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Amazonia Release

Studio: Athletic Model Guild » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production: May 2007

Directed By: Dennis Bell

Run Time: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

The Movie:

“The Amazon jungle is steeped in mystique and enigma, bigger than any one man. Lost, and with nowhere to turn, Buckshot Man Danny Roddick races through the jungle, trying to escape the wrath of the Indian tribe he has disturbed. Tradition wins out over modernity at his final capture when Danny is sacrificed by horny Indians in a ritualistic orgy."

The Cast:

Danny Roddick, Ricardo Onca, Leandreo Pitanga, Joao Gabriel, Will Castro, JJ Furtado, Lucas Ramiro, Oliver Lima, Landreo Caruso, Roger Carneiro, Alex Tentor, Peterson Correira.

Safe Sex/Condoms: Yes!

The Dudes:

There’s a very nice mix of muscular and toned dudes here with short dark hair; lightly hairy and smooth chests; full and trimmed pubes, and uncut ‘n cut cocks.

Scene One:

While Danny Roddick (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) is busy high-tailing naked though the jungle, Joao Gabriel (good-looking with short dark curly hair, muscular/smooth body) and his pal Leandro Pitanga (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) make out on the beach with heavy tongues surrounded by the beautiful blue sky, clear aqua ocean, white sands, and lush swaying palm trees. Joao licks ‘n sucks Landro’s hard nipples while the dudes feel each other’s hot bums. Leandro pulls his pal’s white swim trunks down revealing shaved pubes and an uncut cock. He sinks to his knees taking that thang down his throat working his mouth up ‘n down, and giving some first class head. Joao follows the lead and is soon on his haunches giving complete oral pleasure to Leandro’s rigid cut dick cramming the dong down his gullet giving an excellent blowjob. These two are definitely into each other and the action.

Joao bends over allowing his buddy to chow down on that tight lightly hairy bunghole with some nice camera close-ups of that pucker. Leandro spits on that hole leading to some hot finger fucking with two digits making Joao moan with pleasure. Leandro is soon in the missionary position with his legs up in the air exposing his tight hairy touchhole as Joao slaps the cheeks, spits on that quivering pink starfish, and calls his buddy a “Puta”. Leandro fucks Joao doggy-style fast ‘n smooth with penetration shots from above and the side. Switching up, Joao rides the heck out of Leandro’s tool humping up ‘n down and pulls his rigid pork with some nice penetration shots offered. To finish up, the dudes beat their meat with Leandro busting a thick nut on his stomach and Joao straddling his buddy and cutting loose with thick cock snot on Leandro’s chest and stomach. The dudes seal the deal by rubbing their spent cocks in all that tasty man-juice.

Scene Two:

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Sexy fishermen Will Castro (handsome with short dark curly hair, heavy beard stubble, hairy/toned body) and JJ Furtado (good-looking with short dark hair, hairy/toned body) head along the beach wearing burlap loincloths. The dudes soon forget about the fish they caught and get down to some hot ‘n slow soul kissing with plenty of tongues and body rubbing. JJ sinks to his knees taking Will’s large uncut cock down his throat sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down the shaft leading to some very tasty face fucking. Not content with simply paying close attention to that big dick, JJ sucks ‘n licks Will’s plump nuts as well with plenty of tempting close-ups. The dudes are clearly into one another and the man-to-man lovin’. Will gets down on his buddy’s stiff unclipped tool leading to more hot ‘n fun face fuckin’. Oddly, there are only medium shots of Will blowing JJ and no close-ups.

JJ plays the ol’ sink/bounce on Will’s turgid member, as Will wildly thrusts his hips upward to fuck his buddy’s tight manhole. The dudes have their legs spread nice ‘n wide so there are some nice penetration shots here. Will fucks JJ doggy-style fast ‘n hard with excellent penetration shot from below of that big dick sliding in ‘n out. The dudes are still very much into the action and JJ continues to be very talkative which I find to be a huge turn-on although I don’t know what he’s saying (no subtitles provided). JJ frantically pulls his rigid meat while be plowed in the missionary position squirting a large wet load on his chest and stomach. The cumshot is hard to see since it’s filmed from a distance. Will stands over JJ and shoots a thick load of man-juice on the ground.

Scene Three:

Lucas Ramiro (cute with short dark curly hair, muscular/smooth body) and Oliver Lima (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) are decorating each other with colorful tribal paints, which quickly leads to some jungle lovin’. Lucas stands up allowing Oliver to paint his muscular thighs and Oliver simply cannot help himself pulling down Lucas’ burlap loincloth revealing closely trimmed pubes and a plump uncut cock. He grabs that dong cramming it down his throat giving tasty head that leads to a nice face fucking. These dudes are definitely into the action digging giving and receiving head. Lucas chows down on Oliver’s stiff unclipped pole working his mouth up ‘n down the shaft, licking plump ‘n hairy balls, and giving one heck of an excellent blowjob.

Lucas has a deep itch that needs attention so he rides Oliver’s rigid tool slowly sliding his tight manhole up ‘n down and then takes off for outer space with some fast ‘n smooth humping. Lucas fills the jungle with moans as he plays a wild game of the ol’ sink/bounce with some nice penetration shots of that pucker clinging to Oliver’s well-lubed stalk. Switching up, Oliver bangs his tribe mate doggy style fast ‘n hard but there are no penetration shots. Oliver pulls his pork cutting loose with thick jizz all over Lucas’ bum. Lucas jerks his meat quickly working his foreskin shooting a thick load of love juice on the round. Completely satisfied, the dudes relax in each other’s arms.

Scene Four:

It seems like a good day for a tribal ceremony. Danny Roddick and Alex Tentor (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) are tied to the ground stripped completely naked as a group of tribe members surround ‘em chanting. Ricardo Onca (handsome with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) paints the prisoners bodies while Roger Carneiro (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body), Peterson Correira (good-looking with dark spiked hair, muscular/smooth body), and Leandro Caruso (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) watch and rub their crotches. Ricardo really gets into his role as Chief Warrior with wild eyes as he performs the ritual loudly grunting such lines as, “Give me the power of the phallus!”

There are some tasty close-ups here of Peterson’s large fat uncut cock as he jacks off sliding his foreskin back ‘n forth over the moist knob. Roger and Leandro are just as busy pulling their hard unclipped pork when Ricardo pulls the large horn covering his cock revealing full dark pubes and a big ‘n plump uncut schlong. Ricardo slides his big thang down Danny’s gullet giving him a tasty face fucking as Danny’s wet mouth slides up ‘n down giving excellent head. Playing copycat, Robert fucks Alex’s mouth making him deep throat that big dong all the way down, which he has absolutely no problem doing. The tribal members take turns forcing their stiff unclipped tools down the prisoner’s hungry throats until it’s time for some butt sex.

The butt sex is presented with a “mirror effect” in that whatever is done to Danny, the same is done to Alex. Ricardo fucks Danny fast ‘smooth doggy-style with a nice shot from behind of Ricardo’s bubble butt, hairy butt crack and balls. At the same time, Leandro bangs the heck outta Alex’s tight bunghole in the same position. At one point, Peterson, possessor of that huge uncut cock, crams his business up Danny’s hole from behind using long full strokes as Ricardo fucks Danny’s face. Loud moans, groans, and grunts fill the jungle. After some wild side/missionary position drilling, the dudes gather around Danny and Alex to “complete” the ceremony. The guys wildly pull their pork shooting hot loads of cum all over the two prisoners.



“Amazonia: Release” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography is strong providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of hot close-ups although there is some butt sex penetration that is missing close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they get down to hot man-sex in the tropics.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and separate slideshows of action and model photographs. The photos by Dennis Bell, Leandro Paiacan, and Christopher Trout are high quality and plentiful. There are plentiful trailers here for: “Amazonia: Captured”, “Amazonia: Released”, “Piroca”, “Carioca Sarado”, “Paraiso”, “Pecado”, “Tropicus”, “Fazenda”, “Scruba: Bronze”, “Gemeos”, and “Deluge”.

This is a great selection of still photographs and trailers with plenty of sexy Brazilian dudes with big uncut cocks. The coolest extra is the feature-length commentary by director Dennis Bell, model Danny Roddick, and still photographer Christopher Trout. Although there are moments of silence throughout the commentary, the dudes give anecdotes, behind-the-scenes adventures such various physical injuries, mishaps, and some hilarious comments during the ass eating scenes such as, “He’s talking to it!”

Poindexter’s Roundup:

“Amazonia Release” is a nice ‘n entertaining follow up to “Amazonia Capture”. There is a problem here with missing penetration shots during some of the butt sex; however, each scene does contain penetration close-ups, just not during each and every position. Other than that, the movie is well directed with strong videography and editing. The dudes are all very sexy, give energetic performances, and seem to be enjoying the action as well as their partners. My personal favorites here are: Peterson Correira, Ricardo Onca, Joao Gabriel, Will Castelo, and Leandro Caruso.

The Bonus features are excellent with a fun commentary with Dennis Bell, Danny Roddick, and the hilarious Christopher Trout. The commentary is bittersweet since Danny has passed away and the listener can tell he was a friendly dude from his comments. There are two slideshows featuring high quality action and publicity stills from the movie, and eleven hot trailers filled with sexy Brazilian men with big uncut cocks. I Highly Recommend.

Sadly Danny Roddick passed away at age 31 on September 13, 2007. From my Google research, I found there have been many rumors flying around regarding the cause of his untimely death. RIP Danny.

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