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Euro Angels 25

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by JJ Stalker » Review Date: 3/26/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Intro: This harlot fest was produced and directed by Christoph Clark and put out through Evil Angel. It clocks in with six scenes at just under 2:15. With that out of the way, let me say that I love Euro porn. The girls are usually super hot, and they take it in the ass like butter. So, with a subtitle of "Budapest Booty Fest" I figured I was all set! Then I looked at the box. Awful box cover. The big pics are not very good, and the small pics are almost unnoticeable. Even the back did nothing to whet my appetite for this vid, and I have to confess I really wasn't looking forward to this flick.

However, it turned out to be better than I expected. There is lot's of anal and general filthiness here. There is only one condom in the video, and there's even some foot action for pervs like me to enjoy. On the other hand, this video is hardly Euro porn at its finest.

Scene 1: Sophie Evans, Anita Black, and Leslie Taylor -- Boy/Girl/Girl, Anal.

This scene is shot entirely on a speedboat presumably on a lake in Hungary. But who knows, it could even have been on the Danube. The boat is hauling ass during the tease and even into the oral, but stops when the sex really kicks in. The tease in this scene is pretty long, but looks good. Also this is very footy scene. Both girls are barefoot and we get some toe sucking and foot fucking and generally a pretty good amount of camera time for the piggies.

Anita is a pretty good looking Hungarian hooker and Sophie Evans is Sophie Evans. Sophie looks great -- and has the prettiest feet of the two -- but doesn't turn in a particularly stellar performance here. Anita, on the other hand, gets her orifices effectively plundered, and her ass gapes beautifully during the anal. But once it gets to Sophie's turn, suddenly Leslie's wearing a condom. Bad ass whore, bad!

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The scene ends with both girls jerking Leslie and him popping mostly all over Anita's face. All in all, a pretty good scene, although the energy really suffered from the inclusion of a sequence of Anita leaving the boat to pee on shore. Odd. But it's well shot and the action is good.

Scene 2: Gina, Sylvia, Syntia, and Christoph Clark -- Boy/Girl/Girl/Girl, Anal.

Yeah well, I don't know much about these girls. Gina is a milfish blond, Sylvia is a cute and sexy brunette, and Syntia is blond with a sweet ass and a kinda hard but kinda cute Eastern European face. In a nutshell, the three girls blow Christoph, and he fucks Gina and Sylvia vag and Syntia anal. All of this proving once again that it's good to be the pornographer!

This scene is shot mostly on various couches throughout a house. There's lots of ATM and some foot action. The scene ends with our hero popping in all their faces as Gina jerks him.

This is a pretty good scene overall. The action is pretty hot, and it's well shot. But we do get some man ass licking that I could have done without.

Scene 3: Stefany, Leslie Taylor, and Ian Scott -- Boy/Boy/Girl, Anal.

Ok, now we're talkin'. Stefany is a hot brunette European ass whore, and in this scene she gets her holes tested pretty thoroughly. Lots of ass fucking. Lots of double dipping. Stefany even double dips herself with a large black dildo early in the scene. After that, the ass fucking starts and never really stops.

Like many European girls - and not nearly enough American ones - Stefany is evidently gifted with a steel belted shitter. God bless her! The scene ends with a quick shot of dp -- I guess just so they could say they did it -- and the two guys jerking themselves onto her face.

This is a good scene, though a bit short for my taste.

Scene 4: Syntia, Brigitte, and Hatman - Boy/Girl/Girl.

Syntia's the blond from scene 2 back for more. I must admit she has grown on me after her earlier performance. Plus her makeup is better here. Brigitte is a short haired, kinda cute brunette. The sorta girl you'd definitely fuck, but probably not brag about. Hatman is an American guy. Don't know who he is, but he makes out pretty well in this scene.

The action in this scene is shot on a bed in a hotel room and is less than ten minutes. Both girls blow and both girls get fucked. The sex looks pretty good, but overall this scene is very short and very average.

Scene 5: Angelica Bright, Frank Gun, and Richard Lengin -- Boy/Boy/Girl, Anal, DP.

Angelica is a cute, trashy looking blond Euro girl. She gets thoroughly molested in this scene, and looks good doin' it. This sex in this scene looks like it was shot on a table in a studio. The action is pretty hot, but again it's kinda short. It's well shot and the lighting is good. The scene ends with our heroes gluing her eyes shut as they jerk onto her face.

A pretty good scene.

Scene 6: Syntia, Brigitte, and Christoph Clark -- Boy/Girl/Girl, Anal.

We're back to the set of scene 6. This time it's Christoph's turn with these two tramps. This scene mostly revolves around Christoph fucking Syntia's ass. Kinda like scene 2...

And also like scene 2, we get a sequence of man ass licking that didn't really work for me.

Anyway, Syntia gets her pooper poked and Brigitte proves she's a dirty girl by doing ATM duties. Then towards the end of the scene she gets her turn in the booty too. The action in this scene is again pretty hot, and the scene ends with Christoph dropping a load over both girls' asses.

Audio/Video: The whole movie is 4:3 fullscreen. I didn't have any problems with either the audio or the video.

DVD Extras: We don't get much here. There's a photo gallery with about 50 pics and some trailers. That's about it.

Final Thoughts: This is not a bad flick. It was certainly better than I thought it was going to be after seeing the box.

The girls weren't always up to my exacting standards of Euro hotness, but I thought the sex and the camera work were good. Some of the scenes could definitely have been longer.

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