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I Love Young Girls #2

Studio: New Sensations » Review by JJ Stalker » Review Date: 3/26/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Intro: This teen flick is a 2-disc compilation of 9 scenes from a variety of New Sensations lines.

The total running time is over 4 1/2 hours.

The girls are cute and sex is generally good. In addition, the chaptering is well done in every scene.

No condoms were harmed in the making of this video.

Disc 1:

Scene 1: This scene stars Ashley Jensen and John Strong, and was taken from "Naughty College School Girls #42".

Ashley reminds me of a girl I went to high school with who was cute but seemed cuter than she really was just because she was such a cooze.

The scene starts out with Ashley doing some tease on a staircase. She's got a cute body, but one of my complaints about this scene is the shirt she wears throughout the scene that keeps us from seeing those pretty titties of hers.

John comes down and doesn't waste much time before spreading her beef curtains and doing a face plant.

Then he moves her to a couch for more pussy chewing which ends with her in doggy gettin' licked from behind.

This is the moment where I really realized what a sweet ass she has. Damn it's nice!

Then John breaks the dick out, and she gets to work. Her bj is pretty enthusiastic and she gives John several good trips past her tonsils.

But Ashley shows a little youthful inexperience when John head fucks her.

Then were on to fuckin'!

Ashley's got good energy throughout and really gets into the cock. She even squirts once for us.

The first position is spoon. Ashley's tits really look nice in this position, but again her wardrobe leaves too much to the imagination. Something that porn should never do.

The next position is cowgirl. Normally, I'm not a big cowgirl fan, but Ashley's ass looks just great in this position, and it's one of my favorites in the scene.

Next were on to reverse cowgirl. Ashley bounces happily on John's cock until she squirts. Then she bounces happily on his cock some more. Nice position.

Next, we're on to doggy. It's hard to overstate how nice Ashley's ass is, and this position shows it off beautifully. This position is pretty long, and for good reason.

Next, we get into some missionary. Ashley keeps her tits out for this position pretty well, but we don't get to see her belly at all.

John pumps away for a while then flips her over for a surprise return to a standing doggy before depositing a healthy load in her mouth. Ashley plays with her present and then swallows it like all school girls should.

This scene was well lit throughout, and in particular the c-lighting was nicely done.

This was a good scene. My only lasting source of dissatisfaction being Ashley's wardrobe. The school girl outfit complete with shirt, tie, skirt, socks, and shoes for the entire scene just didn't work for me. I would've much rather seen her naked!

Scene 2: This scene is Mia Rose and Mark Ashley. It's running time is 30 minutes, and of those 30 I swear Mia spends 10 of them in orgasm. There are points during the scene when I actually thought she was going to pass out.

This scene is from "Teen Dreams #12" and starts with a quick tease. Yep, Mia's cute. Yep, she's got a nice ass. Then Mark grabs her, rubs and tongues her down for a bit, and finally gets his cock in her mouth.

Mia give Mark's big cock a lot of a double twist jerk suck, and he head fucks her for a bit. But then it just keep going. Mia's basic technique isn't bad, but it does seem repetitive and unimaginative in this scene.

The scene moves to a couch, and Marks wantonly munches Mia's box before finally grabbing her and getting his cock in her.

The rest of scene is pretty much one position after another of Mia cumming her brains out either on Mark's dick or fingers.

Mia's obviously a great lay, and sex is hot. We get treated to missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse, and even some of Mark's patent pending side saddle. All of which are well shot, and all of which prominently display Miss Rose showing the world her o face.

This scene ends with Mark draining his balls on Mia's face.

-- sponsored by --

This is a good scene. And it's the reason Mia's pretty face is the one on the cover of the DVD.

Scene 3: This scene stars Alexis Love and Mike Adriano and is taken from "Thy Neighbor's Daughter".

The set up for this scene is long, but surprisingly enjoyable. Alexis is the cute but starving Latina college student interested in doing porn for some extra cash. She's very cute. Nice tits. Nice ass. Cute face. And great lips!

Mike and the cameraman interview her, and we get to see Mike play Mr. Smooth with his starlet-to-be.

Then they hit the van to go the shoot. Naturally, Mike and the cameraman thoroughly molest her along the way.

Mike shows Alexis' sweet little body off for the camera part by part. Yes, it's all very nice and very young. Mike even gets his dick sucked along the way.

It's good to be the pornographer!

They finally get her to the house and on the couch. Mike goes to work on her slowly, and after getting some of her clothes off gets busy with his tongue. He does a good job of showing her off while he sucks and smacks at her snatch and ass.

Then she get on her knees and starts suckin'.

Unfortunately, this is where a scene that has promised much and has seemed very promising starts to have problems. Mike's dick is too big for this girl, and that brings the whole scene down.

She's not even able to handle the bj very well and when the fucking starts it never gets very hard...or very deep.

Mike's a true gentlemen with this girl throughout, and there are points where she is enjoying herself. But a lot of guys in Mike's position would have sent her home with a shredded uterus.

We get doggy, reverse, cowgirl, and spoon before Mike hangs her ass off the edge of the couch and goes to work on her standing up. I don't know what this position is called as it doesn't seem to have a standard name, but it's one of the best in this scene. Mike's able to fuck her deeper here than in any other position, it's well shot, and she likes it.

The final position is missionary. It's short and ends with Mike popping on her face.

This scene is generally disappointing, but really only because of insufficient vaginal capacity.

Nice try, guys.

Scene 4: Micah Moore and Mark Ashley.

I queued up this scene, taken from "What an Ass #3", with eager anticipation. Yes, Micah's a pretty girl. Anyone can see that.


When I die, that's what I want to find in the light at the end of tunnel.

This scene starts with some tease of Micah showing off her beautiful face and unspeakable buns, and leaves us wondering why this girl isn't a superstar.

Unfortunately, that question will soon be answered.

Suddenly, through the wonder of porno magic, she's on a bed with Mark Ashley. Mark wastes little time getting her completely naked, on her hands and knees, and doing a faceplant into her ass.

It was almost like he was reading my mind.

After a few minutes of lickin and showin, Mark finally gets his dick in her.

But the fucking in this scene is tepid at best.

We get the usual positions: missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse, and a nice frosty finish for Micah's pretty face.

All the positions are shot well although I'd have liked to have seen more of Micha's feet since she was barefoot and all, and Mark saws away like his cuttin' lumber throughout the scene.

But Micah seems to begrudge every single little bit of energy she has to expend.

Boring! But she does look great.

Scene 5: Breezy, Savannah Stern, and Mark Ashley from "All Teens #3".

Well, after the weak last scene, Mia is still the one to beat. Maybe two girls can do what Miss Moore could not.

Breezy is a long legged eighteen year old, cute but trashy brunette stripper with nice everything. In other words, just my fucking type.

Savannah isn't bad, but wins my heart by taking charge and molesting the other girl for our viewing pleasure.

Breezy has a niiice body. And a southern accent. She's gotta be straight outta the trailer park. And damn that turns me on!

After a few minutes of soft girl/girl, Mark shows up and they start blowing him. Savannah is the better fellator of the two, but there's not much oral before Mark decides to get his dick into Breezy.

The sex is pretty good with both girls into it, but Savannah is also the better fuck of the two.

The scene ends with Mark giving Savannah a creampie and then Savannah trying to drip it into Breezy's mouth, but this doesn't work out terribly well for them.

Oh well, it was a good scene anyway, but at the end of Disc 1 I still have to give the nod to Mia for best scene thus far.

Disc 2:

Scene 1: Nikki Hilton and Mark Ashley from "Erotica XXX #9".

Nikki is a cute brown eyed blond with small tits and a pierced clit. The scene starts with a short tease before Mark shows up and gets his dick into Nikki's mouth.

Miss Hilton gives a very photogenic blowjob. One of the finest of the film, but Mark's dick is a little too big for her to get it down her throat.

The bj is pretty long, and it's time well spent. Then the fuckin' starts.

Maybe it's just me, but Nikki just seemed to get hotter and hotter as this scene went on. She makes great noises, and she's definitely into the sex.

We get to see her drilled in missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and reverse. The scene ends with Mark frosting her face.

It's all very nice.

This is a hot scene, and my new favorite of the film!

Scene 2: Jenna Presely and Erik Everhard from "Naughty College School Girls #41".

This scene starts off with a short tease. Then Erik shows up and wastes little time before burying his face between Jenna's legs. Unfortunately we can't really see anything while he's doing this.

You'd think after all of these years, he'd know better, but really it's just the beginning of a relatively lackluster scene.

The sex throughout is energetic but monotonous. And Jenna makes some strange fuck faces.

We get a bj, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary.

The scene ends with Erik popping on an apple which Jenna then munches on.

Pretty much porn by the numbers.

Scene 3: Kelsey Michaels and Mark Ashley from "All Teens".

This scene starts with a boring but short interview, then Kelsey starts blowin'. She's a fairly cute 19 year old brunette, and she gives a respectable blowjob. Then Mark strips her down and start munching her muff.

This goes on a bit too long before the fuckin' starts.

We get missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse, and side saddle. All nicely done, and the scene ends with a creampie.

A good scene.

Scene 4: Paulina James, Bree Olsen, and Mike Adriano from "Fresh Outta High School #3".

The final scene is a boy/boy/girl, and both these girls are very cute.

And we get to see Bree take it in the ass.

The scene starts with Paulina giving Bree cocksucking lessons on Mike's cock.

It's pretty dirty, but both girls mostly just hang out around the tip.

Then there's some obligatory pussy licking before the fucking starts.

The sex in this scene is pretty good, but both girls are wearing too much clothing for my taste.

The scene definitely improves when Bree take it in the pooper, and that's basically the rest of the scene.

The scene ends with Mike bailing out of Brees' butt and popping in Paulina's pie hole.

This is a good scene.

Audio/Video: This flick is widescreen 16:9.

The audio was stereo, and sounded good.

Extras: Not a lot here in the way of extras.

There is a "Pick Your Pleasure" menu that let's you quickly find all of a given position on the vid.

There's a photo gallery and web trailer too, but that's pretty much all we get for special features.

Final Thoughts: I liked this vid. It has some solid girls in some solid scenes, and definitely some replay value for that reason.

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