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Adventures In Babysitting, The

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/11/08

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Savannah Stern and Kayden Kross (click for trailer)

The Adventures in Babysitting

Vivid Entertainment

Savannah Stern and Kayden Kross part 2

Genre: Feature

Director: Paul "Chuck Lords" Thomas

Mae Victoria

Cast: Kayden Kross, Savannah Stern, Steven St. Croix, Mae Victoria, Justin Magnum, McKenzee Miles, Nick Manning, Jack Lawrence, Leah Jaye

Length: 116:15 minutes

Kayden Kross has a great ass!

Date of Production: 7/28/2007

Kayden Kross, McKenzee Miles, Nick Manning, and Jack Lawrence

Extra's: Most of you will appreciate the five unrelated bonus scenes from past movies that totaled a whopping 76:16 minutes long. There were also trailers, a text biography for lovely contract hotty Kayden Kross, a photogallery, some spam (including commercials at the front of the DVD), and a 19:20 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that was a lot of fun to enjoy.

Leah Jaye!

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The Adventures in Babysitting was presented in anamorphic widescreen color using a 1.78:1 ratio offering as shot by director Paul "Chuck Lords" Thomas for Vivid Entertainment. Like some of his more noteworthy titles of late, this one was shot in HD in 1080i, so being presented in the SD format will make a difference if it is ever upgraded to high definition. The lighting was reasonably well handled (with minor exceptions in a few of the scenes that had less lighting and appeared overly saturated), limiting the grain, video noise, and other distracting flaws seen all too often in porn these days; appearing to be shot nicely by talented cameraman Ralph Parfait. The composition of the camera angles and lighting were not always optimal this time, the camera spending too little time in the first scene and too long on some of the later establishing shots. The fleshtones were usually accurate this time and the DVD mastering was well done, making it look pretty solid in terms of visual quality (though perhaps the compression ratio was set too high as the bitrate was averaging about 4.5 Mbps). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital offering (at 192 Kbps) with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent thanks to Miles Long. For some reason, the levels were mixed lower than usual but aside from the added background noise from doing so; the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal tracks nonexistent.

Body of Review: Paul "Chuck Lords" Thomas is inarguably the lead director at Vivid Entertainment and has been for a very long time. I've found a number of his movies to merit at least some praise but still note that any made under his alias have a tendency to come across as half finished or "lesser" works. His latest release in this regard is The Adventures in Babysitting, a movie showcasing Kayden Kross in all her sexual glory for fans to appreciate, using a light feature approach to set the stage for her sexual antics. Broken down into two "episodes" (Baby Dwight and The Naughty Nieces), the movie came across as more of an experiment than a full fledged feature but you aren't going to find more of the lovely hotty in a single non-compilation flick this early in her career. The cover said it like this: "Counseled not to enter the baby's room unless it's an absolute emergency, two luscious babysitters play naked twister just outside the nursery... until they hear the inevitable crying. When they enter, they find one big, hairy, grown-up baby. And they sooth him... starting with a nipple, of course. Then there's the story of two fey manservants who must please two spoiled nieces before their parents come home... or they'll lose the gig forever. The result? Three facials. Two anals. And Kayden at your service. Ready to sit, baby?" If this sounds appealing to you, here's a quick glimpse into the show's scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Kayden Kross, the hotty blond featured on the front cover, Savannah Stern, and Steven St. Croix as a guy with a baby fetish (to play dress up like a baby), were up first after the ladies played naked Twister. The flexible lasses were having a great time when he cried out and they went to assist him; Steven going for their breast implants right away when they were in range. The porn music was queued up and the standard porn action played out, moving to the couch where he got a blowjob and the ladies ate each other out. Savannah was the most active oralist of the day and Kayden seemed to appreciate sitting on Steven's face more than a little bit, but I liked Savannah's active vaginal ride the most. Kayden did a fair job too but she was simply not in the same league, Savannah even doing some PTM along the way. The trio moved from the living room couch to the bathroom as they got off together, the cramped conditions forcing the ladies to take turns masturbating in the bath tub as the other would get drilled by the boy blunder. The action ended when Steven rubbed out a load of population pudding on Kayden's sweet ass, all three of the sweaty trio enjoying the action at least a little bit but not with much replay value.

Scene Two: Mae Victoria, playing the mother of the family a little too well, was up next with Steven St. Croix, and Justin Magnum joining in after the end of the following scene that was edited into this one (which I detest). Mae began by stripping off her clothing to reveal her ample womanly curves as Steven jerked off. The other scene over, both men got some play from her after Steven got some hummer action from her. The men took turns screwing her cookie, moving to her ass in time, but she was unable to do much more than just let them hammer away at her when the backdoor action or later positions came up. Justin came on her crotch followed by Steven on her ass cheeks but it was a poorly handled scene that did little to utilize her skills to their best effect.

Scene Three: Kayden Kross and Savannah Stern, the two slutty babysitters, began giving Justin Magnum a strip tease show as they disrobed in the car driving down the public street. The scruffy guy watched the lesbian antics until he wanted some relief, the ladies obliging him with a short blowjob. I liked that they waited for him to pull over before they started slobbing his knob though, as it was clear that he wouldn't be able to safely handle the polishing on the open road. Sadly, he came way too quickly and Savannah was the one responsible for his modest load, Kayden reduced to the lesbian action and some solo play here.

Scene Four: Kayden Kross, watching television with Justin Magnum on the couch, made a bet with him over a guy who was being reported as a jumper on a tall building downtown. She lost the bet and willingly paid up; the joke being it was a replay and she was a blond ("I just didn't think he'd jump again."). She was blowing him on the couch when the scene edited to them by the pool for no apparent reason, this being the last scene for the first "episode" of the movie. Kayden gave a decent hummer if you like sultry attitude over enthusiastic oral, her ass hanging out of the water as Justin stretched out on the edge. This continued until she moved her leg into a 69 position and did some limited vaginal sex. She was more active here but as much as the sunlight looked good on her body, the camera work was marginal at best with shadows, too many close ups, and edits out of nowhere. Justin popped a tiny load on her crotch and that finished this scene up.

Scene Five: Leah Jaye, Savannah Stern, Jack Lawrence, Nick Manning, were up next after another blond skit about mail. Jack had his face planted in Leah's ass and Nick played the subordinate to Savannah as he ironed her under garments like a puppy before helping her wear her thong. This scene was also interrupted by the following scene in a heat reducing manner, picking back up afterwards. There was some foot worship, a lot of oral, and some poorly placed cameras capturing the sex, though Leah did anal as expected of her. The vaginal riding was not particularly enthusiastic either and the loads given up by the men appeared to be their fifth of the day given how light they were nut even without replay value, fans of the ladies will find the titty pops to be minimal.

Scene Six: McKenzee Miles, Kayden Kross, Nick Manning, and Jack Lawrence, were then showed out by the pool where the men served the ladies like slaves. To be fair, the action here was completed before the sex took place of the previous scene (other than the oral that started the clock for me), the oil massaging and spanking leading to more oral and vaginal sex inside the house when they decided to move the act indoors. The men stuck largely to their assigned roles, having some minimal erection problems but working through them before the moderately warm parts of the scene were buried so deeply in the rest of the poorly edited footage. Kayden did the best job of the quartet but that set the bar mighty low as the chest and crotch pops ended it all.

Summary: The Adventures in Babysitting by director Paul "Chuck Lords" Thomas for Vivid Entertainment was another experiment gone awry as far as I was concerned. The camera work and lighting were all over the place as were the performances by the cast. The skits were tossed in as if at the last minute and seemed to work better than the main feature material too so I rated it as a Rent It that was probably too generous for anyone except Kayden Kross fans that should consider this a "must have" based solely on the amount of footage she had here. In short, The Adventures in Babysitting lacked too often to make up for the minimal replay value and the bottomline is you will want to see this before dropping much cash. 


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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