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L.A. Lust

Studio: Private » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/8/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Pirate Fetish Machine 31:  L.A. Lust
A Private Release Directed by Dave Naz
Starring:  Aurora Snow, Dana Dearmond, Ashley Blue, Madison Young, Marie Luv and Lexi Love.
With:  Byron Long, Brian Surewood, Mr. Marcus, Ben English, Damon Pierce, Jerry & James Deen.

Runtime:  1hr 30min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  Director Dave Naz may be familiar to most as the photographer behind many fine collections of adult material (L.A. Bondage, Legs, Lust Circus) more widely available in the fine art section of your local bookstore, but more frequently his presence behind the camera has been increasingly prevalent.  Thankfully, his aesthetic choices haven't changed from medium to medium, and the fetishistic aspects of his work reign supreme here.  While maintaining a mild S & M flavor, L.A. Lust pits the porniest of girls into situations of sensory overload.  Let's go!

[Scene One] Aurora Snow (with Byron Long and Brian Surewood) 

forniphilia:  a subset of bondage and sexual objectification in which the person's body is incorporated into a table, cabinet or piece of furniture.

(Byron, Aurora and Brian go fish; digging the shag)

We find Byron and Brian playing blackjack in the kitchen, Byron using a very silent Aurora as a foot stool.  Carrying her to the living room, he's eager to show his card buddy the benefits of a human piece of furniture, patting Aurora's ass as she whips her hair to the side."Have you ever gotten a blow job from a table before?," he asks Brian before Aurora takes to their cocks, squealing and slurping at their knobs.  "This table squeaks," Brian replies.  She crawls on all fours with Brian beginning his pumping in doggy, and Byron is sucked on the opposite end.   They switch positions, and atop a forest green ottoman, Aurora sits on Byron in anal reverse cowgirl while she blows Brian, and soon a double penetration is ordered up.  After another switch and carry on, the boys take turns rogering Aurora's ass as deep as they can, wedging into her little pink hole as far as they possibly can.  She impressively tightens her legs together and flexes her body into a straight line for a few minutes, which almost caused me to keel over with joy!  Having had their fill, the boys drip their loads across Aurora's face, smearing streaks into her mouth, and she's more than willing to gleefully accept.  Aurora does not disappoint, and she's every bit of the dirty girl she has been since her first day in porn.  Her skills have only become riper with age, and she's a wonder to witness.  Handling both guys is easy as pie, and her fierceness shows through the whole ordeal.  Aurora, you're tops in my book!

(Aurora:  Take your pick!)

[Scene Two Dana Dearmond (with Mr. Marcus and Jerry)
bondage fantasy:  a fantasy which involves people being tied up or otherwise restrained for pleasure.  Bondage is usually, but not always, a sexual practice.

Standing in a day-lit alleyway, Dana is picked up by Mr. Marcus, who wraps a blindfold around her head before they drive off into the distance.  Jerry, his assistant, greets them as they enter his private dungeon, of sorts.  Inside, Dana is disrobed down to her underwear, already bra-less, in a garter and black stockings.  The two wrap her wrists, ankles and neck with red leather restraints, and tie her to a purple cross-post.  Jerry proceeds to attach a tray full of clothespins to Dana's erogenous zones, crotch and chest, specifically, as Marcus stands and takes it all in.  A little time passes, and Marcus breaks out a cane to tease and flick at Dana's many mini-appendages.  She trembles and winces as he takes each one off slowly, a deep red kiss still ingrained on Dana's flesh from each clip.  Marcus turns her on her side, still restrained, and thracks her ass with the cane a few times.  Onto a soft black table she's soon led, and Marcus takes off Dana's blindfold, her bangs sweaty from all the previous joy and tension. 

(Dana gets pinned; Marcus surveys her damage)

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They kiss before she performs a no-hands mouth feeding on Marcus, barreling her lips down in near-choke.  He flips her over for a dash of 69, Dana taking the lower position to her advantage, tossing his salad from below and gnashing gently down on his balls.  Missionary begins and converts to reverse cowgirl anal, with Dana pumping down on Marcus in a mostly steady churn.  Plenty of ass to mouth action follows, along with Dana stuffing her fingers into her pussy while being fucked from behind.   Doggy and missionary pile-driving style anal continue, and Dana spits and swigs Marcus, cock in rubdown, until he pops onto her chin and into her mouth.  Dana, as usual, is amazing here, and Marcus just about matches her insane amount of energy.  Her gapes glisten and her cheers and screams are quite reckoning-induced, and she never lets up her will to reach a higher level of kink throughout.  All I can say is WOW!

(Dana:  At your service, you lucky people, you...)

[Scene Three Ashley Blue and Madison Young (with Ben English)
uniform fetish:  a sexual fetish in which someone enjoys dressing in a uniform, or derives sexual pleasure from viewing another person dressed in this manner.

(Ashley and Madison:  happy together)

Reclining and chatting as two friends often do, Ashley and Madison call out for Ben to bring them refreshments.  Somewhat dastardly, he sticks his junk into a glass of tea and disappears upon delivery.  "This tastes like balls!" they exclaim, and soon Ben returns in a full officer's uniform, stern look on his face, riding crop in his hand.  He orders the girls to undress, and sends them down to his shoes, pulling at their hair, Ashley licking and smashing her face into his polished leather, ass in the air.  Next, he instructs them to grease up his cock and balls, with Madison on sac patrol and Ashley on cock duty.  He seats the fiery Madison on the couch and spreads her legs out for a missionary pile-up, while Ashley sucks on her opened-toe turquoise shoes and pale piglets.  Ashley spits and lends a few hands to the already heavily mounted ordeal playing out beside her, soon slinking her black heels into the couch to 69 Madison as she's bumped anally by Ben.

(Ashley and Madison wiggle out; on shoe shine duty with Ben)

Madison does an ass to mouth taste test of Ben's swollen rod, and she straddles him in reverse cowgirl, anal, for more burning fun.  She leaps off and both girls do a dual down on Ben, with Ashley upfront for an anal-based spooning.  Madison licks and fingers Ashley's closely shorn pussy as Ben works from behind, tasting in between.  Missionary anal continues for Ashley, as well as reverse cowgirl anal, and finally, after one last dual blow, Ben succumbs and unloads into each girl's mouth, which they swap equally.  Wow, part two!  I actually got a little nervous after finding out that Ashley and Madison were sharing a scene; my brain almost exploded from the possibilities!  Here you have certified face-stuffer and all-around anal-champion Ashley eking it out with Madison, the boundest of the bound, and Ben, who riles and controls them almost every which way he can!  Thankfully, the scene definitely lived up to my expectations, and then some! Goodness gracious, thank you, ladies and gent!

(Ashley and Ben mull the future;  Madison does a kung-fu grip.)

[Scene Four Marie Luv (with Damon Pierce)

domination:  the condition of having control or power over people and things;  see also: worship, servitude, sexual slavery.


(Marie presents herself to Damon; with a dash of "me")

Damon is almost lost driving to find his personals hookup, the very enticing Marie Luv, who sits waiting for him in a mood-lit chamber.  They slowly undress each other, with Marie's body, and ass, especially, being the dominant in the physical conversation.  With ample spit, she greases his already stiff trunk and they soon continue in cowgirl.  Damon pokes a stray finger to test Marie's anal willingness, and she offers exactly that splayed out in missionary.  Frenzied clit rubbing accompanies the back door knocking, and the two arch into a spoon side saddle gradually.  Upward, in reverse cowgirl, the ass action leads into a pattern of doggy and taste test/ass to mouth, and a exit-level blow job seals the deal, cream sprung onto Marie's face, chin and chest.  Marie, always a dynamite performer, is just as good as she ever is in this scene, banging and bundling Damon's crotch rocket into her silken pussy and tight ass.  The only complaint I have is the distance from the action the camera sometimes takes, too far off for my tastes.  Thankfully, as the action boils and bubbles, we get closer and closer.  Touché, Mr. Naz!

[Scene Five Lexi Love (with James Deen)

sensory deprivation:  the deliberate reduction or removal of stimuli from one or more of the senses. Simple devices such as blindfolds or hoods and earmuffs can cut off sight and hearing respectively, while more complex devices can also cut off the sense of smell, touch, taste, heat-sense, and overall sense of gravity.


(James ties and tickles; Lexi radars toward the North Pole)
In a maroon bikini, Lexi lays on a pool chair for a nap.  Once she awakes, she's chained in a white leather set of ankle and wrist cuffs and blindfolded.  James stands above her and begins to tickle Lexi, causing her trim frame to wiggle and writhe around as she giggles uncontrollably.  With a bucket of ice cubes, James guides a few ice blocks against her skin, parting her top for an extended nipple tease, causing them to stand pert like two pink erasers.   He pours champagne from a flute down her chest, catching a majority of it with his slurping tongue.  Standing up, he unties her blindfold and offers up his dick, which Lexi gobbles up.  Shackles off, they spoon, James bunting into her snatch, rubbing at her clit with each push.  Lexi jumps up and on top for some standard cowgirl action, and anal-centric missionary continues the game.  She takes a deep taste before James segues into doggy and reverse cowgirl anal positions, with even more ass to mouth in between.  A final, gripping suck on James' wang drives his charge out onto Lexi's mouth, the contents dripping out with a few tongue pushes.  A very nice scene, especially with the pre-sex blindfold tease leading to genuine excitement from Lexi, and an energy which permeates the resulting events onward.  Plus, Lexi's tufted bush is very cute, as is her infectious smile and toned but still soft and cuddly body.  So good!


Bonus Features

(Dana tells it like it is; Aurora sticks her tongue out at you, yeah, YOU!)

A Behind the Scenes featurette, courtesy Ashley Blue, brings the prep work that comes with cultivating a porn shoot, focusing on the pre-game and photography, along with a few pre-scene interviews and post-clean up (which Ashley says she is fascinated with).  Ice is applied to Dana's caned ass, Aurora poses and her stockings attended to, Dave picks out the proper riding crop, Madison auditions her announcing skills, and Lexi lets her charm shine through in interview, and more!  It's all pretty addictive, but only lasts around fifteen minutes, in total.  In addition, a few Trailers are included, as well as a Cumshot Recap.  A Cast List of the girls also lets you access their individual pop-taking abilities one by one, if you so please, or prefer.  Not bad at all, really.

(Lexi adjusts to the situation; Director Dave twirls around for your enjoyment)

Audio/Visual Quality
The movie is presented in 1.85:1 aspect ratio, and was shot in PAL format, lending that one extra frame (25fps vs. 24fps) to drift over the proceedings, a cool and relaxed image being the result.  Most of the shots actually are akin and seem to utilize Dave's photo set-ups, and is sometimes like watching moving versions of his still images (Aurora and Ashley and Madison's scenes, specifically).  Totally dreamy!  The overall image can get a little too dark at times (Marie and Dana's scenes), but doesn't detract from the experience.  The camera suffers from a certain restlessness at times, attempting to catch it all in, but other than that, I don't suspect one could suffer the bends while watching.  The background music hits a few times in the background, but mostly is tinned out and secondary (shame, since Team Cleocin, the film's house band, features a few L.A. punk luminaries.  We'll always have the menus, though!).  The overall audio is pleasant and without any glaring flaws, and nicely balanced.

Overall Thoughts
While the unwieldy title may be a little discouraging, the inclusion of some of my personal favorite stars of the Pornville screen in light to moderate amounts of bondage and other such fluxuations is certainly welcome any day in my viewing booth of choice.  Dana's performance is the most extreme of all, with the clothespins and cane-breaching, and Lexi's the least rough, with ice cubes and tickling being the dominant kink, with subtle variations in between.  Aurora is bright and shining as a piece of throttled furniture, and Ashley and Madison split their holes in two with Ben at the uniformed controls.  And while Marie's tenure may have seemed brief, she still ups the ante with every new performance; strong showings all around, truly!  For anyone even remotely interested in what fetish-flavored foreplay and even the slightest to more advanced bondage-laden sexcapades can yield, this is a perfect title for piquing your interests, and hopefully increase your thirst for more!

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