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Filthy's Peepin' Tom 2

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/20/08

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Filthy's Peepin' Tom 2
A Club Jenna Release Directed by Cezar Capone
Starring:  Sophie, Jeyden Raine, Nikki Sexton, Star Armani and Ashden Baines.
Runtime:  90min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  Peepers unite!  The slapstick continues (literally) with number 2 in the voyeuristic series, featuring distanced and sometimes sneaky shots stolen from an unknowing lady (the guy is always in on it, of course he is!) as she rides and slides, and that ubiquitous white leather seat takes it all in.  However, purists will suffer the addition of a second camera at times, as well as the unknown charter that is goofy and sinister all at the same time: everybody's in on the scheme!  With that, let the games begin!

Scene One:  Jeyden Raine

Jeyden, who seems like a rock n' roll chick from Rock n' Roll City, takes her time to ease into a bit of plucky fooling around, relaxing with a walk on the beach and absorbing the view from an apartment balcony.  Ogling her man's package, she opens his zipper and intakes his wand, parting with her top and cargo-type shorts soon after.  If it weren't for her heaving bust, Jeyden could be a dead ringer for Sierra Sinn.  Her style differs, as we find in doggy, and Jeyden is more reserved at first, building up steam into a squeal during a run in missionary.  Off in the distance the camera wanders, and it cranes down to catch our guy's running seed falling over Jeyden's lips and chin.  A good mixture of close and not-so-close shots, Jeyden's scene flows along quite nicely, gaining an ample beat out, and in time and with chemistry.  I would have preferred more footage, but them's the breaks.

(Jeyden:  Art with a capital "A".)

Scene Two:  Sophie

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We find Sophie outside a cafe, and our stunt gent instructs the cameraman to meet up later, finding the two very much with it, cowgirl-style, atop a couch.  Thumbs up are given (thanks, really), and our cameraman sidles in for a closer look.  Soon it's back to a more enclosed area as reverse cowgirl begins, frantic segues of pussy rubbing leading a breadcrumb trail for Sophie's oncoming orgasms.  A missionary pile driver sword swinging soon commences, with the camera floating in for close-ups, into doggy for even more hi-fives between the scheming fellas.  A quick lift off the brown ottoman yields a chin-based landing of seedling, and a epilogue tacked at the end suggests that even then, yes, Sophie was filmed without her knowledge.  Despite all the horsepucky, a decent scene survives, and Sophie seems to enjoy most of what we see her doing, even if it's among the shadows.

Scene Three:  Ashden Baines

Ashden cradles into her boy's lap before awaying for a pre-sex prep in the bathroom, prompting a one-on-one with the male talent.  Soon she's back, down to her skivvies, and straddles, heels on, before handling a handful of meat to aim into her mouth.  A little munch of slit follows, up close and bare, and doggy begins the sequence of penetration.  Ashden's face, sadly, is pointed into a corner, but her well-aged features are quite easy to take in as she takes a pummeling, continuing in standard cowgirl.  She groans and yelps with every solid thrust, especially as missionary follows.  A generous helping of spoon side-saddling leads us to our lad shifting Ashden beneath him, and she coaxes a dollop out of his swelling head with her fit tongue techniques.  It all drops down her neck from the corner of her mouth, and soon returns to the bath for cleanup, her absence egging our "hidden" filmographer to jolt up and congratulate his buddy, then running away.  Ashen is near-cougar material, and quite foxy, and her enjoyment of the scene, despite all the head-turning coaching, really sold me.  I hope to see her again, hopefully with her knowing.

(Ashden:  Ready for take-off!)

Scene Four:  Star Armani

Waltzing in with a cool, kinky head of hair, Star kneels down to show her man a good time not long after he opens the door, bending over to service his dong with an outstretched hand, and soon, tongue.  Standard cowgirl starts the bumping off, with a spell of doggy and missionary to follow.  Our cameraman steals a few close shots before going back into hiding, and sooner than later, Star is closing her upturned face for glazing.  Her effort here is adequate, harried at times by the distance of our viewpoint, quelling the heat to a minimum off medium.  Not bad, but not too memorable, either.

Scene Five:  Nikki Sexton

Bespectacled beauty Nikki visits a tattoo parlor for an estimate on placement and design upon her rosy-jacked skin.  Tempting the needle peddler with a bare breast or two, they away to a back room for a more intimate quote.  After spreading wide for a tongue rub over her bare gash, Nikki services her partner with a hummer, and he sits her back on the leather covered seat for a missionary bang.  Cowgirl and doggy follow, with a few breaks for tasting and composure-gaining in between, and final jag of penetration lands a load on Nikki's chin and face.  Cute as a sprite, Nikki is a darling to watch, though the camerawork sometimes makes the scene suffer with its constant need to be out of her eyeline.  Still, penetrative shots run on the high end of the scale, though I wish the action could have been closer, and not so shady, as to catch Nikki's glowing visage.  Maybe next time, sister friend.

(Nikki:  A magical fairy creature!)

Bonus Features

A Photo Gallery (presented as a 3 minute slide show, replete with music), a few Trailers (with locked-in record statement, which cannot be searched past, arrrgh!), and the usual Company Info round out the section.  Handily, a navigational menu per girl, per position (doggy, missionary, etc.) is included, which is pleasant and more than welcome after the frustration endured on the viewing front. 

Audio/Visual Quality
The video is presented in 1.33:1, full frame, and is constant and relative to the respective locations (all but one scene is shot in the same apartment, filled with normal indoor bulbs and more high-end filaments, veering from white to a warmer yellow at times).  Nikki's tattoo scene suffers a bit from a lack of light via the overhead fluorescents, and green wall tones seep into the image field, but thankfully, a little sunlight bleeds in, so all is not lost.  The audio is 2-channel stereo, and, as always, is in accordance with the camera's position to the participants (hidden = echoey, sneaking up close = a deft increase in clarity).  Not too bad, but not entirely awesome.

In Conclusion
Peepin' Tom 2 may not be for everyone, though those well versed enough in the Bang Brothers style of hit and run gonzo/amateur sex may find a cheap thrill in the hijinks and goings-on therein.  And while any true peeper would probably find half of his or her thrill in the dangerous, lawfully corrosive nature of the act, the overall mood here is goofy, though not in the collective sense.  Despite all this, the girls all seem to have a good time throughout, even if this specific style of porn leaves gaping voids in the viewer's mind (I would have liked to have seen more faces, especially Ashden's!); the heavenly Nikki is worth a rental on its own.  Hopefully, the future will burn brighter for these ladies, as suffering gimmicky quirks just brings their performances down, not up.  At least for me, that is.

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