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Jenna's Ultimate Stroker

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/26/08

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Even in her newfound retirement, Jenna Jameson manages to provide fans with the stuff made of fantasy thanks to her latest high end vibrator, Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker from Doc Johnson. The vibrator is one of the few on the market to offer a lady a lot of choices in how to get off, including two vibrators in one, all controlled by a futuristic control panel at the base that converts the juice from four AA batteries (yes, FOUR of them!) into enough good vibrations to get your female friends juiced up in a whole different manner. The box it comes in was middle of the road; providing a small picture of the porn goddess herself in the upper left hand corner while simultaneously allowing the potential consumer free visual access to the toy itself on three sides of the packaging. If that sounds interesting to you, here’s a bit more to go on for you to see if this one might work for you:

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Okay, most vibrators are simple to operate, fairly cheap unless made out of some exotic material, and disposable since the motors tend to be fairly cheap (and not happy with water or other fluids gumming up the gears). The Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker is a cut above the pack though, generally retailing for about $129.95 or so, and worth every penny according to my assistant yesterday. First off, it has two vibrators; one in the butterfly clitoral stimulator and the other near the tip of the head portion used for insertion. Secondly, the 11 inch long toy is comprised of several sections as follows: the head is shaped like a penis (albeit a red one as this was the “strawberry” model) with a circle of six beads that rotate around the shaft about three inches from the tip; there is a built in assembly that thrusts the top portion a few inches too, a very soft red PVC coating, and a controller at the base with various options for the three switches to control the vibrators, the pumping, and the direction of the beads, each of them at varying speeds as shown by two LED readouts.

The number of combinations you can crank this baby up for is fairly extensive, or at least it seemed that way, and complicated enough to operate that Nadine got off best when I yielded the device myself. I tried it as a clit rubbing device (oh yeah!), an insertion toy (again, got a great response!), and even pushed it in to maximize the effect of the entire device with the clitoral stimulator working best on the “high” setting pushed against her with my second hand. The use of the stimulator on her anus had her laughing as “it tickled” but she was grinding into it while doing her best impersonation of Linda Blair from the movie The Exorcist. Even wrapping it up in a protective condom did not seem to bother her or the toy’s multiple functions, each aspect of the toy working in unison with the other parts to get her off. The only point she made clear was the control on the base was complicated enough, unlike devices such as the Squiggles, to really require a second person to use it most effectively. The on/off buttons (there are two of them) and lack of an instruction guide to tell you that holding down a particular one of the “F” buttons (there are three of them) has a particular effect; especially in a dark room as many ladies like to fully enjoy masturbating with.

The replay value is therefore higher than usual for couples and I strongly suspect that given some time and experience, the controls might be easier for a novice to manipulate, but it was a concern that needs to be addressed. As far as durability is concerned, the much softer PVC than any of the other toys tested in this session seemed perfect for vaginal sex even if the length of the usable penetrative portion of the shaft was shorter (the junction where the clitoral stimulator limits the depth you can go just as the thrusting portion after the beads is not solid), probably too soft for effective anal sex other than as a vibrator used to tickle the backdoor rather than bust through it. The batteries were brand new coppertops and lasted a few hours before the toy began a noticeable decline in performance but if your experiences are anything even close to the one I had with the device, that will be enough to get off with multiple times and then some. The direct quote from my helper in regards to comparison with the other three toys of the day (not to mention the wealth of her regular stash) was: “I don’t mind paying extra for something that good!” I concur that aside from a lack of a “Non Toxic Phthalate-free PVC” message on the box or instructions and the fact that the battery chamber was arguably less secure to water or other fluids than other toys of the day; this was a winner worthy of being hailed as an Xcritic Pick. It did not overheat, the texture had some give to it, and the pleasure factor was exceptionally solid; more extensive testing needing to be done but very much showing the old adage that “you get what you pay for.”

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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