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Filthy's First Taste 7

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/24/08

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Filthy's First Taste 7
A Club Jenna Release Directed by Cezar Capone, JT and J-Mac
Starring:  Alexis Capri, Heidi, Eva Uettori, Victoria, Melody Tan, Cheyanne Sweet, Jacky Joy and Sabree Lynn
Runtime:  90min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  The pseudo-reality continues for on-camera first timers in First Taste 7, with only a few bumps along the way.  Fun times should be in our futures, no doubt about it!

[Slight Disclaimer:  For some reason, any and all scene identifications on this dvd were not included, save a giant list of names, in no order, at the end.  Based on internet searches, most ID's below are correct, though a few dead ends caused me to guess as best I could.  Those particular instances are marked with a *, but all others should be spot-on.]

Scene One:  Alexis Capri

Alexis, a trim and slim and otherwise prim lady, shows off her best assets hiding beneath her clothes for our cameraman.  A bit of self-inflicted rub later, a stud is presented for Alexis to show off her oral skills, and they proceed with a engine rev-worthy doggy pump.  After a bit of reverse cowgirl and a chance to see her bubble bounce, Alexis flips for a standard cowgirl bump, at times looking into the camera to proclaim her status as a first-taster, like the world's sexiest newscaster.  We're treated to a bit of POV work on the way to a final control burn of missionary, with Alexis yelping and helping herself to the brink with her at-flutter fingers and occasional locked-down glances toward the camera.  Stud pulls out to grouse her with his fermented blend of hot white, and Alexis slurps up and stays put as the camera fades out too quickly (did she swallow, or not?).  As I am a sucker for a set of curves and a smile, Alexis more than fills that part of the equation, though her fucking was perhaps towing a line between standard and almost-incendiary levels of hotness, stumbling toward the lower half more than the higher.   But how could I say no to a grinning cat like her?  I almost can't.

 (Alexis:  Look!  It's the moon!)

Scene Two:  Sabree Lynn and Jacky Joy

Waiting for a train, our johns spy Sabree (the busty and brusquely voiced) and Jacky (she of the infectious smile and cheek piercing) as they wait to get out of town.  Instead, they join our fellas for a ride back to apartmentland, where a bit of fooling around leads to more giggling as clothes are pulled off one by one.  After taking turns gobbling our dude's cock, Jacky rides in cowgirl, with Sabree liberally sucking in between spouts of spear pushing.  It's her turn, soon enough, and she allows our old friend gravity to shuttle and shift her melons as she grinds along in reverse cowgirl.  Back in standard saddling, Jacky samples her cohort's loose juices before each girl takes turns in missionary.  Plenty of equal fucking time elapses for our ladies, respectively, and their stunt buddy bursts over their open mouths and faces with a few post-coital hand jacks.  Some great work here by both Sabree and Jacky, as they both never seem to tire of helping whoever is currently being fucked by lending a helping hand, set of lips, or palm to smack or pull a head of hair.  The mood is kept playful throughout, the bubbly spirit always being refilled from push to push.  This probably is the best scene so far on the disc, and never suffers or departs from a steadily rising temperature before it's all said and done.  Well done, ladies!

-- sponsored by --

(Blue-lidded Sabree gets cupped; Jacky licks and gets stiffed)

Scene Three:   Victoria*


A pert fishmonger by day, Victoria takes up our gents' offer for a quick lay for high pay, pulling out her heavenly bazooms en route to our place of lickety thumps.  Housebound, she pulls up to her john's quite erect knob and does a moderate surf across his 90-degree with her lips, arcing her ass up for a doggy-style pussy pound from behind.  Working up a sweat, the two coalesce in shared sweat, hair pulling, and full-on camera stares.  A leg up for missionary, Victoria is pummeled by her guy's rod, and the camera zooms in close to catch her strained and bacon-fried reaction, caught up but still a bit distracted by the twin attendees of suitor and voyeur.  Pulling back, our guy dismounts and aims for Victoria's lips, snuggling his swollen cap as his deposit slides into her mouth and out its rim.  While the scene is relatively brief (Victoria is so fucking gorgeous that, yes, I understand he was probably squeezing every ounce of strength toward not breaking off too quickly), the dual attentions of her boy and his cameraman strains the energy a bit, even if Victoria is quite the specimen.  If fairness even exists, it will be kind enough to grace us with another scene worth of her attentions, as she's quite addictive, even if this particular appearance is slightly watered down. 

(Victoria*:  Sweat it up, girl, I'll be here all day!)

Scene Three Point Five:  Melody Tan & Cheyanne Sweet*

This is not even a scene, but a topless photo shoot gone awry as Melody isn't keen on kissing her co-model Cheyanne.  Everyone has a laugh, and it's all over before you can sing "Jessie's Girl" to yourself, in your head, twice.  Quel misleading!

Scene Four:  Eva Uettori

We meet the enchanting and sleepy-eyed Eva just long enough to present her a cock to swaddle into her mouth.  She reminds me of the late of the game fave Christina Black, only more compact, in more ways than one.  Eva's a smoothie down below where it counts, and her drops of chest cups are perfect for her petite frame. 

Pile-driven missionary points us into penetrative territory, her partner puncturing her slit in broad and firm strokes downward.  Doggy and spoon-fiddling follow, with Eva rubbing a few fingers into her quivering quim before saddling up for an endgame of reverse cowgirl.  She takes a load to her chin and lips, hair strewn together with sweat, frazzled and fried.  While I found Eva stunning, her eyes go camera-bound a little too often, and the camera pointed to the southern regions more often than elsewhere.  Still, with a little polish, Eva could be incendiary, like her doppelganger, sooner than next week.  Let's hope so!

Scene Five:  Heidi*

Heidi, with her boyfriend in tow, admits that she's been waiting to jump into porn for awhile, but has only recently turned eighteen.  Lucky us, as her pale and puckery cuteness surely can go a long way in my book.  Her rosy complexion blooms at its pinkest parts, a real treat to see, along with Heidi's desire to be a good lay for the camera.  Soon boyfriend is pulling his pants standing over a now naked Heidi, and a few pre-licks ready, they go into straight missionary.  The shots veer from two distinct angles: penetrative and reactionary, with little variation, and a heavy emphasis on the former.  After fading into a doggy hump, Heidi lifts herself up to be graced with an affectionate amount of boy toy spray, taking a lump on the tongue before it's all done. 

Eager to please the camera, Heidi at times forgets about her boy's plight to stay firm and keep her satisfied, but the distraction and camera-bound glances keep the tension something kinda weak.  Too bad, since Heidi is every bit of just-turned fantasy that the genre thrives on.  Though the scene is neither here nor there, I still hope to see Heidi everywhere, please?  Please!

(Heidi:  What we all want.)

Bonus Features
A Scene-Specific Menu offers each girl per position, varying by scene, which is handy and thoughtful, along with a Photo Gallery (presented as a slide show, three minutes in length) and a few Trailers, too, are the total contents of the section.  The trailers contain a forced record-keeping ID, which only lags whatever enjoyment you may get out of trying to watch them, unfortunately.  I do understand the necessity, but I do not understand the inconvenience of disabling my "search" key.  Argh!

Audio/Visual Quality
The feature is presented in 1.33:1 full frame, the colors at times being prone to soft effects for the white-chaired apartment scenes (Eva, Alexis & Heidi's segements), with shades veering into beiges, reds, and yellows, but with minimal ill effects on the image overall.  The mixture of source light in Victoria and Sabree & Jacky's scenes is handled well, with a few shadows mixed in, but the bulk of each on the bright white tip.  Audio was in 2.1 standard stereo, and was slightly uneven from scene to scene, but without annoyance.  Each section is introduced with a thirty-second clip show of highlights, with the same in-your-face music track blaring out during each one, which I could have done without.

Post-Game Wrap-Up
As the confetti falls over First Taste 7, I can only wonder what the future holds in store for Filthy's series.  Will the camera be less intrusive than it had here, sabotaging and overlooking the talent at hand?  Will we ever see Heidi or Victoria again, and are those their correct names?  For first-timers, all the girls here are top-notch, and deserve a shot at the big time.  But this, unfortunately, was not it.  I do have to say that this is the best looking of Filthy's movies I've seen, but I suppose the exchange for visual quality wasn't worth the trade.  I'd be remiss to not recommend Sabree & Jacky's scene for the quality level of spirit and tongue wagging, but overall, I would suggest a rental at best.  These girls are quite something, but their preferred capture device only can lead them in circles.

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