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Tokyo Cream Puffs 3

Studio: Other » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 3/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Asian, Cream Pie

Cast: Remi, Kanade Asamiya, Fugetsu Kacho, Megumi Kato, Yuu Shiaishi, Azumi Aoi, and Mika.

Length: 2 hr 57 min

Production Date: 3/7/2004 - 9/10/2006


The only bonus features you'll find on this release are a cumshot recap, trailers, and photo galleries.


Considering the range of production dates for this material you should be able to tell before watching it that the quality is going to be all over the map. Unfortunately that's the case as some scenes here maintain decent quality while others are blanketed by grain and compression artifacts. Throughout it all the image remains soft though there are some moments of distinct clarity and sharpness. What you'll find is potluck kind of like the sound quality which is pitchy but clean regardless.

Body of Review:

Tokyo Cream Puffs 3 comes from Third World Media who has a spotty track record of quality from my experience. They're a smaller publisher whose material is often amateurish and unfortunately this release isn't really different. Most of the scenes here feature low production values and performers who don't do well in front of the camera. If you don't mind that you'll find a couple of gems here that warrant at least a rental but on the whole this is a somewhat unbalanced release.

Scene 1:

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The first girl up for show in Tokyo Cream Puffs 3 is Remi who spends a couple of minutes having her clit assaulted with a variety of vibrating implements. Her squeals and squirms start out slow but eventually get more intense as she starts to shutter uncontrollably. Eventually her partner steps in to fuck her and while Remi seems to enjoy it I must say that her complete lack of involvement killed the scene. She just lays there and virtually does nothing while he pounds away, which definitely made the scene rather lopsided. A second man comes in long enough to drop a load on her face but that was kind of random. In the end Remi does get a cream pie and squeezes it out onto her partner's dick, talking about how nice the sex was in the process.

Scene 2:

Kanade is up next and she gets things going by putting on some lingerie, as opposed to taking it off. Once she accomplishes this, her boy toy comes out and she licks his dick like a lollipop before they start humping. While their sex is a tad awkward I thought it was actually kind of hot, especially when Kanade got on top and rocked back and forth on his cock while using a vibrator on her clit. This leads to some doggy style and other interesting positions as Kanade's pussy gets nailed by her partner. The scene had a lot of energy and both performers apparently had a good time. Things end with Kanade squeezing cum out of her pussy with some close-ups of the action. 

Scene 3:

Up for the third scene is Fugetsu who is not the best looking girl on this DVD but that may just be my opinion. Things start out with the camera man fingering her profusely at different spots all around the room. Once they figure that the digits have done all they can do Fugetsu starts sucking the camera man's dick, which is actually kind of small by porn standards. At any rate she does a fine job slobbering his knob before the sex and both performers seem to have a good enough time. Apparently it's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean after all! Things end with Fugetsu getting a cream pie as you'd expect.

Scene 4:

Mika's scene starts out like many others here as a guy assaults her pussy with some vibrators for a while before the sex begins. The difference here is that Mika doesn't shot her face at all and the camera takes on all kinds of unprofessional angles that obscure the action. As Mika sort of hides her face the camera focuses on dick in pussy shots rather than a look at the performers. It's just kind of strange with that close-up mixed with Mika's chirping like a chipmunk while getting pounded. As much as I tried to appreciate what was going on I didn't feel that this scene was good at all.

Scene 5:

Thankfully the fifth scene with Yuu was MUCH better than the previous one with Mika. Yuu is a cutie who gets her pussy eaten out and enjoys every minute of it. There's even some nice banter between she and her partner which is translated for those of us that don't speak Japanese. The nice part about Yuu's scene is that there is actually a connection between the performers. They approach the sex like a couple would with slow sensual movements at the beginning which led to harder action as time went on. The two went through the standard positions and like all other scenes on this release it ended with a cream pie.

Scene 6:

If you appreciate scenes that take place in the back of moving vehicles then you'll undoubtedly enjoy Megumi's scene. Things start out with her being asked if she wants to go for a ride and the next thing you know she's in the back of a van with a creepy looking guy who whips out some vibrating toys. The toy play goes on for a while and eventually once the vehicle gets moving the two starts actually having sex. In the cramped quarters of the backseat they get into some interesting positions and Megumi seems to enjoy most every moment of it. There was something about this scene that was hot despite the fact that it was a little awkward.

Scene 7:

Finishing off Tokyo Cream Puffs 3 was Azumi who was one of the hotter girls on this release. Her looks were more model-inspired but that didn't change the fact that she enjoyed the sex here just as much as the other girls. Her scene starts out with her already in the process of licking a dick and before you know it she's riding the cock nice and hard. She's not the most mobile girl on this release but she does get into it somewhat as she groans and moans throughout the scene. Azumi dodges the cream pie here and instead her partner just drops his load on her bush.


There's no denying that Tokyo Cream Puffs 3 is an amateurish release. The cameras are often held in an awkward position by the guy that is sexing up the girl and in other instances they are simply in the wrong spot. The production values are low all around but luckily the sex doesn't suffer because of that. Many of these scenes feature some hot action with some nice cream pies but there are a few stinkers to say the least. If Asian girls are your thing then I'm going to recommend renting this release assuming you don't mind low production values.

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