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Red Vibe Diaries Trilogy

Studio: Metro » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 2/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: James Avalon
Cast: Stacy Valentine, Maya, Misty Rain, Deva Station, Charlie, Alyssa Allure, Holli Woods, Mirage, Gwen Summers, Ginger Paige, Paige Sinclair, Lola, Alex Sanders, Marc Wallace, Tony Tedeschi, Vince Voyeur, Peter North, Brick Majors, Joel Lawrence, Evan Stone and more!
Genre: All-Sex, Lesbian and Voyeur
Length of Feature: 270 mins (combined time)
Condoms: Yes and No (varies from scene to scene)
Date of Production: 11/26/2007
Special Features: Behind the Scenes, Trailers and Photo Gallery


"The Red Vibe Diaries Trilogy" caught me off guard during my initial viewing. I didn't expect to be taken away by such a tremendous undertaking of adult entertainment. But, the professional A/V Quality combined with the all-star cast left me dumbstruck. It looks on par with a cable series and it sounds better than most releases. But, would the porn fans embrace such a massive amount of porn in one setting?


Part 1

The first film in the "Red Vibe Diaries Trilogy" is pretty straightforward and introduces us into the world of the mysterious Red Vibe. The wife of a prominent Beverly Hills neurosurgeon has suddenly felt a new surge of sexuality open up her mind and loins. Samantha Armstrong is our look into this world, as she becomes a high-class prostitute at a Beverly Hills brothel. Stacy Valentine is a revelation, as she spearheads this trilogy by showing us all the carnal beast that lives inside us all.

The movie is divided between some straight sex scenes with and without condoms. There's some girl-on-girl action with plenty of pussy eating. The oral play is fun and quick, while the sex comes and goes at it pleases. Before you can really start getting an idea of the film, the show's over just as quickly at it began. Which is why there is a second film to enjoy.

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Part 2

The second film focuses on Samantha's burgeoning secret sex life as an in-demand Beverly Hills whore. Her sex life is becoming unsatisfying again and she's desperately looking for pleasure at any venue. But, there's the matter of her secret lover from the end of the first film. He wants her to himself and he doesn't want Samantha selling her body any longer. But, whose decision is it to make?

Stacy Valentine does marvelous work in the second part of the Trilogy. She does an amazing amount of acting where she takes Samantha into three dimensions and fleshes out the subtext of each scene. You don't get this kind of acting from several Hollywood stars, yet Valentine is committed to making this role as real as possible. When her secret lover starts to put the fear of God into her, we watch as Samantha responds in earnest. If the film had been released by Miramax, they would be throwing awards at the girl. Since it's porn, we're left to wonder what could've been.

Part 3

The third film serves as Stacy Valentine's farewell performance. Stacy's Samantha plays the role of seducing a new woman into the world of the Red Vibe. Samantha doesn't want to be a call girl anymore and she's willing to break anyone to evade the decadence that surrounds her. We watch Samantha forgo everything that made her the proper housewife at the start of the trilogy as she pulls out some really underhanded tactics to escape the brothel. What makes it weirder is how she tries to entice her replacement.

She shows the new girl people fucking during the daytime and takes her to the brothel to watch men vie to fuck her. Cutting between this and scenes of sex at other venues leads me to believe that there wasn't enough material to make a third film as powerful as the previous two. Nobody wants to do a duology anymore, except for Rob Zombie. It's all three films and you're out. Well, the story could've been told in two films. This feels like nothing more than a 2.5 with the ending that everyone could see coming.



"The Red Vibe Diaries Trilogy" doesn't sport a ton of special features. Most of the three discs are dedicated to the features. But, you do get an informative look behind the scenes as well as some trailers. I wish there was more than just that. Hell, I'd like to know what possessed the filmmakers to undertake a porn trilogy. Unfortunately, we'll never find out.



The trilogy is impressive, even if it falls apart at the end. But, that's what most trilogies do. They either whip out Ewoks, travel back to the Old West or they have twenty nine endings tacked onto the proper ending. So much of this film laid upon Stacy Valentine's shoulders and the lady came through. It's just that the pacing and plot of the third film almost destroyed all the work that came before. We didn't need to setup the new girl so much as give the Samantha character an exit from the lifestyle.

The Red Vibe also started to play less of a role towards the end, but it seemed to always be intended to be a plot device meant to explore the carnal nature of Samantha's soul. In a way, you can almost call this work a morality play for the hypersexual age. It's the 21st century and we're still conflicted with ideals of times long past played against the nuisances and changes of a modern age. Some might say that I'm reading to much into the work, but I believe that's precisely what James Avalon intended. Not enough people use the porn medium to express higher ideals of human sexuality.

In conclusion, "The Red Vibe Diaries Trilogy" is a lot of material to handle. But, it asks us to transgress past the usual popcorn movie entertainment aesthetic of most American porn. It wants the viewer to think about what's being presented onscreen in between sessions of jerking off. That might be a lot to ask of some people, but it's a worthy undertaking. That's why this film comes Highly Recommended.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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