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Jenna's Velvet G

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 3/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

First Impressions: The first thing you'll probably notice about Doc Johnson's Jenna's Velvet G is how cool it looks. At nine and a half-inches the vibrator evokes the idea of a long cock, but is wrapped in an inviting, feminine, and waterproof pink skin and topped with an angled, egg-shaped knob.

My girlfriend and I were eager to put the G to use the second we pried it out of its plastic shell. The device is sturdy, with a surprising amount of heft (no cheap and thin plastic casing here), and felt comfortable (and again, soft) in our hands.

Impressed with the aesthetics of the Velvet G, we plugged a pair of AA batteries into the bottom of the device eager to get a taste (or feel, rather) of what to expect in the bedroom. I twisted the dial at its base. The first words out of my girlfriend's mouth: "It sounds like a chainsaw." 

While not quite that loud, the sound is reminiscent of the revving of a heavy duty power tool. But the volume and the revving aren't necessarily unappealing. (Although the vroom-vroom at every turn of the dial did spark a few giggles.)  It just meant that we'd have to sample this new product in an empty apartment.

The Test Drive: Lights dimmed, quickly shed clothing littering the floor, and the Velvet G within reach, my good-sport girlfriend and I were ready to test out our new toy.  She was already wet in anticipation, so we put the device to use immediately. She flinched a little at first touch (remember, her first thought when hearing the G was "chainsaw"), but was soon writhing around as I rubbed the top part of the smooth egg on her clit and over her vagina. I adjusted speeds often until we found one that was sure to get her off, but in my attempt to finger her with one hand and adjust the volume, er, intensity of the G with the other, I managed to twist the dial the wrong way and the batteries spilled onto the bed. User error, for sure, but the dial is a tad flimsy compared to the sturdy build of the rest of the device. Anyway, batteries lodged firmly in place, I continued massaging her clit with the G until she begged me to fuck her.

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The Verdict: Despite the at-first-frightening volume of the Velvet G, this is a vibrator that we'll use again, both as a partner sex aid and a solo stimulator.  It looks impressive--solid, sexy, waterproof, and feminine--and isn't at all intimidating for first-timers and couples like some other toys on the market. An excellent--and recommended--product from Doc Johnson and Jenna Jameson.

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