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Ass Stretchers POV: Special Edition

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/28/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Jenna Haze!  (click for trailer)

Ass Stretchers POV: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video

Julia Bond!

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jules Jordan

Tory Lane!

Cast: Jenna Haze, Jules Jordan, Julia Bond, Mario Cassini, Tory Lane, Aurora "Nikara" Jolie, Kelly Summer, Brianna Love, Mario Cassini, Shyla Stylez

Length: 293:17 minutes

Aurora "Nikara" Jolie!

Date of Production: 11/26/2007

Kelly Summer!

Extra's: The best extra was clearly the 16:18 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that combined footage taken in letterboxed form as well as full frame; initially starting off with a lengthy bit starring Jenna Haze (including her making some pussy farts). The additional sex and set up information on the scenes covered was interesting and heated at the same time; making me want more but captivating me all the same too. The other extras included a cum shot recap, a lengthy photogallery, a cast listing (thankfully listing more than just the women this time), a biography for the director and trailers to six shows like Glory Hole, Flesh Hunter 10, Feeding Frenzy 9, Ass Worship 10, East Coast Assault, Buttworx, Pump My Ass Full Of Cum, Black Owned 2, Slut Puppies 2, Facial Demolition, Weapons of Ass Destruction 5, Flesh Hunter 9, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Jenna Haze: Dark Side, Black Owned, Feeding Frenzy 8, Weapons of Ass Destruction 4, and Tunnel Vision.

Brianna Love!

Condoms: None

Shyla Stylez!

Audio/Video Quality: Ass Stretchers POV was mostly presented in 1.33:1 full frame color (a single scene, the first one starring Jenna Haze, was presented in a letterboxed widescreen with an aspect ratio of about 1.85:1) as the movie was shot in by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video. There was some variation in the lighting that added a bit of addition grain but I saw few other issues as the camera kept an active stance at providing the best angles to showcase the ladies; admittedly limited in what he could offer due to the nature of any point of view (POV) offering. The editing helped in this endeavor too with a movie as long as this one needing extra care to make sure that there is enough tease but also heated sexual antics. The bitrate was on the low side yet there were no compression artifacts, the aliasing minimal and given the sheer amount of quality cooch here, only an uptight asshat would fuss too loudly (the bitrate hovering all over the place this time, typically in the 5 Mbps range but all across the board depending on the scene). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (at 192 Kbps) offering that really didn't use any separation in terms of the vocals (there was some potential to do so here too). The dynamic range was also kind of generic, an area that seemed slightly better than previous efforts and an area that Jules could easily improve to make best use of the great many home theaters in the hands of porn fans everywhere.

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Body of Review: Jules Jordan was once a regular guy that wanted to shoot porn in a manner that appealed to him. Few of the companies in the porn industry cared much about what the customer wanted so he literally took matters into his own hands and began shooting while working for a large distributor, eventually drawing the attention of many people on both sides of the camera. This eventually led to the formation of Jules Jordan Video and given the pricing of his product as well as sales to date, I'd say he spoke to a lot of consumers that agreed with his brand of heated pornography; even winning a lot of accolades from yours truly in regard to providing some of the best levels of fuck for the buck of any director on the market. His latest movie making it my way is the double disc set for Ass Stretchers POV: Special Edition, offering just under five hours of strokable smut recorded in the point of view fashion. As other companies cut back to offering two hours of gonzo action for their price, Jules and his peers he distributes continue to appeal to the value oriented of us out here; not selling the world short on quality either. The scenes are again notable for the amount of tease footage they provide, fans of the director having long ago found out he appreciates and caters to those of us that like it as much as he does, as well as sexy slutware to enhance the bodies of the ladies with Jules and his associate Mario Cassini providing the dick for them to work with. Given the names of the ladies alone, I knew this would be a top pick of the week and there wasn't a filler scene in the bunch, so if you haven't picked up a copy by now, you might want to check it out. That said, here's a brief look at the lengthy scenes, noting that this gonzo love fest had more anal action than anything short of the entire country on April 15th, no condoms used in the scenes:

Scene One: Jenna Haze, the beautiful young lady in blue lingerie spotted on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up first and like very few of her peers in the industry, she truly manages to somehow look better with time (though she began looking pretty darned hot too!). I was surprised that the opening credits lasted as long as they did (nearly ten minutes) and she provided nearly as much time teasing and warming up before engaging the cock of Jules Jordan on the bed. To say that these two have some chemistry together would be a disservice since they have a LOT of chemistry going on; their real life relationship reportedly still going strong. She pulled down his Calvin Klein underwear to continue the tease but quickly elevate the levels of energy with her award winning oral skills (as assisted by her handjob work). Her dirty vocals provided a nice aural experience too, the camera capturing her increasingly passionate demeanor as she slobbed his knob so wickedly well. Jenna as a world class oralist is nothing new though so most people expect that she would go crazy during the blowjob portion of a scene, even with her personal boytoy Jules so while she got the nod here yet again, I wanted more. Thankfully, she gave me just what I wanted in terms of her powerful vaginal and anal performance, actively riding the cock at all times while continuing to give great vocals, do taste testing, and even use a pink toy to stretch her ass for his cock to begin penetrating her back door. As her ass fleshes out with time, it also looks better to me than the little girl waif she was when she began her career years ago. I admit to being relatively late jumping on her cheerleading train (much like I was with Jules himself) but this was one incredibly solid scene that might have been best left at the end of the double disc set given the unlikelihood that the others could offer as much as it did. The scene ended nearly an hour into the show with Jules busting a huge nut of population pudding on her smiling face, her girlish laughter punctuating her glazed look very well. Whew!

Scene Two: Julia Bond, the curvy hotty seen on the top portion of the cover in the middle, was up next in a scene with Mario Cassini. She wore a maroon bikini and began her tease outside, moving indoors to get truly freaky with the guy after a substantial amount of fun. Unlike Jenna above, I have been a big fan of this lady since the first time I laid eyes on her, my only negative thing to say is that I'm not overly keen on her growing tattoo collection on her back as I was on her paw prints. She didn't get as much tease here either but it was still longer than many scenes shot at feature companies these days all by itself so you'll forgive me for pointing out the obvious (tease lovers can rely on Jules!). She began sucking him off and titty fucking his rod with her vocals less coy than Jenna's but nicely played out when she provided them. The camera work seemed less steady here and it might have suited the scene better if the footage were pulled back just a bit, some non-POV material noticeably present but not lesser by any means (the ball licking part of the scene showed it the most). Julia was another great fuck during the vaginal portion of the scene since she was so active at riding the cock while still making the right kinds of noises. The anal showed her slowing down a lot and was not as polished an act in any of the positions applied but fans of her new anal antics like myself will probably appreciate it all the more for now; at least until she becomes so used to doing it that it doesn't cause me to flinch when she's getting plowed. The scene ended with her taking the wad of semen to her face with the streams coming out so heavily that I almost thought it was a CGI popshot initially. Yum!

Scene Three: Tory Lane, the sexy anal queen featured on the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up next wearing her PVC fetishware; bringing a whole new dynamic to the show. Jenna's act is well known and almost always specific to her girlish charms while Julia is the naughty gal that invites you in but Tory is the gal that sucks you in and uses you up before discarding you as she sees fit so I knew there would be some sparks between her and scene partner Jules Jordan. The tease was lighter this time, befitting her personal dynamic in most ways, and she began sucking him off after the oral started through his underwear. She savored the experience like she was on the hunt, wanting him at least as much as he wanted her, the skillful application of her oral skills no less effective than anyone else in the movie. By the time the initial hummer footage was over, she was working up a sweat and ready to pound herself down on his dick rapidly; doing so vaginally at first but moving to an equally heated anal after awhile. I like active riders far more than the passive cheesecake gals some of my peers at other review websites seem to so a gal like Tory was a welcome addition to the movie, showing that casting once again managed to provide a diverse set of strokable experiences. Tory showed she could take Jules inside of her ass balls deep and get off at least a few times, taking his load by force as it were and conveying an attitude showing her appreciation for all that took place better than anyone else in the movie except maybe Jenna (and that was still too close to call); the nut coating her face very well. Sweet!

Scene Four: Aurora "Nikara" Jolie, the light skinned black gal seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next and her plump rump was a delight to behold as she stripped off her clothing. I haven't found her recent work to be consistently good though so my concern was that this "anal only" gal might be the Achilles Heel of the double disc set in her scene with Mario Cassini. I wasn't keen on her bruises but there is no doubt that she was built for comfort over speed and the minimal vocals from the gal could have been better but she still seemed to suit the moment here. Her oral was enthusiastic and skillfully given with the hand to gland action provided a nice touch (almost as if she were channeling Stormy Daniels); much like the titty fucking that took place. While she did no vaginal sex here either, perhaps saving herself for the day she decides to jump all two inches I have to offer her, her anal was fairly active if not her best in the last year or so. The camera zoomed in closely enough to see her goose bumps on the ass cheeks and while initially passive, she warmed up to the ride actively as I expected of her. Once she was in her zone, the ride was much, much better, Aurora even demanding he slap her ass in between her bouts of ATM. This saved the scene in many ways, the passive portions of the scene only lowering the score enough to show it as well placed in the middle of the rest where it could be "lost" rather than draw attention like it would have at the front or end of the movie. The semen was moderately rubbed out on her face with the assistance of her titty fuck and hand action; perhaps not her best work in her career but suitable enough to merit the top ten percent of her scenes to date.

Scene Five: Kelly Summer, a skinny blond with pretty eyes, was the first scene of the second disc and I knew right away why she was the only gal missing from the front cover. All the other gals had more established "names" and she seemed to be the x-factor tossed in to see if she could ramp up her formerly lesbian-only ways to the level needed by Jules Jordan who served as her scene partner. My initial expectations set quite low, I thought her DSL's looked good wrapped around his cock but missed getting the kind of extensive tease footage the other ladies had been providing to this point in the movie. Tease is almost a trademark feature of any Jules flick so it lost points despite her fairly solid oral skills. I wanted more vocals from her too but I'm not going to suggest that I'd have kicked her out of bed if she was up to doing the "two pump chump" mambo. There were bits of additional tease tossed in on occasion but most notable was her active vaginal riding style I observed; the gal working his dick more than he was working her. I'd rail if anyone were to suggest that she was a top rate, first class performer here but even during the anal she showed she was able to take all he could offer her; albeit in limited fashion. Like the last scene then, this one weakened the overall effort but was still comparable to most gonzo on the market these days, just not up to the standards set by Jules. He punished her with an eye pop during the facial though and with some more experience doing men on camera, she could become quite good (she has the basics down well enough but needs more of the polish Aurora could offer too).

Scene Six: Brianna Love, a personal favorite over the last year or so, was seen on the middle of the right side of the front cover; her healthy ass looking very appealing. Her booty shorts nearly swallowed by her ass cheeks, she teased in the house as Mario Cassini followed her to get plenty of ass shots of the gal slowly walking away from the camera. Brianna is more than just a great ass though with her cute face and all natural body designed for comfort that only the lucky will ever know. The return to lots of tease footage was welcome too; Brianna spreading herself as much as shaking her money maker as she has been doing for awhile now. When it came to the oral portion of the scene, she gave a sweet hummer, elevating the tempo as it proceeded and jerking him off though cutting back on the vocals of hers that I like so much. While not the accomplished oralist as some of the ladies in the show might be, Brianna's claim to fame has long been her playful, almost kittenish, nature even before her ass fleshed out like it did so I can thankfully report that she was in her zone here too; soon milking the nut vaginally and anally with a fair amount of taste testing. The times when she spoke to ask questions like "Are you ready for this tight little pussy?" and "I wanna stick this big dick in my little ass" were appreciated too; though more vocals by the gal always work for me even more. She actively rode the cock in all her glory, eventually draining him dry during the healthy sized facial. Yowza!

Scene Seven: Shyla Stylez, the beautifully curved blond on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up last and in her French maid outfit, she reminded me of why I like her so much. Her incredible eyes, curvy figure, and sultry demeanor all combined to make Mario Cassini a lucky man but here are some details to give you an idea of what to expect. The tease consisted mostly of her walking around the room in her outfit, Shyla taking off her costume to tell the guy she was going to get him nice and hard before she took it out. Her blond mane flew all about the place and she greeted his erection with a warm, genuine smile that initiated the blowjob portion of the performance. Most of the scenes in the movie either had a lot of personal chemistry or relied strictly on high energy levels so I found this a wonderful selection to close out the movie with the combination of the two (not as much chemistry as Jenna's scene nor as much energy as Tory provided but still high up the scale all the same). Her oral skills were sublime as she worked the meat pipe so effectively with her mouth, titties, and hands (Mario's whispered comment summing it up in one word with "fantastic!"); the following vaginal and anal action even better in some ways as Shyla bounced on cock so well that the scene compared to any in the movie on merits (scoring a lot of attention from me). The ending titty fuck launched the final load nicely and Shyla proved how awesome she was yet again; no surprise for this long time fan but just as pleasing all the same. Yummy!

Summary: Ass Stretchers POV by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video had a wealth of heated sexual scenes that provided copious amounts of chemistry, energy, passion, and sultry sexuality that should give fans tremendous replay value over time. The strokability and amount of fuck for the buck was almost enough to secure our highest rating but still managing to get a very high end Highly Recommended due to the nearly five hours of solid POV gonzo provided. There were some minor rough edges and a few of the ladies were not at their very best but you would be hard pressed to find as diverse a selection of POV footage in a single release, each lady offering a different experience this time. In short, Ass Stretchers POV: Special Edition was more than "just a keeper" and the weaker extras were compensated by the amount of material provided in the main flick so you can't go wrong picking up a copy. Great job!


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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