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Men I Wanted, The

Studio: Other » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 1/28/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Lucas Kazan
1 Hour 17 Minutes
CAST: Jean Franko, Ethan Clarke, Robert Giorgio, Lucas Andrades, Glenn Santoro, Alexy Tyler, Samuel Dolce, Mark Federico, Pietro

The Good Stuff

A sexy Italian stud remembers the hunky men that stayed at his farm in Tuscany in The Men I wanted.


Scene 1
Samuel Dolce is the man from the farm remembering all the sexy fellas that stayed at his place. He is a muscular, smooth bodied guy with hazel eyes and thick uncut tool. The movie starts with him already naked and stroking his uncut hose as we watch snippets of the scenes to come. Samuel remembers or imagines Pietro a young blonde twink with long uncut rod and Mark Federico (the cover boy) an equally muscular smooth bodied guy with green eyes and nice sized uncut rod stroking their meat as well. The brief pre scene ends with each of the three guys cocks shooting white creamy loads on their abs.

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Scene 2 This scene is called “The Swimmer” and wonder of wonder it takes place in and around a pool. Alexy Tyler with his super ripped, smooth muscular body is lounging poolside getting some sun. Jean Franko a tall almost Latin looking guy with a great tan and trimmed body hair is swimming and also hanging out poolside. After eyeing each other for a while Jean swims up to Alexy and they kiss and grind their white speedo covered bulging cocks together. They are all of sudden naked and walking towards a blanket on the grass. Their big uncut tools bobbing in front of them leading the way. Alexy gets down on his knees and bobs on Jeans large cock for a while before getting a face blast of spunk that dangles from his chin. Jean does the same for Alexy and gobbles his knob for a bit before jerking out Alexys load onto his thigh. We are then back poolside with Alex riding Jeans cock for all he is worth before balancing on his shoulders and getting the rim job of his life and then being down fucked by Jeans uncut hog. While being slammed Alexy jacks out another load and then Jean pulls out and rains his own second load down over Alexy.

Scene 3
This one is called “The Honeymooners” and it stars Ethan Clarke a blonde guy with a killer good time smile, toned body and nice sized uncut tool and Robert Giorgio an awesome muscular guy with an allover tan, buzz cut and large uncut schlong. With the title of their scene being The Honeymooners you know its gonna be slow romantical sex and it is. They start off snuggling on a bed and undressing and kissing. Rob sucks off Ethan first and then straddles Ethans face for some 69ing. Ethan more interested in Robs sweet pucker and Rob swallowing Ethans hose. Ethan lets his wad go first then Rob both with average loads. We come upon this sexy pair again, this time in the stairwell. They are making out and stroking each others dicks before Robert needs some dick and sucks off Ethans meat before turning around and getting plowed from behind by Ethan. Ethan coats Robs buttcheek in nut butter and then Rob sprays his own load of spunk onto the stairs.

Scene 4
With this scene being titled the waiter you know there is gonna be some sex on a table. It starts with Lucas Andrades who for me has an almost Hawaiian look to him (but who the hell am I to say) at table apparently done with dinner and sipping some wine. He is a smaller muscular guy with shaved head dark eyes and a dark tan. He writes a note to his waiter who is Glenn Santoro a tall dark haired Italian guy with large, smooth muscular body and big uncut trouser snake. After reading the note he beckons Lucas to follow and the stop in the door way and kiss and start groping each other. But wait don't get too turned on because as soon as Lucas undoes his jeans and touches his teeny mushroom headed warrior it starts spitting out is white load. Glenn looks a little bit like WTF? I know I was. Lucas kneels and sucks on Glenns hose for a bit before he jacks out his own load on Lucas shoulder. Now for the table sex, Lucas gets some doggie pounding from Glenn and then flips over for some missionary. The table puts his hole at the perfect height for Glenn to have easy access and he takes advantage of it and tears in with abandon. Lucas again with his premature ejaculation shoots another load on his abs and this time he doesn't even touch himself. Glenn straddles Lucas chest and spooges on his smooth chest. Neither guy looks happy to be there.

Scene 5
The Hitchhiker starts off with Mark Federico wandering through the gorgeous wheat fields shirtless. Who wouldn't pick up this sexy mo fo. Samuel is driving by on his lawnmower(don't laugh) shirtless and picks up Mark and brings him home to play. They don't make it past the entryway before they are all over each other making out. Mark drops and sucks on Samuels fat uncut tool before Samuel takes his turn sucking off Marks long tool. While sucking off Mark Samuel jacks out his first wad and then Jacks a load out of Marks tool. Marks juicy hole gets a work out next with Samuel reaming it in missionary and then doggie before battering it with his second load and then Mark jacks out his own thick white load into his dark pubes.



The full frame transfer for this DVD was clear with good lighting for each and every scene. The lighting, the angles, the transitions from position to position and scene to scene are all executed perfectly. The Tuscan sun provided perfect lighting for the outdoor scenes. The Dolby 2.0 sound is clear and crisp, each and every squishy sex noise was easily heard.


The only real extra is the behind the scenes featurette which is actually decent. I love seeing behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes:13 minutes of the stuff that went on when there wasn't any screwing going on.  From the guys dropping trow at the airport, to them relaxing by the pool and kidding around to Alexy showing off his piano skills, you get to see what the guys do while killing time.

Trailers: Previews for Love and Lust, The School for Lovers.

Contact Us: Lets you know how to contact the studio

Lucaskazan.com: A two minute commercial for website directors website.

At the End of the Night

The Men I Wanted was a sexy flick for a few reasons. The first obviously being the gorgeous guys. Alexy Tyler makes me want to cream my jeans every time I see him. His tanned, toned rippling muscles and smooth tattooed body do it for me every time. Every single guy in this flick was hot hot hot. Secondly everyone was packing above average meat between their legs...well almost everyone. Once specimen was below average and needed some help. Thirdly the scenery was gorgeous. The film is shot on location in the Tuscan countryside and it is breathtakingly beautiful. Also all the guys were into the action and put on a good show and as a bonus every scene had 4 pop shots. Each guy nutted twice in every scene. Lucas Kazan also gives you an actual bonus feature which is rare in porn so I have to mention that as well. I really don't have anything negative to say except for Mr teeny weeny and his premature ejaculation which kind of ruined the otherwise perfect film. I give this one my “Recommended” rating.

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