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Studio: Falcon » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/25/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: August 2007

Directed By: Jett Black

The Movie:

An aspiring actor hitchhikes his way to Hollywood encountering horny dudes, seedy roadside diners, and a ruthless junkie killer along the lonesome desert highway.


Matthew Rush, Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes, Cort Donovan, Braxton Bond, Riley Burke, Tyler Riggz, Tyler Saint, Mason Wyler, Noah Driver, Eric Blane.

Run Time: 2 Hours and 6 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms: Yes!

The Dudes:

“Dare” offers up eleven sexy dudes with an excellent variety of black, brown, light brown, and blond hair; buzzed, closely cropped, short, and medium-length haircuts; muscle-bound, muscular, and toned body types; hairy and smooth chests; full and trimmed pubes; and cut ‘n uncut tools.

Scene One:

Roadside diner cashier Cort Donovan (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) catches his fry cook Noah Driver (cute with dark buzz cut, toned/smooth body) in the break room wanking on his big ‘n hard cut cock. Cort quickly slams together meals for his customers and practically breaks his neck high-tailing it back to that break room for some sweet lovin’! Horny Noah offers up his tasty bum allowing Cort to spread the cheeks exposing his tight hairy hole. Cort munches down in excellent close-up tonguing the pink pucker and eating the heck outta that bunghole. Hot! Noah sure does dig having his ass eaten and pulls his rigid pork while moaning ‘n groaning with pleasure. Cort blows Noah deep throat all the way down to closely trimmed pubes, slides his hungry mouth up ‘n down the stalk, licks the deep piss slit, and rubs Noah’s plump balls.

Noah is soon down on his knees yanking Cort’s black pants open revealing brown pubes, plump hairy nuts, and a large ‘n fat clipped tool. He grabs that big thang stroking the shaft, and cramming it down his insatiable gullet giving excellent head. Both dudes are very into each other and the action. “Oh yeah! Suck that dick!” Noah needs his butt fucked so he slides very slowly down on Cort’s chubby dong filling his tight chute with plenty of Grade A man meat. He humps up ‘n down going for a wild ride. Switching up, Cort fucks his coworker doggy style on a cheap folding chair fast, smooth, ‘n hard with plenty of excellent penetration shots and close-ups. After some frantic fucking in the missionary position where the dudes kiss with plenty of tongue, it’s time for them to cut loose. Noah shoots a thick load on his fist and stomach while Cort busts a large thick nut on Noah’s nuts, shortly trimmed pubes, inside thigh, and stomach. Hot!

Scene Two:

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Erik Rhodes (handsome with short dark brown hair, muscle-bound/smooth body) is filling his tank at a rundown desert gas station when Tyler Riggz (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) drives up. The dudes cruise and soon Erik is following him into a grimy men’s room. They stand next to each other at the urinals sneaking glances becoming bold as they stand across from one another pulling their hard pork. Erik yanks his big uncut cock giving his foreskin a nice workout while Tyler strokes his fat cut prick. The guys are quickly kissing with deep tongue and stroking each other off. Tyler sinks to his haunches taking Erik’s cock down his gullet, jacking the shaft, and sliding his mouth up ‘n down with excellent extreme close-ups of his wet tongue sliding under Erik’s foreskin. Hot! The guys kiss with plenty of wet tongue leading Erik to suck, lick, and pinch Tyler’s hard nipples and blow his fat clipped dong. He slides his mouth up ‘n down that chubby pole licking the plump knob, and giving some very tasty head.

Erik leans over the dirty sink allowing Tyler to spread his muscular butt cheeks apart exposing his tight shaved manhole and munch down eating some very hot ass. Erik digs the action filling the nasty bathroom with plenty of heavy breaths and moans. Tyler teases Erik stabbing his hot tongue into that tight ring and then rubbing his stiff tool between those beautiful buns. He fucks Erik fast ‘n smooth from behind with plenty of excellent penetration shots from behind as he slides in ‘n out. The dudes take their fuck fest to the floor where Erik holds onto an old trashcan while being drilled by his pickup. After some hot ‘n heavy screwing in the missionary position, Erik jerks off quickly working his foreskin and shooting a thick load on his stomach and inside thigh. Tyler beats off dumping thick spooge on Erik’s inside thigh. Hot!

Scene Three:

Get a group of horny dudes together, give ‘em plenty of beer, and have an instant six-way fuck ‘n suck orgy! Bar tender Matthew Rush (handsome with short brown hair, smooth muscle-bound body) orders very cute Mason Wyler (dark buzz cut, toned/smooth body) to his knees and crams his fast cut cock down his gullet. Mason digs dong and gives excellent head sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down. Dallas Reeves (cute with medium length blond hair, toned/lightly hairy body) chows down on Roman Heart’s (good-looking with dark hair, muscular/smooth body) big fat ‘n veiny cut meat giving very tasty head while Dallas pulls his own stiff clipped pork. Mason blows Eric Blain’s (good-looking with short brown hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) plump cut pole as Matthew watches stroking his dong and jacking Tyler Saint’s (handsome with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) hard clipped member. The dudes get down with all sorts of cock sucking switch ups gorging on all that rigid beef.

Matthew forces Mason to bend over against a table and Eric fucks him fast, smooth, ‘n hard doggy-style with very nice penetration shots from below. Mason has some very mouth-watering plump ‘n hangy nuts that slap around. Dallas is next in line filling Mason’s tight chute sliding in ‘n out with quick ‘n smooth strokes while Roman chows down on Matthew’s big cock. Matthew takes over on that tight hole pounding the ever-living heck outta Mason filling the room with loud shouts of lust as Mason clutches onto an empty beer bottle! Matthew goes crazy fucking like a madman. Tyler screws Roman from behind fast ‘n hard making him loudly moan as Eric drills Mason in the missionary position and Mason ‘n Dallas kiss with wet tongues. Screeching around the corner of pure lust, the dudes gather ‘round Mason and pull their collective pork shooting hot loads and covering their pal with plenty of hot cum. Mason yanks his hard uncut cock and shoots thick goo on his stomach.

Scene Four:

Cover dudes Braxton Bond (good-looking with short light brown hair, scruffy goatee, toned/smooth/tattooed body) and Riley Burke (cute with short dark hair, cool sideburns, toned/hairy body) find themselves spending the night in a cheap motel. Braxton has already made himself at home relaxing in bed wearing only tight white briefs when Riley joins him with a towel wrapped around his waist. The guys get down to some highly erotic deep soul kissing and body caressing taking their time nice ‘n slow. Riley kisses/licks his way down Braxton’s body pulling those briefs down revealing brown pubes, plump nuts, and a large cut cock. He licks the shaft, begins stroking with his right fist, and slides his mouth up ‘n down giving excellent head with some tasty deep throat. Braxton is eager to give as well as receive and soon deep throats Riley’s long clipped tool all the way down to that brown bush and some mouth-watering plump balls. Baxton gives very good head working his mouth up ‘n down the snake-like shaft with plenty of spit. Both dudes are very into each other and the action.

The dudes get down to more serious cock sucking via a side sixty-nine where they both go to down on those throbbing dongs leading Riley to straddle Braxton and rub his hairy butt crack against Braxton’s hard condom-clad pole. He sinks his tight lightly hairy bunghole down on that rigid tool very slowly to go accustomed with some very hot penetration shots from behind. Braxton takes his time to rhythmically hump up to fuck his buddy as they both fill the room with heavy breathing and moans. Switching to the side/missionary position, Braxton drills Riley fast, smooth, ‘n hard with excellent penetration shots while Riley pulls his stiff pork. Braxton has an itch to scratch too and is soon sliding his tight manhole up ‘n down Riley’s rigid dick fast ‘n hard. He rides that cock, baby! Riley fucks Braxton in the missionary position quick ‘n smooth with cool penetration shots from above and below. Riley shoots a thick load of jizz on Braxton’s lower stomach and Braxton busts a thick load of man pudding on his stomach. Hot!



“Dare” is shot on high quality video and presented in full frame with an aspect ratio of 1:33. The videography by Leif Gobo and Colby Taylor is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups and some extreme close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt fucking penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The 2.0 Dolby Digital sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes’ dialogue, the cool instrumental tunes by E.M. Diaz, and all the usual horny sounds of man-on-man sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and trailers for: “Rush and Release”, “Basic Plumbing 3”, “Long Board”, “The Farmer’s Son”, and “Riding Hard”. I’ve previously reviewed these titles and they are all Highly Recommended.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

Jett Black’s “Dare” is one heck of a turn-on! All of the aspects of a high quality production from Falcon that I’ve grown to expect are here: strong direction, excellent videography for the sex and non-sexual scenes, strong editing (this time by Leif Gobo), and an enjoyable instrumental score (E.M. Diaz). The movie has an actual plot with script written by Director Black that has the viewer caring about lead characters Braxton Bond and Riley Burke and the dudes give believable performances. All the dudes are appealing, are definitely into each other and the action, and give energetic sexual performances. I really liked all the dudes with my personal favorites being Erik Rhodes, Matthew Rush, Tyler Saint, Mason Wyler, Braxton Bond, and Tyler Riggz. I Highly Recommend. Fans of Falcon Studio releases will not be disappointed.

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