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Wet Lesbian Weekend

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 2/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: Rod Vicious
Cast: Kelly Summer, Jamie James, Cute Angie, Candy Blond, Melissa Doll, Mandy, Gaya, Erika, Cherry and Lady Jade
Genre: Lesbian
Date of Production: 7/30/06 and 08/04/06
Special Features: Behind the Scenes and Web Access
Studio: Combat Zone


"Wet Lesbians Weekend" is a hot as hell film from the guys at Combat Zone. You get 10 soaking hot babes stretched out across five impressive scenes. 2-Ways and 3-Ways are the order of the day, as the impressive A/V Quality doesn't drop a single moan or muddy the visual aspects of a scene. There could've been better special features, but most people don't watch porn for the special features. They watch it for hot box munching action.


The first scene sports two lovely ladies getting down to business in an enclosed jacuzzi. There's some fingering and some pussy play. Eventually, the two girls just decide to pleasure each other's box. Some tongue work plays nice, as the girls know when to moan. It's a sensual pleasure to watch these lovely ladies go to work.

I would've appreciated a faster opening sequence, but you take what you can get. The camera work is impeccable, as we get a great look at each lady's lovely vagina during the entire sequence. This is an impressive start and I can only hope that the other scenes hold up as well. We eventually get some hot action with a double dong dildo that helps to finish this impressive scene.


Up next, we've got the girls at play on a speedboat. Three girls stay behind at the house, where we get to see some more action. Girls taking turns stuffing their hands into the other's bottoms. Hot fingering and tit sucking warms everyone up, before things get heavier. It's not like before ladies start eating each other out for the pleasure of the nearby voyeur.

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But, our little voyeur friend decides to join in. A three way between lesbians is a lovely thing and the trio knows how to work it. They form a beautiful train of giving each other head and carefully playing with their clits. It's a symphony of lust, as they all build to a cum filled explosion that awaits the other wet lesbians on this wild weekend.


The next scene takes the Lesbians to the pool. They hit the water and then they start to hit the pussy. Luscious wet breasts belonging to same of the finest women in modern porn are on display, as they get their rocks off by any means necessary. It's an amazing visual feast to see them tease each other's clits and go to town with toys and fingers.

The promise of "Wet Lesbian Weekend" is fulfilled with this scene, as we get all three things promised in the title. Wet Lesbians doing crazy sex shit on the Weekend. But, what hurts the scene are the frequent breaks and cut away from the main action. I could never tell if they were trying to start a new scene or if the camera man ran out of film. It was a downer, but nothing that could take me out of the moment.


One last scene shows the Lesbians as they sit out in the sun and mix some clit rubbing together with some mouth work. It feels like a continuation of the prior scene, but it comes together very well as the ladies know how to perform for the camera. It's a lost skill that you don't see in much modern porn, but the ladies know how to tie it into their natural star power.

What bothered me is that the scene loses direction halfway through and we're left with the girls turning to dildos and other toys to extend the action. They pick the action back up with a three-way train, but eventually that turns back into more direct genital stimulus. Eventually, all of the girls end up on the lawn playing with their pussies for the camera. It's a straightforward scene that allows the girls to show off, which leads into the main girl bouncing up and down on a dildo ball.

I've never seen such a toy used in an adult film before, but that's the only way that I can describe. It's like taking the best of your bedroom and mixing it together with a lawn toy. It's sure to raise a few eyebrows at your next cookout. The film the ends on an extra scene tacked onto the fourth scene. For clarification, I'll call it Scene 4.2 or something like that.

Well, 4.2 is a weird edit of two lesbians making out in a car outside of the house. But, wait...there's another lesbian on the hood of a yellow car playing with herself. You're never quite sure what's going on, but it's a letdown from what came before. The most impressive thing about 4.2 is the many ways that the Lesbians find to ram dildos into their cunts while navigating through the car's layout. That's some Cirque du Soleil shit right there.


The final, final scene centers around the Lesbians back in the hottub. Four girls working each other's clits and bumping pussies until they all peak. It's more of a recap on the action that went down before rather than a proper finale. I would compare it to the cooldown section of an exercise routine. It's meant to properly take you out of these ladies' weekend adventures and back into the real world.

Also, you might feel your hand cramping by now and it'll give you the chance to put your wrist on ice. The ladies then have a sex meltdown and just start to masterbate on the lawn in front of the entire world. It's a hot scene, as they just stop giving a fuck and start letting their pussies have it. Everything builds, as one of the girls decides to whip a strap-on out and take it to town.

The scene builds and builds, as the girls break down in ecstasy. You can't beat the enthusiasm of these ladies, as you know that they love every minute of the action. There's so much hot action in those last fifteen minutes that I nearly exploded. I can't think of a recent Adult film with a better ending. I can't recommend it highly enough.


"Wet Lesbians Weekend" is an impressive Lesbian spotlight film with 10 girls that could headline independent outings. The breasts, the asses and everything in-between were impressive on these girls. I'm hoping for a potential franchise with this release, as I could sure go for another Weekend outing. I just hope that are some special features on the next disc. That was really the only thing keeping this from being an X-Critic Pick.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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