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Jessica Sierra: Superstar

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/14/08

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It's called "mileage" and they got plenty here.  (click for trailer)

Jessica Sierra Superstar

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Amateur, Celebrity

The darkness is not your friend Jessica Sierra!

Director: Charles "C" Youngblood

Cast: Jessica Sierra, Charles "C" Youngblood

Length: 66:30 minutes

Jessica Sierra having some fun in the shower.

Date of Production: 5/8/2007

Extra's: The first disc had a bunch of spam at the beginning of the yellow DVD (to prevent piracy) and the usual Jenna Jameson condom commercial at the end of the flick with a positions room added in for those who care. The "real" extras took the form of Vivid's yearly promotional disc, this one being the 2008 version, that included the opening round of spam again (6:04 minutes worth that can be skipped by repeatedly hitting the chapter key on your remote control), then there were a bunch of trailers to shows like Brand New Faces, Chemistry 3, Guide to Oral Sex, Pipe Dreams, Foreplay, Jenna's Gallery Blue, Hard Time, Debbie Loves Dallas, It's Sunny in Brazil, Love Life, My Wife's Best Friend, Triple Ecstasy, Savannah Loves Sex, Stood Up, and Role Modeling; as well as bonus scenes lasting 67:59 minutes including The American Dream, Intimate Strangers, Illicit, Rough Draft, and Sunburn. The DVD case was the booklet form that held the two discs in place and provided some additional pictures of Jessica Sierra as well.

Jessica's friend would have made a great partner (note the cross tattoo).

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Jessica Sierra Superstar was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by her boyfriend Charles "C" Youngblood and later distributed by Vivid Entertainment. It was a standard definition release coded in MPEG-2 with a video bitrate hovering in the mid 6 Mbps range almost the entire time. Like most home movies, the sexual portions of the show had no obvious external lighting so a lot of the action was not easy to see and the camerawork was poor enough that had he set the camera on a static tripod and let it run, it would have been ten times better. There was some grain and video noise but having seen the really lame internet version of the footage at several websites for comparison purposes, I can honestly say that the DVD was better looking, albeit not a stellar improvement by any means. Having seen a number of "celebrity sex tapes", this one rates about middle of the pack in terms of the technical elements as presented but there was still that annoying watermark for the website it promotes too. The audio was presented in a standard 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English using the 192 Kbps bitrate. There were a number of background noises and the attempts to clean it up really did not amount to much from what I could hear but the limited use of music (only during some of the latter shot personality segments used to flesh it out) wasn't terrible even if the selections struck me as odd since they did not include any of her work.

-- sponsored by --

Body of Review: Vivid Entertainment seems to be one of the only companies these days willing to take chances on releasing celebrity sex shows. This is to cater to the demands of their audience, the company generally favoring innovation rather than chase circus act sex as others have embraced. Their latest release in this line is Jessica Sierra Superstar, the follow up to Kim Kardasian Superstar; this time providing someone better known to the public in the form of wannabe singer Jessica Sierra. Jessica was a contestant on the fourth season of the popular American Idol music contest where people from all over the country audition to make the cut and win a recording contract with a major studio. Tens of thousands of hopefuls go through the lengthy process and then find themselves on national television where they are judged initially by a trio of judges consisting of Paula Abdul, a music critic named Simon Cowell, and producer Randy Jackson; moving up the ranks as others are eliminated until the audience votes for the winner over the season. While initially looking promising since the harshest of the judges, Simon, suggested she was gifted, her choices and presentation caused her to lose out before too long; the ultimate winner of the season being major hotty Carrie Underwood (whose song Before He Cheats is a great song; her album selling like crazy all over the place and scoring tons of praise and awards).

As a result of her life in transition, Jessica did all sorts of crazy things after being booted off the show, including piling up an arrest record for stuff like beating up some guy, fighting the police when arrested, and possession of cocaine. He troubles mounted and she went into a reality television program called Celebrity Rehab to get off the white powder; finding her way into the newspapers repeatedly over all sorts of things. Her wild child label seemed to be carefully constructed and she went to jail but then it was discovered that she made a sex tape with a boyfriend by the name of Charles "C" Youngblood so here we are with Vivid having bought the rights to it for release on DVD. First off, her looks on the video are third tier porn performer burnout level for the most part but she does not passively lay back and get pounded like most of the other "celebrities" making the news in recent years. She likes cock and the taste of her own pussy so with a little cleaning up, she could make it as a porn performer (at least for a little while). Vivid took the footage and did not apparently edit it like they did the Kardasian release so foes of looping pieces and reversing images to flesh out the running time were heard loud and clear by the company. Much of the footage is not of her having sex though so your mileage may definitely vary here too but at least she qualifies somewhat more than most as a "celebrity" since she was on national television repeatedly and the show is watched by millions of people. I strongly suspect those are the folks that will want to see this release too since jaded old porn hounds like myself don't generally find this kind of thing all that special compared to the hotties I'm used to and the technical values of most modern releases. The cover said it like this:  "She was a finalist on Season Four of American Idol. Jessica Sierra...one of the judges favorites...the brash, throaty singer who was part punk, part rock and just a little too dangerous for prime time.  She went on to tour and record, and to party and drink. Next stop was VHS's Celebrity Rehab. Along the way, she pleaded no contest to cocaine possession, did some jail time, and made a full-on, hardcore sex tape with boyfriend that's every bit as wild as everything else she does.  Get ready, Jessica Sierra will make your pulse race and your head spin...and that's no idol treat.  Includes FREE 2008 Preview Disc"  That said, here is a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that there was some condom use:

Scene One: Relaxing in the Shower: Jessica Sierra, sans make up or clothing, was up first as she puffed a cancer stick while sitting in the bathtub soaking herself. She talked about her youth and the American Idol television show, providing some anecdotes before rinsing off in the shower. To say she looked rougher than your average newcomer in porn would not go far enough and the camera work was worse than mine (pretty bad actually) but he knew enough to zoom in on her beef curtains and capture her tits a few times as the water poured down on her. She continued to smoke until it was lathering time, giving quizzical looks as she tried to figure out what Charles wanted her to do (he was on the camera). Some guys like this kind of thing and while she looked more like a low rent hooker from Craigslist here, she cleaned up better in subsequent scenes.

Scene Two: Driving: Jessica Sierra then drove around town in her new car belting out some limited vocals to a song while promoting her website; arriving at home soon enough (the voice behind the camera was different for those who care).

Scene Three: Get off on the Bed: Jessica Sierra then went into the house and straight to bed where she stripped naked and engaged in very limited POV intercourse with Charles "C" Youngblood. He wasn't very large and she wanted him to "pull out" (no wonder she got pregnant if that's her method of birth control) but as lame as the camerawork was, it showed her doing the active riding. The scene worked best when the camera was set on the chest of drawers in a medium shot, allowing the cowgirl action to be reasonably well captured. She had a small but nice enough ass and did some PTM between riding; her moans heard thanks to no music being tossed in (good decision). The return of the POV camerawork was a drag since Charles could not decide what to show and kept it too closely zoomed in but she did a fair job of boning from the looks of it. The scene ended with some doggy and missionary but if there was a pop shot, I didn't catch it either time I watched it.

Scene Four: Idol Memories: Jessica Sierra then talked about getting laid by a guy named "Niko Smith" from the show and displayed a lot of bad attitude as she claimed she fucked "Yo Mama" a lot. She also showed a lot of hatred towards someone named Carrie Underwood and "Constantine" but said little of consequence other than show her level of class.

Scene Five: Cigarettes, Beer, and Sex: Jessica Sierra than was shown in a cheap, run down motel where she was sucking down a beer and smoking some more. Charles did a short POV session with her again, in the dark mind you (without any night vision equipment); the blowjob so short that I almost wondered if it happened before they screwed. She laughed while he drilled her, the vaginal sex lasting mere minutes before she set her beer down (no discernable pop shot either).

Scene Six: Motel Sex: Jessica Sierra made a few comments about the American Idol judges and was shown sucking a small dick at night. It was a playful exercise with her using her tongue but she found it tough to keep a straight face while the camera was going and the size of the rod was not enough to keep her focused. She then went to providing a solo masturbation show; fingering herself as the cameraman tried to capture it reasonably well. He joined her again to pound into her but this section was done in almost complete darkness; the lights coming back on for the PTM (and then a condom added in for those who care. She was an active rider throughout though so my idea would be for her to do porn as shot by someone who knows what he's doing, not the guy that managed a small pop shot of population pudding to her abdomen.

Scene Seven: Inked in Vegas: Jessica Sierra was then shown at a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas with her pal wearing a pop culture t-shirt that claimed Jessica was innocent; presumably of the cocaine possession she pled guilty to (the same gal being the one that went public saying the two went through ten grams of coke in one night with the money she made from the porn IIRC). Jessica got some ink (this was the second cameraman by the way) and turned down some low life that wanted to join her in her car. Some mediocre urban music played in the background (how come not her own music?!?) and the movie faded out to show the usual Jenna Jameson condom ad from Vivid.

Bonus Scene: The American Dream: Monique Alexander, this time in a sexy black dress, was up with muscular Marcus London next in bed, with the guy going down on her to get her in the mood for some fun. While his lizard flicking approach was kind of lame, her performing like it felt great was pretty believable so I let it pass as I waited for her to slob his knob. Using her hand to gland abilities, it didn't take long for her to power suck him into a raging hard on, resulting in the couple aggressively boning one another with the mandatory protection he wore. It didn't weaken the scene one bit as they tore into each other, her being on top making it all the more powerful when she bucked and pounded her ass cheeks on his lap. He jerked out a modest load to her abdomen to finish things up, the scene fading away after that. The energy levels and chemistry were about as good as before but not as much as I prefer.

Bonus Scene: Intimate Strangers: Lanny Barby, standing quite statuesque in her white outfit beside Joanna, decided to give Van Damage a going away gift in his office. To say that she appeals to all the senses isn't enough because the lowered light added a sort of glow around her. I wished Joanna would have stayed, since the two ladies are complete opposites in terms of appealing features, but Lanny and Van seemed to be a good pairing nonetheless. The oral was slow and seductive, the vaginal ride (especially the cowgirl position where Lanny was incredible) active, and the pop shot pretty indicative of how much he was into her. The chemistry was great and the scene struck me as almost as good as Lanny's previous full scene with Barbara and Tommy, providing a heated finish worth a number of replays.

Bonus Scene: Rough Draft: Savanna Samson, in yet another scene that showed her looking great, was up in a bedroom for her finally scene of the movie with moper Jerry. He took his time warming her up and she responded as well as she usually does, coming off like she was getting off more than performing as he ate her slowly. Her blowjob wasn't long enough but it served to get him fully erect for the vaginal boning portion of the scene. I found this one more believable in terms of the way they screwed, a bit clumsy but passionate too. She was active and even did bareback anal with him (as a receiver at that), diddling her clitoris as she impaled her ass on his rod. He blew his load on her face at the end, with her weakening the illusion by looking at the camera again.

Bonus Scene: Sunburn: Two pool boys stop by where Cassidey and Mikayla are sunbathing and I'm reasonably assured most people can figure out what happens from here. Immediately, the two girls start servicing the guys, sucking cocks side by side. The two couple split and we get to concentrate on the lovely Cassidey getting that sweet pussy pounded by Scott Nails, including several squirts. It's interesting, even though we see her cumming, she barely utters a sound. Cassidey is a keeper, and I definitely look forward to seeing her perform more. The outdoor sex finale was nice and well lit with the natural light. (by Colonel Mustard)

Summary: Jessica Sierra Superstar by Charles "C" Youngblood was the kind of title that earned a rating of Rent It due more to the notoriety of the performer than her actual scenes here. That Vivid was kind enough to add a second disc with real porn on it to sweeten the deal helped make this worthy of your time but like her musical abilities, Jessica needs a bunch more experience and polishing up before she'll merit showcase titles like this in the future. If you're a fan of American Idol or Celebrity Rehab, consider this a "must see" title to see what happens to the losers on the show but don't expect a great deal of professionally shot footage. In short, Jessica Sierra Superstar, like Kim Kardasian before it, shows that Vivid is trying to bring porn to the masses that generally don't give it a second look by way of their celebrity efforts. While I don't expect to see Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, or most other "A" list Hollywood names working for the company anytime soon, I can't deny the curiosity factor working here more than ever.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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