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Ass Destroyers

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/13/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: November 2007

Directed By: Nacho Vidal

The Movie:

Horny Brazilian dudes get down to some highly intense cock sucking and ass pounding.


Arconjo, Andrey, Poax, Juon Pablo, Renzo, Junior Carioca, Santiago Perez, Gabriel, Felix Stalbach, Andre Garcia .

Run Time: 2 Hours and 57 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms: Yes!

The Dudes:

“Ass Destroyers” offers the viewer ten hot Brazilian dudes with dark hair; muscular and toned bodies; hairy and smooth chests; plenty of cool tattoos; full, trimmed, and shaved pubes, and big uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Arconjo (good-looking with short black hair, beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) and Poax (good-looking with dark spiky hair, beard stubble, and muscular/smooth/tattooed body) are laying around in bed dressed in small bathing suits flirting while Andrey (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) is tied up on the balcony. The dudes’ head out spitting bottled water on Andrey and slapping his face in an attempt to humiliate him but mostly look like assholes. With hands tied behind his back, Andrey is led down to the pool where he sucks the guys’ hard uncut cocks and receives a fast ‘n furious face fucking while giving excellent head. He gags, chokes, and slobbers on those rigid dongs and crams both flared knobs into his gob at the same time. Now untied, Andrey frantically jerks his stiff unclipped meat while continuing to gorge.

Poax finger fucks Andrey’s tight shaved hole fast ‘n smooth with some nice close-ups of that pink pucker. Poax fucks his pal doggy-style fast, smooth, ‘n hard making Andrey moan, sigh, and cry out with pure lust with hot penetration camera shots from behind. All three dudes are definitely into this fast action and each other. Switching up, Andrey plows Arconjo’s tight hairy asshole from behind sliding that pole in ‘n out fast ‘n smooth with nice penetration camera shots while Arconjo goes wild sucking Poax’s tool. After Arconjo plays a frantic game of the ol’ sink/bounce on Andrey’s dick while being face fucked, the dudes finish up by jerking off. Poax shoots a thick load on Andrey’s chest, Andrey busts a thick nut on his fist, and Arconjo cuts loose with thick jizz on Andrey’s shoulder. Wild sex!

Scene Two:

Juon Pablo (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) is hanging around on the street when Renzo (hot with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) spots him while driving around fueled by lust looking for some man-action. In a more private location, Renzo roughly inspects Juon’s body, pulls his pants down, spreads Juon’s butt cheeks exposing his tight bunghole, and turns him around so that we can see his full pubes and uncut cock. Juon sucks ‘n licks Renzo’s delicious hard dark brown nipples leading him to pull out that hard unclipped tool and cram it down his gullet sliding his mouth up ‘n down giving a high-class blowjob with excellent close-ups. There’s lots of spit here as Juon deep throats that fucker down to dark pubes much to Renzo’s delight. Renzo really man handles Juon bending him over, once again spreading his butt cheeks, and exposing his tight shaved touchhole with nice camera shots.

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He slaps that hole; finger fucks it using plenty of spit and soap as lube. Next up, he crams a butt plug into Juon’s mouth for a face fuck and then crams it up his chute fast ‘n hard. Using a long slender dildo, Renzo fucks the heck outta Juon’s tight man-pussy with hot penetration shots while Juon continues to suck Renzo’s unclipped cock paying close attention to his tasty dark foreskin. The dudes are totally into the rough ‘n tumble sex leading Juon to ride that stiff dick like a wild man bucking up ‘n down, rockin’ ‘n rollin’ his hips, and cramming as much meat into his tunnel of love as possible. After some rough ‘n lubed doggy-style drilling and Juon frantically jerking off, the dudes reach the point of no return. Juon shoots a thick jizz load on his stomach while Renzo cuts loose with a large thick load on Juon’s chest. Hot!

Scene Three:

Santiago Perez (hot with closely cropped dark hair, muscular/smooth body, cool tattoos) forces a clear plastic bag over Junior Carioca’s (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) head while holding a firm grasp on Junior’s neck. Finally tearing a hole in the plastic, Santiago roughly pushes Junior down on his knees cramming his big uncut cock down Junior’s gullet. Junior has no problems sliding his hungry mouth up ‘n down the fat fucker with plenty of nice close-ups of the head. Primitive comes to mind when describing this rough sex as Santiago slaps Junior’s face while fucking his mouth fast ‘n hard. Switching to other action, Santiago spreads Junior’s butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved bunghole, spits on it for lube, and finger fucks fast ‘n hard. Both dudes are very into the rough action and each other with Junior breathing heavily, moaning, and groaning.

Santiago pounds Junior’s bung in the missionary position fast ‘n hard cramming it up that manhole with nice penetration as Junior pulls his hard uncut pork. For just a moment, the dudes stop fucking and Junior bends over exposing his tight shaved hole with excellent close-ups. Back to the ass pounding, Santigao drills his buddy doggy style fast, smooth, ‘n hard with tasty penetration camera shots from behind. More missionary fucking followed by out-of-control sink/bounce with fast jack off as Junior rides into the next town on that big dick filling the room with heavy breathing, gasps, and groans. Junior shoots a large thick load of love juice on his chest ‘n stomach area and Santiago cuts loose with thick man-goo on his stomach and pubes. Hot!

Scene Four:

Gabriel (hot with closely cropped dark hair, muscular/smooth body with tattoos) is up on his apartment roof fixing an antenna when Felix Stalbach (cute with longish dark curly hair, muscular/smooth body) spies on him while rubbing that hard crotch. Felix soon has his hard uncut cock out sliding his fist up ‘n down the shaft and working the delicious foreskin. Gabriel soon sees what Felix is up to and decides to give him a real treat. Grabbing Felix roughly by the neck, he forces him to his knees cramming that big uncut cock down Felix’s gullet giving him a no-holds barred face fucking. Now in Gabriel’s apartment, Felix resumes chowing down on that beautiful cock sliding his mouth up ‘n down with hot close-ups. Both dudes are totally into each other and the action. Gabriel slaps Felix’s face and actually steps on his neck.

Felix bends over the sofa allowing Gabriel to spread his ass cheeks exposing his tight shaved touchhole leasing to a fast ‘n furious finger fucking. Gabriel crams his fat joint up Felix’s man-cunt doggy-style using slow strokes at first and quickly picks up speed for some wild fucking while Felix licks ‘n sucks his own fingers as he cries out. Talk about an oral fixation! Gabriel drills for oil with some very nice penetration shots from behind of his plump balls slapping back ‘n forth. There are a couple of excellent close-ups of Felix’s pulsing pucker here. Tasty! Felix rides that hard cock like there’s no tomorrow while stroking his hard tool. After more pounding in the missionary position, the dudes beat off side-by side with Gabriel dumping a thick load of cock snot on his fist with a nice cum-filled foreskin and Felix shooting a thick load on his stomach and chest. Hot!

Scene Five:

Andre Garcia (good-looking with toned/smooth/tattooed body) lounges by his swimming pool slinging back beers and lewdly rubs his bulging crotch in front of cute Andrey (scene one) who is busy splashing around in the crystal clear water. Andrey swims over to his horny pal only to be slapped in the face and beer poured on his head. Andrey is soon chowing down on Andre’s fat uncut cock working his mouth up ‘n down giving excellent head in tasty close-up. Andre pulls his Speedo off laying next to the pool’s edge with legs spread wide showing off his hairy balls and butt crack. Andrey continues to go wild on that dong cramming it down his gullet, licking ‘n sucking those balls, and tonguing that hairy bunghole in hot close-up.

Andrey bends over allowing Andre to pull those cheeks apart exposing that tight shaved hole and finger fucks with two, three, and then four digits making Andrey moan. This is very hot ‘n intense. Andre fucks his buddy doggy-style fast ‘n hard with excellent penetration shot from behind. Riding like a man half crazed with lusty desire, Andrey plays a frenzied game of the ol’ sink/bounce with Andre humping upward and then it’s on to some missionary-style screwing with more mouth-watering close-ups. Andrey pulls his pork busting a thick nut on his stomach while Andre shoots a large thick load on his Andrey.



“Ass Destroyers" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The handheld gonzo videography is excellent providing plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking, pulsing bungholes, and butt sex penetration making the viewer feel as if he or she is right in on the action. The picture quality is sharp and clean with the exception of scene four which is just a tad grainy. The disc has no regional coding.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear every cry, groan, moan, and plenty of slurping as these horny dudes get down to wild man-sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, a cumshot recap, a plentiful gallery of high quality publicity and action photographs, trailers for “She Said Blow Me 7” (she-males), “Mission Transsexual” (with one “gal” getting fucked by a high heel!), and “Face Fuckers” (all male). Also included is a cast list and website information.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

Hold what you got! Hot ‘n hunky Nacho Vidal definitely knows how to direct a good old-fashioned smut fest filled with some of the most urgent and frenzied sex I’ve ever seen. The film never lets up and contains excellent videography and editing with plenty of close-ups of all the action. The dudes are all very hot, are clearly into the action and one another, and give energetic no-holds barred performances. Wow! I Highly Recommend for fans of frenetic sex and hot Brazilian dudes with big uncut cocks.

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