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Virgin Teen Lesbians Vol. 3

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 3/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Cast: Emanuelle, Angel, Erika, Kirsten, Lexy, Chanty, Janessa, Mandy, Kate and Jade
Genre: Lesbian/First Time
Length of Feature: 144 mins
Condoms: No
Date of Production: 10/15/07
Special Features: Full-Length bonus scene, Behind the Scenes and Striptease Featurettes, Updated Menus and Region Free coding


"Virgin Teen Lesbians 3" is an amazing release that shows off some of the hottest lesbians new to the game. You get every motion under the sun with nearly crystal clear A/V Quality. The special features are pretty standard, but you can look past that. That's just how hot this DVD will make you. Let's take a look.



The first scene introduces us to Erika and Kirsten. Erika takes the time to work her clit and get Kirsten all hot and bothered. That's when Kirsten goes in for the pounce and the two start to play. It's a slow build, but the wait is worth it. Both girls are packing amazing tits and their pussies are to be savored.

The scene is typical for most of the Pink Visual Lesbian titles. You're not going to see either girl reinvent the wheel, but they know how to work it for the camera. The dildo play is fun and we get to see every possible angle. It's just that everything following isn't really interesting. They play around forever, but there's nothing to write home about. It's just too really hot girls munching box.



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The second scene begins with Janessa and Mandy. Janessa has got a fun look and she's friendly. It's just that the girls are more of the same. Everything from the first scene gets repeated with more giggling. Sure, the ladies are fun. But, what are we supposed to do with our dicks in our hands? Plus, the tit ratio was way off.

There's a need for action in these Virgin Teen Lesbian flicks that never comes across. The girls are too friendly and there's never a sense that they're going to take one another in a fit of passion. When the strap-on gets whipped out, it's a matter of too little too late.



Emanuelle and Angel play around with the introduction. Emanuelle tries to confess to not being naughty, but it doesn't work out well. When Angel shows up, we get some of the force that I was lamenting in the previous scenes. It's just that the momentum isn't held throughout the rest of the scene. You get more pussy rubbing, eating, tongue sucking, clit fucking and the such.

It's just that Emanuelle and Angel find themselves stuck in the same repetitive boat. What can you do when a clit can only get you so far? Outside of that, the only thing that stood out was Angel's odd look. It's not fair to Angel when you put her in a scene alongside Emanuelle. The ratio is fucked and it makes Angel look horrible in comparison.



Kate and Jade are young and ready to show off for the camera. My problem with Kate is that shit ring in her face. I kept thinking that she was going to get it caught on Jade's clit and tear it off. The poor girls kept up the action in spite of my fears, but nothing spectacular happened. You had a lot of build up to something great, but there wasn't any follow through.

But, I'm weird that way. Hell, I didn't even notice Kate's Dutch accent until about five minutes into the scene. It's weird listening to a chick that sounds like Goldmember getting her box munched. What's funnier is that Jade has even more shit in her face than Kate. It's like the battle to see who can get their piercing entangled on the other's junk first. That would be some entertaining porn. You could either have that or stick a magnet in each girl's pussy and watch as their faces get pulled into the magnetic muffs.


Lexy and Chanty end the disc on a rather odd note. I could've nailed these girls if they weren't Lesbians into freaky fuck shit. But, that's why they're working for Pink Visual and I'm just reviewing these discs. You've got to give these ladies some credit though. They manage to be sexy while having that deer in the headlights look. You've got to respect a lady that can do that.
In terms of action, the pussy play and the strap-on action is present here. It's just that the transfer doesn't do these girls credit when they push for the close-up. You see a lot of makeup concealer hiding acne and other shit on their bodies. There's also the presence of too much make-up on girls that would be pretty without it. The scene builds to an end, as they work on a double-headed dildo. It's not quite Ass to Ass, but it's an amazing dual fuck that left me wanting more. But, that's the best way to end these discs. Leave the viewer waiting for the next volume.


"Virgin Teen Lesbians 3" is a fun release that works as a primer to get you into Lesbian porn. The girls are fun and they possess a variety of looks. It's just that no girl is really that dynamic. I wanted to see someone who could become a superstar and all I got were supporting players. Still, it's worth a buy.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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