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Suruba: Agua

Studio: Athletic Model Guild » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 3/8/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Dennis Bell
1 Hour 14 Minutes
CAST: Marcelo Mastro, Peterson Correa, Rick Ferraz, Renzo Castelli, Victor Santos, Nick Novaes, Oliver Lima

The Good Stuff

AMG Brasil continues its Suruba line of DVD's in Agua. Correct me if I'm wrong but agua means water and Agua coincidentally takes place in and around a pool and in and around some agua. As we have learned in our past Portuguese lessons from AMG Brasil, Suruba's definition is 1. Orgy, Gangbang. 2. A wild party especially one involving excessive indulgence. 3. Unrestrained sexual activity. So before this sexy film ends you know you are gonna see an all out Latin orgy. Woo Hoo!
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Scene 1
Marcelo Mastro our cover guy starts off this flick right, showing you his muscular Latin body as he showers in an outdoor shower. The water travels down his rippling muscles making you wish your hands could follow those same trails down his sexy body. He takes a long languid shower and we get to see every inch of his body, the camera takes an especially long time to move on when he shakes his big beefy cock for the camera. Renzo Castelli joins Marcelo for brief rub down before squatting down to enjoy some of
Marcelo's giant chorizo. Renzo is equally muscular and sexy and loves him some dick. After seeing the treatment Renzo is getting in the shower Rick Ferraz doesn't want to be left out so he joins the two guys in the shower to get his own large hose serviced. Rick has blonde highlighted hair almost surferish and an equally hot muscular body. Renzo takes his time lavishing attention on these two studs spicy steel before they are jacking and both cum on his body.

Scene 2
Peterson Correa and Oliver Lima were chilling pool side enjoying the steamy shower show and are now ready to give you a show of their own. Peterson is a bigger muscular guy with jet black hair and a thick uncut rod and Oliver has lighter skin and a buzzed head and lean long body and long uncut cock. They kiss and stroke off poolside before Oliver takes a taste of Petersons peter. While Peterson is being blown he keeps up a stream of dialog in Portuguese that I wish I knew what he was saying because he makes Oliver crack up. Peterson has had enough oral loving and wants to taste Olivers hole so he lifts him up poolside and puts Olivers ass on like a face mask really eating out his pucker. No money shots for these two they are saving it for the finally.

Scene 3
Continuing the sex chain reaction Nick Novaes and Victor Santos were sitting on a bench enjoying the shows put on by the previous five guys. Nick has a very Caucasian look about him, a lean muscular body, sexy five o'clock shadow and cute bubble ass and Victor has a caramel complexion and looks the youngest out of everyone with an ultra lean muscular body. These two suck face for a bit before Nick sucks off Victor uncut tool. They change positions and move in front of some trees and Victor drops to his knees and sucks off Nicks big hose. This scene doesn't really end the guys just kind of wander over to where everyone else is and the Suruba action starts.

Scene 4
All of the sexy Latin guys are in one big uncut cock crazy frenzy. Finally we get some penetration as Peterson sidles up behind Renzo and assaults his hole and Marcelo plows into Oliver. Peterson has been dying to fuck and pummels Renzo hole with lusty abandon. Rick takes advantage of Nicks eager hole and slams him vigorously a little bit away from the rest of the group. Marcelo is now screwing the hell out of Victor and Peterson sidles up behind Marcelos firm thrusting buttocks and slides in his beefy cock for a little train action. Everyone circles around Victor for a circle jerk you will remember for a long time. Everyone starts jacking their uncut Latin dongs over his face and the loads start flying giving his face a creamy coating. Someone must have taken a long time to get their rocks off because before the scene is over you cut back to Victor and he has dried crusty cum all over his face that gets joined by two more creamy eruptions. Thank god the guys that nutted on his face pick him up and toss him in the pool to clean of the dried semen. The guys join him in the crystal blue water and the movie ends.



The letterboxed wide screen transfer was crisp and clear with all of the colors vibrant & bright and not even a smidgen of blurriness. Dennis Bell and AMG Brasil always deliver with high quality video. The Dolby 2.0 digital audio was ultra clear and everything was easily heard.


AMG Brasil usually gives you at least one real extra and they don't disappoint here with the behind the scenes clips.

Model Photos: 50 stills of the sexy Brazilian men.

Action Photos: Over 50 stills of the guys getting it on.

Behind the Scenes Clips: Almost nine minutes of behind the scenes footage. You get to see the guys kidding around inbetween scenes and even them posing for the AMG Brasil Christmas card. Some of what they are saying is subtitled so for us non Portuguese speaking folks we can be in on the joke.

More DVD Trailers: Previews for Amazonia Release, Suruba: Piroca, Paraiso, Tropicus,Gemeos,Deluge

At the End of the Night

Agua is another quality production put out by Dennis Bell and AMG Brasil. I have seen several of their films and they always deliver on sexy, sexy guys and gorgeous locations. Each film I see makes me fall in love a little bit more with Brazil. I hope to get to see it for real one day. The men from Brazil are totally gorgeous and the guys in this film are perfect examples of beautiful Brazilian men. The sex was hot, the location spectacular and you even get a peek behind the scenes with the extras. I can't find a negative thing about this one and therefore give it my rating of "Highly Recommended".

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