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Schoolgirl POV

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/26/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Schoolgirl P.O.V.
A New Sensations Release Directed by Greg Lansky
Starring:  Sophia Lynn, Carmen McCarthy, Melanie Scott, Christine Alexis & Marissa Mendoza.
With:  Jordan Ash, Anthony Rosano, James Deen and Mark Ashley
Runtime:  2hr 12min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  New Sensations, producer of many great schoolgirl-inflicted titles, finally presents the world with a POV title in combination with that particular uniform fantasy, and I couldn't be more excited!  The gents stay silent all the way through their scenes, allowing a true POV experience to take over, though their hands do appear for all the necessary groping one would expect.  This, of course, leads the emphasis on the girls, who do their best to tease and please, and produce winning results.  Let's get right to it!

[Scene One]  Sophia Lynn  (with Jordan Ash)

The recently displaced Sophia Lynn opens the door to accept flowers on behalf of her mother, inviting us inside for a chat on the couch.  Little by little, she intones her desire to show off her underneaths and stroke our surrogate knob, which is already quite hard.  Her tease ventures into blow job territory, nuzzling the cock while commenting on its stiffness and her eagerness to shove it where it might mutually count.  She keeps her skirt and top on in cowgirl, rising up and down with aplomb, turning her ass toward us as she plops down in reverse cowgirl.  In doggy, her crackly thicket of a voice sputters off into the distance, but is more becoming when being slammed in missionary, when she lifts her sweater to real her teeny nipples to us.  She climbs up to catch one of two or three spurts upward, glaze attaching itself to her left cheekbone as she swaddles the wand's crescent post-climax.  Her sweaty mane behooves her frenzied stare, and her pings of delight all wrap up to create a gorgeous little package.  Stick around, Sophia - we already miss you!

(Sophia:  Getting a leg up, shaking it all over.)

[Scene Two]  Carmen McCarthy  (with Anthony Rosano)

We fade in to see Carmen clutching a guitar, eager to show off her work to us, her instructor.  She breaks off, admitting her desire to share herself with us, the object of her utmost desire.  Carmen playfully teases us, lifting her skirt to pull and pinch at her white patterned underwear, which she parts and raises hungrily.  Her wonderfully formed tits hang off like cherries, and she stands above to address her point clearly:  this is going to be a wild ride!  She greases up our pole, stemming the ruler down, straddling atop in cowgirl as her shirt falls more open with each bump.  Before turning for reverse cowgirl, Carmen swills down the mixture of juices, a trend she continues from position to position.  In doggy, her pained strains of cheering tend toward overselling, but the reverberating walls may have had something to do with that judgment.  A final missionary stride seals the deal, and Carmen opens her mouth for a tongue bath, the load landing on the flattest part of her muscle, with a stray misfire landing on her bare shoulder.  I've loved Carmen's work in the past, but I feel that this scene needed an injection of male attention, since her solo handling of the excitement felt overcooked at times.  But any Carmen is good Carmen, and seeing her work herself out, especially while attending to our fantasies, is worth watching any day.

-- sponsored by --

(Carmen:  Ready for liftoff, preparing us for the best, and gorging on her jugs.)

[Scene Three]  Melanie Scott  (with James Deen)

Under the guise of a delivery, we soon learn that dear Melanie has purchased our attention via escort service, a selfish treat to herself while her parents are away.  The camera is quick to study her slender and whispered features, and Melanie shows off her bright white panties by sticking her wet, sucked on fingers down inside.  The phrase "You Like?"  is bandied about, up until Melanie descends for a peen suckle, anxious to fuck.  In cowgirl, she carries her fingers from clit-bound rubbing to her mouth on numerous occasions, whispering and groaning throughout.  She tastes in between reverse cowgirl and doggy, continuing her run of delicious cooing and carry-on, until an intense stare-down in missionary leads our pal, and us, to pop, every drop landing into her open mouth, with a swallow down that Melanie downs like a champ.  Melanie has a charm and style all her own, with a great emphasis on the tease, which is almost insanely great, and a petite little frame that's as tight as a drum.  The sex simmers and bubbles up, with Melanie's strains of dirty talk and effective cycle of vocals truly making the entirety just plain awesome! 

(Melanie:  Claiming a few prizes, souvenirs, and creamy gold.)

[Scene Four]  Christine Alexis (with Mark Ashley)

Homeworkaholic Christine admits her crush on her tutor, being us, and in time, we are being teased and worked over with her mouth and tongue, red sweater still on during it all.  Laying in missionary, Christine jives all over her clit while taking our rod for a swim, then kneeling on all fours for some pounding doggy action.  A cowgirl run really allows her to hit a sweet spot, her vocals spewing out as her trim legs arch above us, squat-like.  Flipping around for a reverse cowgirl slam, Christine screams and sets of pangs and shouts of a serious magnitude, leaping off to jerk us off.  With a few furious strokes, she coaxes the ooze out of us and onto her lips, spitting all over the newly lubed cock for even more squeeze and shaft-tingling goodness!  Who would've thought!  The only downside of the scene is the lack of chest-exposing (why?  why not?), which keeps Christine covered from the waist up, frustratingly.  With oral skills like hers, we deserve the benefit of seeing her whole bounty of supple parts.  But, despite that, a fine time is had, and Christine is more than welcome for study time, anytime!

(Christine:  All eyes on me!)

[Scene Five]  Marissa Mendoza  (with Jordan Ash)

Marissa arrives at our house holding a book belonging to our imaginary daughter, the mark of a true friend.  Waiting for her to arrive, Marissa begins to entice us with her teen horniness, ample amounts of which she displays by lifting her skirt and white thong.  The naughtiness continues with a bit of self-battery, sliding down to her knees to service the schlong presented before her, fitting a few inches down before laying on the bed for missionary.  Breathless and huffy, Marissa goes face down for doggy, and back up for standard and reverse cowgirl sessions.  Her thin and trim frame is most visible when her back is to us, and threatens to break with the slightest shift in weight (it never happens, thank goodness).  Instead, Marissa nestles up to our swollen member, closing her mouth around its head to cup every last bit of seed into her mouth, which, when full, she opens casually to drip it all out slowly, eyes fixed on ours, knob in hand.  I admit I was wary at first, but Marissa proved my worries wrong, keeping up the pace with her side glances and stamina, saving the greatest bit for last.  Down to last drop, she puts forth a great scene.

(Marissa:  Face to face, side to side.)

Special Features
A Bonus Scene from Naughty College School Girls 40, starring Katarina Kat and Manuel Ferrara, is included.  Schoolgirl-on-fire Katarina finds a birthday cake, which she and Manuel smear all over her hind quarters and thigh triangle, which leads to a glorious, messy stuffing in numerous positions.  A solid scene, though the audio mix is slightly muddled.  A Behind the Scenes feature is next up, with Marissa being interviewed for a few minutes, followed by Melanie being ogled and questioned for the rest of the feature (!), totaling around seven minutes in all.  While I was quite excited to find Melanie post-shoot, the audio track was incredibly inaudible, with our cameraman's voice blasting over hers, even if she did a few stretched poses for us.  A shame, really, but Melanie looks good even in mute.  A Pick Your Pleasure menu allows selection per position, a Photo Gallery/Slide Show (3 minutes), a few Trailers for similar releases, and the usual Web/Company Info round out the section.

Audio/Visual Quality
The image was presented in 1.78:1, enhanced for 16x9 output, and is a well balanced image overall.  There are a few shadows visible in a few scenes (Carmen's, for example), but not enough to completely overtake the image.  The spot lights stay even and square on each girl, carrying a you-are-there look, appropriately enough, to the whole.  Sound quality dips drastically during Melanie's scene (sadly), clearly a few notches down from the otherwise constant levels for the other scenes.  As always, the distance from the camera in relation to the proceedings is apparent in the audio, with echoes filling a few sunset-bound shouts and murmurs.  As the positions close in, the stream of left and right channel alignment stays constant, and quite on-point, with every little nuance slipping into the speakers.

In Conclusion
In what I hope is the beginning of a long-running series, Schoolgirl POV offers the greatest aspects of the particular combination of genres:  straight-on camerawork, girls with the ability to expunge the highest amount of returns on par with their skills, idol worship, and most importantly, the fantasy of being the lucky stud who is fortunate to fuck these girls in real life!  While it's not as scientific and exact as most first-person showcases, the freedom the girls have to perform for the camera and the overall execution lends a joyous, intense rush throughout the whole movie, and one which I'm sure will be more than welcome to both schoolgirl fanatics as well as lovers of POV-style fucking.  It'll keep you cumming and cumming and coming back for more!  And even more, if we're lucky!

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