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Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Amy Ried having fun.  (click for trailer)

Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3: Special Edition

Erik Everhard Entertainment/Jules Jordan Video

Nika the love cop.

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Erik Everhard

Diana Doll was looking good!

Cast: Amy Ried, Erik Everhard, Nika, Steve Holmes, Mr. Marcus, Diana Doll, Renna Ryan, Aubrey Addams, Jocelyn George, Destiny
Non-sex role by Jimmy Scaffnetti

Length: 202:58 minutes

Renna Ryan has a lot of potential.

Date of Production: 12/29/2007

Aubrey Addams and Jocelyn George was cute sun bunnies!

Extra's: The first disc had no extras to speak of, allowing for the bitrate to be higher on the footage displayed. The second disc was where all the extras action was at, the best extra being the 42:18 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage as shot by Jimmy Scaffnetti and Erik Everhard. There was some extra sex, a lot of extra nudity, and some interviews; with the women as well as with Jimmy and company all of the goofing off and fooling around added some value to the feature. There was also a photogallery, a cumshot recap, a cast list, and 6 trailers to shows like Beyond the Call of Booty 2, Double Vision, Jailbait 4, This Butt’s 4 U #3, Cum In My Ass, Not In My Mouth 5, The Art of the Cum Fart, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 2, Anal Cavity Search 3, Anal Prostitutes On Video 4, Jailbait 3, Beyond the Call of Booty 1, A Sperm Load A Day, and Canadian Beaver on the double disc set.

Destiny seemed willing to do it all.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3 was presented in a newly shot 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Erik Everhard for distribution by Jules Jordan Video. The lighting was largely even and plentiful so there was not a lot of grain or other visual issues to complain about. The camera angles always favored the women, making them look as good as possible, though usually at the expense of Erik. The camera was steady and the editing kept poor footage at a minimum, making it one of the better looking releases by Erik (not the best since a few of the scenes looked kind of washed out at times). Jimmy Scaffnetti worked the camera most of the time and my biggest issue from previous releases (the softer focus) was largely taken care of in a favorable manner; adding to the heat of the sex for me. I could fuss about minor matters (again, it’s what I do though the mid level 6 Mbps bitrate never appearing to be an issue) but in general; it was a solid looking show. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English at 192 Kbps, with minimal separation between the channels but all the vocals meant to be heard were clearly discernable. There wasn’t a lot of thumping music as others use and the sounds of the sexual activity were picked up nicely by the built in microphone on the camera. In short, the technical matters were fairly solid all around, better than a number of Erik’s other gonzo titles of late.

Body of Review: Erik Everhard currently holds a revered place in my opinion for providing more “fuck for the buck” than almost any current producer of quality porn these days; his works at Jules Jordan Video almost always coming in double disc packages that are twice as long as many of his peers. His performance abilities are also spoken of highly by people in the industry but that’s just the icing on the cake from where I sit, my appreciation for his works enough for me to do my best to review all of them. In his latest movie, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3: Special Edition, the sequel to Innocent Until Proven Filthy 2, Erik provides a series of six scenes that combine his brand of humor with the heated sexual antics he is known to provide, the man giving his fans almost four hours of entertainment. High on replay value and sporting a cast of attractive ladies, the movie shows all of them giving solid performances that amount to another notch on the director’s belt. That said, if you’re still interested in the details, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Amy Ried, the hotty featured on the left side of the front cover, was up first as she drove her truck into the mansion with Jimmy tailing her. She was wearing a loose white dress that looked great on her and he continued to stalk her like a slavering fanboy, peeping in the windows until he eventually saw her climbing into the lap of studly Erik Everhard. The couple was going at it and pawing each other while they kissed, her juices flowing on the couch as both began to disrobe. Erik went down on her and she reciprocated with a fine hummer; the pair eventually moving across the rooms to the staircase where they couldn’t get enough of each other. This led them to actively screwing vaginally on another nearby couch where she only slowed down during the inevitable anal (her dirty talk still helping make it a better scene). She jerked him off into her mouth, savoring his population pudding before the camera faded away. I wish there had been more tease at the beginning of the scene but it was still a solid performance by both of them.

Scene Two: Nika, the lean brunette on the middle of the right side of the cover dressed up like a stripper cop, was up next as she “busted” Mr. Marcus for not keeping his 2257 paperwork in order enough to impress Steve Holmes. The silly charges of racism by Marcus aside, it was funny how Erik Everhard gave up his pal to the FBI; Steve almost making the role his own except for his accent. Erik focused his attention on Nika’s sweet little body and she was clearly in the mood to use her nightstick (as well as the growing on Marcus had in his pants) so it came as no surprise that she dropped to her knees during the search to inspect him extra closely. She sucked him until he was too large for her mouth, taking off his handcuffs as she inhaled his rod enthusiastically, Erik joining in for some oral loving as Marcus hammered her pussy raw. This continued until Steve joined them with all three men drilling her rapidly from both ends, giving her ass a workout before the DP and airtight routine showed her to possess no limits. All three men unloaded on her face by the end of the scene and while I’m not a fan of guys rubbing their dicks together, she provided a second scene worthy of our director.

Scene Three: Diana Doll, the curvy blond seen on the middle of the top of the cover, was the last scene of the first disc, the lady masturbating and checking out the house until she was wearing some sexy red lingerie and taking pictures of herself to impress Erik Everhard. Her sneaky way of gaining his attention was to use his camera to take sexy shots and then leave the camera where he’d find it. When he stumbled across the pictures, he liked what he saw and the rest resulted in a heated little pairing between the couple moments later. He ate her out and they moved to the bedroom for her to slob his knob, Erik fingering her frantically as both of them displayed a need for seed in their own way. Her love of cock was well shot and once she was properly warmed up, she was quite energetic during the penetrative sex (though it admittedly took too long). She gave some more oral to the rod, doing taste testing as though she liked her own sweet juices, and then took the pop shot into her mouth without swallowing. Like the other scenes, she was not at her very best here but she still provided a pretty decent showing.

Scene Four: Renna Ryan, the extremely cute gal seen on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was the first scene of the second disc and what a hotty she turned out to be! I’m not keen on wedding attire but she wore her veil and lingerie nicely with the bouquet in hand, Erik Everhard getting the most out of her as assistant Jimmy watched. The risqué manner of posing warmed up the room considerably and during a break, Erik joined her in the bathroom to help her out, soon finding his tongue up her ass crack and crotch as she moaned in pleasure. Erik was slightly driven during the oral but he couldn’t wait for a lengthy blowjob as he wanted to tap that fine cookie quickly; resulting in his pounding it like he was back in one of his trances. Her vocals got repetitive but she was appreciative of his efforts, Jimmy almost acting as a cock blocker until the happy couple went to the bed for further sexual fun. This was another lopsided pairing considering how little pumping she did during the scene (making it better for those of you that like passive gals) but she took the facial well enough and if she had swallowed it, she’d have earned enough points to make this worthy of replaying.

Scene Five: Aubrey Addams and Jocelyn George, the pair of blonds on the recessed portion of the middle of the cover (underneath the “3” of the title), were up next as they came over to the house of Erik Everhard to have a small pool party. Aubrey is one of the cutest gals in porn these days and she schemed to get her friend actively involved in some carnal activity, so they donned their bikinis and laid out by the pool for awhile. This led to their oiling each other up and showing some lesbian fun, tasting each other nicely in the bright sun before going to the bedroom with Erik for a complete scene. The amount of kissing added to the fun as did the oral that all three of them provided; the ladies not quite able to handle Erik’s package as passionately as possible but still providing ample coverage just the same. Aubrey took the dick inside her cookie first, seeming to enjoy it more than Jocelyn, but Erik took it slow with her to help break her in which added a different kind of appeal to the scene altogether. They managed several positions each with Aubrey getting a thumb up her perfect pucker but only a thumb, leading to the ladies sharing the semen with a kiss after Aubrey milked Erik’s cock during some PTOGM.

Scene Six: Destiny, the lean gal seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover in pink & black lingerie, was up last and she started with a naughty strip tease that had her giving the camera knowing looks as it got right up on her to showcase her moves. The tease led to some anal play by Erik Everhard with a toy on her backdoor, Destiny looking kind of wasted as he plunged the glass dildo inside of her. She gave him a decent POV blowjob that proved she was no stranger to a cock in her mouth, the gal getting increasingly enthusiastic as time went on. The screwing by the pair was less accomplished as she was only moderately active much of the time, but the intermittent oral they engaged in from time to time elevated the scene a bit more that usual. The anal took awhile and she acted like he was too large to handle, Erik going uncharacteristically slow as he worked his pecker into her ass; eventually dropping a load into her mouth before the credits rolled.

Summary: Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3 by director Erik Everhard for Jules Jordan Video was a lengthy set of six scenes that provided a decent amount of value but also had a number of the ladies not up to Erik’s standards in terms of giving passionate performances. I had little doubt that they were enjoying his attentions and getting off at least a little bit but I’ve seen ladies on video and real life practically jumping his bones because they wanted him so badly and that was rarely the case displayed here so I rated it a respectable Recommended. In short, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3: Special Edition was not quite as heated overall as Innocent Until Proven Filthy 2 was but it was still a lot of fun with a number of scenes sporting significant replay value so give it a look if you get the chance.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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