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Playgirl's Erotic Collection

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 2/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Studio: Playgirl TV                                           

Producer: Trans Digital Media                               

Director: None Credited                   

Distributor: Wicked Pictures

Number of Disc: 4

Length: 1 hr. 49 mins. Disc 1 & Disc 2, Disc 3: 1hr. 23mins.

Release Date: 11/1/2007

Category:  All Sex

Condoms: No

Genre:  Couples, Letterboxed, Straight, What Girls Want, Box set

What is your  Secret Fantasy??

Audio/Video: Playgirl’s Erotic Collection  distributed by Wicked Pictures, and  presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound in Full Screen format. The lighting in some scene was somewhat  dark with some minor shadowing Each  scene  lighting  was different  due to the  nature of the  scene and  keeping with the   romantic  aspect of  setting. The flesh tone was realistic, clear, and crisp. The  music used for each of the scenes  has a  very  nice  slow tempo, nothing that was too hard on the  ears and  very  enjoyable  keeping in  tune with the  scene itself. They could have done better with the lighting especially in the darker scenes were extra lighting would have been a plus.

Every Woman's Fantasy Manuel Ferrer

Performers:  Alex Rox, Aurora Snow, Avena Lee, Brandi May, Cassie Courtland, Chris Cannon, Chris Evans, Christian, Dani Woodward, Derrick Pierce, Eva Angelina, Evan Stone, Faith Leon, Frank Gunn, Gianna Lynn, Grant Michaels, Harmony Rose, James Deen, Jean Val Jean, Johnny Cobalt, Katrena Starr, Kelly Kline, Kris Knight, Kyle Moore, Lexi Love, Mandy Bright, Marie Luv, Mario Rossi, Mia Bangg, Mia Smiles, Misty May, Niko, Penny Flame, Randy Spears, Reno, Rita Faltoyano, Sharon Wild, Sintia Stone, Steven St. Croix, Tiffany Taylor, Tyler Knight, Violet Blue, Voodoo

Who is  this  Masked Man???

Overview: Playgirl’s titles seem to have a hit or miss quality about them. Playgirl’s Erotic Collection  is an erotic soft core DVD made for first timers and women that do not enjoy the hard core genre of the adult movies. They will find this collection more than suitable for their taste. Even the covers of all Playgirl DVD are made specially to attract a woman's desires at the point of purchase. Playgirl gives you the typical romantic get-together without the intense circus acts that are a turn off for so many. There is also abundance bonus material including a solo male masturbation scene which you can either pass or watch. PlayGirl  did its  best to  find the  best  scenes from PlayGirl TV and   bring it together in this  collection.

Disc 1: Body Worship

Length: 1 hrs. 49 mins.

Release Date: 2/21/2007

Production Year: 06/28/2006

Synopsis: There are some desires so monumental you must give in. You must obey. Fall to your knees, raise your voice. Give yourself over. You have no choice.

Performers:  Aurora Snow, Christian , Derrick Pierce, Eva Angelina, Frank Gunn, Gianna Lynn, Harmony Rose, James Deen, Jean Val Jean, Kelly Kline, Mandy Bright, Mario Rossi, Misty May, Niko, Ramon, Rita Faltoyano, Steven St. Croix

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, French Composer, Bonus Solo Scene with Ramon, Behind the Scenes: American Classic, Trailers, Company Information, Web Site Information, Parental Lock, DVD-ROM Compatible

French Composer w/Eva Angelina &  Jean Val Jean

Extras: As  with all  Playgirl titles the  amount of  extras is  what  sells the   title and in this  title  you have  the  solo scene with Ramon which  didn’t  do anything  for me and you have the  BTS from American Classic with Rita Faltoyano and  Derrick Pierce who at the   time of  production was  considered  fairly new  talent at the   time with only   five months  under  his  belt  at the time of production. They both discuss their backgrounds in and out of the world of porn and how much they enjoy what they do for a living. You also have “French Composer with Jean Val Jean and Eva Angelina in which  Jean is  teaching Eva how to  play the piano and the  student  ends up teaching the  teacher a  few  new tricks of her own.

American Classic w/ Rita Faltoyano& Derrick Pierce

Scene 1:  Private Dancer w/ Jean Val Jean & Harmony

This first scene starts with a very   lean and young Jean Val Jean giving Harmony a very special private dance back at her room. Being the sole focus of her attention Harmony is all hands when it comes to   Jean’s lean tight body. Harmony  ends up getting her  way with him and more than she  bargained for   with him  taking control and   giving her  more than what  she  wants in  her own personal  private dancer that  dances her into an intense orgasm.

Scene 2:Live on Film w/Christian & Kelly Kline

 Shooting porn and actually being part of the scene is what happens here with Kelly. As  Kelly  goes on to  do a photo shoot  with Christian,  she gets very  worked up  watching him take off his  clothes for the  camera and  leaves the  camera taping while  they get it on.

Scene 3: Prisoner of Fantasy w/ James Deen & Mandy Bright



The darkest and erotic of all dreams comes true here for Mandy when she dreams of all the men in her life and of those she has had sexual relations with. Each of the men arouses her senses but none like James Deen. Touching her through  sheer  fabric , he  works  his magic on her stimulating her  mind and  body  caressing her  body with is  tongue. James takes his time bring them both to a shattering orgasm.

Scene 4: The Wet Elevator w/ Frank Gunn & Gianna Lynn

A dark  and  dreary  warehouse is  where this next  scene  leads us  with Frank watching from  a  window as the  beautiful Gianna Lynn is  pouring  buckets of water  over her overheated  body . Knowing that he is watching her she does everything in her powers to seduce him mentally, Frank gives into the visual seduction joining her. There is some nice   water play before they both get each other wet and primed for a naughty night of hot sex outdoors. 

Scene 5: Let Me In w/ Steven St. Croix & Aurora Snow

This next scene takes on a futuristic look when it comes to Aurora Snow and Steven St.Croix. Aurora goes on enter his mind and   eventually transports herself into his bed with the going  forward to having some  futuristic kinky  sex.

Scene 6: Fondling his Pool Stick w/ Mario Rossi & Misty May

Next up is Misty who has gotten into some trouble with the law meets up with the arresting officer at the local pool hall. She tries to get inside his head and pants while playing with his pool stick. After some teasing and taunting she gets to work on his “cue stick” in the middle of the pool table. Mario gives in as well and makes sure he nails the balls in the right pocket.

Scene 7: Priest w/ Niko & Eva Angelina



This final scene happens to be the most intense and most erotic of them all. It opens up in a church confessional with Eva in the other booth confessing to Niko. While Niko is listening to her confession his own thoughts wander to nailing Eva in the back of the  church. The sex between Niko and Eva is  very intense and   worth watching more than once. Niko ends up having is way  with Eva in the  back  vestibule and leaving  her  out of  breathe , flustered and  wanting   more.


Disc 2: Stripped

Length: 1 hr. 49 mins.

Release Date: 10/3/2006

Production Year: 03/02/2006

Synopsis: Strip away inhibitions. Strip away rules. Strip away the artifice. It's time to dive in.

Performers:  Avena Lee, Cassie Courtland, Chris Cannon, Christian , Evan Stone, Faith Leon, Grant Michaels,  Kris Knight, Lexi Love, Marie Luv, Mia Smiles, Penny Flame, Randy Spears, Reno, Sharon Wild, Tyler Knight, Violet Blue, Voodoo

-- sponsored by --

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Skid Romance, Interview with Austin Gregory, Behind the Scenes, Slide Show, Trailers, Web Site Information, Company Information, Parental Lock, DVD-ROM Compatible.

 Skid Romance

Extras: In Playgirl’s Stripped , again  like the others is  loaded  with  extras that couples might  enjoy. You have “Skid Romance” which is too dark to really enjoy or even make out who the performers are because of the poor lighting. Then you have the BTS of Passions Potion which was fairly decent with Reno and Marie Luv. I did enjoy the  interview with male stripper and dancer Austin Gregory who  goes on to  say how much he  enjoys  dancing. He goes on to say about what he looks for in a woman and how passionate he is . Austin is one cowboy I would love to meet in person!

Passions Potion w/ Reno &  Marie  Luv

Erotic Dancer/ Stripper Austin

Scene 1: Randy Spears – w/ Avena Lee

In a warehouse setting, Randy Spears walks in wearing a tight white tank top, ripped jeans, and boots. In the majority of this scene Randy is talking to the camera while in the other half he is masturbating with some help  Avena Lee who  appears to him in his  fantasy. Avena kisses  caresses his body. Randy guides her hand to his shaft showing her how he likes to be touched until he  climaxes.

Scene 2: Secret Rendezvous w/ Chris Cannon & Mia Smiles

Dressed in formal attire, Chris Cannon and Mia Smiles spend  a romantic evening together. They are outside  slow dancing  on the patio by a fire pit. Chris removes her dress as they grind their bodies together. The two exchange oral sex and have intercourse in the standing doggy style position. Mia props herself up on the patio chair as Chris grabs her from behind, and then in from the front. Chris makes sure Mia as her orgasm first  before he  unloads.

Scene 3: An Experimental Twist w/  Kris Knight &  Penny Flame

 As a  chemist, Penny  finds herself working  long hard hours on  her latest project  in  creating the perfect man. She has  spent countless hours sitting  behind a computer and  admits that the soul purpose of her creation was to do nothing but please her. Just then, the man materializes on the round bed in the middle of the room. Penny removes her lab coat approaching the naked man . Penny at this  point is  overjoyed at her  success and  begins to  show it.  They exchange mutual oral on the other then Penny rides him. They switch positions with Penny being  on th4e  bottom and  Kris unloads on her stomach.

Scene 4: Lancelot & Genevieve w/ Evan Stone & Faith Leon

Genevieve patiently is waiting on her Lancelot to meet her. In what is suppose to be a very secluded spot, Evan rides up  on a white horse quickly joining her on the blanket. The  two lovers  proceed to kiss  removing the  many layers of clothing. Evan then makes his  way under her  dress to eat her  out and Faith then  goes down on him. Faith mount up to  ride  Evan for a bit before  switching over to spoon with  Evan unloading on her  stomach.

Scene 5: The Bathtub w/ Christian & Violet Blue

Playing outdoors can be fun especially if its with a lot of water. Christian and Violet are enjoying an outdoor sponge bath with all the perks including some very nice oral on each other. As  they  drench the other in water  they  also get into  some heated  sex over the  bath  tub as well with the cumshot going  to her stomach.

Scene 6: Weekend In Cabo w/ Grant Michaels &  Cassie Courtland

In a private resort in Cabo , Cassie and Grant Michaels, go skinny dipping in the pool. They had . They kiss and fondle each other while  sitting in a beach  chair before exchanging oral sex. The two  go at it  the missionary position on the lounge chair before Grant loses his load all over Cassie’s body.(  This one you can  pass.. it  did nothing for me.. Grant  doesn’t have the heat level  that the  rest of the  male  cast has in this collection. )

Scene 7: 50’s Fantasy – Voodoo

This is the second male masturbation scene on this DVD, this on starring Voodoo. He is outside of a 50’s diner washing his classic car. He gets hot from the sun beating down on him so he removes his shirt and sprays his body with the hose to  cool himself off. As  he starts to get turned on and  makes sure that no one is watching he unzips his pants  to  play with himself. He  Little does he know that a girl in a poodle skirt and tight sweater is watching him from behind. Voodoo climaxes  it is not seen on camera. The girl that  had  been secretly watching him revealed herself  embarrassing  Voodoo to no avail.

Scene 8: Hot Property w. Chris Cannon & Sharon Wilde

Chris seems interested in the house that  Sharon has  been  giving him a  tour  of, but even more  so interested in Sharon  who standing right in front of him. They pause on the large staircase were he reaches over to  kiss They  go at it on the  stairwell and exchange oral action on the  other. Chris passionately grabs Sharon’s boobs as she rides him reverse cowgirl  on the stairs. In the end, Chris pulls out and explodes on her pussy.

Disc 3: Secret Lovers

Length: 1 hr. 23 mins.

Release Date: 6/15/2006

Production Year: 05/21/2005

Synopsis: Behind the closed doors of the heart, where dreams and desires take hold and reality fades into a hazy memory, there is a power... Set your passions free and embrace what your mind has whispered all along...After all, everyone deserves a secret lover...

Performers:  Alex Rox, Brandi May, Chris Evans, Dani Woodward, Jerry, Katrena Starr, Kris Slater, Mia Bangg, Niko , Promise, Randy Spears, Sintia Stone, Steven St. Croix, Tiffany Taylor

The  Judges Savanna Samson & Joanna  Dark

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Pink Pictures, Behind the Scenes with Chris Evans, Playgirl Centerfold Moon, Slide Show, Trailers, Promo Reel, Parental Lock, DVD-ROM Compatible.

Contestant for  Playgirl Centerfold "Moon"

Extras:  What I  enjoyed  most  about the extras on this  disc, was the   dance off the ebony stud Moon who danced his way into the  hearts of the ladies that night as well as the  judges Joanne Dark and  Vivid Girl Savanna Samson. Moon strutted his  stuff twice during the  fifteen minute segment  where he  gave  some insight to the how’s and  why’s of him dancing  for the ladies and wanting to  win the  contest. Being that this is an older title I wonder what ever did become of Moon and his very nice assets. The BTS with Chris Evans didn’t phase me at all... it sounded more to me about a man stroking his ego and not a very good looking one at that. Chris went on to discuss his likes and dislikes in woman and mentioned the companies he has worked for. Now as far as the “Pink Picture” goes with Christian and Joleen, I didn’t see what they were trying to get across. The scene starts on a girlie set complete with bubbles flying over head and pink backdrop. Christian and Joleen were supposed to be showing the camera just how passionate and sensual they can be. Boy where they ever wrong! There was no chemistry at all between the performers and she didn’t look as if she was into him at all. It was so slow moving and boring even for my own taste. I would skip “Pink Picture “  and  enjoy watching Moon dance again.

Pink Picture w/ Christian& Joleen

Scene 1: Gone With the Wind w/ Steven St. Croix & Tiffany Taylor

Every  woman has  the  same  fantasy  when it  comes to  Scarlet  O’Hara and Rhett Butler  some more  risqué than  others. In this  first  scene  we have  Scarlet and  Rhett  reuniting after the  war was over and  Rhett as   come  back to rekindle the  fire and desire  between  them. Rhett grabs Scarlet in his arms and proceeds to kiss her in the fashion she so deserves. Rhett has his way with her on the stairway taking her in several positions on the stair well before   Rhett unloads on her round bottom.

Scene 2: Blue Collar w/ Chris Evans & Brandi May

Men and  women have both  been guilty  of watching  the  contractors when it  comes to  remodeling  the home and Brandi is  very  guilty  of it. Brandi finds herself attracted to the handy man Chris who has been hired by her father to do some work in the house. As she watches on he pours water down the front of his chest to cool him off but all that does is heat up Brandi even more. Brandi makes her moves on him. After an  oral  fest on the other Chris lays her down on the  marble  bench taking her in missionary  style until he  pops  on her  stomach.

Scene 3: As You Wish w/ Alex Rox & Dani Woodward

Being waited on hand and foot is something most women enjoy and here we have  Dani  enjoying  the pleasures of her own fantasies . Coming from a well to do family Dani has  always  been  accustomed to having servants around the house.  Enjoying her afternoon tea, Dani  gives into her  desires and  begins  to  daydreaming  about the handsome male servant   Alex ,who has  been with  them since  she was a child. Her imagination runs wild as she thinks of all the possibilities of how good it  would  feel having him inside  of her especially after he has  his way with her   few  times.

Scene 4: Job Performance w/Jerry & Promise

Standing there watching the plumber attempt to   fix her pipes, Promise is  standing  in the doorway wearing a  white  sheer  nighty as the  Jerry  finishes his work. It’s not long before Jerry  and  Promise  go at it undressing  and exchanging  oral sex on the stairs. Promise gets the pleasure of riding Jerry and getting it from behind before he cums on her ass.

Scene 5: Fruits of their Labor w/Randy Spears & Katrena Starr

Every couple needs some alone time without the hassles of   the kids and everything else that takes the fizzle out of the romance. Randy and Kat take time for a romantic outing complete with a picnic basket in a very secluded area in the park. Randy  gets  fed a few  grapes  and they  each have a few  sips of  wine before  they  indulge in tasting and caressing  the other in  broad  daylight. They get even busier and deeper into the love making underneath the shade of the huge  tree behind them. The two are so into the other before Randy brings her to her orgasm and himself as well. The romance, chemistry, and heat level on this scene is very high making this one of my favorite scenes.

Scene 6: Mid-Summer Nights Dreams w/ Niko & Sintia Stone

Wanting to be  naughty with the pool  boy while  hubby  is  away is  tempting enough for  any woman its gets  worst  especially if  you cant  keep your  eyes  off of him and he is  Niko. Niko who is minding his own business cleaning the pool is the focal point of Sintia’s fantasy while sipping her drink in the pool. Her fantasy has Niko taking her from the pool over to the hot tub where he makes a meal out of and then shows her just how real her fantasy with her taking her in several different positions with Niko explodes onto her round bottom.

Scene 7: The Psychiatrist w/ Kris Slater & Mia Bangg

This final scene opens with Kris at the shrink’s office for a session with Mia about his insecurities when it comes to the ladies. As Mia pretends to listen and doodles in the note pad her thought wander elsewhere. Her thoughts go off to  Kris  having his way with her on the couch. In her fantasy  she  is rubbing her  body  up against him an he  pins her  down . They  both exchange  some  decent  oral on the other before Kris  claims her body in  mish  and   unloads on her stomach.

Disc 4: Wicked DVD Sampler: 2007 What Excites You Extras

Production Date: 12/04/06

Features: Bonus Sex Scenes, Trailers, Wicked DVD Catalog, Bios, Company Profile, More Adult Fun.

Wicked Pictures Trailers for:  Fuck, Manhunters, Becoming Carmen Hart, Curse Eternal, Harlequin, The Visitors, 1000 Words, Just Like That, Art Of Love, Women On Top, Honky Tonk Girl, Between The Sheets, 3 Wishes, The Fling, Gossip, All About Keri, Tiffany’s, Taken, House Sitter, Naked Illusions, SuperNatural.

Bonus Sex Scenes: Manhunters: w/ Jessica Drake, Carmen Hart, Kristen Price, Exotica

Jessica Drake, Exotica, Carmen Hart, and Kirsten Price, were up next in the movie's big lesbian contract gal orgy. Such scenes are incredibly tough to get right since balancing the types of sex with the performers; something I have long thought only directors Jim Holliday and Joone could handle consistently well. Thankfully, Brad did a fine job here as well and given the level of quality of the quartet, it worked better than I thought possible. The ladies liked one another without the cattiness some companies have fostered in the past, elevating the strokability and replay value as a result. There were 8 fingers in Kirsten (her first on camera anal, even if with a woman, too). The use of toys and a rapid tempo added to the fun here with the scene worthy of award consideration even if they didn't try to jump the shark as most gonzo scenes would have done (some confuse doing more tricks with doing better scenes, something I've discussed with numerous directors in the past at conventions). I agreed with the commentary comments about how wet the ladies looked too. Yum! (I only wish the picture had been shot on video since it took on a dull, grainy, look with muted colors.) Reviewed by Don Houston.

Curse Eternal: w/ Kaylani Lee & Randy Spears

Kaylani Lei, the lead gal of the movie as seen on the center of the front DVD cover, was up first with Randy Spears, as she played the long dead Queen Neferkala to his archeologist in her dark, lit by flames, chamber. The oral was fun and her energetic grinding and bouncing showed her elevated passion for the action. The mood of the movie was instilled nicely in this scene, from the sexual energy to the story itself, and few would argue that the sex was only made for "couples" sex. It ended with a facial and her inhaling his essence right out of him. Reviewed by Don Houston

Sleeping Around w/ Stormy Daniels & Randy Spears

Stormy Daniels, playing the role of a seductress after picking up Randy Spears in the club (as part of a revenge trick), essentially used all of his own tricks against him but by the time he caught on, he was trapped in her house, running for dear life. Randy overplayed the humor a little too much but once things settled down, they got just playful enough to really get into the scene. Her color scheme didn't change and she dominated him even more than her previous partners, this time overtly with a collar on him to denote ownership on her part. The combination of humor and sex was very well done with fine oral by both of them (hers was more teasing than anything though) before she very aggressively rode his rod to an orgasm. He then whipped off the rubber to drop his load onto her crotch, though she indicated she was going to attack him anally like his real name was "Kurt" as she brandished a strap on dildo. Sadly, that never happened but it was funny. Reviewed By Don Houston

Fuck: w/ Carmen Hart, Kristen Price, Katsumi, Mia  Smiles, Randy Spears, Chris Cannon, Eric Masterson, Tommy Gunn.

Dinner: Carmen Hart, Kirsten Price, Mia Smiles, and Katsumi, were up next as the main courses of a fancy dinner with unaccredited servants carrying them down a luxurious set of stairs to place on the table for Randy Spears, Chris Cannon, Eric Masterson, and Tommy Gunn, to play with. The pairings didn't really matter as the initial hummers gave way to various forms of screwing. Katsumi did an excellent (though short) anal ride and Mia tied with Carmen for title of the most active rider of the scene, with the semen patrol licking up the pop shots and cumswapping with the other ladies, fading out on Katsumi and Kirsten. Reviewed By Don Houston

Julia Ann Hardcore: w/ Julia Ann, Eric Masterson, John West, Jack Venice, and Marcus London

It seems as though a change in relationships has brought Julia to experiment with some of the more 'fringe' activities prevalent in a lot of pornography. A blow-bang is where four or more guys fuck the slop out of a woman's mouth before covering her in demon seed. To class up this vile behavior, all of the men are dressed in tuxedos and Julia Ann in an evening cocktail dress. Julia gets down on her knees and the circle of cock forms around her awaiting mouth. She works as many cocks as possible, always coming up a cock short. Even when she enlists her vag for some assistance we still see a guy pounding his pecker from time to time. This scene was shot in some spots with a cloudy lens that makes the scene look more Playboy than Hustler. That scene ends with all guys jerking off on her face and hot rack. Reviewed By  Colonel Mustard.

Final Thoughts: Playgirl’s Erotic  Collection has  a lot to offer  when it comes to  selling fantasies with a cast of beautiful men and woman  all working together to in  one  common  goal.. To bring you pleasure. It this  three  disc  set that’s  exactly  what was  done. In choosing three of there older  titles  they  selected what they  felt as the most  sensual and  erotic of them all bringing to the  collection  what  women are  sure to  enjoy, only one  did not  seem to belong among the  rest. I  thoroughly enjoyed  watching Moon and Austin and  feel  that  Playgirl should  bring that  feature  back.  The  two solo  male  scenes Randy  Spears and  Voodoo were  both  very well  done , for me to  sit and  watch  really   makes a  statement. If there was one story that really stood out in the entire set, it would have to be “The Priest” with Niko and Evan Angelina in  Body Worship. With all the fantasies and   desires men and women have that is the hottest scene ever! Granted that  all of them had  a  high heat level especially An Experimental Twist with  Penny  Flame. Playgirl’s  Erotic Collection impressed  the hell out of me and I look  forward   to more from Playgirl like  this  in the  future. As an  added bonus  there is a  fourth DVD Wicked Sampler which you cant resist in watching.. Great Work Playgirl!!!



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