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Cum Pig School

Studio: Top Hat Releasing » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 2/17/08

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Gay Adult Movie
Chris Hull
1 Hour 25 Minutes
CAST: Patrik, Balaz, Rendl, Jan, Jakub, Micheal, Martin, Viclav, Michal, Pales, Milan, David, Jakkub

The Good Stuff

A school where a “Cum Pig” is kept locked up in the basement for any man to enjoy is what you get withCum Pig School.


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Scene 1 As with most gangbang flicks Cum Pig School is essentially one extended sex scene. The guys in the film vary in age from early to late twenties all with muscular mostly smooth bodies. The guys parade past Jakkub the schools resident cum pig who is kept locked in a cage and stroking his hard uncut cock. The guys give Jakkub a once over and some even stroke his cock briefly as they walk by on their way to sex room with a convenient sling in the middle of it. They file into the room and the last guy down lets out Jakkub and brings him down to the party. After they briefly taunt Jakkub while they still have their clothes on, Jakkub lays on his back in the sling and the guys line up and start disrobing. The only reciprocation Jakkub gets is the first guy to take a turn at his manpussy rims him briefly to get it slicked and ready for action. After the first guy gets a turn at his hole its pretty monotonous the guys take their turn at his bung then make way for the next one. Only 15 minutes in the guys already start nutting on Jakkub. For the first half of the flick they nut on his face and then the jizz is miraculously gone a few minutes later. After the face spooging stops the guys take turns cumming all over his sore hole and shoving it in with their cocks. The only things that break up the monotony is a cigarette makes a brief appearance and after an hour of the film someone finally jumps up in the sling and straddles Jakkubs face and fucks his mouth with their limp noodle. Cum shots are hard to assign to the guys because they basically show Jakkub and a cock spewing batter. The biggest and creamiest load comes from Rendl and he gives Jakkubs hole a thorough coating of his thick creamy DNA. After everyone nuts finally Jakkub strokes out his own load while the rest of the guys look on. The end.



The full frame transfer was clear with good lighting. Pretty basic camera work the room was so full of guys I guess they couldn't come up with any better angles than a side view up upview of the cocks and hole. The Dolby 2.0 digital audio was standard fare everything important was easily heard..


Nothing really exciting is to be found in the “Extraz” or “More Cool Shit” portion of the DVD.

Photo Gallery: 27 stills from the film

Ordering Info: Gives you the address of the distributor.

Load-O-Rama: Almost five minutes of seme spewing swords.

Behind the Scenes: About six minutes of the guys at dinner and then briefly some footage of the actual scene being filmed. The guys are all foreign and not speaking English so it makes the behind the scenes stuff a little pointless.

At the End of the Night

Cum Pig School is a great idea for a flick but failed to deliver on what could have been a truly hot one. Who wouldn't want a sex slave kept in the basement of your school to use whenever the urge hit you? Don't get me wrong the guys in the flick were all extremely good looking and decently hung it was just that the action was boring. They could have basically set the camera up on a tripod and told the guys go in and fuck that guy and give me a holler when you are all finished. Even the taboo of bareback sex wasn't enough for me to get hot and bothered with this flick. The guys just basically stood in line around the bottom jacked a load on his face then another on his chute. I give this one my rating of “Rent It”.

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