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Sperm Swap 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/31/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Monica Lion and Lilli Leafe  (click for trailer)

Sperm Swap 3

Evil Angel

Gilda Roberts and Kyra Black

Genre: Gonzo, Cumswapping

Director: Raul Cristian

Bella and Mancy More

Cast: Monica Lion, Lilli Leafe, James Brossman, Frank Gun, Nick Lang, Gilda Roberts, Kyra Black, Mugur, Csoky Ice, Lauro Giotto, Bella, Mancy More, Titus Steel, Renata Black, Patricia Parisch, Anthony Hardwood, Lucy, Ana, Jasmine Black, Georgiana

Length: 196:21 minutes

Renata Black and Patricia Parisch

Date of Production: 11/2/2007

Extra's: The only extras were a photogallery, a pop shot compilation from the scenes, and some trailers.

Lucy and Ana

Condoms: None

Jasmine Black and Georgiana

Audio/Video Quality: Sperm Swap 3 was presented in the same 1.33:1 full frame color it was shot in by director Raul Cristian for release by Evil Angel/Cruel Media. The lighting of this gonzo production was slightly on the low side, leaving some shadows, grain, and minor video noise as a result. The composition of the shots was as good as Raul’s previous work that I’ve come across, combining the usual raw energy and some decent technical values; albeit with a shaky camera at times. The tease footage looked really good though and shaky or not, I found it good looking most of the time. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital encoded English (with a bitrate of 192 Kbps) but even listening through headphones or playing through my 5.1 home theatre system, I simply could not hear anything substantially different than what must have been picked up by the built in microphone on the camera. The vocals were usually hollow and whatever language the gals typically speak, it was not English so there was a lack of dirty talk too but the director provided too many of these vocals for my taste, an area he needs to work on a whole lot.

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Body of Review: Raul Cristian is one of the directing names for a guy that delivers half his work to Evil Angel via his Cruel Media company. His movies are full of foreign bred gals that are not frequently shot out (used too much); their main selling point beside that being their relative lack of limits in what they will do on camera. His latest movie to make it my way is Sperm Swap 3; a title where all of the ladies in the movie engage in cumswapping, that is, they do all sorts of hardcore sexual antics and then take the pop shots to their mouths for swapping it back and forth (presumably before swallowing them). If that sounds like something you might enjoy watching, here’s a quick look at the six scenes, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Monica Lion and Lilli Leafe, a couple of bleach blonds from the Czech Republic, were up first and to say they looked a bit haggard would not truly cover it. One had some kind of blemishes on her ass (a lot of them) but a pretty face while the other had a smoking hot body but would look better in a dark strip club. Personal tastes in aesthetics aside, the pair seemed to enjoy some lesbian action that left them naked and the scene was starting off nicely before James Brossman, Frank Gun, and Nick Lang, entered the scene to begin treating the ladies in a rough manner. For me, a little of that goes a really long way so I reached my libido’s tolerance point about two minutes into the part where the guys started in on them. The guys seemed to be having a contest regarding how roughly they could throatfuck the gals, with an obnoxious running commentary by the director (maybe if he shut up, it wouldn’t have been so bad). In any case, the ladies showed they weren’t squeamish and gave some aggressive head before the men started hammering away at their cookies, the spanking and foot stomping more than I cared to see. The resulting loads of population pudding were swapped and swallowed as advertised for those that care.

Scene Two: Gilda Roberts and Kyra Black, a couple of gals from Hungary, were up next as Raul interviewed them outside. Kyra was the more attractive of the two (to me at least) though Gilda’s curvy ass was a sweet little piece to go with her lighter hair. The ladies did less teasing as they undressed and then they were met by Mugur, Csoky Ice, and Lauro Giotto, upstairs. The men were quiet at first but made it clear that they were going to ravage the women regardless of how vocal they were. The blowjobs warmed up the ladies though so they were more ready to handle the oral onslaught they were going to give. Gilda seemed to come alive during the oral and her active style served her well; showing she had more experience with knob slobbing fun. Kyra had to be held in place by comparison but each gal knew her limits and stuck to them (for the most part) during the blowjob portion of the scene. The vaginal sex provided a plethora of positions and the dynamic of the gals did not change; Gilda remaining the one most visibly active throughout the scene. The ending wads of semen were cumswapped and swapped at the end and this one had more replay value for me.

Scene Three: Bella, a cute brunette in pink neon mesh, and blond cutie Mancy More, were up next as the gals from Hungary followed the tease then please formula. While slightly on the rough side in some ways, the gals had a playful demeanor about them that served them well as they provided some stroke worthy tease and minor lesbian antics, the action getting rough as Titus Steel, James Brossman, Lauro Giotto, and Mugur, were brought in to put the ladies through the paces of the formula. There were early indications of anal about to take place but these were discarded in favor of the generic throatfucking as Raul ordered; the ladies bent over the couch to earn every Czech Crown or whatever currency they took for the scene. Mancy was the most active cock rider this time but Bella was bust getting anally penetrated (with a bunch of DP action too) so it is understandable in how the gals took different paths. Mancy also did some anal but it was not nearly as harsh and the men drove their meat home repeatedly in both gals, making sure the ladies taste tested from both orifices. The ending cumswap and swallow was actually a bit of a reprieve for the gals from the looks of it and the gals crawled off after making quite a mess.

Scene Four: Renata Black and Patricia Parisch, two brunettes from the Czech Republic, were up next as they continued the theme of the day. Their tease was pretty good and involved some anal toy action, leading to Anthony Hardwood and Mugur joining in as the performers were in the kitchen. The size of one toy was a bit large for anal play but the gals showed no problems outside of a wince or two; the oral leading to the vaginal and expected anal play. This was another scene that focused more on anal play and the gals were led to the living room (crawling on the floor as driven by the men) but the ladies suffered a bit in how passive they tended to be. I was put off by verbal crap from Raul that included variations of “kill the fucking bitch” but the rest of the scene continued as such with the sweaty gals’ asses getting hammered, abused, and the cuswap ending.

Scene Five: Lucy and Ana, a blond and brunette pair from Romania, were up next as they teased outside by the pool. These two also looked slightly rough but Lucy’s eyes were incredibly sexy and their bodies looked really good in the daylight around the pool. Their partners for the day were Titus Steel and James Brossman; the men wasting no time by going straight to the anal action, the ladies ill prepared and gaping like they were never going to close. Like the rest of the show, these two women had a lot of potential that went untapped as they were used up in the process of the sexual depravity but fans of verbal abuse will appreciate all they put up with. The sex included all six holes owned by the gals getting worked over by the end of the scene and to be honest, the many positions did not make it any better for me as my tolerance for the action was long since past. It was tame by comparison to most of the previous scenes but the gals looked very much like they wanted to be anyplace but there, swapping the loads before getting the heck out of there.

Scene Six: Jasmine Black, a perky brunette, and blond Georgiana, were up last and they were said to hail from Romania. The sunlight of the perfect day enhanced their looks but the action took place inside the house all the same. Their partners were Titus Steel, Frank Gun, and Mugur; each of the men staying the course with getting blown and doing vaginal sex this time. Jasmine was active most of the time and Georgiana warmed up over time, the only thing making the scene tolerable for me by this point being that Raul was not nearly as vocal and the gals seemed to be enjoying most of the action. It wasn’t a bad scene overall and I wish it had come earlier in the movie but it ended as advertised and I’d have hired either of them to clean my flat when overseas if you catch my drift.

Summary: Sperm Swap 3 by director Raul Cristian for release by Evil Angel and Cruel Media was a lot rougher than I really cared for with such huge amounts of verbal and physical abuse going on that I couldn’t rate it higher than Skip It. I suppose the advertised comment about “…cum-spitting bitches!!!” on the front cover should have been my first clue but I’ve seen Raul’s works in the past and while some of them are rough like this, not all of them are so if you enjoy rough sex that treats the ladies poorly, you should consider this one well worth your time, money and seed but the majority of the population will want to avoid it like the plague. In short, I found Sperm Swap 3 more than I bargained for so keep it in mind when considering this one.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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