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Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Abbey Brooks in the shower.  (click for trailer)


Vivid Entertainment

Amber Peach in a solo scene.

Genre: Gonzo, BBW

Director: Shylar Cobi

Amber Peach and John E. Depth.

Cast: Abbey Brooks, Amber Peach, John E. Depth, Tommy Gunn, Angelica Sin, Voodoo, Ms. Panther, Alan Stafford, Carmella Bing, April McKenzee, Van Damage, Marcos Banderas, Charles Dera, Nick Manning

Length: 167:51 minutes

Abbey Brooks about to take on Tommy Gunn.

Date of Production: 8/2/2007

Angelica Sin and Voodoo in the garage.

Extra's: Most people will appreciate the 31:46 minutes worth of bonus scenes from movies such as The American Dream, Call Girl Confidential, Loving Taylor, Lux's Life, Nameless, all of which are described below. There was also an interesting 20:20 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Graham Crack Herr that spent some time interviewing the ladies as well as showing some of their sex from the scenes. The focus was on Abbey Brooks more than anyone else, making sense since this was her showcase feature for the company. With a positions room, a photogallery, a set of trailers and a set of other titles advertised on the second side of the cover, the spam at the front and back of the production was only a nuisance since it could be skipped.

Ms. Panther washing the car.

Condoms: None

Carmella Bing and April McKenzee busted!

Audio/Video Quality: Curvaceous was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director Shylar Cobi for Vivid Entertainment under their new BBW line called Vivid Plus. For those unfamiliar with his background, Shylar has been the right hand man to many directors at Vivid for years now, picking up a lot of tips along the way. This title was presented in the SD format (for now) as shot in HDV1080i to provide a lot of resolution supporting some of the effects (looking a lot like a B. Skow flick, probably because the guy worked camera here). The lighting was well handled and this added to the pleasure of watching the gals in play as the scenes gave them enough freedom to explore. The composition of the camera angles and lighting were almost always optimal this time, Shylar seeing fit to try and enhance the look of the ladies at every turn as possible. The fleshtones were accurate this time and the DVD mastering was well done (if in a bitrate hovering around the mid 4 Mbps area), making it a mixed bag in terms of visual quality; leaning towards above average. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps) offering with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. For some reason, the levels were about the same as usual but aside from the added background noise, the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal track nonexistent (though some of the musical bits did come from multiple speakers).

The ladies comparing asses before the orgy!

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Body of Review: Shylar Cobi has long been one of the nicest guys at Vivid Entertainment, assisting various people in making movies while keeping a low profile. Every year, I run into him at the AEE show and manage to see when he's going to direct, making last year's claim of "soon" a reality earlier this year thanks to shows like Curvaceous, a fine little title for fans of BBW (big, beautiful women) that chubby chasers will definitely want to investigate. The light plot this time involved Abbey Brooks getting married but planning a big bachelorette party for her friends, all of them engaging in carnal activities along the way to the alter. The plot really didn't go anywhere and really wasn't needed but it was fun and showed Abbey's first scene with a guy as well as Shylar's willingness to mix things up by showing solo scenes along side the usual action. The cover said it like this: "Talk about heavy petting! Welcome to Vivid Plus, a celebration of big, beautiful ballers. Abbey is about to get married, but first she's going to party in a big way. As she and her friends get ready to celebrate, we watch each girl shower, powder and play with their pussies until they come. On the way to the party, Abbey sleeps with her lover one last time. Her sister fucks her boyfriend every which way. Her best friend has to blow a cop to avoid a ticket... and more! When all the girls arrive at the party, the real show really begins -- with three male strippers who arrive as entertainment. A big-time orgy ensues, and Abbey must decide once and for all if marriage is really for her. Curvaceous. This could be the start of something big." If that sounds interesting to you, here's a quick look at the varied scenes, noting condoms were only used in a single bonus scene but not the movie itself:

Scene One: Abbey Gets Wet: Abbey Brooks, the bundle of joy featured on the front DVD cover, wa sup first as she masturbated in the shower. It was a short scene but showed her in all her curvy glory, the streaming water helping get the gal off until she was interrupted by her frisky friend.

Scene Two: Sun Bathing: Amber Peach, a chunky chick that has put on some weight of late, was up next as she masturbated on a lounge chair by the pool on a sunny day. In the BTS, she admitted she would be burnt the next day and she was coated in oil before the scene technically advanced to the next level.

Scene Three: Poolside Passion: Amber Peach, now bent over in her chair and receiving some additional oil from partner John E. Depth, was up next as he warmed her up using his hand. There was some spanking too but she took charge of his meat to provide a seductive blowjob as she rubbed herself some more. This continued until they went under the shade of the awning, John pounding her plentiful pussy as she screamed in pleasure. She became more active as the scene continued, her riding skills nicely played with some intermittent oral (PTM) that had the interracial couple appreciating each other soundly. The action ended when she jerked out his wad of population pudding, covering her mouth before the next scene was up.

Scene Four: Running Late: Abbey Brooks, still in the bathroom getting ready, was up next in what was billed as her first scene with a guy; the lucky lady winning out by getting studly Tommy Gunn. He ate her out and she was also overly vocal but the projected dynamic always led me to think she was enjoying herself in the process of the scene being shot. His fingering led to her showing what a great cocksucker she was, the couple moving to the bedroom with an abrupt edit that struck me as weak (an area in need of polishing up) but him drilling her cookie pretty hard to her delight. She was only active when on top of him where she could pump her hips but it was a lengthy scene all the same; the minor flaws left in to protect the chemistry they shared and energy they projected. It eventually resulted in Tommy rubbing out a load to her abdomen and Abbey giving him some post coital head; showing her entry into full sex scenes as pretty decent overall.

Scene Five: Helping Miss Brooks: Angelica Sin, a large gal that has been in porn for years, was up next as she took Voodoo to the garage to assist her with a project. The project turned out to be getting her off and the pair seemed to appreciate each other much like the others in the movie did; Angelica's oral skills certainly worthy of being applauded. She slobbed his knob aggressively and showed him her ample titties were made for titty fuck action, the gal acting most playful as she manipulated his penis. This led to some limited 69 action and a straight screw; her pussy enveloping his dick as her labia wrapped around him so effectively. Using the car for leverage, he bent her over to give her a bone of her own, the sweaty gal pushing back on his dick to get as much of it as she could; even demanding he slap her ass. The ending titty fuck coated her chin(s) with semen and the scene finished up.

Scene Six: Car Wash: Ms. Panther, a short but heavyset black gal, was up next as she washed the car in the driveway on the sunny day; getting herself wet and naked in the process during the urban music thumping in the background. Alan Stafford, a scrawny white male, had been watching her tease show and pursued her, running up behind her in a display of jungle love that soon had her inhaling his cock with her mouth. There was some titty fucking going on here and she had the breasts to do it, the vaginal plowing taking place mostly inside where they used the pool table to full effect. She alternated between actively riding his cock and passively taking whatever he gave her, the gal milking his nuts of semen in no time onto her chest.

Scene Seven: Traffic Stop: Carmella Bing and April McKenzee, out getting ready for the big party, were up next when they were pulled over by creepy policeman Van Damage along the road. He pulled them over because April was getting dressed in the car, her breasts showing in public. The public servant was looking for some pubic servants so they worked out a creepy deal where the ladies offered to play with him in exchange for sexual favors. The ladies double teamed his knob and his inability to easily obtain an erection didn't last that long even if his nasty skin condition made me wince more than watching a ball buster title. The ladies seemed to appreciate serving and protecting the law man though, overlooking his physical flaws and very modest sized penis; draining him dry using their mouths and titties without any penetrative sex.

Scene Eight: Stripper Party: Abbey Brooks, Amber Peach, Carmella Bing, April McKenzee, Marcos Banderas, Charles Dera, and Nick Manning, were up next at the pool party where the majority of the cast went crazy. The gals sucked cock as if trying to win a trophy and the men were generally quiet except for Nick turning on his usual charm (cough). There were multiple women on the guys and lots of hardcore screwing in the lengthy scene, the majority of the footage shot in close up fashion that was not my favorite approach to capture their assets the very best. The camera was active in trying to get as much of the footage as possible, the editing in need of polishing up but usually decently enough handled. The scene had a lot of replay value due to the many cast members going at it during the same time, the facials and abdomen pop shots closing the scene and movie out to the rolling credits.

Bonus Scene: Loving Taylor: Taylor St. Clare, a legendary brunette in the porn world, known far and wide for her oral skills, started off the scene by giving Randy a blowjob with a titty fuck. It wasn't as long lasting (the blowjob not the penis) as usual and they quickly went to screwing on a bed. He took her from behind, switched to missionary and then she coaxed his load out on her waiting tongue with her mouth and hand. It was a pretty warm scene that I enjoyed.

Bonus Scene: Call Girl Confidential: Devon Lee and Friday, both busty gals with a few extra eye pleasing pounds on their frames, were already having sex with scrawny James Deen in the motel room when the next scene started. He was banging Devon while Friday kept close, the gal sucking on Devon's nipples and kissing her before getting in on the action with his cock. Friday was actually an even more aggressive rider here and the relative lack of oral by the trio did not harm the show, especially considering the manner in which everyone kept in character. Devon was on assist for awhile but also engaged in some PTM/PTOGM and while the scene wasn't as heated as the previous two, there was some strokable material contained within it. James finished up with a minimal titty pop on Devon, the fluid barely showing up in the slightly dark room.

Bonus Scene: Lux's Life: Sara Stone, a cute gal with huge breasts and a few extra pounds with pretty eyes, played at being the assistant to dumb old Nick (who treated her like crap as part of the role). She carried his luggage and Marcus' too but it was Trent Tesoro as the behind the scenes cameraman that got his knob slobbed in POV fashion. I would have liked to see some titty fucking but she has long been established as an oral queen and she didn't let Trent (or me) down with her virtuoso skills with a meat pipe. There was some funny dialogue where Nick got shot down by Lux (go Lux!) but Sara's tease and hummer were short and sweet; well worth checking out.

Bonus Scene: Nameless: Amber Peach, a cutie with light hair and an all natural body was up next with Tony T. as they got to know one another outside on an overcast day. She was young enough to still have some of her baby fat and silly demeanor that time seems to carve away at in most of us. Tony seemed ill at ease treating her like a human being so my initial hesitation at his presence eased up a bit when they moved over to the hot tub. She claimed that she liked being dominated and while her sexual skills weren't all that well defined; the oral and vaginal went fairly well. He pulled her hair and made with a little of his mouthy talk but nothing as offensive as he usually gets so it wasn't bad. Heck, she came off as the most natural performer of the movie most of her scene, adding to the replay value for anyone wanting a fresher approach. It ended in the mechanical facial manner porn seems to demand but I hope to see more of her in the future based solely on this scene.

Bonus Scene: The American Dream: Flower Tucci, an American anal queen with lots of junk in her trunk, Daphne Rosen, a busty brunette with a seriously depraved attitude, and Jay Huntington were up next in the men's bathroom. Flower pissed standing up at the urinal, proving her "squirting" abilities to be an extension of her powerful bladder control, with Tony getting a bit of a hummer that was interrupted when Jay took over. Okay, I'm not keen on Daphne's implants but at least the gals showed him a good time as they worked him over with a double team method. For his part, Jay was looking more ripped and cut than I think I've ever seen him, the gals seemingly into the body builder physique he was sporting as they felt each other up while blowing him. The techno music was a chore but the penetrative sex was hot, from Daphne's vaginal to Flower's anal, even if the water work show weakened it for me a bit. The gals switched it up a bit and did a lot of taste testing of his cock out of each other but the scene did not look as clear as I expected due largely to the limitations of the location in my opinion. It ended after both gals had all three of their holes ravaged, taking the facial and sharing it as though they were wanting even more.

Summary: Curvaceous by director Shylar Cobi for Vivid Entertainment was an early effort but still managed to show he has something on the ball, features being the most difficult genre to capture and rapidly becoming a lost art as gonzo continues to stay in the spotlight. If you like chunk chicks having fun though, I give this an unqualified Recommended since the ladies were all truly plus sized and having a good time with the men. In short, Curvaceous was what it was advertised to be and while I would have liked to see the plot either carried forth a bit more or dropped altogether, I think Shylar will prove to be an even more talented director if given the chance to hone his craft a bit more in future efforts. Good job!


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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