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Girls Loving Girls

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/10/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Girls Loving Girls
An Abby Winters Release
Distributed by Wicked Pictures
Directed by Emmalee and Sky
Starring Em, Jaime-Lee and Violet
95 Minutes
All-Girl / No Condoms / No Mechanical Devices
The girls of AbbyWinters.com have hewn an appealing and exceedingly natural niche of girl-girl interaction on DVD over the past few years, a joyous spillover for non-subscribers and the curious alike.  Girls Loving Girls captures it all in two-camera glory, and I'm happy to report that the results are just plain stunning.  These are not your average porn girls: make-up free, skin glowing with healthy corn-fed goodness, glorious free-range bush, tons and tons of kissing and an overall exuberant drive to get each other off.  So without further ado, let's get lost!

[Scene One]  Em and Jaime-Lee  (47:15)

Em, a pale tower with two ropey bundles of pigtails, and Jaime, a brunette with an up-do and an olive-tinged complexion, get to know each other by fondling and kissing each other until they both become topless in a fit of giggles.   Em slips off Jaime's green terry pair of underwear, finding another pair of tighter blue shorts underneath.  They fall back belly to belly, squishing their bodies and mouths together as hands venture south.  Getting up to convert their futon to a bed, they plop back excitedly and diddle each other's pussy simultaneously.  Em opens her legs up wide for Jaime, and she flicks her tongue and fingers up and inside her furry crotch until Em is rendered breathless.  She sits up to ride Jaime's thigh, grinding down on her as Em's hands fuss and fiddle with her riding steed.  Em slides upward and the girls rub pussies together and husk and gyrate, constantly returning a two and three fingered salute with each other.

The two bundle up in 69, feverishly nibbling and darting their tongues and digits into each other, coating their mouths and holes with spit and the dribble of glaze.  They kneel face to face and hold a furious hand jive, boodling out pangs and shouts along the way.  Em stands up as Jaime uses both her hands to suck on her partner's sweet spot, winding her up for a  stunning climax, her hair tousled and her body jiggling with a shuddering delight.  As Jaime lies face down on the bed, Em takes advantage and grapples her partner's thigh once again, gliding her moist pocket along as she fingers her willing sister.  They coax an orgasmic wave, thighs meeting honey pot to honey pot, winnowing each other in cool moans and groans.  Their comedown is eased by sessions of deep kissing and mutual groping, Em licking Jaime from her shoulder to the cusp of her ear, grateful and head rushed by it all.  And likewise, Jaime feels the same way, too.

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Both Em and Jaime are unapologetic in their adventure together, one bubbling up in time with the other, permeating the scene with a spellbinding array of closed-eye kisses, hand holding, and passion.  It's stress-free, relaxed, and downright an amazing scene to take in.  I found myself, at times, feeling like I had been spying on the two, like I was being treated to my own private view of two eager girls going at it with all their gusto and genuine lust for each other, behind closed doors and away from the need to perform for the sake of performing.  It's extraordinary, powerful stuff!

(Em's devil tongue meets Jaime's lips)

[Scene Two]   Jaime-Lee and Violet  (30:15)

Jaime-Lee returns, this time with a longer clip of amber hair flying free, with Violet her co-captain, black hair loosely pulled in messy pigtails.  Plenty of eyes-shut squeezing starts the two off, a defrocked Violet laying atop Jaime, taking turns pulling down and prying their underpants off and apart.  Jaime's sporting a stubbly racing stripe southbound, while Violet's beaver is a flowery tuft of growth, all of which we see as a bowl of mutual masturbation is served, kisses doled out almost unstoppably.  Violet is the more outwardly physical of the two, guiding a nipple against Jaime's clit and slit before kneeling over to suck and grip down onto Jaime's pussy with her right hand.  In all fours, it's Violet's turn to be worn over, and Jaime stands to allow her lady to pry apart her little envelope with both hands and a hot tongue.

69 veers into a knee-play on Jaime as she holds and molds Violet's snatch like a twittering mound of clay, and Violet returns the love by spooning and furiously fingering while grinding from behind.  A flurry of two-handed rub and tug leads to a scissor-sister piece of unified glory, the girls whittling each other grind after grind after grind.  Huffs and puffs continue as Jaime eats Violet from behind, her ass to the air, and Violet straddles her partner once again, more pussy to pussy bumping.  She situates Jaime's foot along her middle, and Jaime is randy enough to glide her arch furiously until Violet succumbs to the mounting pressure of a climax.  A nice stroll through cuddleville wraps it all up, and the girls nibble and kiss until the cameras fade out.   Some beautiful, albeit a little tougher, action here, with Violet doing a bit of the old rough and tumble with the quite eager Jaime-Lee, with heaps of dynamism to spread between the slices.   Both girls have no trouble acquainting and garnering good faith and turning glory out of one other, and that is truly something special indeed!

(Violet from above, Jaime-Lee in below)

Bonus Features

A Highlights reel snips a bit of interview in pre- and post-scene, with clips and stills inserted in between.  Each one runs around two to three minutes in length, a post-coital garnish that revealed just a little bit of each girl.  Cute stuff, to be sure, seeing Em, Jaime-Lee and Violet grinning from cheek to cheek in waiting and after their sessions; just delightful!

A Bonus Scene from Intimate Moments stars our girl Violet, who, little by little, turns herself out in a dizzying amount of hand to crotch action, marked by clothing being peeled off layer by layer, all by herself.  She burns in twitter and fluss, arching upward and onto her belly until she's completely satisfied.  The camera stays stationary, but adequately placed, lending a graceful capture of the whole affair.  It's a great solo scene!  A few Trailers for recent Abby Winters releases (Girls Turned On, Getting Off, Girls Next Door, and More Real Orgasms) are also included, along with credits for the whole disc.  Like a cherry on top, the section is a delicious cap to a wonderful dessert!

Audio/Visual Quality
The picture is presented in anamorphic 16:9, shot with two cameras running simultaneously, on either side of the action.  The toggle between both during each scene is never too quickly paced, patterned in an even stride with the heat of the action.  The natural and fill light places a graceful and organic quality to the image, veering into color shifts only in the shadows of the enclosed spaces.  As such, the 2-channel stereo suffers only during Em and Jaime-Lee's scene, with a slight, barely apparent hum, probably from whatever devices were whirring in the room.  Other than that, smooth sailing on the audio side of things, with every utterance and jolt easy and clear on the ears.

Overall Thoughts
I admit that I am somewhat biased by the Abby Winters style of all-girl fun, as I feel that most man-free porn is stylistically uninspired and clich-ridden enough to induce a deep sleep (unless it's Belladonna, with her fingers and toes and filthy mind of fury).  Girls Loving Girls has oodles of what those snooze-inducing titles lack, and plenty enough to go around for everyone.  These girls are gentle, and at times fierce, creatures that feel genuine in their lust for one another, kissing and adoring each other as their hands find their ways in and around their objects of affection.  It nearly goes against what every other porno attempts to do, and succeeds because of it.  So, in short, if you'd like to see girls as they are, natural, bubbly, fluffy-soft and rounded on all sides, and free of the performance anxiety, Girls Loving Girls just might be the clear breath of fresh air you need to feel good about porn again.   And consider me converted for life!

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