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Best of Matthew Rush Vol. 1, The

Studio: Falcon » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Dates: 2000-2004

Directed By: John Rutherford, Chi Chi LaRue, Kristofer Weston, Max Phillips, and Chris Steele.

The Movie:

Falcon Superstar Matthew Rush was born in September 1972 and grew up in Pennsylvania. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Physiology from Pennsylvania State University and has worked as a personal trainer. Matthew has a lifetime exclusive contract with Falcon Studios and has never disappointed fans with his energetic sexual performances. "The Best of Matthew Rush Volume I" contains nine sizzling scenes that show why he is such a popular dude.


Matthew Rush, Hans Ebson, Hans Hintern, Joe Foster, Jake Andrews, Brad Patton, Joe Sport, Colby Taylor, Matt Skylar, Troy Punk, and Rob Romoni. Also featuring: Jackson Price, Matt Majors, Ryan Zane, Tristan Paris, Blake Harper, Brett Clark, Andre Rivera, Tony Lazzaria, and Mac Nemeth.

Run Time: 3 Hours and 9 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms: Yes!

"Bounce" Directed By: John Rutherford:

Hans Ebson (good-looking with short black hair, toned/smooth body) stands next to a cinderblock wall wearing nothing but tight white briefs rubbing his chest and playing with his hard nipples when Matthew Rush (handsome with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body), dressed the same, joins him and the dudes begin to slowly feel each other up. Hans Hintern (cute with short blond hair, muscular/smooth body) soon joins in on the festival of roaming hands and the dudes get down to some serious deep tongue kissing. Hintern sinks to his knees taking Matthew's fat clipped cock down his throat giving some very nice head and then chows down on Ebson's hard uncut prick jacking the shaft and cramming it down his gullet. Ebson wants a taste too taking Hinter's unclipped prick into gullet.

Turned on from all the cock sucking, Matthew needs some butt sex and fucks Hintern's tight shaved bunghole from behind fast 'n smooth with hot close-ups of the penetration while Ebson watches pullin' his pork and workin' that foreskin. Matthew switches up and plows Ebson's snug chute doggy-style while Ebson munches down on Hinter's tasty touchhole with excellent close-ups. All three dudes are clearly into the action and each other as they fill the air with groans, moans, and heavy breathing. Ebson takes over fucking Hintern in the missionary position with nice penetration shots from below as Hintern blows Matthew. The guys work themselves into a sexual frenzy with Matthew shoots a thick load on Ebson's face leading Esbon to grab that dong and milk the very last drops of cum out of it. Ebson busts a nut on Hintern's cock 'n balls, and Hintern does not cum.

"Defined" Directed By: Chi Chi LaRue, John Rutherford, and Kristofer Weston:

Matthew Rush and his buddy Joe Foster (good-looking with short brown hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body) make out with lots of wet tongue and body rubbing outdoors by a beat up old truck. Matthew pulls his fat hard clipped cock free from his shorts as the guys engage in very passionate kissing. Matthew is soon down on his knees sucking his pal's hard clipped tool giving excellent head as his hungry mouth slides up 'n down the shaft and receiving a good old-fashioned face fucking. Joe sinks to his haunches cramming Matthew's big dick down his windpipe giving it a good ol' suckin'.

Laying back on the tuck's hood with legs up in the air and tight shaved bunghole exposed, Joe digs the attention Matthew pays him by munching down tonguing his pucker in excellent close-up. Matthew switches back 'n forth between eating that ass and sucking Joe's prick. Matthew bends over the truck and Joe chows down on that tight lightly hairy butt hole in mouth-watering close-up. The dudes definitely dig the action and each other with Matthew breathing heavily and groaning, "Oh yeah! Lick it!" Matthew fucks his bud from behind fast 'n smooth with some tasty close-ups of the penetration from below. Switching to the missionary position, Matthew continues to root Joe's chute fast 'n lubed making Joe shoots a large wet load on his stomach. Matthew finished up by cutting loose with some thick jizz on Joe's chest.

"Good As Gold" Directed By: Kristofer Weston:

Matthew Rush is working out at a hotel gym when he catches the eye hot hunky Jake Andrews (handsome with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body). The dudes hook up in the Jacuzzi and high tail it up to Jake's room for a more intimate setting. The guys make out with some very tasty deep tongue and slow body rubbing. Jake releases Matthew's fat clipped dong while kissing his way down that beautiful body and takes it into his mouth deep throat all the way down to dark trimmed pubes. Jake knows how to suck and mean dick and has absolutely no trouble taking that chubby thang down his gullet. Matthew chows down on Jake's fat clipped member giving an excellent blowjob while Jake pinches his own hard eraser-tip nipples. Hot!

Matthew munches down on Jake's tight shaved bunghole rubbing the pucker, and really getting down in wonderful close-up. He rubs his thick shaft against that quivering starfish and sinks all the way in from behind using fast 'n lubed strokes with plenty of nice close-ups from below. Jake fucking digs having his manhole plowed filling the room with heavy breathing and moans of glory. Switching to the missionary position, Matthew continues his trail blazing fuck fest cramming that dong quickly in 'n out as the dudes kiss with tongues. Matthew shoots a thick load on his toned stomach while Jake busts a large thick nut on his stomach. The dudes get off at the same time.

"The Recruits" Directed By: Kristofer Weston:

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Matthew Rush catches military recruit Brad Patton (good-looking with short blond hair, muscular/smooth body) trying to go AWAL. Back at the brig, Brad smarts off to Matthew and Joe Sport (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular body) leading to some scuffling where Matthew is knocked unconscious. Joe bends over offering up his hot bum as Brad munches down on that tight shaved asshole, reaches between Joe's legs and jerks his rigid clipped meat. Brad jacks his own hard uncut cock working the foreskin back 'n forth over the knob while continuing to enjoy that tasty bunghole. Switching up, Joe gets down on Brad's beautiful cock cramming it down his throat and giving some very cool head. Matthew comes to just in time and pulls his fat clipped dong out leading Joe to cram it down his gullet and then switches back 'n forth between the two stiff tools.

The three horny dudes are definitely into each other and the action as they start the butt sex with Matthew fucking Joe from behind fast 'n smooth with plentiful penetration shots while Brad drills Joe's throat quick 'n smooth. Brad screws Joe in the missionary position fast 'n lubed with hot penetration shots of that fat cock stretching Joe's bunghole to the limit. Hot! Joe wildly strokes his own tool shooting a load on his stomach and shortly trimmed pubes. Matthew blasts a large thick load of jizz on Joe's neck 'n chest, and Brad yanks on his meat like he may rip it clean off of his body busting a large thick nut on Joe's cock and balls.

"Hazed" Directed By: Chi Chi LaRue:

The local soda shop is mighty crowded with nine horny dudes--some being pledges and others being full-fledged members of an unnamed fraternity. There is a nice variety of short dark and blond hair, muscular and toned bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks. To gain entrance into the exclusive club, the pledges hop up on a counter bending over exposing their tight holes while wearing white jock straps. The frat brothers munch down on those hungry holes in excellent close-up licking the puckers and enjoying the tangy taste of man-pussy. There's plenty of loud breathing, sighing, and moaning as the dudes enjoy their butt hole buffet. There are plenty of tight hairy bungholes as well as shaved when more dudes join in on the action.

Star college football stud Matthew Rush barges in barking all sorts of orders. "You want some sweaty ass, boy?" "Some sweaty jock ass?" Well naturally all the dudes want a piece of this hot hunk while Matthew jacks his fat clipped tool and begins sitting on various dude's faces in sort of a lusty assembly line allowing some hot ass eating much to his pleasure. Various dudes make out with plenty of tongues and jack one another's hard cocks as Matthew crams his business down a number of willing throats.

The pledges and frat brothers get down to some serious butt fucking from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes with nice penetration shots. Matthew plows turns one dude every which way but loose starting out with some doggy-style followed by pounding in the missionary position. To finish up, the dudes' gather 'round pulling their puds and shooting thick loads all over the place. Matthew has the showstopper by cutting loose with thick spooge.

"Hooked" Directed By: Max Phillips:

Colby Taylor (cute with dark hair, toned/tight/smooth body) and Matthew Rush are sitting on a sofa flipping through the television channels when the dudes start wrestling for the coveted remote control. The fighting turns to deep soul kissing as the guys completely forget about the television. In a highly erotic move, Colby kisses, licks, and caresses Matthew's awesome chest and hard nipples. He slides his mouth up 'n down Matthew's fat cut cock licking the shaft and giving some groovy head as he gorges on that thick meat. Matthew lifts Colby's legs exposing his tight lightly hairy hole and feasts on that tender pucker leading Colby to munch down on Matthew's tight lightly hairy love hole.

The guys smoothly move into a traditional sixty-nine with Colby on top as both continue munching down on those tasty pulsing puckers in hot close-up. Colby sinks down and rides Matthew's big dick humping up 'n down while Matthew thrusts his hips upward to fuck his buddy fast 'n smooth with nice penetration from behind. Changing up, Matthew drills Colby fast 'n smooth in the missionary position while Colby frantically pulls his rigid pork and shooting a load on his fist and stomach. Matthew beats that meat cutting loose with thick spooge on Colby's inside thigh.

"Ready For More" Directed By: Chi Chi LaRue:

Matthew Rush is once again working out to keep that fine body of his in shape when Matt Skylar (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) enters the gym and wants to know how the workout is going. Without waiting for an answer, Matt begins rubbing Matthew's shoulders followed by some deep tongue kissing and muscle worship where Matt hungrily licks those bulging biceps and hairy armpits. Matt sinks to his knees taking Matthew's fat clipped cock easily down his throat cramming it full.

The dudes are totally into the action and each other with Matthew ordering, "Come on, smell those nuts!" "You wanna lick my ass? I love that hot tongue up my asshole!" Matt rubs Matthew's tight lightly hairy bunghole and then sniffs and licks his fingers! Matthew spreads his muscular butt cheeks exposing his tight hole in hot close-ups. Matt is soon laying back in the missionary position with legs hiked in the air and his tight shaved pink pucker on full display. Matthew munches down eating one heck of an ass with hot close-ups while Matt strokes his hard cut prick.

Matthew sits on Matt's face and rides it into the next town allowing his pal to tongue that tight hole in detailed close-up. "Come on! Lick it!" "Eat that fuckin' muscle ass!" Matthew drills Matt from behind at first sliding slowly in 'n out and then picking up speed to get down fast 'n smooth making Matt cry out, "Oh yeah! Work it! Half out of his mind with crazed lust, Matt rides Matthew's dong quickly humping up 'n down cramming his chute full while stroking his rigid member squirting a large thick load that shoots straight up in the air. Matt then jacks Matthew off making him shoots a tasty thick load on Matt's fist and his own stomach.

Bonus Scene One: "Taking Flight 1" Directed By: Chris Steele:

Matthew Rush is paired with hunky Troy Punk (hot with short spiked brown hair, muscular/hairy body with tattoos) when the two hook up in a sex club. The dudes get down to some serious tongue kissing while Matthew strokes Troy's hard uncut meat. He's quickly on his haunches taking that cock down his throat giving complete oral satisfaction and leading to a tasty face fucking. The dudes are definitely into the action and each other. Troy sucks Matthew's fat clipped dong sliding his talented mouth up 'n down giving excellent head and receiving a delicious face fuck. Matthew begins playing with Troy's tight hairy bunghole while being serviced.

The guys' head over to some black metal stairs where Troy hold onto each side of the railing with muscular legs spread and sits on Matthew's face. Matthew munches down on that touchhole with gusto featuring plenty of hot close-ups as he tongues the sensitive pucker making Troy ride fast 'n smooth. Matthew sinks his chubby cock in Troy's bum from behind using long, full, 'n smooth strokes with plenty of penetration shots. He picks up the speed and plows that bum quick 'n hard making Troy fill the sex club with loud grunts and moans. Next up, Troy rides the heck outta that tool wildly humping up 'n down desperate for as much tube steak as possible. Matthew lets out a loud growl and shoots a thick load on his muscular thigh while Tory spits thick jizz on his fist, balls, shortly trimmed pubes, and inside thigh.

Bonus Scene Two: "Taking Flight 2" Directed By: Chris Steele:

Rob Ramoni (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/hairy body) is shocked when he notices another airline passenger pulling on some fat clipped pork. Rob quickly finds flight attendant Matthew Rush to complain but ends up yanking his own stiff cut 'n heavily veined cock free from his trousers and allowing Matthew to chow down giving an A+ blowjob. After some deep soul kissing, Rob sinks to his knees and blows Matthew's fat clipped pole with groovy results as Rob deep throats all the way down to those closely trimmed pubes. Following his tasty deep throat, Rob munches down on Matthew's tight shaved bunghole in nice close-up tonguing the pucker and really munching down. To return the favor, Matthew chows down on Rob's hairy hole in neat-o close-ups lapping at the quivering one-eyed kitty.

Rob starts the butt sex by sliding his hard pole back 'n forth between Matthew's muscular buttocks and sliding in from behind fucking fast, smooth, 'n hard with excellent penetration shots. Matthew definitely digs being porked as he fills the airplane with loud 'n lusty sighs and crying out, "Give it to me!" On a sexual roller coaster, Matthew wildly rides Rob's cock humping quickly up 'n down while jerking his stiff member. Matthew shoots thick jizz on his stomach and Roy squirts a large wet load on Matthew's chest, stomach, and arm. Hot!

The DVD:


"The Best of Matthew Rush" contains nine scenes from different productions so the picture quality varies. Scenes one though seven have image quality that I would rate an 8 out of 10 and scenes eight and nine rate a 10 out of 10. The picture quality is sharp and clean throughout all nine scenes. The videography is excellent throughout providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex.


The stereo sound is clean allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes' dialogue as well as all the lusty moans, groans, and sighs that accompany hot sweaty man-sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, slide shows for each separate scene featuring high quality publicity and action photographs, and two very hot bonus scenes from "Taking Flight 1" and "Taking Flight 2".

Poindexter's Roundup:

First off: I love this hot muscle stud so watching 'n reviewing "The Best of Matthew Rush" was a huge turn-on. The nine scenes definitely show why Matthew is so popular and has stayed fresh throughout the years. I had a fun time watching him transform from a good-looking dude with a nice toned body to becoming more muscular and into the tasty muscle-bound stud he is today. The direction is strong throughout with excellent videography providing excellent close-ups of all the intimate acts of cock sucking, ass eating, and butt fucking. I'm giving the picture quality in scenes one through seven an 8/10 and the two bonus scenes 10/10. Matthew gives energetic performances in all scenes and looks to truly enjoy the action. The dudes he's paired up with are all appealing and give hot performances. My personal favorites here are Jake Andrews, Troy Punk, and Joe Foster. I Highly Recommend.

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