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Beach Balling Boys

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/2/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: November 2007

Directed By: Mike Esser

The Movie:

Three sexy 'n horny straight guys who believe "It's not cheating if you fuck a guy!" take a break from University and their girlfriends.

Cast: Mitch Milano, Adam Steele, Hung Joey, Kris Karlton, Nick Zouki, Andy Fox.

Run Time: 1 Hour and 52 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms: Yes!

The Dudes:

"When Straight Boys Turn" offers up six appealing dudes in their early to mid twenties with short dark hair, toned bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Mitch Milano (good-looking with very short dark hair, toned/smooth body) sits on the sofa of his posh Sydney apartment listening to tunes on his I Pod when his buddy Hung Joey (good-looking with brown buzz cut, toned/smooth body) arrives complaining of a sore shoulder. Mitch is more than willing to help his pal out and Joey is soon lying back on the sofa wearing only his bright yellow jogging shorts. Mitch rubs that sexy chest and soon the purple knob of Joey's hard uncut cock is poking out of the waistband of his shorts. Mitch grabs that dong and chows down sliding his wet mouth up 'n down giving excellent head while Joey's rubs Mitch's hot bum. The dudes slide into a side sixty-nine and Joey quickly takes Mitch's stiff unclipped meat into his mouth nursing the knob and giving a very tasty blowjob.

Joey munches down on Mitch's tight shaved bunghole and the viewer can see some of the action but there are no close-ups. He slides his rigid tool up his pal's bum from behind with excellent penetration shots as he uses fast, well-lubed strokes. The dudes are definitely into the action as Joey plows Mitch's chute making Mitch shoot a thick load of jizz all over his expensive gray sofa. Joey pulls out and squirts a healthy load covering Mitch's back. Hot!

Scene Two:

Mitch Milano (scene one) and his mate Nick Zouki (cute with short dark hair, toned/hairy body) make out with plenty of hot wet tongues leading Mitch to pull Nick's briefs off exposing his full dark bush and stiff uncut cock. Mitch gives some excellent head here clutching the thick base with his right fist and cramming as much of that tasty meat down his gullet as possible. The dudes get into a side sixty-nine allowing Nick to wrap his hot wet lips around Mitch's rigid unclipped dick and slide up 'n down. These dudes definitely dig each other, the action, and those mouth-watering dongs! There are plenty of excellent close-ups here as the guys go wild for uncut cock.

Mitch is soon laying in the missionary position with legs hiked in the air as Nick munches down on his tight shaved starfish. Again, there are no good close-ups of the ass eating; however, there are some quick tasty close-ups of Nick finger fucking Mitch. Nick screws his buddy in the missionary position using long, full, 'n smooth strokes making Mitch loudly moan as his tight manhole receives that hard tube steak. There are plenty of excellent penetration shots offered at this time. Nick busts a large nut on his chest and stomach. Mitch doesn't cum this time.

Scene Three:

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Nick Zouki (scene two) and Adam Steele (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) are in the middle of a hot make-out session with plenty of tongues as the scene begins. The dudes are out on the balcony of a very posh high-rise apartment building. Adam is quickly on his knees jacking and sucking Nick's stiff unclipped dick cramming it down his hungry throat and giving a talented blowjob. The dudes seem to be very into each other and the action filling the air with plenty of hot sex noises.

Adam fucks Nick doggy-style using long full strokes to pleasure his pal with excellent penetration shots from above and behind. The dudes soon move their li'l fuck 'n suck party indoors where they continue on a large sectional sofa. Adam switches up and plows Nick in the side/missionary position fast 'n smooth with more hot penetration close-ups while Nick pulls his rigid pork. Adam beats off shooting a large load on Nick's back. Nick cuts loose with a thick load of jizz on a glass coffee table.

Scene Four:

Nick Zouki (scenes two and three) is back this time with Kris Karlton (hot dude with brown buzz cut, heavy beard stubble, toned/hairy body). Kris is in the bathroom stripping down showing off his beautiful body while Nick hides on the other side of a wall sneaking peeks. Kris soon catches Nick spying on him, pushes him down on the bed, and rips Nick's tee shirt off. Kris continues yanking Nick's clothing until we once again get to see Nick's tasty plump uncut tool, full dark bush, and plump nuts. The dudes kiss with heavy-duty tongues while rubbing their hard pricks together. Kris fucks Nick's willing mouth with his stiff unclipped pole and Nick hungrily takes it down his throat. The dudes are clearly into each other and the action with plenty of nice cock sucking close-ups.

Kris munches down on Nick's tight shaved hole without close-ups but we are treated to some nice close-ups while Kris finger fucks his buddy' s bunghole with two digits. Kris slides his fat cock into Nick's bum from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes with plenty of hot close-ups of the penetration from above and behind. We can see Kris' tasty tight pucker from behind as he plows Nick's love tunnel. Kris quickly pulls his hard pork working the foreskin back 'n forth shooting a thick load on Nick's back. Nick shoots his spunk on the bed.

Scene Five:

Kris Karlton (scene four) finds Mitch Milano (scene one and two) hiding in the closet spying on him. Kris throws his new pal on the bed and promptly sits on his face making his new pal eat his tight shaved bunghole (no close-ups) with legs spread nice 'n wide showing off his fat uncut cock and plump nuts. Kris fucks Mitch's willing face cramming his mouth full of that tasty hog with excellent close-ups. The dudes climb into a side sixty-nine where Kris chows down on Mitch's big unclipped tool sliding his hungry mouth up 'n down giving one heck of a blowjob. The guys really get down on those hard dongs totally getting into the action and each other.

Kris bangs Mitch doggy-style instructing his buddy to "push back on it" as he fucks fast 'n smooth with excellent close-ups from behind as that hard cock slides in 'n out of that manhole. Filling the room with heavy breathing and moans, the dudes get their nuts with Kris dumping a thick load on Mitch's back and Mitch cutting loose with a small frothy load on his fist.

Scene Six:

Adam Sterling (scene three) walks in on hottie Andy Fox (good-looking with short dark hair, beard stubble, toned/hairy body) slouching on the sofa with his legs and towel spread wide showing off his trimmed pubes and large uncut tool. Becoming quickly turned on, Adam stutters making Andy impatiently bark, "Come on boy, spit it out!" Andy stands up wagging his big asking Adam "You wanna suck my dick?" No answer is needed as the dudes begin some heavy tongue kissing leading Adam sinking to his knees and taking that large member into his mouth. Adam gets down on that fucker stroking the shaft, nursing the knob, sucking balls, and giving a Grade A blowjob. Andy chows down on Adam's hard uncut cock leading to a tasty face fucking with plenty of slurping 'n jacking. Hot!

Adam lays back on the white leather sofa in the missionary position with legs hiked in the air and tight shaved asshole on full display. Andy teases the pucker with his finger, spits on that hole, and munches down (no close-ups). There are some nice close-ups of Andy finger fucking Adam's gasping pucker. Andy bangs his buddy from behind fast 'n smooth with excellent penetration shots as Adam moans and groovy disco music plays on the soundtrack. The dudes switch up to the missionary position where Andy continues his drilling and Adam wildly strokes his rigid pole. Adam shoots a large thick load on his stomach and near his pubes while Andy squirts a large load of thick jizz on Adam's chest, stomach, pubes, and fat cock. Hot!

Scene Seven:

Hung Joey (scene one) is working on his computer when Nick Zouki (scenes two, three, and four) wonders in and begins chatting him up. Joey soon stands up yanking off his shorts and jock strap revealing his dark pubes and large hard uncut cock. Nick grabs that big dong and slides his mouth up 'n down leading to a wild face fuck. Nick lies back on the bed allowing Joey to pull his clothing off revealing Nick's dark bush and stiff unclipped dick and begins giving some excellent head as he fills his throat full. Nick obviously loves sucking hard tools.

Joey pounds Nick in the missionary position using long, full, fast 'n smooth strokes with excellent penetration. This is a very intense scene for Nick as he groans 'n moans with pleasure and I'm sure some pain too. We are treated to a nice shot of Joey's tight hairy bunghole from behind while he screws his friend. The dudes fuck up a storm with Joey busting a nut on Nick's chest 'n stomach and Nick cutting loose with a wet load on his stomach.



"When Straight Boys Turn" is shot in high definition and presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography by Seb Windsor and Russ Bigman is excellent providing plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and butt sex. There are no good close-ups of the ass eating which looks to the director's choice and not the cameramen's decision. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The disc has no regional encoding, playable worldwide, and is DVD ROM compatible.


The stereo sound is excellent allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes' dialogue, moans, heavy breathing, and cool techno 'n disco tunes.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, a very cool/unique slideshow of high quality photographs of the models, and previews for: "Cheater", "The Boys From Oz", "Twisted Web", and "Alpha Males Online".

Poindexter's Roundup:

Director Mike Esser has another winner with "When Straight Boys Turn". This beautifully shot suck 'n fuck fest from Down Under features six hot dudes who are definitely into the action and one another, and give energetic performances. My personal favorites here are Kris Karlton, Adam Steele, and Hung Joey. The throbbing techno and disco soundtrack along with very high quality camera work gives the movie a slick music video look/feel. One issue I have is that there are no close-ups of the ass eating. This is usually a big problem for me as most of the time this is due to lousy camera work. This is obviously not the issue here as the camera operators are clearly talented. I am assuming that this was a personal choice of the Director. At any rate, this is top quality all-male erotica and I'm going with a Highly Recommended.

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