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Afro Diziac

Studio: Teravision » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/6/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

A Teravision Release Directed by Axel Braun
Starring:  Vanessa Monet, Marie Luv, Stacey Adams, Angel Eyes & Jayden Simone
With:  Scott Lyons, Jay Lassiter, Marcos Leon, Jack Lawrence & Mike Butders.
Length:  1hr 49min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  Pairing up one chocolately girl after another, Afrodiziac finds eager white boys indulging in cup after cup of hot cocoa.  Glossy and rich, let's see just what exactly went down...

Scene One:  Vanessa Monet (with Mike Butders)

We find Vanessa in a communal shower, rubbing and tugging at her opened bikini and ass on a bench.  Her partner enters with an already erect cock, and she slurps eagerly and with gusto.  Penetrative service begins in missionary, her boy's slippery dick working as Vanessa diddles herself along the way.  More hand rubbing in reverse cowgirl as Vanessa slams down, pausing for a brief taste before settling into missionary once again.  Doggy and standard cowgirl prepare our girl for a run of missionary anal, in close-up.  Vanessa moans and groans and pounds into her partner, and even in doggy-style anal, which finishes up the scene.  Her boy aims and lands on her chest and chin, and Vanessa does a bit of clean up before we fade out.  Overall, the enthusiasm and the heat is steady on, and Vanessa does a great job of encouraging her partner to throb and thrust into her on an even keel.  Nice work!

(Vanessa:  twistin' & turnin'.)

Scene Two:  Marie Luv (with Jay Lassiter)

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Our ubiquitous cover star Marie threatens to blow the lid off the entire scene with her pre-coital tease and booty shaking thong stlyings.  I have to say, her white afro is a piece of genius, as echoes of numerous blaxploitation flicks nibbled at my cortex during the action!  Marie, as usual, is no slouch, and works her man like it was the last night on planet earth.  Spit oozing out of her mouth, she takes in every inch of his wang, arising for a gasp of air.  In 69, the pair go hog wild on each other, with plenty of face-fucking and slit-munching as could be imagined.  Her steed glazes his tongue over her brownest hole and chocolate cookie before laying into her, doggy-style, and Marie favorably slurps his slippery unit like a wayward banana in return.  The anal, as well, begins in doggy, and veers into a spoon position, wherein our boy switches from Marie's pussy to ass as his needs warrant.  Legs held nearly over her head, Marie tightens up for more analocities, squirting a small batch of fluid as her man's strong hands whittle her down into a quivering, squealing mess.  He continues as he fits his rod into Marie's mouth, and soon after, more bouts of missionary anal and ass to mouth action, sweat flying and dripping everywhere, and squeezed juices pouring out over one another.  Shards of semen fly into Marie's mouth at the final climax, and Marie lies spent, glossy, and breathless.  Phew!  This is truly a classic scene, with the lovely Marie parrying the form of her cocksmith with no end in sight, and the constant hole to hole to mouth action was incredible!  A totally amazing scene!

(Marie opens up, and opens up again!)

Scene Three:  Angel Eyes (with Scott Lyons)

Buxom Angel teases both the camera and her attending audience with her trusty wares, playing with herself briefly before straddling into 69 sooner than later.  She maintains close eye contact with the camera at first, but is thankfully distracted by her partner.  Reverse and standard cowgirl start us off swimmingly, and Angel intakes her man's cock afterward, tongue-bound.  Her fabulous ass is quite easy on the eyes, and she pulls away her pink fishnets as she bumps and humps, ass to the camera.  After a spell of doggy and a dash of missionary, Angel greases up the pump before a small geyser puff lands onto her lips and cheeks.  Though she has the goods to supply many a man's eye, Angel doesn't burn with a high level of intensity.  Instead, her fucking skills are a bit too relaxed for my tastes, and she seems less confident with a partner than without (the ease of her intro vs. the rest of the scene).  Not bad, but not exactly fantastic, either!

Scene Four:  Stacey Adams (with Marcos Leon)

Stacey has the type of body that you dream about at night: a cute face with a pixie cut, enormous boobs, and an ass that will not and refuses to, even under penalty of law, quit.  A soft sheen of glitter all around her, Stacey teases her would-be partner into an actual one by kneeling and doing a few sensual moves before hunkering down on his knob.  In cowgirl, her ass bounces and rumbles with each stroke, and in doggy and 69, even more so.  Reverse cowgirl and missionary crotch hopping follow, with a bit of breathy spooning afterward.  Stacey's gentleman kneels over and uses her tits for one last flurry of strokes, and unloads into her mouth and onto her neck.  She is quick to spit out and recoil what dosage hit her mouth, but maintains a cool smile nonetheless.  And while I certainly could never, ever say no to a formidable body and gaze such as Stacey's, her constant eye-camera lock stare took me way out of the scene.  Instead of focusing on her partner, Stacey performed into the camera, not in front of it.  As well, her enthusiasm overall suffered, as did my conflicted interest.  Others may not feel this way, but be warned.  At least I have my dreams, right?

(Stacey:  Bang, Boom!)

Scene Five:  Jayden Simone & Marie Luv (with Jack Lawrence)

Tightly-clad Jayden and Marie survey the unclothed cocksman they've attached to an inflatable chair and snip and giggle at him.  Soon, each other's mouths are full of crotches and hands, and our lucky man is flying pilot to the whims of both Jayden and Marie.  After a bit of taste testing the girls, our hero is treated to a dual blowjob, and doggy starts off with Jayden and her ass to the sky.  They flip for missionary, and Marie tastes the results.  In standard cowgirl, Marie humps along, Jayden licking and rubbing at the bubbling balls below.  In missionary and spooned side-saddle, Jayden quells up and rumbles  as Marie nibbles and sucks on her partner's tits.  Marie does a bit of spoon time as well, and a missionary mission into Jayden leads to more hand jiving action, and a final doggy bump by Marie leads to a couple of shots into each girl's mouth.  They tongue and tussle with the shared load as the scene fades to black, and then it's all over.  Jayden (that's her with the silly grin on the box cover!) is a bit reserved at first, but works her way up in the energy department afterward.  She reminds me of a noir version of Kitty Marie, and even softly yelps a little like her, too!  Marie is always great to see, and here she proves that she can be a team player, as well!  Nice one, ladies!

Bonus Features 

(Marie strikes a pose; Jayden smiles it off)

A Behind the Scenes featurette fills us in on the freakiness and overall charm that all the involved girls have, and the air is relaxed and quite casual.  From Marie the veteran states-person to Jayden the newcomer, it's a nice background to the more glossified scenes on the disc.  So natural, so beautiful, so....chocolatey!  A few Trailers, a Photo Gallery, and Company Info round out the extras, and I feel pretty good!

(Angel having a laugh; Vanessa, parting for company)

Audio/Visual Quality
The video is presented in 1.78:1 aspect ratio, enhanced for 16:9 presentation, and is quite strong.  The introductory teases for each scene is soft-filtered, but the meat and bones picture is clear and without any visual flaws.  Vanessa and Angel's scenes are closer to standard porno-fare lighting set-ups (and the final three-way between Jayden and Marie can barely hold a candle in terms of dynamic range, but is still easy, Hustler-style lighting), but Marie and Stacey's respective scenes are quite lush and clear, and are impressively glossy without eschewing any amount of realism (yes!).  The luxe quality of these scenes blow the rest out of the water, from a visual standpoint, and I really wish the rest of the film could have followed suit, but oh well.  The audio is clean and clear, never too loud or too harsh, and the backing musical track usually recedes into the background as the scenes heat up degree by degree.  A varied presentation, to be sure, but still looking quite good!

Overall Thoughts
Though the box art may lead you on with a promise of a full-on Cleopatra Jones/Foxy Brown party, the girls do not fail to deliver here, even when they don't!  Marie truly takes the cake in her dynamo effort, and Vanessa burns quite brightly in a shower-themed scene while Jayden shows off her generous nature and Stacey haunts my every busty dream.  And even though I felt Stacey could have payed a little more attention to her cohort, just seeing her beauty is a marvel, of sorts.  But despite all of its minor flaws, Afrodiziac delivers a bevvy of luscious brown-skinned ladies who certainly can get the job done.

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