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Dana DeArmond's Role Modeling

Studio: Vivid » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 2/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Dana DeArmond’s Role Modeling is kind of an alt porn version of one of those gonzo comps that claim to show would be porn stars getting fucked on camera for the first time. The five newcomers here, four girls and one guy, have been ‘mentored’ by Dana and the five scenes that make up this release are proof positive of her abilities as a porno tutor. While that admittedly sounds a little ridiculous, hey, somebody’s gotta show the new kids the ropes so it might as well be Dana.

With Dana being Dana, however, it serves to reason that there are going to be a few talking head segments in between the sex scenes. It’s no secret that Dana likes to talk as much as she likes to fuck and here she puts her gift for gab to good use by interviewing the five newbies on camera for us once they’ve gone ahead and done the dirty deed. Surprisingly enough, it works really well. Those who don’t care about or want to know about the personalities behind porn stars obviously won’t dig these segments at all but anyone with an interest in who these people are should find this interesting and/or at least amusing. The camerawork is a little shaky in spots, on purpose no doubt, and the lighting is minimal but the girls all look great and everyone involved on camera seems to be enjoying themselves. So without further ado… Dana DeArmond’s Role Modeling:

Scene 1 – Rory Tonic, Alec Knight And Sascha: A cute and spunky tattooed brunette named Rory starts the fucking off right. She seems pretty relaxed as Alex and Sascha look her up and down and examine what she’s got to offer them. She gets slapped around with a pair of cocks to start things off and once they’ve gotten her warmed up she bends over to suck one dick and take one from behind at the same time. The guys go back and forth a couple of times and then she rides Alec cowgirl style on the couch while Sascha continues face fucking her. She roles over and gets fucked missionary style while her tits are tugged on a bit, then she’s back to sucking while she gets fucked. Towards the end of the scene Dana jumps into the frame and the two girls get fucked by the guys for a couple of minutes with Dana showing enough consideration to tongue Rory’s toes for the camera. The girls ride their respective beaus until the two are good and ready, at which point they get down on their knees so that the guys can unload on Rory’s face. Once the scene is over Rory has the good sense to run out into the hallway and let Dana lick the goop off of her face. Huzzah! Overall this is a pretty solid scene if you’re into three ways. Dana and Rory could have played with one another a little more (is my bias for tattooed lez fests showing?) but aside from that this is well shot, well performed, and overall a very pleasing and fairly steamy effort.

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Scene 2 – Apple McCall And Daniel: Apple is an interesting looking girl, with dark hair and unusual (though very attractive) facial features. She stands out from the pack a bit, and doesn’t really look at all like what you’d expect a porn star to look like – which is a good thing. If this is gonna be alt, then give us an alternative, right? Regardless, after getting into wardrobe and talking with Dana and Octavio for a few minutes, the action starts. Daniel finger fucks Apple for a few minutes and chokes her lightly to roughen things up a little bit. He goes down on her and rubs her through her black stockings and old school undies. She lies back on the couch and he fucks her missionary style and we see her pleasantly perky tits bouncing nicely. Daniel sits down and she rides him reverse cowgirl style, then she rolls over onto her side so that he can spoon fuck her while she diddles her clit a little bit. Once they’ve had enough of that they move to the bathroom where she sits on the toilet and helps him blow his load into her mouth. The pace of this scene is a lot more relaxed than the first one, it actually feels like they’re normal people having sex rather than porno stars performing for the camera – that’s not a bad thing at all, in fact it was a nice change of pace, but some may be taken aback by it even if this reviewer found it to his liking. Apple is obviously nervous here, she admits to it in the post scene interview with Dana and opens up a fair bit here for the camera. It’s actually an interesting little look into the mind of someone who is fucking on camera for the first time.

Scene 3 – Casper Vice And Daniel: Dark haired and pale skinned Casper looks great when her scene with Daniel starts off. He eats her pussy while she grinds his face, leaning back in the chair. From there she gets down on all fours in front of him and he proceeds to finger bang her and spank her a little bit. Before you know it she’s on her back and he’s fucking her missionary style, rubbing her face and throat while he bones her. She drops down and sucks his cock for a few, then he lies down and she grinds on top of him, reverse cowgirl style. The pair work up quite a sweat together before they go back to missionary style humping and bumping and then move into a piledriver position. Daniel pulls out and ejaculates all over her pretty face and perky tits, spilling a little bit onto her cute belly in the process. Another solid scene, this one allows the performers to find their own chemistry before getting down to the fucking. The foreplay builds nicely and these two wind up doing a great job together with Casper finding that nice mix of cute and sexy that so many guys seem to dig. Dana comes out when it’s all done and helps her clean up.

Scene 4 – Dana DeArmond, Johnny Utah And Daniel: Cover girl, super-star and role model extraordinaire Dana DeArmond gets in front of the camera to take on Johnny Utah (is he a Mormon? I’d guess not!). They start their scene in the wonky looking cheaply built set together when she does a strip tease for him on the couch. She pulls his pants down and gives him head, then strips and gives him a bit of a show. He takes off his Cradle of Filth shirt and downs his pants so that she can jerk him off as Daniel comes into the room for a little fun of his own. Dana gives the two guys handjobs, sucking a knob here and there, before she gets on all fours to give head while she gets fucked from behind. Daniel fucks her in the ass while she gives Johnny head, then she climbs up on top of Johnny and rides him with her ass while sucking Daniel off. After a bit of that Daniel dips into her one last time before both guys stand up and let her suck/stroke them to a collective finish all over her face. Dana fans will enjoy this scene. She’s been doing this long enough now that she’s a pro, has been for a while, but she’s still got a fresh faced look to her that makes her endearing for some reason and she genuinely seems to be having a good time with her two co-stars.

Scene 5 – Andy San Dimas And Jordan Ash: Jordan fingers cute little pig tailed brunette Andy when this scene starts off. She moves up to face level and the tongue kiss and then she sucks him right down to the short and curlies. She gets on her back and he bones her missionary style, then she rides him cowgirl style for a few minutes so that we can get a look at her ass. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl fucking, and then rolls over onto her side for some spoon position love. She gets down on all four so that he can get right in there, doggy style, and then she’s on her back again for more missionary slip ‘n slide. He pulls out and jerks off onto her face and into her mouth and ends another very good scene. Obviously this disc caters to those who like big eyed, dark haired, pale skinned tattooed girls (each of the fives ladies has most or all of those qualities) but that’s not a bad thing and Andy is just as cute and enthusiastic as the other four female participants here.



Role Modeling looks good on DVD framed at 1.78.1 an enhanced for anamorphic/16x9 playback. The picture is even flagged for progressive playback, which is a nice touch. There’s some grain and grit visible but that’s obviously intentional though some compression artifacts are a bit distracting. Overall though, this is a good transfer. Color reproduction and skin tones look lifelike and realistic and the minimalist lighting employed in each of the five scenes makes things look fairly realistic – a refreshing rarity in the over-lit and bleached out world of porn!


Nothing to complain about here as far as the English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is concerned. The levels are well balanced and the dialogue is nice and clear. Music sounds good and there are no problems with unwarranted hiss or distortion.


Disc One contains some animated menus and scene selection, that’s it (the packaging says there’s a commentary but if it’s there, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle). Thankfully, Vivid Alt has included a second disc that contains some nifty bonus features, starting with three different Video Blog segments. The first segment allows Dana to explain to us what her feet smell like and why. She also reads some of the more unusual emails and messages for us, wherein oddball internet creeps send her strange requests or send her insults. Remember kids, spelling is important, second only to grammar. Dana reminds us of this in this amusing bit. Segment two begins with Dana wishing death on her noisy new neighbor (who apparently really digs bass). From there Dana tells us how she tried to go see a movie that was sold out and that in honor of her anger, she’s going to do another installment of Dana DeArmond’s Mail Bag. She then proceeds to read more strange email and messages that she’s received over the web. The third video blog is more of the same. Combined, these three video blogs run 26:17. If you go for the whole ‘cult of personality’ thing that Dana does so well, you’ll have fun with these as they show us some of the every day crap that internet sensations and porn stars get to deal with. Dana is very unpretentious here, she does all three parts with minimal make up on, she’s not dolled up at all, and her sense of humor shines through nicely.

Up next is a Behind The Scenes segment (26:52). We see how Dana has given one of her friends a job on set and from there we get a few on set interviews and see a few casual on set moments including an interesting discussion Dana starts about a pair of girls who just happen to be hanging around the set for some reason. From there we get some interviews with the five newcomers who get the spotlight in the feature, and we get a look at the cast and crew relaxing and getting to know one another on set.

Animated menus are included to round out the disc alongside trailers for the eight other Vivid Alt releases currently available on DVD.

Tucked away inside the stylish and well constructed gatefold packaging is a bonus CD that includes all sixteen of the tracks used in the feature’s soundtrack – a very nice touch that this reviewer hopes Vivid Alt will continue to provide with feature releases. Hooray for bonus CDs!

Final Thoughts:

Role Modeling is as much a personality piece as it is a sex film but it works well on both levels. It serves to introduce us in a very casual and fun way to a few newcomers while showing off their talents on camera. It’s unpretentious and quirky and it’s also very sexy. Vivid Alt has done a fine job with the presentation but most importantly, the sex scenes hold up well. Highly recommended.

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