down.

Scene Five: Dazed and Confused: Dasha, acting very much like a blonde but still very appealing as she wore a collar, leopard print stockings and black panties on the couch. She was an interesting choice for the series since she's about twice as old as Keri and Teagan but as the saying goes, "I'd hit it". Her partner for the scene was muscular Tommy Gunn, who made sure she had some leather wrist restraints on before he went down on her and she gave a very capable blowjob in return. Perhaps Keri could learn a few tricks in the oral department from this gal but aside from the conceptual problems, the sex went very well. She playfully rode him with as much energy as any of the other gals in the show and then was stretched out with a black anal plug for some anal action. I didn't sense as much chemistry as I used to when she did scenes with her boyfriend Dillion Day, but Tommy provided plenty for her to enjoy as he hammered away at her backdoor. She then did some ATM after he jerked off onto her face.

Scene Six: The Ex Hooker Turned Waitress: Jayna Oso, a lean brunette in a return visit to the series, was very pleased to make the next stage in the "contest" so she took the crew inside and stripped down for some more fun, wearing a leather blindfold and wrist restraints as Jean Val Jean tapped her with a lucite paddle. He then offered up his penis for her to orally satisfy and she did so both before and after he took the vision restraints off. She did some gagging oral before he got some pussy (with PTM no less) and he licked her ass to prepare it for a glass anal plug after that. Seeing the plug go in, I then knew she'd be on the receiving end of some backdoor action, and she seemed even more into that then the vaginal (doing some ATM, using anal beads, etc.). It ended with a facial and some apparent swallowing as the two displayed some chemistry to go with their energy.

Summary: Jack's Teen America: Mission 5 HD lacked the style of some of the more recent Digital Playground releases and many of you will rejoice in this approach. The DVD was worth a rating of Recommended and approached higher status given the amount of sex, the solid cast, and the overall level of heat (not to mention the fuck for the buck quotient being pretty high). If you're a fan of any of the cast, this will be a must have for your collection since the combination of technical values and other qualities were so high. In short, Jack's Teen America: Mission 5 was the kind of porn most fans clamor for as it provided lots of replay value and strokability that all of us can appreciate; even with the issues I raised above.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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