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Fuck For Dollars #6

Studio: Greedy Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Menus were a nice touch; far better than most these days.

Fuck For Dollars #6

Greedy Video

Courtney Page had a nice bonus scene.

Genre: Gonzo, Reality/Comedy

Director: Eddie Powell

Bree Olson was looking great too!

Cast: Crista Moore, Alex Gonz, Ellie Idol, Alan Stafford, Victoria Vonn, Dane Cross, Sasha Heart, Dakoda Brookes, Jack Venice; Courtney Page, Mikey Butders, and Bree Olson in the bonus scenes only
Non sex roles: Jew Hefner, Dr. Leon “The Milkman” Loveless

Length: 162:22 minutes

Crista Moore liked her moistened chest at the end of scene one.

Dates of Production: 5/12/2007, 10/20/2007, 10/27/2007, 11/8/2007, 11/17/2007

Ellie Idol was cute, if suspicious.

Extra's: There was a 1:50 minute long photogallery, trailers to Boy Meats MILF and I Film Myself 5; as well as two “exclusive” bonus scenes. I complain a LOT about unrelated scenes tossed in from other titles (Vivid, Wicked Pictures, and a number of other companies following this lame practice) so it’s only fair that I give kudos when exclusive scenes are included (quite rare these days unless something is seriously fucked up with the scene). This time, the first scene had Courtney Page doing Mikey Butders in a full scene lasting 26:46 minutes (shot on 5/12/2007) and Bree Olson jerking off (and even blowing) a guy in POV fashion (shot on 1/20/2007). Both scenes added some value for me and I appreciate the exclusive nature of them more than a little bit. The menu was among the most interesting upgrade this time, a little comedy provided (see screen capture) and the comment that “the whole thing is behind the scenes” reminding me of the genre as much as anything (different ones too). There was even a 2:53 minute long set of outtakes from the menu between Hefner and Loveless that made me think they need to be the focal point of a movie, albeit in their non-sex roles. This was followed by a 7:22 minute featurette called Fun For Dollars that amounted to a comic look at some Behind the Scenes footage edited together (none of the cast taking themselves too seriously). There was also a true double sided DVD cover for those of you that care.

Victoria Vonn was a curvy gal worth watching.

Condoms: None

Sasha Heart was perky!

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Audio/Video Quality: Fuck For Dollars #6 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color offering using a 1.78:1 aspect ratio as shot by director Eddie Powell for Greedy Video. The lighting was decent in most cases which led to minimal amounts of grain (with few exceptions) and video noise. The colors were a bit washed out in a few spots but the fleshtones were generally accurate so I can’t fuss too much. The composition of the visuals enhanced the look of the ladies more than a little bit with the location of the sex allowing for the basics to be best covered with few surprises. Unlike some of Eddie’s past works, the editing was again markedly less noticeable here; perhaps a sign of smoother transitions or simply showing less need for abrupt cuts thanks to the manner in which the performers went at one another (a benefit to the limited locations where the coital activity took pace at very least). It worked for the thematic aspect of the show and provided a “more is less” mentality though this is pure conjecture on my part and the raw footage could have been wildly bad and in need of serious clean up. The bitrate hovered in the mid 2 Mbps range most of the time I paid attention to it; impacting the resolution a little but not enough to kill it for me on my big screen television. The DVD transfer seemed pretty well done with few obvious weaknesses as well, the few observed compression artifacts and aliasing issues not common. Some of you might hate the light company watermark on the lower right hand corner but it really didn’t get in the way, likely because the scenes were shot with it in mind. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English at the 192 Kbps bitrate. It was basic too though I could have sworn there was some separation present in a couple of scenes. The music was better than average when used and the sound effects were fitting for the scenarios portrayed.

Dakoda Brookes had some great stripper moves.

Body of Review: Eddie Powell is one of the guys in porn that is involved in a lot of projects at various companies (some of his best work is for Jonni Darkko at Evil Angel) in various capacities such as director, editor, general production worker, menu expert, and a whole lot more. His eye for detail and the fact that he actually cares about his work makes him one of the elite in my opinion, often crafting a heated stroke flick out of a miniscule budget in no time at all so when asked, I took a few hours to check out another of his works for Greedy Video called Fuck For Dollars #6; the last in the series I was provided to review being Fuck For Dollars 4. The concept of the series is for the crew to pick up ladies and offer them varying amounts of money to strip, tease, and have sex in front of the camera. This is a popular internet theme but Eddie takes the comedy to a new level, never coming off as forced with this volume providing a great cast of relative newcomers as well as the tag team duo of Jew Hefner and Dr. Leon “The Milkman” Loveless in non-sex roles. If you like a lot of “fun in your fuck flicks; you will probably find this a solid selection for some replay value. That said, here’s a brief glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn:

Scene One: Crista Moore, a tough blond out shopping, was up first as Hefner approached her in the parking lot to invite her over for some fun. Leon was happy with her look and performer Alex Gonz appeared to find her appealing as well; the group meeting back at the house on the couch. Crista played the game and earned some cash, the clothing coming off as the money flowed her way. An impromptu wet t-shirt contest and lap dance sealed the deal as the curvy cutie forgot about her “baby daddy” problems so she could enjoy the oral and vaginal sex the pair engaged in. While not the most skilled performer of the day, Crista injected some playfulness and an active riding style from the first moment she wrapped her lips around Alex’s cock until she mounted him in various positions. The camera work was a mixture of POV, near-POV, and regular shots too so fans of all types will likely appreciate the way the scenes were put together. Crista could have used more dirty talk (she moaned and panted but did little by way of vocalizing her dirtier sexual side) yet she showed remarkable potential for growth, claiming to have “cum five times” in the scene. The population pudding coated her stomach and chest (with post coital sucking and handjob action to boot!), no total given as with previous volumes of the series to suggest how much it all cost.

Scene Two: Ellie Idol, a lean brunette from Seattle in a sun dress, was up next with Alan Stafford after Loveless literally picked the gal up and carried her over to the rest of the crew. Hefner plied his lines on her and she pointed out how creepy they were; Ellie too street smart to be misled by the man without more cash on the line. The park was too public so they went back to the house where she still played hard to get for the pervs. As always, the lady gave it up for cash and started sucking him off, slowly slobbing his knob as she inhaled his manhood in POV fashion. This scene looked slightly better than the last in terms of camera work and lighting, Ellie finding the small dick easy to work with. Initially, she was a very passive cock rider though; making me wonder if she had cobweb coochy but when she eventually got on top of him, she rode as though scratching a deep seated itch. She was another relatively quiet one and took the load to her chest more than any place else, smiling as she played with the semen covering her upper torso.

Scene Three: Victoria Vonn, the sexy blond on the front cover, was then up in a back yard “park” as Dane Cross made his juggling debut in front of Hefner. Hefner narrated like he was on an adult version of Wild Kingdom, Dane calling him over when he was unable to convince Victoria that his juggling abilities were worth her time. Victoria read from her horny novel but she also played hard to get and as a strong woman, she showed some moxie as she stood her ground to get a better payday. Eschewing the label “whore”, she took his rod in her mouth as Dane squeezed an orange onto her breast (and fed it to her). This led to a blowjob where she was in control of his modest member, Victoria deepthroating him before he started boning her like he owned her. She was another gal that only rode actively when on top; her hips thrusting rapidly as she bounced on his cock when in his lap. The sweat glistened off of her torso and the juices were soon flowing too, Victoria taking the facial with an open mouth and some post coital sucking before collecting her stash of cash amounting to $3.

Scene Four: Sasha Heart, a cutie finishing up her drink from Planet Smoothie, was up next with Dane Cross, the man dressed like a hooded thug to match Hefner. She left with the dangerous duo and was soon on the living room couch with the men getting friskier than she wanted. Hefner was too aggressive for her but effeminate Dane seemed more her style; soon plying his meat mike near her mouth for oral gratification. The corny lines led to him stuffing his penis in her mouth, Sasha giving him some cheap play as she worked it over for the camera while she continually looked at the camera. Her titties looked perky and she laughed a lot, this scene probably among the most fun she’d been on by this point in her career. She then dedicated herself to blowing him, Dane again skipping out on his responsibility to warm her up orally before tapping her cookie. Sasha was active much sooner in the ride but part of this was due to the positions as much as her wanting his cock sooner. She made a few stabs at dirty talk but was getting into the ride too much to concentrate on the sex; her fleshy ass cheeks rippling nicely at times. She has untapped potential too but clamped down during the facial as though it were toxic spew headed her way. This was another $3 scene per the theme.

Scene Five: Dakoda Brookes, a sexy babe working the counter at Regal Cleaners, was up last as she unsuccessfully attempted to get Hefner’s clothing for him on time. Loveless and Jack Venice were with him as he tried to get his dry cleaning; Jack encouraging Hefner to pick her up for the series. Dakoda was a stripper by night and saw that the guys were harmless so she went back to the house with them; stripping for cash as the men pawed her. The flexible lady climbed into Jack’s lap to get some head (he was also selfish though) and ended up slobbing his knob with a lot of stripper-learned skill as she engulfed his rod in her mouth, wrapping her lips around his shaft as she continued to work him. She blew him with polished ease and added in some hand to gland action too but Jack wanted to pound her pussy so they were soon bumping uglies like crazy. He took her in doggy style first and she tried to meet his thrusts as best she could, never getting particularly active until the very end of the scene but I’d buy a few dances from her if given the chance. She did some limited PTM and asked for the facial, the small load meeting with her approval before the credits rolled.

Summary: Fuck For Dollars #6 by director Eddie Powell for Greedy Video had a lot of cute humor that elevated the production above the tons of mediocre titles available these days but some of the gals were only fair when it came to enthusiasm, energy, and attitude so I rated the DVD as Recommended. I like the way the series has evolved since it began and the extras package seemed to be a step forward since Fuck For Dollars 4 even if the women could have kicked it up a notch or two in my opinion. In short, Fuck For Dollars #6 proved that the director was no fluke in terms of giving the audience what they wanted and the themes were addressed better than many of the larger companies out there seem capable of offering, making this a solid little venture for the raincoater audience.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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