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It's a Mommy Thing 2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 2/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Director: Patrick Collins
Cast: Natasha Nice, Devon Lee, Kelly Leigh, Evie Delatosso, Nicole Moore and Sky Taylor
Genre: MILF/fetish
Length of Feature: 120 mins
Condoms: No
Date of Production: 11/11/07
Special Features: Bonus Scene, Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery and Trailers


"It's a Mommy Thing! 2" takes us back to what all matters. Finding mothers that you would like to fuck and crushing their pussy like a walnut. The movie is pretty straightforward, as a paper thing story connects all that you really want to see. The Bonus Scene is more of the same, but you get an interesting Behind the Scenes look at the production. The A/V Quality is sharp as hell and a massive improvement over the original film. While the image is soft at parts, that's more to do with the choice of lighting. The audio is crisp and never drops a moan. Quality work all around from the folks at Elegant Angel.



The first scene introduces us to a woman getting ready for a busy trip. The lone guy in the room has a problem with her, since she's his step-mom. Not a lot happens, as his mom's friend then decides to seduce him. So, out pops the cock and the film begins. The mouthplay is good, as the lady seems to know her way around the Oral Department.

My only problem with this scene was the sense of pacing and editing. There's a lot of drag and too much focus on prolonged mouthplay, then you're back to the original woman. Then, she's getting ready for something else. What happened to the first people? You never know, because now the second lady's got a video camera and she's playing with herself. If I knew that I was watching ADD porn, I would've brought my Aderol.

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Wait! What was that? It's the third act of the first scene. It's like a monkey ate Shakespeare, then decided to edit this film. Sure, this girl-on-girl pussy eating scene is nice, but I need my damn scenebreaks to know when a new scene has started. Don't they teach this in Porn School? It's frustrating enough to make your dick go soft. Then, the male performer shows up and throws the tempo off in the scene.


The second scene begins with one of the MILFs meeting a young urbane thing who takes control. It's a pretty forceful scene that plays into the domination aspect usually associated with interracial films. Still, it's pretty hot and holds the interest through the usual positions. Then, the meat of the second scene begins with this bizarre lesbian equestrian scene. The horse is out of the picture before the scene can become really interesting. But, we're not here to discuss interspecies erotica.

The action moves back into a quiet room where the naked horseback rider gets to play with an older blonde female. They start kissing and getting closer, then it's full out lesbian action. But, the ADD editing cuts this off before going too far. Now, we've got an older blonde seducing a male performer that has appeared out of the woodwork. I don't know where they get these big dick nymphs from, but I assure you that it must be a magical porn version of Narnia. It eventually turns into a threesome that seems like a carbon copy of the Scene 1 finale, but it holds the attention a little better.


The third scene brings us some laundry room action, as a feisty little blonde MILF sniffs through the laundry. This leads into some underwear fetish action that leads the blonde and a male performer into jerking off over sniffing each other's garments. The blonde then decides to take the action to a couch, where she grabs the lube and begins to work her pussy. She's got this face that's about Nina Hartley and half Rosanna Arquette which is kind of nice.

Eventually, the panty sniffer guy shows up and watches her pleasure herself. This leads to the inevitable fucking that goes down like a masterpiece. He whips his dick and replaces her vibrator like a champion. He's fast and hard, as he pounds her pussy to putty. The lady loves every minute of it, as she seems to lose muscle control towards the end.



The fourth scene stars off poolside and leads into some hot Kim Kardashian looking girl fucking a guy. This gets intercut with what I'm led to believe is actually the fifth scene. But, that doesn't matter as it's some awkward looking blonde chick in a bathtub. Back to the Kardashian looking girl giving a blowjob near the pool. She's got the headbob down and not a lot else.

Her scene builds in between the intercuts, as she does the full porn spectrum. She knows when to moan and cum. There's not much else which leads her scene to being pretty boring. It's a kind of a letdown this close to the finale, but what do you expect? You can only keep the action up for so long.



The finale is the awkward looking blonde girl in the bathtub. She's got some spectacular breasts that she loves to fondle and massage while in the bathtub and she shows them off like the beloved assets that we know them to be. She then starts to masturbate and it's earnest. She's loving her body and we're loving to watch her love her body. She let's out these low utteral grunts that can only be deemed beastial, but they're so hot.

Then, the bathtub chick is out of the bathtub and playing with her vibrator on her bed. That blends into a meal scene where the blonde from Scene 2 watches Kardashian girl from Scene 4 fuck a male performer. This leads to the freakest fuck triangle I've seen in the last few weeks. Everybody's fast and hard, as they pound and lick their love holes. The scene ends with the male performer blowing a load on both of them.


"It's a Mommy Thing 2" is a frustrating work that's ultimately satisfying. It never knows where to end or begin, but it's vastly entertaining. I don't tend to care for a lot of these quick-cut productions, but this work stands heads and shoulders above the rest. That's why I say that you should buy it. It really is that amazing.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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