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Dreams in White 3

Studio: Private » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 2/9/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Straight

Director: Louis Moire

Cast: Angel Dark, Claudia Rossi, Suzie Diamon, Keana Moire, Morgan Moon, Deniska, and Thalia.

Length: 1 hr 50 min

Production Date: 09/01/2007


Nothing is available here for extra features unless you count profiles and trailers as bonus material.


The widescreen picture quality looks fantastic in all honesty but the effects employed here knock the overall quality down a few pegs. If it weren't for the artistic styling used here this would have been an impeccable release. As it stands it's hard to watch. The audio is presented in 2.0 and doesn't allow for much of an impression to be made while listening to it. A thudding soundtracks overshadows most of the action and slow motion moans and groans don't help matters. Technically speaking there's nothing wrong here; it's just all a tad underwhelming.

Body of Review:

White is the symbol for purity but don't let that fool you; Dreams in White 3 is anything but pure and innocent. This release from Private features some of the industry's hottest girls in some titillating action with white bring the predominant color of choice. The action here is intense and it's safe to say that Moire has the theme down perfectly but some creative choices make things distracting throughout this release. In the end the girls are amazing, the action looks hot, but flashy effects destroy what could have been one of the best releases in a while.

Condoms: Nope.

Scene 1:

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Angel Dark kicks Dreams in White 3 off with a hot sex scene that unfortunately has to go through some rough patches before it gets good. In the beginning when her boy toy is servicing her pussy the camera does all kinds of jarring angles and the flashy effects really distract from the action. It's almost like watching MTV stylized porn and trust me when I tell you that it's hard to appreciate if you're trying to get in the mood. While these effects run throughout the scene they do taper off somewhat though you can expect distracting blurring, seizure inducing flashes, and annoying slowing down and speeding up of the action. It's so messed up that even the greatness that is Angel Dark couldn't keep me from getting a headache. When the camera and effects are relatively lax the action is simply amazing and top of the line but I question Moire's creative decision here because it really detracts from the quality.

Scene 2:

Claudia is the second girl up for sexing and like the previous scene Moire's flashy effects really dial back how much you're going to enjoy her performance. On the plus side Claudia is simply stunning and she looks fantastic dressed up as a naughty bride masquerading as an innocent one. Before long she receives a visit from two gentlemen who make a sandwich out of her. She takes it in the pussy, in the ass, and has her mouth filled with dick and the sex is amazing throughout. Flashy edits, adjustments of the speed, and quick cuts proved to be too distracting for real enjoyment of this scene.

Scene 3:

The third scene of Dreams in White 3 featured Keana and Thalia having a little fun with each other. These chicks were simply stunning and as they began licking and playing with each other I had high hopes for this sex. They spent a fair amount of time poking at each other before they brought out a dildo and began ramming it into their pussies. Once again though the flashy elements, blurring, and artistic style killed whatever potential this scene had.

Scene 4:

Going into the fourth scene I have to admit that I had to actually pop a couple of Tylenol thanks to all of the flashy effects. A constant barrage of blinding white light coupled with weird scene transitions has left my eyes feeling like they were burning. Porn shouldn't do that to you and sadly things don't get any better with Deniska's scene. This blonde star looked great and she really knows how to service a cock but the action is too distracting to really enjoy.

Scene 5:

I must admit that I have a soft spot for a foxy red head and Morgan fits that description to the letter. She is simply stunning and I could watch this chick all day, but once again Dreams in White 3 ruins what would have been a blood boiling scene. Taken in bits in between the spontaneously appearing effects this scene is incredibly hot but it proves to be way to distracting to appreciate in the end.

Scene 6:

Going into Suzie's scene I had just about had enough with Dreams in White 3. The special effects, camera cuts, and simply terrible artistic decisions destroyed what could have been an otherwise amazing release. Even Suzie's double penetration isn't enough to save things as the final scene rolls towards its climax.


I haven't been this disappointed in a very long time. Dreams in White 3 had so many amazing performers that it needed to really screw up in order to disappoint; unfortunately this release did just that. I appreciate porn that is different and I like seeing what different directors can achieve given some creative freedom but the effects splattered all over this release simply ruin it. Blinding flashes of white light, a constantly shifting camera, and snap shots of the action overlaid atop one another for an end result that will leave you with a headache, not an erection. Chalk this one up as wasted potential and don't bother checking it out.

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