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Flawless 8

Studio: Metro » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 2/15/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Straight.

Cast: Jenna Haze, Audrey Bitoni, Hollie Stevens, Isabel Ice, Briana Banks, Lola, Aurora Snow, Temptress, Azlea Antistia, Trina Michaels, Leah Luv, Violet Blue, and Bridgette Kerkove.

Length: 2 hr 30 min

Production Date: 10/23/2007


A photo gallery, some trailers, and cast bios are all you're going to find here for bonus material.


Despite the recent production date Flawless 8 is presented with a full frame aspect ratio which is a crying shame to be quite honest. The action here deserved much better and aside from that disappointment the picture quality stands out. Most scenes are free of any flaw though some do include compression artifacts and grain. The 2.0 sound is also a tad underwhelming but technically suitable for the material. The volume never pitches and there is truly nothing to gripe about other than the fact that it's not as well balanced as it could have been.

Body of Review:

Flawless 8 seeks to draw a large crowd with fantastic performers such as Jenna Haze, Aurora Snow, Briana Banks, Audrey Bitoni, and Leah Luv. For the most part it's successful as the majority of these scenes are worth the price of admission. Some artistic choices detract from the overall enjoyment of this release but that doesn't keep down the hotness of the action here.

Condoms: Nope.

Scene 1:

The first scene of Flawless 8 features Jenna Haze and Audrey Bitoni going at it like a pair of lusty kittens. As they make out on the sofa the action picks up in intensity and for a while I started thinking that we'd be getting a full-on lesbian scene from the two performers. After a while their male counterpart strolls in and provides a dick for them to play with for some added excitement. Without wasting any time Audrey and Jenna tear at the cock and take turns riding it and sucking it. The nice thing about this threesome is that the girls never let one another tackle the guy alone. While one of them is getting fucked the other is rubbing her pussy or playing with her tits. This goes on for about 27 minutes and the sex gets really intense as each of the performers get into it. This was a great way to start Flawless off.

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Scene 2:

Hollie Stevens is up for the second scene here as she and her boy toy waste no time stripping down to nothing. She starts sucking his dick and while that's going on his belt goes around her neck and she gets strangled a little. The belt stays on and while that wasn't quite my cup of tea I do have to admit that it was incredibly hot the way it was portrayed. The pair swaps positions quite a bit and throughout the sex she takes it look a pro, seemingly enjoying every inch. The sex here is slower than most and it's a little more sensual but there's something about it that was just plain dirty.

Scene 3:

The third scene of Flawless 8 takes place in an auto garage and features two grease monkeys doing the nasty. Isabel kicks things off by removing his mechanic suit and sucking his wrench with all her might. The oral portion of this scene doesn't last very long as he can't wait to get his dick in her as quickly as possible. The sex here gets pretty hot as both performers really enjoy the action. After a while his dick goes from her pussy to her mouth and then on to the backside for some anal play. In the meantime another mechanic comes out and sticks his dick in her mouth for a blowjob while his buddy fucks her ass. The scene ends with Isabel sucking cum out of her initial partner's cock and trust me when I tell you the whole affair is incredible from start to finish.

Scene 4:

After the first three scenes I was looking forward to the fourth but let me tell you that it wasn't completely what I had expected. Taking the artistic route, this orgy between Briana, Lola, Aurora, and some lucky guy took a turn for the bizarre. Dressed in fetish gear a steaming pile of trance music plays over the action as the camera tackles things in slow motion. The set was weird, the atmosphere was odd, and though the sex was hot constant camera cuts made it difficult to follow the action. At this point I was hoping the director was going to keep this as the only example of out of the box creativity in this release since it just didn't fit.

Scene 5:

Sadly my hopes and dreams regarding this next scene going back to normal were shattered almost immediately. A strange sexual courtroom from hell is conceived for the fifth scene as a weird judge oversees sex in the courtroom. Ominous music plays in the background and you're left wondering when a demon is going to pop out and eat someone's heart. Luckily that doesn't happen. Instead one unlucky gentleman gets fitted with a noose and dropped out of an airplane as punishment. When he lands he's in the middle of a desert with nothing in sight but tumbleweeds. Huh?!?

Scene 6:

Kind of going back to normal Leah Luv is up next as she sexes it up with a guy who is sitting on a sofa drinking and watching porn. This scene had a little bit of everything as it starts out with a blowjob, transitions over to vaginal sex, hops into anal lane, and then boards the next train for titty fuck. You know what they say, "Variety is the spice of life"! At least this scene went back to being somewhat normal and the sex was energetic the entire way through.

Scene 7:

Violet Blue arrives for the seventh scene of Flawless 8. This particular scene is great the entire way through but it has an element of oddness to it as the man fucking her wears a Santa hat the entire way through. Christmas decorations blanket the sofa where they sex it up though I suppose that's just par for the course. The sex here is nice and hard as Violet takes it from the top, bottom, and behind. Santa hat aside this turned out to be the best scene from the second half of this release.

Scene 8:

And finally Bridget sends us packing with another marvelous scene that starts out with a fantastic blowjob. The trappings of this scene were a tad strange once again but the faux plant life and bed of leaves décor didn't detract from the overall sex. The camera hangs back a tad and the action is mostly plain but there are some moments where we get something other than a static angle. There was more sensuality to this scene than in previous ones even if the sex wasn't quite as hot.


Flawless 8 is anything but its namesake. The girls are great and the action delivers to be sure but only about half of this release could be considered truly without flaw. Strange artistic choices stand out like sore thumbs part of the way through and it really made these scenes more about the director's vision rather than about the sex. That's a shame really because this is an all star cast that truly deserved their time in the spotlight here. Overall this is a solid recommendation but keep in mind that you're going to be getting a taste of weird along with the good stuff.

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