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Desperate Househusbands 2

Studio: Private » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/22/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date:

May 2007

Directed By:

Tom Bradford

The Movie:

While their wives are away earning a living, the horny househusbands of Pussywillow Lane entertain each other with hot 'n sweaty man-to-man action.


Julien Vincenzo, Milan Gamiani, Jeff Halston, Lucio Maverick, Flavio Valentino, Ludovic Canot, Kevin Cage, Solten Talton, Rod Stevens, Steve Hunt, Andrew Moretti, Fred Faurtin.

Run Time:

2 Hours

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Desperate Househusbands 2” offers up twelve hot dudes with a mix of brown, dark brown, and black hair; muscular and toned bodies; trimmed, shortly trimmed, and shaved pubes; hairy and smooth chests, and hard uncut ‘n cut dongs.

Scene One:

Jeff Halston (good-looking with short dark hair, beard stubble, muscular/smooth body) and Milan Gamiani (hot with very short black hair, heavy beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) go at it in the backyard kissing with full wet tongues and exploring each other’s bodies with curious roaming hands. Milan chows down on Jeff’s hard uncut cock sliding his mouth up ‘n down the shaft and rubbing those plump nuts. Wanting to share the pleasure, Jeff crams Milan’s big ‘n fat clipped pole down his gullet, licking the large purple knob, and receives a tasty face fucking from his secret neighborhood lover. The dudes are quite playful and are definitely into the action and one another. Jeff raises Milan’s legs and munches down on this tight bunghole but we cannot see actual tongue on pucker as the action is shot from the side.

Jeff slides his rigid dick into Milan nice ‘n slow in the missionary position using long full strokes as Milan grinds his hot bum back ‘n forth moaning and jacking his own business. Switching positions, Jeff plows his buddy from behind fast, smooth, ‘n hard with Milan once again hunching back to meet those hot thrusts to fill his chute to the max. Sadly, there are no descent penetration shots offered here. To finish up, Milan plays a wild game of the ol’ sink/bounce wildly riding that dong while Jeff reaches around to stroke Milan’s big cock with the first nice penetration shot in the movie. Milan shoots a thick load while Jeff cuts loose with some very thick jizz.

Scene Two:

Flavio Valentino (handsome with longish brown hair, heavy beard stubble, muscular/lightly hairy body) and Julien Vincenzo (handsome with short dark brown hair, goatee, muscular/smooth body, tattoos) are out in the sunroom hungrily sucking each other’s tongues obviously craving some man-on-man lovin’. The dudes lick ‘n suck each other’s chests and hard nipples leading Julien to grab Flavio’s big unclipped tool and cram it down his throat working the foreskin back ‘n forth, jacking, and filling the room with loud popping noises. Dude is starved for cock! Flavio gets in on the sucking action by sliding his mouth up ‘n down Julien’s fat uncut hog twisting the shaft with his fist, wildly licking the flared purple knob, and giving an excellent blowjob.

Flavio is soon in the missionary position and Julian munches down on his tight hairy butt hole, plump balls, and cock. Flavio rubs his own bunghole but there are no good close-ups of the action due to it being shot from the side. Hot ‘n horny from cock sucking, Julien plows Flavio fast, smooth, ‘n hard from behind filling the room with loud moans, grunts, and heavy breathing. The dudes are definitely into each other and the hot sweaty man-sex with some nice penetration shots from the side. Switching up, Julien drills his buddy in the missionary position keeping up with the same fast ‘n hard tempo pulling all the way out and then slamming back into that tight warm hole. Julien growls and busts a nut on Flavio’s chest. Flavio shoots a thick load on his fist and a little on his hairy stomach.

Scene Three:

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After receiving the boot from his wife for fucking other dudes, Milan Gamiani (scene one) high tails it over to Andrew Moretti (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body, tattoos) and Solten Talton’s (good-looking with dark buzz cut, goatee, muscular/smooth body) apartment in hopes of being hired as a “live-in housekeeper”. While serving a hearty breakfast to his new employers wearing nothing but an apron, Milan is soon down on his knees sucking Solten’s large hard uncut dick deep throating all the way down to his shaved pubes giving excellent head. Andrew wants in on the action and quickly offers up his rigid unclipped prick for Milan’s insatiable mouth. Milan goes for the gold once again deep throating all the way down this time to Andrew’s shortly trimmed pubes and then switches back ‘n forth between the two tools savoring the tangy taste and pleasuring them completely.

Andrew and Solten share cramming Milan’s enormous cut cock down their throats while jacking the chubby shaft and nursing the large purple knob. The dudes tag-team Milan fucking him quick ‘n smooth in the missionary position leading Andrew to sit on his face to have his ass eaten. Again, there are no close-ups of the butt munching and the viewer cannot even see it. There are no penetration close-ups during this hot ‘n wild drilling as the dudes turn Milan every which way but loose. Solten and Andrew jerk their tools shooting large thick loads on Milan’s hairy chest. Milan pulls pork dumping thick cock snot on his fist.

Scene Four:

Julien Vincenzo (scene two) is now working at the local bar since his wife found out about his secret afternoons of man-fun. He gets down with his new boss Fred Faurtin (hot with very short buzz cut, beard stubble, toned/tight/hairy body) making out with plenty of wet tongues while co-worker Ludovic Canot (cute with dark buzz cut, beard stubble, toned/smooth body) watches rubbing his basket. Soon all three dudes are in on the action tasting one another’s tongues while horny hands explore heavily breathing bodies. Julien has some awesome dark hard nipples that are just begging to be sucked. Ludovic slides his mouth up ‘n down Julien’s hard uncut cock jacking the shaft as Julien strokes Fred’s stiff unclipped member. Hungry for more, Ludovic gets down on Fred’s swollen manhood and then switches back ‘n forth wildly sucking the two dongs.

Fred chows down on Julien’s meat and gets a taste of Ludovic’s stiff clipped hog while he’s at it slobbering all over those tools like an out of control vacuum. He fucks Ludovic’s tight lightly hairy bunghole fast ‘n smooth in the missionary position leading Julien to plow him too as the dudes tag team. The dudes are clearly into each other and the action here as they fill the bar with loud moans, grunts, growls, cries, and heavy breathing. Ludovic is fucked within an inch of his life as the dudes continue taking turns on his tight manhole from behind. Julien cuts loose with a thick load on Ludovic’s stomach, Fred shoots a thick on Ludovic’s hairy inside thigh, and Ludovic squirts a large thick load of jizz on his stomach and shortly trimmed pubes. Hot!

Scene Five:

Relaxing in a warm whirlpool, Ludovic Canot (scene four), Fred Faurtin (scene four), and Flavio Valentino (scene two) slowly make out with plenty of deep soul kissin’ while Rod Stevans (good-looking with dark buzz cut, muscular/hairy body) and Jeff Halston (scene one) taste tongues too. Rod works his mouth up ‘n down Fred’s fat unclipped pole leading to some face fucking as Flavio sucks Ludovic and Jeff’s hard cocks. Flavio goes crazy on that meat jacking the hard shafts and cramming his mouth full giving excellent head. Fred gets a mouthful of Jeff’s unclipped wang as the dudes switch up in all sorts of cock sucking combinations. These guys are definitely into the action and each other as they slobber up ‘n down those tasty tube steaks.

Jeff fucks Rod’s tight hairy asshole from behind with fast ‘n smooth strokes with excellent penetration shots from below. Hey! It only took to scene five to get some no-holds barred penetration close-ups! Flavio drills Ludovic in the missionary position fast ‘n hard making Ludovic loudly moan with lust. Fred steps in and fucks Ludovic quick ‘n lubed in the same position leading to some hot tag team sex. Ludovic is completely out of control loudly moaning, hiccupping, and making all sorts of wonderful sexual noises when he hops up and goes for a ride on Jeff’s boner with some very hot penetration shots.

Fred crams his big dick down Ludovic’s throat while he continues to play sink/bounce and Rod plows Flavio’s tight hairy manhole from behind fast ‘n hard with great penetration shots from behind. Rod shoots a very thick load on Flavio’s shoulder, Flavio cuts loose with a large thick load on his fist and hairy stomach, Fred busts a large nut on Ludovic’s inside thigh, Jeff dumps thick jizz on Ludovic’s hairy leg, and Ludovic squirts a large thick load on his chest and stomach. Hot load!

Scene Six:

Steve Hunt (good-looking with dark buzz but, muscular/hairy body) and Lucio Maverick (good-looking with brown hair, toned/smooth body) are deep in the middle of a red-hot make out session when Julien Vincenzo (scenes two and four) and Milan Gamiani (scenes one and three) barge in wearing briefs and watch the free show. Milan makes the first move and is soon caught in a spider web of carnality as he rubs the dudes’ bodies and kisses Steve with heavy tongue. Milan is soon down on his haunches cramming his mouth full of Julien’s fat uncut hog as Julien and Lucio make out. Milan switches his oral attentions to Steve sucking his large unclipped dick sliding his mouth up ‘n down giving an excellent blowjob. Milan is quite busy providing free oral treats and is next sucking Lucio’s stiff uncut prick while Lucio chows down on Milan’s big cut tool. There are plenty of cock sucking switch ups here.

Milan once again takes the lead by riding the hell out of Lucio’s pole sidling his tight bunghole up ‘n down the stiff shaft as Julien fucks Steve in the side/missionary position. There are nice penetrations shots for Milan and Lucio with Lucio wildly thrusting his hips upward to fuck his pal while reaching around and jacking that fat dong. Switching up, Julien pounds Milan from behind fast ‘n hard with some nice penetration shots from below while Steve plays the ol’ sink/bounce with Lucio with hot penetration shots and Lucio reaching around to wrap his fist around Steve’s meaty member. To finish up, the dudes gather ‘round Milan and pull pork. Julien shoots on Milan’s hairy chest, Lucio cuts loose with a large thick load on Milan’s chin and chest, Steve squirts a large thick load on his own hairy chest, and Milan shoots a large thick load on his fist and floor.



“Desperate Househusbands 2” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography by Cameron is a mixed bag with full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups of the cocks sucking. It isn’t until scene five where he really cuts loose and begins providing full on butt-pounding penetration close-ups. Before, most of the penetration is shot from the side so that the viewer cannot actually see cock sliding into a tight bunghole. Also, there are no good close-ups of the ass eating and at some points, the viewer cannot even see what is going on when someone is supposedly having their butt munched. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The disc is all regions codes and is playable worldwide.


The stereo sound is quite good especially when a cool rock ‘n roll mixed with dance beats tune (by Abdreas Hargital) is playing. The viewer can easily hear the dudes as they get down to sweaty man-to-man action. The disc includes language choices of English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian. Subtitles are provided in Portuguese and Greek.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a bonus masturbation scene starring Kevin Cage pulling his pork (10 Minutes 31 Seconds), Behind-the-Scenes footage of the dudes filming promos in English (16 Minutes) and that I found repetitious after a while, Interviews with Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick, Steve Hunt, Andrew Moretti, Solten Talton, Julien Vincenzo, Ludovic Canot, Flavio Valentino, Fred Faurtin, and Jeff Halston with English subtitles (50 Minutes 41 Seconds), cast photos accompanied with model information such as ae, zodiac sign, nationality, and DVDs they have performed in. To top it all off, there are some hot previews for: “The Fuck Factory”, “Flatmate from Heaven”, “Sex Olympics”, “Here Cums the Bridegroom”, and “Rich Kid”. Overall, a very nice collection of bonus materials.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

“Desperate Househusbands 2” is a big ol’ turn on of a fuck flick with strong direction by Tom Bradford and extremely hot and energetic performances from every dude in the cast. The guys are all very appealing and are definitely into the action and each other. My favorites here are Milan Gamiani, Rod Stevens, Fred Faurtin, Flavio Valentino, and Ludovic Canot. The problem lies with the videography. The penetration shots in scenes one though four seem to hold back and are filmed from the side with just a few glimpses with decent views. Also, none of the ass eating sequences have good close-ups. In scenes five and six, the butt sex penetration shots are down ‘n dirty giving excellent views of what’s going on. I’m wondering why these types of close-ups are missing throughout most of the movie. I’m impressed with the number of bonus materials, which feature a very hot solo, jack off with Kevin Cage, interviews with the dudes, and some very hot previews. I’m going with a Recommended on this one for those who dig hot Hungarian dudes with big unclipped tools.

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