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Rocco's Nasty Tails 7

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Rocco's Nasty Tails 7
An Evil Angel Release Directed by Rocco Siffredi
Starring:  Nicky Angel, Veronika Vanoza, Veronica Sanchez, Jannis King, Ilyessa, Tanya and Lucy Love.
With:  Zenza Raggi, Mike Angelo, Kid Jamaica, Leslie Taylor, Taor & Rocco Siffredi.
Length:  2hrs 4min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  Part seven in the quintessentially Rocco-fied series, Nasty Tails 7 offers four trio-centric scenarios.  Ass is given up and hammered out one by one, though not all asses are up for grabs (sadly, perhaps), and all involved ladies are gorgeously Euro in looks and dialects.  Onto the sex!

Scene One:  Nicky Angel & Veronika Vanoza (with Zenza Raggi)

Veronika clamors in a scenically quaint shack in an anxious frenzy, locked in and hoping to escape.  Her breezy leather gear certainly suggests otherwise, and her visual opposite arrives to join her, smiling politely.  Nicky, a teeny, soft sculpted blonde, wastes no time in fondling and stroking Veronika, who nibbles and licks at Nicky's parted white panties.  Our bright tartlet burnishes Veronika's asshole as Zenza arrives, slapping each girl's ass and crushing his lips down on their pussies.  Nicky attends to his cock before lunging into Veronika missionary style, and both ladies snack on Zenza simultaneously before they take turns being pounded.  Doggy and standard cowgirl brings out the churning grunts and wall-shaking bleats out, and missionary and spoon positions fall forward, likewise.  Ass to the sky, Nicky endures a steady anal doggy session, merging into reverse cowgirl anal, and Veronika rubs herself all the while.  Both girls pause for a healthy taste of Zenza's engulfed sticks and stones, and yet more anal doggy causes Nicky to scream as her ass is gaped for the camera.  Missionary, anal, strides out a fluid of the finish line onto that sun-baked beauty, and the girls play and tease Zenza, tossing the seeds around with their tongues.  Looks can be deceiving, as Veronika and Nicky proved here, with our bouncing bunny taking the lion's share of pump duty, all the way up the ass, and our bobbed black beauty staying on the sidelines.   While I would have liked to have seen an equal amount of fucking per each girl, Nicky bellowed her way to the top of the scene.  Sweet!

Scene Two:  Veronica Sanchez & Jannis King (with Mike Angelo & Kid Jamaica)

Veronica (with a "c") teases the cameraman and talks a run of smack about Jannis, who the boys clearly prefer over her.  To find out why, we visit a gym, Jannis exercising on a lifting machine. 

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The already shirtless Kid and Mike ogle her, Jannis smoking their wands one after the other.  Soon, she's sitting atop in cowgirl, doing double duty with her mouth at the same time.  The guys switch and, in doggy, venture into her spit-greased asshole.  She squees as her ass is worked over in standard cowgirl, and Veronica approaches with a sultry look in her eyes, and a hand on Mike's horizontal rocket.  She spars with him with her shiny mouth and snatch, stopping to suckle on Kid's ass-prodder.  With their asses up, Veronica and Jannis are served with tongues lashing at their coziest holes, and Jannis dishes out a final grip of doggy.  A few pumps go into Jannis' mouth, which she mostly spits out, and Veronica's stair-bound cowgirl pulls a load straight into her mouth, which she immediately gulps, throating the weary, shaky peen back between her lips.  I definitely was wowed by Veronica, though she only appeared for the last quarter of the scene.  Jannis, while incredibly sexy and possessing a cherub-kissed ass, didn't impress me as much, her coos falling into a more forced category of call and response.  Still, very enjoyable!

Scene Three:  Ilessya & Tanya (with Rocco & Leslie Taylor)

Meeting with Rocco for lunch, Tanya confesses that she's not at all hungry.  Ilessya doesn't believe her, and brandishes a banana, gripping her throat to force down about half until Tanya spits it out and storms away.

On a higher floor, Rocco seeks to calm her down, but all Tanya wants to do is make and throw snowballs at her host.  Asking what exactly she wants, Tanya says in her best broken dialect, "I miss big dick".  By that, Rocco infers his own, chiding, "My dick is too big for you."  And by seeing Tanya lift her skirt and twirl around in the snow, you would probably agree.  Rocco pulls down her panties and undoes her clothes, revealing an incredibly trim and lean body, which he then lifts and horses around in the air until Ilessya interrupts them.  Tanya is, by now, intaking as much of Rocco's mushroom head when this happens, unable to fit the entirety into her mouth.

Sensing an opportunity for playtime, Rocco sits Ilessya down and lifts her foot up, adorning her toes with pieces of fruit to feed Tanya.  She accepts, and they suck down Ilessya's feet, leading to Tanya slurping at her pussy and asshole.  Ilessya bites down on a full-bred dildo during all this, and the two girls take turns giving Rocco head. 

As if the interrupting couldn't stop, Leslie enters the room, proceeding to be blown by both girls as Rocco steps back to capture it all with his camera.  Ilessya straddles his face as Tanya breathes in his sabre, going on to fuck the former in standard and reverse cowgirl, while the latter teases and sucks on the juices of her partners.  Tanya angles and rocks into Leslie's cock in anal reverse cowgirl, her snatch seemingly off-limits as spooning and standard cowgirl ensue, rear-bound only!  He pulls out to shoot both girls with his white stream, mostly on Ilessya, and hitting Tanya's face as she recoils.  Jumping in, Rocco offers his dick POV-style, and the girls rub him out in no time.  Ilessya, again, does most of the cleanup.  While she's definitely the smokier of the two, Ilessya has no trouble burning along with her co-stars, supporting the anal-centric Tanya as her frame is bumped and ruptured with steadiness.  Where one faltered, somewhat, the other always picked up the slack.  Thanks, girls!

(Steady on, Ilessya, steady fucking ON!)

Scene Four:  Lucy Love (with Taor & Zenza Raggi)

Hands soaked in dishwater, Lucy accosts her boyfriend Taor, who just arrived home after a night on the town.  He's curt with his answers, and Lucy is desperate for affection.  She pulls her dress and bra down to spite him, wondering why he can't accept and love her as she is.  Flustered, Lucy pulls Zenza from his carpentry to better illustrate her desires to Taor.  They kiss and fiddle with each other, Zenza attending to her quivering slit with his tongue and fingers.  Lucy strips down and arches her head over the dining room table, Zenza feeding her his knob with gusto.  She bends up to kiss Taor, who mostly watches and rubs on his limp banana, taking it all in.  Doggy begins with Zenza, but soon Lucy's ass is being poked, and switching from hole to hole takes the already high stakes even higher.  More face-fucking, reverse and standard cowgirl, and spooning all continues, both anally and via Lucy's sopping slit.  Taor does manage to sneak in a few more kisses with his lady, and she even blows him for a few minutes as Zenza bumps away at her ass.  The buildup of Lucy's multiple orgasm through steady and swapped pumping culminates in a mouth and chin-aimed facial, and Zenza soon flees the scene.  Back together, Taor kisses Lucy on the mouth, and they both utter "I love you", until the scene fades out.  The cuckolding was not too cringe-worthy, and in fact brought the scene up a few sexual notches.  Lucy is certainly a fierce fuck, and even reminds me of another favorite of mine, Venus (both in appearance and gait).  You may wince at that closing kiss, but I thought it was kind of adorable!

(Taor & Lucy:  Lovebirds.)

Bonus Features
A Bonus Footage segment includes a slow anal performance by Jannis (mostly uneventful and snooze-worthy), a POV-style blowjob by Veronica (with a "C"), and toy play and another POV blowjob by Nicky & Veronika (both these scenes are quite enjoyable, thank you!).  Also included are a smattering of Trailers, a Photo Gallery, a Cast List/Director's Bio, and a Filmography (on Rocco).  Entirely worth checking out for more Veronica, and especially for more Nicky!

Audio/Visual Quality
As can be seen in the screen captures, the image isn't quite HD, but still very acceptable.  Presented in full frame, the action is well guided and focused, and the color field is quite easy on the eyes.  The balance of natural and electrical lighting is well-done, but not reference quality.  The audio, at times, tends to be blown out as the screaming and such floods the speakers, but only a moderate amount of gain ever affects the enjoyment of the performances.  Once Rocco buys a HD-equipped camera, I will rejoice!

Overall Thoughts
As with all things Rocco, Nasty Tails 7 is no different in quality of performer either in front of or behind the camera.  While I adored Nicky's analocities, and Veronica stormed through the tail end of her co-scene, Ilessya and Tanya's pair-up truly was a team effort, and remains my favorite.  Lucy, no less, deserves a heap of praise for her believable cuckolding, and shining herself up in front of her performer of a boyfriend.  Even with four scenes, Rocco packs quite a bit of fucking into each one, and those who aren't already tuned into the Nasty Tails wavelength, well, here's your chance!

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