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All American Fuck Fest

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 1/27/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Hustler video is going all out with "All American Fuck Fest" and their all American, all heavyweight porn features some of the more notable porn stars of modern porn cinema including Katie Morgan and Nicki Hunter. You can imagine that my interest heightened when the box featured Morgan's name on the billing, and surely enough I was prepared for the All American Fuck Fest that Hustler promised. But at only a little under two hours, would this compilation make me salute the flag, or consider a Visa to Canada? These are the jokes, people. I'm still not sure why it's called "All American Fuck Fest" when there's no theme or connection to the All American pretense. Other than having American porn stars, I'm not sure why Hustler couldn't have called it "Comic Cavalcades" or something to that effect when all the segments begin with small comic book interludes that set the premise for the fuck sessions. Hell, if they lengthened the comic book preambles, and set it as the basis, you could have called it "American Splendid" or something like that, and it would have been a much better movie.

This is not the best from the Hustler repertoire that I've seen, I'll admit, as their picture of the All American Girl is pretty much nothing but busty blond white girls, but the white bread cast doesn't deviate from the quality, and the film is tight if not repetitive. Memo to Hustler: I think there are SOME Hispanic and African girls who are American, too. Maybe I'm crazy. Just saying.

All American: Delilah Strong
Strong and hubby are pontificating over their love for movie love stories and talking about their relationship and how they first started. Hubby wants to sneak a porno on her and get her into his choice of evening movie watching, and Delilah is pretty much oblivious to his deeds. Putting the movie in thanks to her approval, he begins kissing her as the film starts, thanking her for watching the movie with her. Delilah is more than a little turned on and the two begin making out on the couch not even paying attention to the movie in the DVD Player. As Hubby begins feeling on Strong's tit, she leans over and sucks his cock much to his enjoyment, and leans back replying "It's an excellent movie! Very plot driven." Hyuk. Strong seems to be a master with the cocksuck, and completely engulfs his cock while being spanked. All the while she deep throats him and gags a bit, and comes up for air every few seconds. He then stands taking the polishing from her mouth, grabbing her hair, the entire time Strong makes unusual gaging anf retching sounds and the erotic moment becomes curious. Is she really enjoying this? Unusually, Strong stands while hubby places a condom on and they comment on the movie. He sits and Strong mounts him backwards, riding his cock fast and furiously, and lays to her side being fucked from behind. Hubby pounds her raising her screams to high decibals, and midway they stop to take pointers from the movie. Strong then turns to mount him and begins riding his cock hard smacking against his balls and screaming deliriously, all of which is ended with a pleasant finisher thanks to hubby's choice of film.

All American: Katie Morgan

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You have to love Katie Morgan's voice. It's high, squeaky, and squealy and that only makes it sexier. I love Katie Morgan and I've tried to scoop up whatever she was in for years. Morgan's segment begins with a comic strip pretty much providing the gist of what's to occur, like Strong's segment, and Morgan really kicks ass here. Or would it be licks ass? I don't know. Anyway, Tina runs to boss to tell him about a new product she's invented, a finger fitness whatchmacallit, which her boss is all too condescending about, upon her explanation. Morgan looks absolutely dynamite, and kudos to the wardrobe people. I want their job, too. As you guess, Tina's boss is only concerned about her sexiness, and that's sensible. But he's willing to oblige her creation based on her assets, and they celebrate over a bottle of champagne. Boss of course doesn't get it as the toy keeps flying out of his hands, and intends on getting close to Tina upon her request. The expression from her boss after her explanation is rather hilarious, and I'm glad they demanded some acting from their stars. Tina of course leans over to kiss him and sits on his desk making out with him. Bossman mounts Tina and licks her long legs up and doen and makes out with her feet (she has breasts, you know) and leans down to eat out her pussy as she watches with a smile. She lays back with legs spread as he flitters his tongue in her muff, and swallows her clit. She shivers on the verge of cumming and he grabs on to her large breast the entire time. They begin kissing again on his desk, and Tina leans down to suck his cock, and deep throats him now fully undressed in her nude glory. Tina mounts him slowly sitting on his cock, and begins riding him with ease, shivering and writhing, and she's bent over, pounded long and hard while she smacks the table and screams out. Bossman then spreads her along the desk and fucks her missionary, as she screams and finishes Tina off with a smile.

All American: Eve Laurence
They're not even wasting time here. Why did we just start without a preamble? Ah, there's two more segments left and only fifty four minutes to go before the credits. I hate it when segments just outright start without foreplay, or scenarios that set the mood. Nonetheless, Eve and friend are fucking poolside, and having a go at one another. Her mate spits on her pussy and begins pounding her hard as she clutches both bulging tits, moaning loudly. He then lies down to eat out her pussy as she bends her back and fondles her tits. He then stands as Eve mounts the patio chair and sucks his cock furiously, while he clutches her hair. She then mounts him backwards and rides his cock pounding him hard and fast; Laurence's tits are awfully fantastic, and this girl's face also is nothing to scoff at. This scene is pretty good, even if it's repetitive and hasty, and Laurence knows how to show off her hot body, leaning forward to squeeze her large tits together while she rides his cock. She then turns to ride him and leans over with her ass high in the air slamming down on his cock and balls while he clutches both cheeks. This all ends with a finisher on Lauren's boobs as she giggls looking up at her patio mate. At least TRY to give us a set-up to this segment.

All American: Nicki Hunter
Hunter and bossman are furiously making out and building a damn comical scene of it, moaning and groaning as they smash lips together, stripping down in their office. Hunter also looks incredible here dressed in all black, and a black leather corset, while boss explains why his hobby is fucking the life out of her. It's better than Golf, I agree. Either way, Hunter wonders why her, and it's shocking that she'd even ask. Before he can answer, she's half naked with both huge tits hanging from her corset, and bossman kneeling down to eat at her pierced pussy. All the while she completely undressed, and moans fondling herself. He fucks her with two fingers, and steps back ot tear his pants off and lays along the table as Hunter deep throats him and sucks him off in a huge rush. Granted, there are only thirty-two more minutes to the movie, so I can understand why they'd rush, but Hunter is one of the hottest women of the bunch, I don't see why we'd have to speed through it. Nonetheless, she sits on bossman's face as he eats her pussy and ass, and she leans over to suck his cock forming a 69. He wastes no time and spreads her legs to fuck her hard, holding both of her hands in the process. He makes a game of it giving her sharp pounds causing a screech from her and she can barely contain herself as her tits flop with every motion. This particular segment dabbles in idiocy as bossman screams "Yes!" while Hunter sucks his cock. While Hunter is probably a great cock sucker, screaming "Yes!" is pure exaggeration. He then leans Hunter over and fucks her up the ass while hunched over on her desk, and plants both legs over her head to plug her up her hole, while she moans and clutches his legs, which ends in a facial on Hunter who gorges on his cock.

All American: Brittney Skye
Apparently almost all All American girls are named Brittney or Brittany or Britney, and I was sad we didn't get an All-American girl named Shanequa, or Luisa. So, the comic book set up is shorter than the rest, and we're introduced to a home owner who is being helped by a friend to move a giant box into the living room. He doesn't want to pull his groin, and neither does his friend. Inside the box, there's something that can supply them with all out sexual pleasure, and they're more than excited to open it up. I appreciate what they were trying to pull off between the two male performers trying for Rowan and Martin comedic exchanges, but I was mostly hoping Brittney wasn't in the box. And you know what? She was. Surely enough she's in the box curled up in a ball, and there's not a single dime spent on packaging, or receipts, hell there's not even an address slip on the box. In spite of the creepy preamble here, the jug heads carry their new doll onto a chair and figure out how to use her. Skye looks great, I just enjoyed the inadvertent joke that this woman was plastic when most times all pornstars are artificial, plastic, and made up of pure fantasy adhering to our whims.

I'm getting all philsophical on you, but really the set up is so long I figured I'd torture you with a long set-up before reviewing the segment itself. It's only fair. I'm still padding the review... still padding... still padding... anyway, after the morons figure out the activation to her, you can see Skye breathing, moving a bit, and even almost breaks out into laughter at one point. There is really nothing but sixteen minutes of fucking in the final segment, but Skye looks so fucking sexy with black streaks and a skimpy out, and mounts her owner (wearing a "Hustler" branded G-String no less), and strips down while he falls to her feet to eat her ass out. She leans over to suck his cock and licks at his balls while he jerks off. She turns to ride her owner like a bull bouncing up and down, and he spreads her along the couch and fucks her with one leg up high. He bends her over on a table and pounds her ass to kingdom come as she groans leaning down over the table, and finishes off on her plump ass with a growl as the original owner interrupts disappointed that his friend got first crack at the Skye doll. Me next! I wonder: Do Androids Dream of Electric Orgasms?

"All American Fuck Fest" has some great video in it, presented in full screen format. The colors are vibrant, and the picture is often sharp and very bright to watch, while the colors simply pop. The sound is good but not great, as some of the conversations are difficult to make out unless you turn your television up. I thankfully didn't have to stick my ear to the television to listen to the folks speaking, but it's not a movie too dependent on dialogue to get by. The quality to Hustler titles is never awful.

What a load of crap for the consumer. We get Hustler, VCA trailers, Sex Talk ads, and URL promos to their websites, and really nothing beyond that. The only two remotely decent extras is a slide show of screen captures and modeling photos from the movie featuring all of the stars, and a thirty minute Behind the Scenes special that's probably the only extra when all is said and done. It's just too bad I didn't get what I was expecting. We get a long interview with a male performer, a brief glimpse at Katie Morgan heading to the set, and a great interview with Hunter who is too concerned with flirting with director Markman to talk about her life. The mood is lethargic, sadly, and Markman doesn't seem to know how to make an interesting featurette.

After Thought:
If you don't like "All American Fuckfest" then you can just get the hell out and go to one 'a dem communist countries and have fuck fests with Russians, or Swedes, or English. You know what? I'll go there for my fuck fests, you can stay with this movie. It's not an awful porno, the problem with this is that the title sadly has no connection to what occurs here. It's random scenarios, and comic book introductions that lay out the concept, and nothing else. Meanwhile, the fucking is good, but it can often be repetitive and redundant. It's not the best I've seen from the Hustler library, that's for sure. So I'd Recommend it mainly for Katie Morgan's segment. And there's also not a single dog in the bevvy of female performers.

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