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Theatre Film Classics - Billy Boy

Studio: Athletic Model Guild » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/26/08

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Year of Production: 1970

Directed By: Bob Mizer

Run time: 1 Hour and 12 Minutes

Athletic Model Guild:

During the 1940s, “cheesecake” photographs of cute gals in sexy peek-a-boo poses showing off their legs and some cleavage made an explosion in pop culture. The popularity of these slightly naughty blondes, brunettes, and redheads continued into the 1950s and early 1960s with the publication of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine. At the time, there weren’t comparable mainstream companions to this type of frisky fun featuring the male form. In 1945, California photographer Bob Mizer took matters into his own hands and began photographing handsome young men wearing tight swim trunks and flexing their muscular bodies. Photographs of the male form could not be mainstreamed like their female counterparts and were thus published under the guise of use for instructional health, fitness, and bodybuilding purposes.

Throughout the years, small posing straps, bare backsides, and finally full frontal nudity replaced the tight swimsuits. Mr. Mizer never had a shortage of handsome men who had no problems showing their stuff for some extra cash. Mr. Mizer had a number of run-ins with the law due to some of the models being hustlers….something he had no control over. Bob Mizer died in 1992. In 1998, all Athletic Model Guild materials were sold to Dennis Bell who is keeping these wonderful vintage photographs and short movies in the public’s eye.

The Movie:

“Before hardcore porn, before extreme anal, deep throat, and facials on DVD and VHS, seedy theatres were the only placed to catch the action. In 1969, after years of struggling with the Federal Government, Bob Mizer debuted the first of his semi-hardcore titles at The Park theatre in Los Angeles. “Billy Boy” is the first full-length feature film produced by Bob Mizer in 1970. This bizarre tale follows a young tough through Hollywood on an adventure of sexual discovery.”


Billy Young, Dick Harold, Jackie Slaughter, James Chittnen, Richard Steele, Skip Tumaloo, Jim Gay, Lucky Star, Chuck Otis, Ray Cabe, Phil Seward, Jackie Nunn.

”Billy Boy”:

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We are first introduced to Billy Young (cute dude who looks to be around nineteen years old with dark hair and toned/smooth body, full dark pubes, clipped cock) in an alley as two asshole L.A. detectives shake him down attempting to plant illegal drugs. Lucky for Billy, Robert (handsome daddy with dark hair, beard, muscular/hairy body, full dark bush, cut cock) races to his rescue, runs the crooked fuzz off, and invites Billy to stay at his place. A retro 1950s-style “grocery store” instrumental plays during the scene making it much lighter than Mr. Mizer most likely intended.

Soon James whisks Billy off to a clothing optional gym where we get to see a number a appealing dudes completely naked with plenty of full pubes and cut ‘n uncut cocks as hilarious circus-type music warbles on the soundtrack. Billy meets streetwise cutie Skip Tumaloo (black hair, tall/toned/smooth body, full dark pubes, large uncut cock) who makes it no secret that he would love to get into Billy’s pants. Billy rebukes the horny dude’s advances and heads to the beach with Robert. Billy is a big pushover and easily led astray. He soon high-tails it back to the gym for some naked wrestling with Skip.

Billy confesses to Skip that his first male-male sexual experience happened when “some hippies took me for a ride.” They sure did, baby! The two “hippies” are cute with the sexiest having longish blond hair, toned/smooth body, full dark brown pubes, and a thick cut tool. The dudes all get nekkid’ and roll around while toe-tappin’ country music accompanies the frisky threesome. The best scene is saved for last when Robert is working late and Skip, with four cute pals in tow; show up at Robert’s pad for an impromptu pot party.

Robert’s “rumpus” room walls are painted a blood red with numerous black rod iron decorative accents hanging from them. The dudes’ strip down showing off their toned/smooth bodies, full dark pubes, and cut ‘n uncut dicks. Skip gets a full ‘n big boner here. Tasty! They get high on “Acapulco Gold”, frantically dance to groovy surf tunes while slapping their dongs together and slinging back RC Colas! I wonder where they stashed the moon pies

The dudes are soon higher than kites even though Skip complains that some of the guys are “Bogarting” the joints. Hell, there are six dudes and they have four fatties burning. I’m not sure how anyone could hog all that hemp. Stoned outta their gourds, the dudes crawl around on each other making ‘em look like a quivering lump of flesh as Skip barks hilarious lines such as “Hey man, you’re fuckin’ my head over!” and “I am so righteous!”

These dudes are acting more like they are on an acid trip than stoned on Maryjane. There are some neat-o camera effects here using a kaleidoscope lens and zooming quickly in ‘n out. This is all very “Laugh-In” and I was half expecting Joanne Worley to leap out wearing a feathered boa making her wonderful trademark trills. In the end, Skip and his pals trash the place and Billy is helpless to stop ‘em. What will become of Billy?



“Billy Boy” was shot on 16 MM and The Athletic Model Guild has cleaned up the print to look very nice. The picture is still a bit grainy but looks damn good for being thirty-eight years old.


The sound is clear but tinny at times due to age. Much of the dialogue is out of synch with the actor’s mouths but this simply adds the movie’s charm. There’s a groovy variety of music here from ditties that sound like they were piped into grocery stores to circus, Disney nature documentary-style tunes, toe tappin’ country, and cool surf rock ‘n roll.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, an interesting look at Bob Mizer’s original editing notes (2:07), cool color footage shot by Bob Mizer of The Park Theater including unsuspecting folks waiting at a nearby bus stop. There’s a short informative documentary on The Park theater (2:34), a plentiful slideshow of high quality photographs of each scene, trailers for: “Hardcore Classics”, “Retro Sex Archive: A&E: Anal and Erotic Numbers 19 & 20”, “Amazonian: Capture”, “Amazonia: Release”, “Gemeos”, and “AMG Resurrection: A New Beginning”. Also included is website information about AMG studios.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

“Billy Boy” is a fun ‘n entertaining romp back to days gone by. Cute dudes, wooden acting, groovy fashions, neat-o house decorating (there's a wonderful poster of someone who looks like Phyllis Diller!), and cool music make the movie a veritable time capsule of 1970. “Billy Boy” is softcore but contains full frontal nudity so that we get some nice camera shots of full bushes and cut ‘n uncut cocks with Skip throwing a full bone in the last scene. While the movie is indeed entertaining, it’s really not much of a turn-on since the sex is simulated. Bob Mizer does a fine job directing his first full-length feature with descent camera shots and scenes that move along at a steady pace.

Billy Young is definitely a cutie but cannot act his way out of a wet paper bag. His character is supposed to be shy and cautious but comes off as a complete milquetoast who has to constantly be prodded into doing anything fun. He quickly becomes a big ol' downer. The real scene stealer is Skip Tumaloo (cover dude shooting the bird) with his good looks, pushy line readings, and big uncut cock. I enjoyed the extras and the short documentary on The Park theatre. The building still stands at 710 S. Alvarado Street and is now a flea market. I recommend a Rent It for fans of vintage all-male erotica and those looking for a fun movie to show at a party with plenty of beer and “Acapulco Gold”.

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