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Lolly's Domination Dungeon

Studio: Spice Studios » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 2/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Cast: Lolly Babcock, Angel Long, Poppy Morgan, Amber and Emma
Date of Production: 5/04/07
Production Length:
77 minutes
Genre:Fetish Spanking


This disc comes to us from the fine people over at Spice Studios. Apparently, this Lolly chick has a huge following among the spank fetishists. I've never heard of the British lady, but after five minutes I can already tell that she loves to spank. She also loves to weather a PVC corset. The A/V Quality is mixed, as they shot the porno in such low light that it's hard to see some of the action (see the first screengrab). There are no extras, but a scene selection is provided from the main menu. Now, onto the spanking.


Lolly Babcock starts off the disc doing what the box art promised. She ties up a girl and begins to spank her. She finger fucks the chick after spending forever smacking the shit out of her ass. Maybe, it's just me, but I don't get the spanking. Lolly's got this cool mean British voice, but it's hard to take a lady seriously when she looks like some Mirror Universe version of the Evanescence lead singer.

Well, I just got distracted and I think she made the slave girl drink lube. That's fucked up. Now, I see what she's doing. She's squirting lube into the slave's vagina and then the slave has to squirt it out. This isn't doing a damn thing for me, but I admire the sheer freaky nature of it. This leads to some pussy play and eventually some action with a double headed dildo.


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The second scene starts with Lolly making a new slave girl dance for her in a cage. She gets her to take off her top and starts licking her tits. Eventually, Lolly grows tired of this and has the new slave lean forward to have her breasts teased. This leads to some pussy play which looks more like Lolly rubbing dry vinyl over the slave's clit. This leads to some quick play with a dildo and more of the same from before.

The poor slave girl gets to leave her cage, where Lolly smacks that ass around. Lolly eventually gets her strap-on cock sucked by the slave, that's when she's not smacking the slave in the face with the rubber dick. Lolly then decides to pound the pussy, while the poor slave keeps moaning away. It keeps building from there, but yet it's another scene that ends flat. Still, what can you do?


Now, we've hit the middle of the program. Lolly puts this poor blonde slave in a stockade, while insulting her. Apparently, the point of this scene is to teach the slave how to take a cock. I figured that most ladies learned this school at a young age. Well, if you're in porn, you probably learned it at a young enough age to send Middle America into therapy. But, that's neither here nor there.

I like the third slave, she seemed to be more into the action than the other two. She gets her tits and pussy played with by Lolly, while Lolly keeps going on with shit that I now can't understand. Lolly licks the slave's pussy and prepares her with a dildo for the obvious fucking to come. Before that, Lolly makes the slave suck her tits and pussy.  There's some more fingering and dildo play, before the gauntlet is thrown down.  Which ends up being nothing.


The fourth scene in the Dungeon goes into strict slave territory. The last slave is kept on a leash, as Lolly guides her around. There's some pussy play and then the handcuffs come out. Some spanking and then the double headed dildo makes its return. That's when the girls go pussy to pussy and make for quite the treat. Then, Lolly follows that up with dildo fucking with the dildo jammed in her vag but being turned into a pseudo strap-on against the slave.

It's kind of sad that the program is nearly over and Lolly has finally started to hit her stride. The slave girl sucks the fake cock out of appreciation and we get a scene of some head bobbing glory. This leads to more double dong action that's just as repetitive as it sounds.


The final scene sports Lolly dressing down the last slave. But, Lolly seems to be nicer to this one. She puts her on Lolly's throne and begins to play with her pussy. Now, Lolly has begun that slippery slope into the promise of fisting. I'm her with my Fisting pennant hoping that my cheers can get her tender fist to slide into the slave's vagina. Sadly, I'm denied.

More dildo play and more thickly accented taunts are what follows. Lolly then forces her breast into the slave's mouth, which seems to make the slave act like a spastic. It builds and builds, then nothing but end credits.


"Lolly's Domination Dungeon" is everything that it promises to be. You've got a badass babe dominating the slaves in some hot lesbian action. If spanking and girl-on-girl action is your thing, then I recommend the disc. Otherwise, I'd look for something that has special features and more variety. The film as it stands can get kind of repetitive and it will destroy those with Adult ADHD.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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