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Oral Obsession: Special Extended Set

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/29/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Black Angelica with her load.  (click for trailer) 

Oral Obsession: Special Extended Set

Harmony/Evil Angel

Lucy Belle about to have fun.

Genre: Blowjobs

Nicoletta was a hotty!

Director: Gazzman

Kelly "Fuckin" Wells in the shower.

Cast: Black Angelica, Lucy Belle, Nicoletta, Kelly “Fuckin” Wells, Rebeca Linares, Deniska, Lydia St. Martin, Jennifer Dark, Alexis Silver, Lexi Belle, Chloe Morgan, Claudia Rossi, May, Poppy Morgan, Sahara Knight, India Summer; John Strong, Oliver, Ian Scott, Zoltan, Marco Banderas, Sensi, Ian Tate, Kieran Lee, Ben Kelly, George Uhl, Clarke Kent, Dan

Rebeca Linares looking cute during a transitional edit.

Length: 255:22 minutes

Deniska had a girlish sense of playfulness.

Date of Production: 8/24/2007

Lydia St. Martin, conversely, was a MILF type.

Extra's: Given the wealth of blowjobs offered up here, full fledged blowjobs lasting quite a while at that, the limited extras consisting of trailers, a photogallery, and a cumshot recap weren’t so bad.

Jennifer Dark made Marco the pool cleaner happy.

Condoms: None

Alexis Silver will appeal to anyone that loves large, all natural breasts.

Audio/Video Quality: Oral Obsession was presented in a 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Gazzman for Harmony Films (distributed by Evil Angel in the USA). Gazzman is one of the few men in porn with actual mainstream credentials, not in an unrelated area but really shooting documentaries and such, which gives him an edge regarding knowing what he’s doing. Some of his work for Private was among their very best movies/scenes awhile back so I knew that whatever the individually shot scenes here looked like, they would be that way on purpose. The variety of stylish touches in the 15 scenes were numerous with some scenes brightly lit by the outdoor sun or strong lighting while others were shot in cramped, dark spots to convey a nasty sense of naughtiness unlike most of his peers can shoot without copious amounts of grain and video noise. There was some grain and minor issues with the darker scenes, just as some of the starkly lit settings did not enhance the looks of the ladies to their optimum but the raw energy projected by the ladies into their work was almost always successfully captured. My personal taste for even lighting aside, even I recognize that Gazzman successfully achieved some appealing visuals that gave the 16 scenes some additional replay value. The fleshtones were generally as accurate as the lighting allowed and the fluidity of the camera work caught the knob slobbing fun really well. I did not see any aliasing or compression artifacts here but the bitrate on the double disc set tended to hover around the 6+ Mbps mark and the decent transfer did not hurt most of the scenes in terms of their visual appeal. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate, the separation between the channels minimal and the vocals underutilized in most scenes. The music was okay when used but not the best for the type of gonzo sex taking place, an area that most companies seem to need more work on from what I have heard.

Lexi Belle was a cutie in her red panties outside.

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Body of Review: Gazzman is one of the few European directors that I have found to offer superior visuals with an almost Americanized method of presenting sex when given the chance; a compliment for the award winning master of his realm. I have not seen a lot of his work for Harmony Films in recent years since my associates tend to snatch up the titles as soon as they make it on our pick list but other than making it tough to review (rarely having any scene credits), I find his ability to provide some great scenes better than average so I picked up Oral Obsession: Special Extended Set when given the chance recently. The theme of the movie is all about blowjobs, sixteen of them in different settings (advertised as 15), and with so many ladies giving a display of their oral attributes, I reckon that most folks into oral movies will appreciate this a lot more than most such titles shot by generic mopes who are lucky to know which end of the camera to point at the action. If that interests you, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that the men were not identified by scene in most cases and there were no condoms used:

Chloe Morgan was too lean for my tastes but certainly slutty enough.

Scene One: Black Angelica, a spontaneous little tart, was up first with a guy old enough to be her dad (or more) in a stylishly shot scene. There was a bright light off in the background that made this seem almost as if the couple was being watched by a UFO, Black making sure his cock was nestled between her lips as much as possible. The look of night was countered by some decent lighting on the ground, her playful demeanor even using his necktie to wrap around his penis; resulting in a modest load of population pudding coating her mouth.

Claudia Rossi handled her blowbang well enough out by the pool.

Scene Two: Lucy Belle, a lean brunette cutie wearing a sexy outfit, was up next with the old pervert in a public park during daylight hours. He tried to convince her to have sex and she shyly rebuked his efforts, eventually sucking him off in a polished manner. He spent a lot of time giving her head first so her warmed up body was ready for action; even if he was so aggressive with stuffing his cock in her mouth that it interrupted her natural rhythm that I enjoyed watching so much. The standing 69 led to a romp in the grass but they managed to stick with oral antics, the spew left rubbed on her chest at the end of the scene.

May was asleep when the cock came knocking.

Scene Three: Nicoletta, the best looking gal of the show by this point, was up next in a living room where she teased in a dance until confronted with an erect cock staring her in the face. She was on her knees and ready to please; tempting the camera with her sexually active oral skills as she blew her partner. I prefer when the gals keep eye contact with their partners but the way she did it, it almost seemed as though she were inviting the viewer in for some fun. Her uncredited partner diddled her pussy as she slobbed his knob; resulting in a wet cookie and her losing her breath before he coated her face. Whew!

Poppy Morgan was a talented vixen too.

Scene Four: Kelly “Fuckin” Wells, was up next in the shower (despite the scene credits listing her as Angelina Crow); the gal dirty talking and masturbating with a toy as she warmed up. She was joined by one guy and then another with both of them throat fucking the gal senseless in a very messy scene. She gave them lots of “nut play” and the streamers flew all over the place; copious amounts of saliva going all over as the camera caught it in reality porn fashion. The audio proved better once the shower was turned off, Kelly reveling in her moment as the men launched their loads to her face one at a time.

Sahara Knight had a great ass.

Scene Five: Rebeca Linares, one of the cuter Latinas in porn, was up next with a ton of make up on her face; strolling into a brick walled loft to tease in her skimpy undies. The music playing was louder than most such scenes but fell to the wayside once she was happily engaged in knob slobbing a medium sized cock. She was enthusiastic and showed a passion for her work, never letting up on what appeared to be John Strong’s rod). My description of this POV scene is brief but this was one of the best blowjobs of the movie, Rebeca even swallowing the wad of semen at the end. Yum!

Lexi and India Summer were up last with a generic guy.

Scene Six: Deniska, a sexy blond with a great smile, was up next in a two toned pink outfit as she pretended to be there to play the piano. Her real skill was with the meat flute, dropping to her knees to unzip her partner’s pants to find just the right instrument. She was frisky, young, and showed a desire for cum so the end result was always assured but I’d have preferred to see her curvy little ass get the action instead. The small nut went into her mouth but it was her personality that really stood out here.

Scene Seven: Lydia St. Martin, a brunette MILF wearing a red corset and black panties, was up next as she masturbated before a guy much younger came along to offer her a dick. She showed that experience is preferable to youth though her active oral style might have worked better with some additional penetrative sex. They moved to the bed where I would swear she wanted to mount him but her blowjob did a solid job of extracting his seed into her mouth, for expulsion onto her chest.

Scene Eight: Jennifer Dark, a tiny brunette with too much make up on and a playful demeanor about her, was up next outside with studly Marco Banderas; who was cleaning her swimming pool. He came over to her and she responded as most sexually active women would; dropping down to her knees and ripping down his pants to get at his rod. She masturbated as she inhaled his cock, showing a fair amount of chemistry with him as she spit on and sucked off his penis. Her focused efforts resulted in a facial as expected. Nice!

Scene Nine: Alexis Silver, the busty black English gal so many adore, was up next in her neon yellow jumpsuit as she attacked the penis of a production assistant who was loading his van. She seduced him effectively and made the best use of his smallish dick; aggressively working it over until she caused him to deliver the goods on her face. The scene was interesting in that she took a break to masturbate and the volume jumped up towards the end but her raw sexuality was in evidence here and I liked it.

Scene Ten: Lexi Belle, a cutie clad only in red panties, was sunbathing while reading a book when the POV camera came upon her. She was sucking a lollipop in a charming manner when the man got her out of her wet panties and into sucking dick. She looked young with her freshly shaven cookie and after some fingering, she was ready to go as she actively blew him; the camera angle changing midstream when the pair went into a 69 position to eat each other out. The mouth pop was then spread across her tiny, all natural chest.

Scene Eleven: Chloe Morgan, a rough looking brunette wearing the latest in slutty attire, was up next as she walked into an alleyway full of graffiti. She encountered a guy to satisfy her urges on and went to town blowing him in an exaggerated manner; complete with all those noises so many of you hate and ball sucking action. It wasn’t bad except for that, the montage editing kicking back in midway through the scene not helping it much in my opinion. It ended with a mouth pop too; some of it dribbling down her chin before the menus popped back up to show that was the end of the first disc.

Scene Twelve: Claudia Rossi, a physically attractive gal that I had the displeasure of meeting earlier this month (she was quite bitchy towards me and other fans at the show), was up next in an unkempt backyard by a swimming pool full of algae. She was masturbating in a mechanical manner in her lingerie and a group of men (six of them if I counted correctly) were peeping at her until they were brave enough to step out into the open to let her blow them. I’m not really into blowbangs much and she really didn’t seem to be projecting any chemistry but at least she wasn’t treating them like shit as they surrounded her for oral servicing. The men lined up to give her the reward she so desperately needed on her face as an attitude adjuster but there were times in the scene that she took two at a time inside her mouth.

Scene Thirteen: May, an average looking Asian gal asleep on a couch with her reading glasses on, was up next as she was molested by a driver who entered her house unannounced (all horned up from reading his porn magazines). He rubbed his dick on her mouth and she slowly woke up in a responsive manner; eventually getting into the act of blowing him aggressively while masturbating herself silly. The resulting facial entertained her but she wanted a lot more that he didn’t give her so even her post coital sucking could not revive his wiener.

Scene Fourteen: Poppy Morgan, another cute gal with an all natural body, was up next as she interrupted a painter at work while she stood behind him in her lingerie. She masturbated until she was very moist, a dreamy quality given to the visuals here as she fingered herself in front of the startled painter who began rubbing himself in the courtyard. The music playing was a bit off kilter but I couldn’t deny her appeal as she embraced her need for seed so shamelessly. She tore into slobbing his knob while repeatedly looking at the camera, almost as if she were recording the scene to piss someone off that had done her wrong. There was no doubt she was into giving the blowjob though, using her mouth and hands in unison to satiate her need for seed; even roughly slapping the penis before he busted a nut on her face.

Scene Fifteen: Sahara Knight, a gal with a perfect, apple shaped ass, was up next as she made her way down a dark hallway with minimal lighting, only to find a black dude waiting for her. She stripped off her panties and went to her knees, telling Sensi that his penis was going to right into her mouth. She sucked him off and jerked his rod hard as the machine shop in the background provided industrial noises; Sahara not letting up on him even when they took a relative break to do some 69 work. She tea bagged him and took the facial; the red light illuminating the setting proving to be just enough to give the scene a “dirty” effect.

Scene Sixteen: India Summer and Lexi Belle, a combination of youth and experience, were up last on a darkened couch as the pair gave a lesbian show to a seedy male watching them. There were some toys used and he eventually joined them; the ladies double teaming his cock as well as engaging in some face sitting and 69 to spice things up. It was a decent way to end this oral extravaganza with the ladies sharing his population pudding on their faces; but Lexi was the better performer of the two gals.

Summary: Oral Obsession by director Gazzman for Harmony Films had a lot of suck for the buck as I like to call it, some of the outstanding oralists in the show making up for the less talented gals that were also in evidence. I rated the show as Recommended but my tastes are for full sex and not just blowjobs so your mileage may vary considerably from mine. In short, if you want to see a whole lot of head being given, Oral Obsession: Special Extended Set had the added appeal of some stylish mixes of visuals on top of a cast quite varied in terms of the ladies so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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